Jim Watkins is a Jewish operative and a (((freemason)))...

Jim Watkins is a Jewish operative and a (((freemason))). He is systematically destroying this site while using cultural Marxist methods to destroy conversation and create a collectivist movement. Jim Watkins is your enemy and wants to brainwash you into believing that this site promotes free speech and is right wing. This site is a commiecuck hub that is slowly making you become a left leaning authoritarian.

Don't believe me? Just look at the mods on this board, most of them adopt the same practices as tyrannical commie faggots, yet you all accept it. This site is basically a social experiment and you are all the rats.

Have fun, faggots.

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I'm not gonna lie. That's one sexy pig.

the mods here are shit, I agree

To be fair this place had mod kikery afoot long before he came on the scene. I do blame him 100% for destroying Holla Forums though.

Where do you propose that Holla Forums users go?
The only other English imageboard that will be able to support Holla Forums's user count is 4chan, and quite clearly that option isn't viable.

He has always been on the scene though. He owned this site from the start, it wasn't until HW left that everyone became aware of this.

No he didn't.
It was only after GamerGate followers migrated here.
Embed related.

So pretty much from the beginning. GG was what made this site big. Jim took ownership when he thought it would bring in money.

There is no group of people on the internet that is more resistant to manipulation than we are, which is precisely why no one is gonna buy whatever bullshit you're selling ITT. If you don't have any solutions than you're just whining like a liberal, which means you have created a pointless thread.

That's because you are drinking the koolaid. Of course you assume that you are in the right. Most brainwashed people think like this. I find it ironic that you are calling me the liberal when you are clearly acting like one.

And yet you all except pedo cartoons. Even the Christians are into it. They made a cute teen girl (not really pedo but) to fit in. It's a slippery slope of degeneracy and crappy threads.

Not immediately.
At first he only had the servers and Hotwheels had the domain name (Holla Forums.co), so the ownership was split.
However after Holla Forums was DDoS'ed and the domain got seized during January 2015, Jim handed out Hotwheels a N.T. Technology domain name (8ch.net) which Hotwheels quite stupidly accepted, which resulted in Jim fully seizing ownership.
Whether or not it was planned is unknown, but I'm pretty sure that it was, seeing that 2ch was seized in a very similar fashion. So I guess you're right.

I'm just trying to say that Jim owning the site isn't anything new. I don't care about the mundane details.

This is proof we are winning. Good to see the shills are somehow trying even harder than during the election.

You reak of desperation

If some faggot says "Come to Endchan" then know this – if you can't post youtube videos or bold text, then it's worthless.

Which thread? I'm not the user you think I am.

Who is "we" RachelMaddow/ImKamphy? This place is 4chan in its last days before the word "nigger" was banned.

Aaaaand into the trash it goes.


If so then leave.
A exodus is unacceptable atm.

You will not be missed, you shit-tier newfag

We have had this thread so many times it's stupid.
Until we get another Holla Forums harbor no exodus.

The one who's using cultural marxist strategies here is (((you)))

No one cares what you say. No one cares one little bit ImKamphy. You don't belong here. You don't have control over any of us. You bans are a simple VPN switch and moving on. Stop being such a cunt already. There is no reason for it. Just debate us and win like a man.

Yet you call people like OP shills, and claim you are winning. That makes no sense. You're basically saying that OP is wrong.

I meant no proposed solutions.

this, anti-shill bump.

Social analytics on Holla Forums is something we should have a discussion about at some point either here or on its own thread. I feel the data mining from his racequeen software and NT tech servers is another big issue. Something else to chew on is the fact that at the end of the day we all know what happened over on 2ch and Its more than just a bizarre coincidence that jim and hiroyuki came to own the two largest western image boards, respectively. Seeing as image boards have the power to shape the election of the most powerful nation I feel it is something we should look into. The other topics that pique my interest include jim's temple, his "kids", his pig farm and his connection to freemasonry, as well as his military connections.


Tell me, on the day of the rope will you help us in the killing of Jews?
Will you be there for the first holocaust?

If not, you should go.


Keep ruthlessly defending Jim, they will all think you're a true oldfag. Because only true oldfags defend a baby boomer retard who is computer illiterate and knows nothing about chan culture. Only true oldfags support some old guy who wants to destroy imageboards and insert his own ideology.

hearsay and conjecture are types of evidence

And shills detected.
Neither of you see the necessity of the destruction of the Jews.
You would not respond in the positive to our FUCKING CORE MISSION.

You are not from here.
Not at all.

Heil Hitler!
Heil the eternal Reich !

You remind me of myself when I browsed Holla Forums for the first time back in 2011. I was an adult back then, but I still tried to be one with the community like you.

The thing is, I am trying to say that Jim is part of the kike movement because I am agreeing with OP. so what you are saying makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Keep pretending to be a Holla Forumsack though, I find it amusing.

I don't give a fuck about Jim.
Our core mission is the eradication of all Jews.
The fact that you won't talk about it and have only been on imageboards since 2011 marks you as a newfag/kike.

Really only 2011?
Jesus Christ you don't even hide your new you double nigger.

Try 04 on old Holla Forums.

I like how if its something jim is doing anons don't even care. You just turn a blind eye. You're the fucking shill, we should be just as interested in the power jim has.

It doesn't matter only jews matter.

Then you should be actively against Jim since he is a freemason.

I just realized that you are truly new.

So you are an outsider.

Things have not changed an iota.
Take a look at this, from an ancient age now long passed.

Not a goddamn thing has changed in over a decade you newfag!!!!!!!

Wew laddie.

We have always hated Jews.
For over a decade I have watched vigil.
And we have always had the seeds of today.

Pic related is 8 years old+
You are all newfags.

What makes you think I wasn't there for /new/? I said I browsed Holla Forums when it was created.

Yeah, but you promote Jim, because you are a shill.

Stop pretending like you are old. You seem to be some 14yo kiddie who visited KYM and thinks he knows what he is talking about. It's embarrassing.

How does actually giving a shit about jim being shady make me an outsider? Is it so hard to believe I don't trust the fucker? Just because other owners have done shady shit we should just get used to it and allow it from the current owner? Go fuck yourself.

Fucking bring it newfags!
I have memes from every fucking era!
I have sat on my scabbed ass at this computer so long I have fused to it!
This territory belongs to the hivemind, not some shills and newfags!


He made pedos leave though. Why didn't e want their traffic?

Whats the fetish about saying you've been around longer than someone? Why do you need to establish that on an anonymous image board. That bothered me since the first time I've read it. Its not some cool kids club where senior members are the coolest. Grow the fuck up and engage rather than looking down your nose all the time.

You do not belong here.
Neither of you.
Also, the term is /news/man outsider.

You do not remember when Holla Forums fell to the camwhores, when w.t. snacks was removed, or the birth of the term basketball American.

Fuck Jim. Jim should be gassed.

But I will not stand idle while newfags shit up my board!


Reminds me of this.

Spoken like a typical faggot from Reddit. I'm not trying to say that my word is God simply because I have been here longer than you, i'm just saying that I have experience.

That's cool idc. Fuck Jim.
I do it for the same reason as I always have.
The lulz.
That is my only reward and why I cannot leave.
I will be here till I anhero.

I discovered 4chan in 2009 and this place during GG. So fucking what if I haven't been around here as long as you, this isn't a fucking clubhouse. Why do you feel the need to establish seniority? Honestly, why? Whats the fucking point. To let everyone else know you must be cool?

You are a icon of newfaggotry. You are one of those fags who browse and study KYM and ED and think you are hip.

Dude you have experience wading through 90% cancer congratulations. A veteran of chans. Real cool. And now you say I'm from reddit. Reddit isn't a place you fag its a website and I don't work for them. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are a covert jew funded by reddit.

If you where not here in the early days you will not understand.
The originalfags are all gone.
They left after chanology.
All that's left is us.

I am living history of this place, and I am not alone.
We are the oldfags, and it is our duty to shit on you, fap and do it again.

I never thought I would have to defend the concept of why oldfags are better than. Newfags intrinsically.

This place is truly filled with shills and newfags.

Yeah, a place on the internet. Learn2context you fucking retard.

Wtf is KYM?
Also, I write encyclopedia dramatica.
The offended page is my work.
Ytmnd was my original home.

You aren't even crescent fresh.

You act like sitting around on an image board for years is an accomplishment. Just because I didn't see all the politics, memes, evolution of meme, etc doesn't mean I don't understand the way things work currently.

You don't. If you did you wouldn't be so pissy about being a newfag, newfag.

maybe you should kys sooner rather than later

I'm sure you do. You are probably part of the reason the site turned to shit half a decade ago. You sick fuck.

not an argument

You really walk around thinking you are a link in a powerful chain don't you? Sorry for intruding on your private club.

I'm just happy that every gore poster uses the images I put up.

I also chronicle the escapades of Chris-chan
You have NOOOO idea.

Not really. I have no life outside of this place at all.
Was gonna kill myself until trump appeared.


This shit here reminds me of the last days of Holla Forums tbh…

Anhero immediately.

See, that's how I know you are new. You think gore is somehow important or that people think it is strange. Gore is normal on imageboards.

That's my actual fear, I sense rot.

Used to be you had to use a VPN just for safety's sake.

Wait I was supposed to debate with you the fact you said learn2context?

No you truly walk around thinking about how you are part of some great internet army. Thats why you are so defensive about your place in the fold.

And this is why it used to be mandatory to lurk.

Keep being a tryhard, it doesn't impress me.

damn dude, you are tough. I'd never approach you IRL, you are a big guy.

Naw. We are all just user .
If I died tomorrow there are plenty to replace me.
We must find a way to eradicate the Jews.

Individually we are just fags, but together we form a mighty faggot.

~ The last days of Holla Forums all the threadd were filled with everyone claiming their "oldfag status" "triforce" etc. and calling out the cancer. Everyone trolling everyone else until look at what it is today… (no don't… the seen cannot be unseen)

I'm a balding 350 pound male virgin.
Do you think I'm anyone special?

Like I said it's my fear. All that's missing is camwhores.

he acts like we haven't had internet access since adolescence.

Ah I see. That's why you are so insecure.

This is you.

Please, acting all humble after being called out as legion.
Thats not what you said earlier you stupid fuck. Why not caress your oldfag dick for nostalgia?

I think the best approach here would be to just filter / report and move on… "don't feed the trolls"

Fuck off Holla Forums and freech.

No thats everyone on this thread.

Yet another HERETIC.
I bet you don't even praise KEK.


People talking about jim or people taking internet army way to serious?




Wow. Now that is some impressive gassing m8.

And here we go.

I think there is maybe one shill and one newfag this entire thread.
The rest of it is just us doing what we always do.
It's our FUCKING paranoia and trolls trolling trolls, with a shill egging us on.

Look how far we have started from the topic.

Ok we have to do something about Jim and the mods yesterday.



This whole thread has become dildos and we have lost the lulz.

No you fool only the jews matter remember?

You still don't realize that I am one of the guys saying Jim and the moderation is shit. That's hilarious.

only the jews matter
without jim we have no base

I've actually seen this lots of times when I would troll /x/.

Too much noise, not enough signal.
We are being gaslit.
It only takes one user to derail a thread.

I got banned from Holla Forums on the first because of trying to prove jim just calls people pedophiles when he wants to ban but leaves up cp as defined by code monkey on his own board for days

At this point I would say we should either investigate the original point or maybe make another thread and link to it general style.

Someone doesn't want us digging this.

Keep astroturfing, goon.


The mods are fucking cancer but the community here is nice and we still manage to work despite the fucking mods

I've seen these fuckers anchor redpill treads, nigger hate treads and treads promoting Holla Forums aprooved e-celebs

But despite their efforts and the amount of cucked 4chan refugees, i don't see how a community that is on full "gas the kikes" mode 24/7 is actually becoming a commie cesspit

Shill pls. This is disinfo, jim is as far right as we are. We should be thankful he bankrolled this place when traffic picked up because of the GG exodus. Jews are the enemy not James Watkins

this tbh fam

Read my posts.
I'm not sure what's going on, but something is.
This whole thread devolved predictably.

That's because someone is playing both sides.


wew lad

This whole thread is retarded. Will a mod anchor this shit? Enough with the jim conspiracy!

Ok then, Jim is awesome and rocks.
Doesn't make you any less of a newfag

this tbh fam

keep defending a fatass baby boomer who doesn't even respect chan culture. Typical newfag.

I remember when Moot bailed on the 4cuck userbase the first time; cuckchan was killed in the first time. Finnish imageboards started dying after autistic board wars and that fucking Iltalehti article which killed Thorlauta and flooded ylilauta with newfags and normies.

I only have memories of those times, there is no going back.

Also; this entire thread is dildos and gave me cancer.

This is now a Spiderman thread.

im confused

Not an argument.

Let me guess, you're such an oldfag that you have been browsing Holla Forums's Holla Forums since 2004 or some bullshit

For your ebin collection



Oh btw, some oldfags DO say they are oldfags. Fuck you all!!!!

Better than a jim is a mason jew thread. That shit needs to die already. Jim has done nothing but help this site. We owe him big. We should stay faithful to this Holla Forums because we know its un-compromised

Idc, Spiderman thread !

I've been browsing imageboards since 1776, fucking faggot. That's beyond the point. You are trying to argue that Jim is doing a good thing when he is purging IPs, promoting shit boards and generally screwing this site. Only a millennial faggot would support Jim, I don't care how old or new you are. The guy is against chan culture.

mods have to be strict or we end up like cuck/pol/
but I am replying to a shill so that's probably what you want

Spiderman thread

Better than a jim is a mason jew thread. That shit needs to die already. Jim has done nothing but help this site. We owe him big. We should stay faithful to this Holla Forums because we know its un-compromised

Spiderman thread cuntfucker.

And that makes him a pedo how?


We need moar Spiderman

you are one dumb fuck

Spiderman thread

you re stupid as fuck

Spiderman !

Do I have to break out my ancient Holla Forums folders too now?

Great response.

Yes. Spiderman thread.

great accusation too. I love how you tried to claim that I was calling Jim a pedo. Where did you come up with this theory?

So you don't consider Jim to be a pedophile and you're just shitposting, got it.

Shut the fuck up, this is now a Spiderman thread you bitch boy.




you're just a little Jim clone who claims that everyone against Jim is a pedo, so you think that everyone who is against him is claiming he is a pedo out of spite. I've seen your kind on Holla Forums. There was no point where I claimed Jim was a pedo, I was just saying that he is a horrible osite owner. You are making things up in your own head.

You posting In a Spiderman bread.


Spiderman thread


This is a Spiderman thread


pedo identified

Spiderman thread is best thread

Make your own board with your perfect moderation you dumb faggot. What would that be proof of?

how has this thread not been deleted yet? kek

Pix related newfag



Spiderman's best meme magic.

Spiderman thread you newfag cunts!!!


You don't get it. Im Australian.

Oh. Continue to shitpost then, lad

All other countries must bow to Straya

Spiderman thread

All your base are belong to us.

But seriously; fuck this thread, fuck Jim, fuck the mods, and most of all,


Death to Israel!

Oh, and fuck Holla Forumsoxxy as well.


I have litterally thousands of these.

Hey, I saved them as they appeared.

Oh, and most of all, fuck you OP.
Today, you proved without a doubt that OP is most definitively a faggot.

I have so many Spiderman pics.

I found one.

Spiderman, Spiderman

The balls are inert

Awooo desu desu

But yeah. Remember, you are here forever
That includes you shills


Also; remember this: don't piss off an oldfag. I have litterally terabytes worth of content and am unbannable.

I can switch ips instantly.
If you value your shill thread don't fight us.
We can spam you until your thread is destroyed.









your daily reminder that hotwheels gave away user data to Vice

Daily reminder that this is a Spiderman thread


Yeah maybe, but we're accomplishing our mission objectives. I'm not so invested in this board that I'm going to ideologically bend myself to match some lockstep.

Always remember this key fact about Holla Forums that is essential to understanding its nature. There is no us, Holla Forums is not an organization, Holla Forums is a communications hub. If the communications hub is destroyed or corrupted we will simply find alternate methods of communicating.

The boards are simply our preferred means of conversing. They are neither critical to our operations or our identity.

That is categorically untrue, if you believe yourself totally immune to propaganda it means you have already been propagandized in some way. A wise Holla Forumsock questions everything and suspects everyone.

Spiderman thread

Oh we spiderman now?



Also; newfags should save these. When a thread becomes dildos you know what to do.