Programming fonts

Is there any non-bitmap monospaced font that isn't shit ?
For example I just tried Fira Mono and at the same pixel size of my current bitmap font it uses double the screen space.
Is there anyone here who's been using bitmap fonts their whole life and recently switched to something non-bitmap ? Help me please.

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Source Code Pro
Fira Mono (looks like Anonymous Pro without the eye rape)

DejaVu Sans Mono


Menlo. Proprietary wins again

I like

Btw i love how easy it's to find expensive paid fonts by just adding ext:ttf to your Google query. Thanks specially to Github users.

Inconsolata and Anonymous Pro are the best i've ever tried. Give those a go.

For anyone looking for bitmap/pixely fonts, try Terminus.

I use a font called Aneu. Made by the cute asian girl from Lainchan. It's gone off the internet now, I should probably back it up to IPFS. Here's an example in emacs, I'm writing some VHDL at the moment, if you want the font lmk (I converted it to a bunch of formats)

Give it.

aneu.tar.xz: XZ compressed data

from my .Xresources, this may be of use to you
URxvt.font: xft:Aneu:size=12:style=Regular:antialias=false
URxvt.boldFont: xft:Aneu:size=12:style=Regular:antialias=false

I am not using the funny terminal, though.


i use the comic sans

Retro means precisely that. It's an idealized simulacrum.

Does it support degaussing? That was a good stress relief.

that's not monospace idiot

u funny




Fira Mono is really good

ubuntu mono t b h

Is there any reason to use something that isn't Terminus/Misc/Screen? No.


Lucida Typewriter or Lucida Console.
It's proprietary, but you can easily get it from the Oracle Java tarball.

Menlo obviously

Do you need its sources? It's not like an executable code. Just steal the fucking font and use it.

Actually, font rendering is srs bzns. It's surprisingly complex and there are new exploits found all the time.

One of the first results of "font rendering vulnerability":

but it's the problem of shitty font rendering software (which should be written in Rust btw).
it's the same as blaming video files for faults in crappy H.264 decoders, etc.

also it seems to only affect Windoze.
so, not a problem for GNU/Linux and macOS master race?


While that may be so, the fact that random font files may be dangerous still stays true.

That was just an example.
And Windows is a rather extreme example because it renders fonts in the kernel (with the exception of Win10 where it was finally moved to userspace).
The damage done on Unix would be more limited, but can still be considerable if combined with other exploits. Plus not many people know fonts are exploitable so there's the element of surprise.

yeah that would be the most shitty christmas present

Monospace or something uber old.

What are you using it on? OS, editor? Depending on the type of font rendering a font that looks good on one machine/editor, can look like shit on another.

is my preferred non-bitmap font. Maybe it works for you too.


i like terminus



good one user

???? it is a font you retard


I'm using this

It's called Fantasque Sans Mono

You can identify a poser in any field by how much effort they spend making their workspace look neat and clean.


We always thought it degaussed our monitors, but we were really degaussing our hearts.

Proprietary doesn't mean closed source. And yes, the TTF is the source code (containing the paths and various metrics), to be interpreted by the renderer.

That's surprisingly clear even to my SHITTY eyes.

I really can't complain about this one.

This is a fundamental law of nature like the strong nuclear or jewish propensity towards parasitism.

This is really soothing too.

The IBM font is from a time when tech companies still understood the importance of little things.

All valid answers and I still can't pick a favorite out of them

This is great bait tbh, guaranteed replies

You're right, kid.

Not sure what I'm using, but with the size of 9x15, it's pretty comfy.

Lucida Console is not enough for you. Are you that kind of special?

PT Mono. Yes, odd choice.

hack is nice

This is actually true. I used to spend a ton of time ricing and keeping shit organized. Now I don't have time for that shit. Sure, my shit is fucking everywhere and horribly organized, but I know where everything is/how it works/ect better without the training wheels on.

Fuck off pleb, if you arent using papyrus then you are just jerking yourself.

You hit them right where it hurts.

once upon a time I tried to rice my computer, then I said
and so I'm using MATE with a GTK2 theme from 2004


I like Hack as well. It plays very nicely with Powerline.

PragmataPro is very compact but easy to read. Searx it

It's like you faggots don't use fonts.
A few may not be monospaced, but may have monospaced variants - marked (m?)
< slick as f-k
Share Tech Mono
Gridnik - used in movie Ex-Machina, The Martian (m?)
Carbon - in movie The Martian (m?)
Automate - Carbon like (m?)
Isonorm 3098 - technical pen, draughting style for draughting code

< decent staples
Din - similar to Isonorm, but MANY variants to choose from. ff-din, din-pro, etc
Helvetica monospaced

< old skool
OCR A Extended 11 - Kredit Kard like style.
Perfect DOS VGA 437 - ANSI graphic display compatible
Ti92 plus PC
VCR OSD mono - ugly for me, but 8bit lovers might like it.
+Many various old typewriter fonts, similar to New Courier but with old style figures (= 'lowercase' numbers)

< MFD (multifunction flight display like, as in jet fighters, etc)
Glass gauge
Letter Gothic - frequently used in tech graphics (m?)
MS33558 - used on flight instrumentation panels(m?)
You're welcome.

PT Mono.

i use this wacky text, purisa bold oblique


my eyes

Fira mono is nice

Liberation Mono is underappreciated, I think. Excellent font. So is DejaVu Sans Mono.

TBH, all fonts look same to me.
I just use whatever software sets as default.

I like Input and IBM Plex Mono.

Use Hack.

Are you guys perhaps Macbook users?


Pretty much this. There are fonts that do distinguish between the similar looking characters like 0OlI|.

Post "0OlI|" in your font


Whatever the default font in VS Code on linux is.

great post, sure to rail up the local linux nerds

I like VS code. I would much prefer VS code to Atom.

Both are literally the same

Holy cow, we have an absolute winner here.

Am I the only one that uses "programming fonts" for their whole OS?

Of course not, smartass. You're not unique, nor special.

Let's say he wants to be unique and special, what would he have to do?

comic sans for everything