Why haven't you Upgraded From Windows yet, Holla Forums?


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Because more than half of the software I use doesn't work on Linux, and there are no viable alternatives, FOSS or otherwise.

Why haven't you stopped beating your wife yet, user?

Lie or you haven't searched well

You posted this same thread in cuckchan's /g/

You are lying and making up excuses because you are a coward. At least tell the truth.


okay dude

What an ugly website. The FSF really fucked up - no normalfag wants to read 4 walls of small-font text. They're just going to close the page. It really doesn't help that the first fucking thing you see is a popup asking for money

if you would have an actual work not your supreme neet experience or some worthless "front-end web developer" java monkey job you would know that there is A LOT of special software simply not existing outside of win bubble. Just start with CADs, not my nigger

But I already am.

┬┐Hablas ingl├ęs?


And for non-native alternatives, nowadays you can run LITERALLY ANYTHING on a virtual machine or wine. You have no excuse except for the fact that you are a coward and a piece of shit.

Go ahead and give more excuses, keep exposing yourself as the turbofaggot you are.

what the fuck am I reading?

okay dude

but I did
to macOS

I love you

Ooh, how are you finding fish? I was thinking of switching from bash but got scared.

It's really nice. Just try it out.


The scare tactics bullet point list is nice, but it's not big or scary enough. Speaking from personal experience scare tactics are the best way to make people admit they're being faggots, but not actually enough to make them stop being faggots.

fish is the least scary shell I've used.

The OP was a rhetorical question. Go the fuck back to /g/ where you belong.

ksh93 is the true patrician shell

If I'd use proprietary software, I'd stick with Windows for it, at least GPU driver won't cause kernel panics over anything more complicated than decoding 10-bit mongolian cave paintings.

Getting closer there, coward.
In short, you are afraid Linux will crap out on you. If you ever decide to grow a pair and spend a weekend trying it out you'll see you can ditch Windows perfectly fine.

That was my whole point. Bye.

i updated to the 1709
i had use like 3 programs to gut the ISO
and thousands of registry and bat files ive gathered over the many years just to stop it fucking with my settings, to stop it updating and stop it from connecting to thousand servers
fuck, but i like being dominated i guess

because I don't care

Great logic, kiddo.

where do you think we are?


Yeah, that was pretty faggy of me.

I'm still waiting for me to need something so new it's incompatible with Windows 7.Gonna take a while. In the meantime, I enjoy using me some nice functional software that works the way it should and satisfies my computing needs with minimal effort.

You may need to read the OP again.