Cuckchan gets cucked again

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I literally just decided to abandon 4chan for good after reading about that. Please take me in I'm a poor abused 4chan refugee

lol take off your tin foil hat!

Why do you even care? Reddit, 4chan, why do you even go there anymore?

I've been following the Vega release on warosu since July this year, and I can confirm AMD has fucked up

Fuck you, reported. You have to go >>>/back/

truly these people are worse than H iro

3 years too late, sorry bud. We are full

Site works for me without loading those scripts, but I do see them in umatrix.


who cares

Fuck the hell off.


One of my other boards just told me about this. Looks like we might be getting quite the influx of refugees all across the ecosystem wwwwww

It means is literally you

that's really gay no homo

The botnet is coming from inside the house.

trips confirm

I am left without words, so I shall post these reaction images to show my amusement.

New domains:


They essentially make wierd xhr requests to some server, so it's most likely some shady ad-server similar to the "adglare" drama a while back. The only difference this time around is that the ad-server is most likely communicating with 4chan servers so that the server-side stylesheet isn't loaded for the user if the xhr requests are not fullfilled A.K.A. be a good goy and load everything or you'll be excluded.

Expect some more refugees, before this you could not post via VPN and had to enable non-free google capcha JS. This might be the final straw.

Can't believe they succeeded in excluding everyone but the phoneposters and dumbfucks that don't use extensions.
They basically destroyed everything but newshits.

Well I guess I'm officially here now. Hello 8ch.

Keep walking, faggot.

Get ready there's gonna be a mass exodus real soon

cuckchan mod confirmed that there is nothing they can do on their end. This is all on that gook

Wow. Didn't see this coming.

Maybe Holla Forums and Holla Forums will see 3000 unique posters again. Wouldn't that be something.

Yeah but then they'd have to deal with Mark who is a total faggot who has let Holla Forums degrade rapidly. and Holla Forums's mod is shady as fuck

cuckchan is beyond furious. Time will tell if they actually get Hiro to sell the site to someone else. If Hiro is smart he'll do that to avoid the blowback.

hiro is not smart if he pull something this retarded

They were beyond mad when the new ads were first introduced, but they blocked them and moved on.

They'll block these and move on too.

you can't block them

They're not even trying to hide anymore. Something's coming.

Maybe we can get him to sell the site by force

Can't wait! I'm sure they'll fit right in.

Fuck off to meguca

I give it 3 days and everyone has forgotten about it and happily getting microphones rammed up their anus.

I stole that image fair and square.

Some more updates from their /g/:


So how long has this been going on for? People there say a few hours

Seriously though, how do anons feel about a chan running on i2p? I'm currently without a side project.

How about fixing this shit pile first

This isn't the first time an advertisers have injected malware like payloads in. I RE'd one of them like a year ago. It had multiple methods it could use including RTC in case one failed. IIRC they were only collecting user agents, but that could have changed at any time.

port meguca to be i2p aware and you're golden

Holla Forums isn't open source. How would I fix it? Isn't that on Jim?

Jimbo is even shadier then Hiro, he's just way more subtle

I wonder if they have the balls to implement a miner in the site, just for the fun and profit.

Honestly, that's probably the long term plan.

never change cuckchan

It's funny because most of the ones left are so desperate that they'd mine for the site voluntarily, but you know it would be snuck into the background anyway.

You'd have to be a bumbling retard to use cuckchan in the first place. They probably realize this and are trying to capitalize.

nigger I guarantee you 3/4 of Holla Forums still use cuckchan in some way as sad as that sounds

Hey guys I'm from 4chan. I'm gonna stay here now if that's ok. I hate that gook Jew

I go there now and then for /o/ because ours is fucking dead.

What features would be preferable in a new chan? Personally, I would love automatic archiving and the ability to download directly from the thread.

A /hebe/ board

Yeah, maybe on the shitty boards you browse like Holla Forums.

I see cuckchan has already arrived.

Activity is all that matters.

I just want meguca with a userbase.

no jews

Oh yeah, that's what we need. More imageboard software. No, don't make slight modifications to the ones that exist already to improve them. Start from scratch and give up before you finish the logo.

Not from cuckchan.

Does Jim keep Holla Forums closed source?

Don't forget the PTHC spam.

Before you think of the features, think about your infrastructure. Do you have enough money to support a server that people will use as a dumping grounds for meme images & WEBMs? Hiroshima & Jim may be money-hungry Jews, but without this shit no imageboard has been a net positive in income. Not even close to making ends meet even. Come up with a good plan to solve this and you'll be quite the big guy. Something that's not NNTP-chan, that is.

I want a chan without 3dpedos


Refugee from when (((moot))) banned GoobleGock, I'll take you in cuz it's better to leave late then never. :^)

I have this covered. The server costs for cuckchan and here are overblown; you can thank abstraction hell that is modern development for that one.
"Nearly 150 patrons signed up, donating over $1000 a month, but it wasn't enough to cover his time and server costs". Fucking retards don't know what they're doing.

[citation needed]


Same here. Decided to go back because Holla Forums got real slow and /g/ was constantly active. But after this I think I'm back for good.

Fuck gookmoot.

I would too Mr. FBI man.


This place couldn't handle the traffic before, what makes you think it could now?

feels good

Still goes through the Cloudflare botnet.

The site was almost dead for months and you want another flood of people?

So is this just more adds or literal malware or what

Open source is not enough, free software matters.

Hate to say it, but we might end up having to try to migrate to something again. How is Lynxchan looking these days?

Please forgive my foolishness, anons of 8ch who saw the truth far sooner than I. In 2014 I still saw some good in my old home. I didn't just want to become a refugee and abandon the place I had already spent so much time on and grew so used to. But now hiro has forced me to leave with his jewishness and the upcoming captcha problem, in addition to the mods being incompetent and corrupt all around rather than just on certain issues.

Aside from this post, I'll do my best to lurk and get a feel for this site before seriously posting.

this is literally the scariest thing a Holla Forums user can hear



You are the botnet
I am the botnet
Everything is the botnet


8ch isn't the solution.
Meguca isn't the solution.
Lainchan isn't the solution.

The solution is to use all of these boards at the same time, and keep them all active, so that if one owner goes full botnet, the others are still there.

How can you enter if you're already here

This, don't put your eggs in one basket.

Make it inaccessible through mobile
~t. mobile lurker

Why did Hotwheels have to sell us out?

Federated GNU/Chan when?

Personally I really wish meguca /g/ was more active, I love liveposting.

Heaven forbid his last few years not be spent on this place.

Wait is hotwheels dying?

When you realize that nntpchan exists.

Life expectancy of people with his condition is not all that long.

Instead he's spending it making emoji's and playing GTA San Andreas all day.


Go to, say and see how the posting is.

do i need js for this to work?

Phoneposters need to be gassed

You can already do that on Facebook.

Exactly, but most of the growth from imageboards come from mobile. Intentionally make it mobile non-friendly

Fuck off

How would you even make a mobile friendly imageboard? It would be unrecognizable.

Am I gay for phoneposting if I use overchan?

has anyone de-obfuscated the botnet on halfchan i was lurking on mobile and i need to know if that shit does anything outside of fucking with windows.

Gopher server

I hate it when a weeb starts a thread that has promise but then all the other weebs join in and ruin it.

You've missed Holla Forums at its prime and showing up now is pointless. Go back, the mods are just as useless here.

RIP your phone

its an old gs4 im getting a new one soon anyway gonna install linage on it as a backup but first im wiping it.

that time just after the halfchan exidous on Holla Forums was a magical time it felt like old 4chan for a little bit. the magic was here man. im sad its gone now.

fucking wew

i checked the strings on
it looks to only run on windows unless there's something in the huge block of obfuscated shit anyone got a rundown on that.

Jim closed Holla Forums's source code because he claimed that it opened up his 2ch engineers/business to liability if they worked on 8ch and there was a problem resulting from that. It's common knowledge.

t. guy who knows jim

Is this why the post quality has gone to shit within the timeframe of about the past month or so? Please fuck off. You had your chance three years ago and decided to stay when m00t proved once and for all what a traitorous faggot he was. You stayed when gookm00t took over and shitted things up further.

Just leave. You are neither wanted, nor welcome here.
Some features you requested are already being worked on.

Would you be willing to add features to and then support the steaming pile of dogshit that is Infinity's technical debt?

This. If Nextchan got a lot of new users the current box would go under because it's a shitbox.

Either this or decentralization. Nobody really has the time or autism to be active in more than maybe 2-3 imageboards. A long term plan with Blazechan is to eventually provide a backend for NNTP which is just drop-in. The engine hasn't been decoupled yet but shouldn't be too hard.

Liveposting kills off any sensible and long discussion, because you can see what the other party types before they finish it and immediately respond to their one point, the other side does the same thing, repeat ad nauseam, the result of which are short replies with no real contribution to the discussion at hand, and the signal/noise ratio plummeting.



Excellent, you got dubs!
Flawless technique!

But still, it can't be any worse than 4chan is right now. Right?

This thread is useless. Does anyone know what's actually going on?

I fucking knew this shit would happen. Tried telling the cucks many times but they never got anywhere.
I stayed on 4chan despite having known about 8ch since late gg august because the community over here managed to become ever worse than anything 4chan had become, on the big boards except Holla Forums, it's impossible to have an opinion because it gets you banned. New boards get instaspammed to death and fud/lies about the new boards are made up and pushed by the communities on the main boards through the admins of said boards. Hotwheels has even taken part in that shit at least once.
Even though 4chan is effectively reddit v2, even though it's being pumped full of malware, even though despite how fucked up Holla Forums is its tech is still better than 4chan's, 4chan is still better than Holla Forums to this day. And the only imageboards that aren't shit are dead.

There should actually be a way to prevent archiving. Archiving causes a lot of compatibility issues with the inherently anonymous and ephemeral nature of imageboards of this type: correlation attacks become easy (depends of course on topic discussed), reducing anonymity, and the existence of archives is often used to shut down discussion ("don't respond to the shill, he's been at it for years, check the archives!"). It also encourages people to do things like "generals" where threads aren't started to provide content, but rather to ask for content, and where people try to keep threads alive just for the sake of it being alive despite lack of useful posted content.
A fully distributed and decentralized software would be good, though, as it would mean no way for (((someone))) to start injecting ads or malware into the site (conversely, it also means the hosting cost is offloaded to the users, which is good). Moderation could happen the same way as nntp-overchan, users could even potentially select among multiple moderation methods (e.g. authoritative modder, or majority-based, or at-least-n-of-m, etc.)
This should also potentially allow archiving with reduced likelihood of attacks on anonymity (except in the presence of autists who archive everything for the sake of such attacks).

Jesus Christ I had no clue how popular cuckchan is on this board. No wonder there are so many unironic shills for mega corporation botnets. What a fucking shitshow.

Actually it's the exact opposite. Every board has problems, but a lot are still far and away better than halfchan. Holla Forums has shitty moderation and piss-poor quality, but it's still better than the console war shithole that is half/v/. Holla Forums has shitty moderation and piss-poor quality, but it actually has in-depth discussions and half/pol/ doesn't. /a/ has overzealous dickhead mods and a microscopic community, but it's still better than half/a/. By contrast, Holla Forums is fucking garbage, has non-existent moderation, and rarely ever discusses technology. Hilariously, the best threads for the past few months have been the Libreoffice/Libbie threads, despite being only tangentially related to the board topic.
The only reason to have been continuing to go back to halfchan after the whole GG spat is for boards that never migrated over. Off the top of my head: /jp/, /ck/, /m/, /lit/, and large swathes of /k/ and /fit/ users stuck around instead of migrating with the bigger boards. Also /g/, I guess, if you don't mind wading through a flood of shit just to find actual discussion of computers and technology in small pockets of general threads. At this point it's just a matter of time before halfchan or 8ch (non-mutually) blows up, and either we start all over again or let it go and move on. Shit like GNUSoc and Gab have their own problems, but microblogging does a lot of the shit that Imageboards do. They have their own set of challenges, though, not to mention the latter has an abhorrent website that makes Twitter look like a shining fucking gem by comparison.

Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case.

Yes, but it's open source.


We're all dying user. ????

yeah, i2p is still shit.

You have to go back

there's a c++ implementation

Everything is fucking shit

Wasn't futaba channel (actual first imageboard) created as a response to Hiro's fuckery on 2channel in early 2000's? Same goes here, 8ch is made for and by refugees from 4clan.
Seems like jews do not fear the samurai, they are the samurai.

What took you so long?


Quality Jeb.

Nothing wrong in moving from 4chan.
Just always lurk moar.

I had a burst of upload speed >110MiB/s and suspect it may have been because of visiting cuckchan botnet. no torrenting or upload services were in use at the time


The new sites are not enabled on all boards
/r/ doesn't have it
/cgl/ has it

I have it too, how do I get rid of it?

This board still accomplishes that somehow

You made me do this

Fuck off, CIA nigger.


Lurk before posting or fuck off, 4nigger.


it's a virus

It's very incomplete and even buggier. Might as well not exist.

This goyim is right, how else could our good and decent people at 4channel pay for the hookers electricity bills?

How so?=

bye bye halfchan

really makes you think

Goddamnit not again

I am not an Holla Forums regular since there are no equivalent communities pertaining to my interests(literature, history and an /int/ french general I have been steadily learning the language from)

In how much time can I expect the nature of the scripts discovered? I don't care if I have to cuck a small fraction of my processing power to mine bitcoins *(provided that the mining ends when I close the website) since it is my only resource to supply my interests, or if there is no installation of malware or keyloggers occuring outside the browser. If the websites are just collecting my post history I don't mind also because I am a prolific shitposter with multiple contradicting opinions no normie could ravel. If it is trying to rifle my computer for my bank account (no fucking idea how it could do that, but I'm hopeless with computers) or other delicate information that could ruin my livelihood I'd forsake the website also, but my current lifestyle is too dependent on cuckchan.

Is the setup in pic 2 enough to minimize the JUSTing?

Pick one.

The real solution to get away from kikes is to move to decentralized images (e.g., NTTPchan, Smugboard, Millchan).
Anything else is just a matter of time until the users get fucked by whomever is in control.

To smart too proofread

Anyways don't concern yourself too much about me shitposting on your favorite boards if that could trouble you, while I am taking a break from 4chan there is no active board on this website that interests me, I'm just passing time until the matter subsides.

The problem I have with decentralization is that I don't know what kinds of questionable content will end up going through my machine and network. Decentralization means harder moderation, more susceptibility to spam, harder management, development and maintenance. Centralized instances on overlay networks could be a viable alternative.

The same thing is true for centralized imageboards.
Someone could post questionable content in this thread right now and it will be downloaded and cached by your browser before you even realize it.

You can do a lot better.

I disabled the analytics also and the site is serviceable without them, not sure if I can yet post with it stopped. Is there anything I should still be wary of?

Can we just band tards that claim they're new?
Not leaving during gamergate only shows how much of a shit user they are.
It's not even a question of being associated with gamergate. The site was censoring content and stating against their userbase, which led to a big exodus. If you didn't take your chances then, you should just stay in cuckchan and take your ads.

If it's comfy, I'd browse it.
Fucking sushi chan got taken over by a SJW a while back, so I don't have any comfy places to post anymore.

Only way to fix 8ch is getting rid of Jim and Codemonkey and getting a good admin.
It's easier to just get a new image board.

No it's not. I think current admin does a good job keeping the site running. There are no major issues with the site and there are no frequent outages. Last major outage was when site was hacked and boards deleted back in April. You can blame shitty management and administration all you want, but the reason why things aren't better lies in users themselves. Sometimes content on Holla Forums is so shit that I refuse to come here for weeks till things stabilize again. I honestly have no idea how to solve this "problem" we're supposedly having.

Go >>>/back/ you fucking cuckholds


Sorry for not posting on a board that responds to me slower than telegraph if I want to talk about a book mr brainlet

As much of a faggot Mark is at least he does precisely that.
Wouldn't be past this scum to use Reddit as well, last time I checked cuckchan there were both threads on cuck/v/ and /g/ asking if anons used that shithole and most admitted that they do.
Its literally fucking Reddit nowadays

Nah, I don't visit Reddit 2.0 to get discussiom or content

Fuckoff back to an IRC then you goddamned nigger, imageboards aren't IMs

Did you miss all the fucking alacrity crashes that were happening up until two months ago?


what's the point of posting here if you already decided that you don't care about the effects of the current shit
just go back and enjoy the fast boards

I want to know what I am exposing myself while using 4chan as a medium for study tbh, if the current scripts are very hazardous I would reconsider finding another website but 4chan's /lit/ was the best blend of users and topics(and that is saying very much about the rest of the internet) I think I will find on such a place in a long time


/lit/ and co. are the only webpages I can ask for the best translation of Classical Greek works then a couple clicks later make an epic shitpost, I wouldn't want anything more in a literary forum.

Something is broken, site is slow as fuck or you literally can't post for one reason or another
Jim is a faggot and he's ruining this site. Individual BOs ruin their own boards with lack of good rules and enforcement, sure but let's not pretend that Jim and Codemonkey do a good job.

See? This is what I mean. You stay over at the gay bar where you have to ride a nigger cock during your stay just because your drink is served a bit earlier.
If you value quantity over quality, you should just fuck off and go back to halfchan and let hiro fuck your ass.

With everything that fat kike does wrong, it's surprisingly he gets something as simple as that right.
It's been like that ever since they fucked with Holla Forums IIRC. Halfchanners came here with reddit caps of users going "the place is so much better now without the toxic comunity :)".

You don't want to wait literally a billion years for an answer though, do you? Try stack overflow. :^)


This type of shit is part of the reason we don't want you cuckholds here.
Doesn't matter if its an IRC, Reddit, ResetEra, ED, SA, TomsHardware
You're not welcome
Fuckoff we're full

I never claimed I wished to stay, I want to know what is going on over at halfchan because this website offers me no viable community to discuss my hobbies

I will look for the 8ch equivalent of /lit/ and you owe me (You)s both if it's dead and if the discussion is NOT of any higher quality than a discretely filtered /lit/

Then just fucking leave.
We don't want you here and you don't want to be here. Leave.
Is it that fucking hard?

And our /sp/ was the best avenue for banter I have ever seen, better than /int/, /strek/, /bane/ or your shitholes of /banter/ and /trash/.
And now they're somewhere else and lessened in numbers and quality users.
Whats your fucking point?
The Internet is vast and there are plenty of literature dedicates communities out there if you actually manage to look instead of stagnating in your own mediocrity, ignorance and failiure like a normalfag.

You want to get fucked in the ass by Hiro?
Sure, go right ahead but be sure to fuckoff to your hole, we don't want you here.
Especially not /his/ backstabbers

How can you possibly be this assrashed? I just want to know the nature of the scripts that have been noticed lately.

Autism. Pure autism.


autism is good

It would be really inexpedient for me to make an account, I'm very used to 4chan's anonymous system now. Even then, I think it would be really difficult to find a website that is not adequately active but full of normalfags or peopled by dedicated readers but pretty dead. /lit/ has the best balance between normalfags and shitposters to animate it and truly schooled lads.

Is this 1 autist that's derailed the thread because I want to understand the cuckchan scripts?

Then leave you nigger
You won't stay long enough to vidit Crows board anyway.
And no, it ain't /lit/

what a literal autist. All I wanted to know is what was up with the scripts and how much of a bother they could be. Why are you so assmad that I am posting 1 question on 1 thread in one of my short stays on this website?

Just fucking leave. If you wanted to know the nature of the scripts. you'd lurk.
You just want to try and fit in with your gay tsundere fucking "I'm from 4chan guise!!! but I totally don't want to be here! You need to accept me!".
Is half that much of a shithole it's not even a proper image board anymore? Jesus fucking christ.

Here, I'll make it easy for you

insane ass annihilation

Can you please tell me you aren't too lazy to kill yourself?

ITT: neurotypical complains about autism on Holla Forums unbelieveable



I don't mind ads as long as they don't impede my browsing or install malware on my ass like a pop-up would

1 guy is in metldown mode and doubling the pph of this board kek

adware is malware, 4kanker


If I ask what's up with the halfchan scripts would you die?


holy fucking shit dude

Futaba was made because people thought 2ch was going to shut down due to funding issues.

you should wait a few days to see how it plays out, surely 2-3 days won't be that hard for you, lurk the threads here for info
or if you feel adventureous, check 4chan's /g/, surely you'll get a clearer picture of the situation

That's what my plan already was, just checking to see if Holla Forums was further onto the issue before some soyfag got super triggered I asked a question on a website I don't mean to linger on,


Bye cuck

"I am from halfchan, this website doesn't really have active boards that I mind so don't fear that I'm going to migrate here, do you know what's going on and in how much time can I return?"


Be sure to post a screencap of how butthurt we are cuck.

There was literally no reason to say you were from half, or to give your fucking backstory, all you had to do was ask a simple question, which you apparently are incapable of doing.
Not only that, you completely fucked over any chances of getting a reply in this thread by making it obvious only you wanted the answer and didn't left once you noticed it, if you noticed it, that is.
Fuck off. Take this "child porn" if you want, but I don't think based hiro would like it if you did.

ITT 4cucks being 4cucks

And they're not even nig/g/ers

It's a thread about the current 4chan scripts that have been flagrant for less than a couple of days, my post was entirely on topic and target of a legendary spergout

If it was, there wouldn't be any backlash, retard.
There's a difference between "Is there any adware confirmed?" and "Haha, I was a 4chan poster since I was 16, always loved the site, anonymous FTW XD! So, I love the site and I won't leave for this shithole, is there anything bad with those sites? Don't want to get virus on my mom's computer XD."

Fucking hell 4niggers really have it bad nowadays .
Back to the Botnet you go cuckisnati
You're about to get a taste of what Hiroshima did to 2channel.
Don't forget to renovate your 4chan pass

Holla Forums is so cool! XD

i2pd works great, kovri is a shitpile



so G00K actually did it?

the absolute mad man

Kill yourself, go back, then kill yourself again.

Why are people so vary of 4chin refugees? Don't you understand that the slower discussion speed will drive away the cancer normalfag phoneposters? Unless they get a reply once every 20 seconds then they will fuck off.

Doesn't matter if they're replying to eachother.

Your early 2010s memespeak is what makes me cringe.

a cute mascot


Man I sure enjoy all those fresh Facebook memes.

stupid dumb niggerchan scum.

Nah. Fuck off. Only fags consistently guilty of outing themselves as crossposters are Holla Forums, Holla Forums, and /d/fags.

t. Shill
Have not fucking once seen archives used this way against anyone but chronic shitposters who lower thread quality.


More proof that brainlet is cuckchan newspeak because they're too emasculated to use real insults like retarded.

Stop feeding it you homosexual.

The DNS just reports back the address as . Nothing is running on your machine. This is me ssh'd into a headless server I just turned on for the first time in months.

However a DNS reporting back as is usually used when they're being DDOS'd or targeted for an attack, it may also be a DNS rebind attack.

And here is the same set of commands pointing at (127.0.01 DNS reply) that is set up so if you're locally developing subdomains and don't want to type in subdomain. you can just use

This comes from Lain chan

I stepped as far through it as I could this afternoon when someone noticed AdBlockers were breaking the 4chan CSS. I really doubt it was a security breach, so I guess g00km00t fulfilled his prophecy. Some of it seemed to be implemented poorly or incomplete. I don't feel like going through all of it again so I'll just dump some things from my clipboard of interest. There were no successful (coin)miners or ransomware implementations. Those are trolls. However, it seems g00km00t is datamining some things to be indexed for an advanced ad-distribution service (adglare,etc.) as well as likely selling data to this highest bidders at admixer. And a soykafty anti-adblock. Not going to include the stuff about argon.js as I didn't actually see anything about it when letting this ad stuff execute. It is very suspicious that it is reported from the same domain as one of the ones on 4chan, and "Argon" is referenced in the obfuscated js. But, yeah, there's old reports about it from previous things here:

interesting bits from de-obfuscated js still in my clipboard:

ch(c("url", "" + f, "ret_cookie", true, "callback", d))

I visited there a couple of times, and I'm not 100% confident umatrix blocked everything all the time. What can I do to permanently remove this?

Didn't you learn to shut up and lurk yet?

Set all the nonsense to in your hosts file

Endchan and Lainchan are our greatest allies.

glad jim and hotwheels dont have enough computers

The problem that Holla Forums has is that it may have moderation but it has no quality control. A moderator that knows what the board really needs knows not to just ban spam but also retards and shills. Retards shit up threads with their inane bullshit. Shills can come from everywhere and aren't limited to politics and for anyone who doesn't believe in them and thinks they're a boogeyman Holla Forums made up but knows what a botnet is, you are not what this board needs.

Mods here should have established posting guidelines and OP standards a long time ago. You only get quality threads if you encourage quality posting.

Holla Forums is an imageboard of refugees
accept refugees

Fuck off with your bullshit

except Holla Forums doesn't have quality either


Cuckchan quality post right here
Thanks for proving him right

Then why are you here

If Holla Forums had moderation, there wouldn't be 5 threads of " " right now.

"I want to cum inside Libbie"*
(8ch can't even into Arabic)

You sure showed him.





let em simmer


Found the cuckchanner.
Or maybe you forgot that CM disabled emoji support.
Either way, stob it.



God I can't wait to hang all of those hollywood jews

4chan rapefugee here.
I'll lurk, let me in, help a fellow user out, show me the ways.

You are literally not lurking.

/o/ is making a comeback and if you posted on it then that would help.

Start digging into this MGID company

Why would these guys hire Hiro?

Sorry. :(

It sure explains why the ads were being traced to Ukraine. Also they probably offered him a good amount of money.

This one needs a new home:

Russian 2ch might know more about this

To do what though? I mean, I could see Hiro using them to put ads on his site, but I can't see what value he would have to them as an employee.

halfchan gets a ton of users, could be easy money in their eyes. MGID most likely is doing this in secret and off the book. The key would be to look into Telyatnikov and see what connections he has to Hiro or any of his companies. If there is a sliver of a link then that's all we need. Also looking into Remsha might not hurt either

What's the URL of that again?

But it already has

Hi metafag~

I tried asking them, but it doesn't seem to want to let me post.

Try their discord

This was dynamic loaded eval()'d javascript here. It could be changed to a javascript DDoS bot or coin miner in seconds and then changed back before anyone noticed..... if they didn't break the CSS in their implementation.

I fucking wish he did. I made a thread on /sudo/ discussing how emoji spam can lock up browsers but it went ignored.

Didn't he? There's a thread on /sudo/ asking to have them reenabled. 💩

tits or gtfo

You know, you could also try /russian/ or /cafechan/.
Specifically this thread >>>/russian/59

Just because I said there's nothing wrong rust doesn't mean I'm a 'rust shill'



While the Jim/Hiroyuki thing is a lot of he-said-she-said accusations and there are valid points for both sides, even if the anti-Jim side mysteriously gathered in strength after Hiroyuki bought 4chan, I think the current state of 4chan and Holla Forums speak for who was in the wrong here. Jim's owned this site for years and the worst thing he's done was destroy /n/ to shill his crappy website. Meanwhile Hiroyuki has owned 4chan for maybe a year now and he's rolled out malware ads, turned 4chan pass into Reddit Gold, and then rolled out even worse malware ads with CSS breakers and likely something that datamines your posting history.

Sure looks like easy money judging by this thread. There are 4cucks who will crawl through broken glass to farm (You)s at a slightly faster rate. I wouldn't be surprised if they chose to literally accept a botnet rather than post here, much less lurk and become good posters.

I think it's a per-board setting now.

Is this the new boogyman?

Fuck off and stay there you nigger retards.

sperg out harder faggot

you wont stay long this site sucks dicks


does this impact linux/mac?

muh dik

if you didn't leave '14 at the latest you're retarded
too retarded for here

There is literally nothing wrong with any of Tyson's mascots.

Go home >>>/cuckchan/

You have to go back

Lurk more 4fag.


Remove yourself

Guess this is my new home now

This: archive takes away the whole fun of fleeting conversations on imageboards. Having everything recorded reduces every conversaion to SRS BSNS.

In a nutshell: Hiro is just fucking incompetent. Why he doesn't sell the site is a mystery

He should become an Hiro

sell to whom exactly? 4chan is not exactly a profitable website, or will ever be.

Maybe a company like bad dragon, maybe, but not much else

Threads and boards with local self-moderation.

I'd laugh my ass off.

I always wanted to make my own image board software, but using and modifying tinyboard for a few years, it seems like a gigantic hassle to actually write all the code from ground up with another language.

Can minorities from 4chinz post here? Will you guys act racist towards me?

You can post but we won't like the way you post and would prefer if you leave because more often than not people like you have nothing to add to anything and just shit up board quality.

Maybe, sell it to some datamining company like Google or Taykey completely?
Russians already did this, largest russian imageboard is now owned by MailRu media group.
Same for Hiro, his old japanese forum was sold to few ad companies through it's course of life and still exists as a text-only web bbs without ssl but with more ads.
It's not like contrarian faggots are not a valuable source of information these days. Divide and conquer, remember?

Well that's a shame, I'll be taking my leave then.

Don't be such a tsundere.

Dude I don't want to be mean to you but just stop and accept it's death, 4chan died a long time ago, this is just the corps trying to eat more of your desperation and you'll get it eat you more if you let it do so.
Chose a chan other than 4chan there's loads of chans maybe less active but existent.
Choose a chan that at least accept Tor posting and you'll be fine.
Take care user.

no faggots alloud

this is the second worst board on the whole site after the various pol boards and has lost over 1000 uinque posters per day the past few years

you wont be missing out on anything, my suggestion is to head to a textboard because there are no good technology imageboards at present

Lurk for two years

Him and Hotwheels have been caught lying about various things about the site on multiple occasions.

so are phone posters safe from this shit or not?



If anyone cares, this guy is analysing the 4chan malware:

we are never leaving
enjoy us

Good, you're a great boogeyman and laughing stock.
Like for example this whole thread

have fun and enjoy your stay!

Thanks, that's precisely what I was looking for. Looking forward to seeing what he discovers.

I literally only browse cuckchan for /g/ and /sci/

Holla Forums doesn't have enough browser wars and amd vs intel shilling for you?

First reactions from 4chan

That gook just blocked desuarchive. He is asking to be forceably removed. I know Jimbo had the advantage of having access of 2ch to hijack the site.

Ever since Jimbo ran off all the good users from here Holla Forums has gone downhill big time. It feels like we're infested with redditors

From what information there is at the moment, it's running on javascript and targetting windows specifically.

/sci/ is pretty much dead on, ever since the math major elitism became enforced by mods its been unusable.

Holy fuck this guy is quite possibly the worst businessman of all time.

fucking wot

Good for him. Archives are cancer and any faggot who wants to turn an imageboard into a forum should pay.

what is your opinion on the following post

4chan has a built in archive and a board that can only be accessed if you pay for a pass. But no, external sites archiving posts were the problem.


It was a campaign to milk user. Obviously.

Hasn't he been saying this shit almost constantly? At this point I am convinced he is doing it to make the short attention span niggers at Cuckchan cry for their site and accept any retarded measures.

He's not a very good scammer, but he's good enough to trick the idiots that still post there.

moot pulled the same shit with the old "donate or die" drives. 4chan has been parting fools from their money for over a decade.


Anyone have an update on this?


Read through that already. Doesn't specify if it only affects Windows desktops or not

this, also will this shit affect phones?( in b4 it does)

Hopefully there is something in there that is illegal. We can use that to get Hiro arrested

I wish google would unindex us again


The moderating staff on Holla Forums is compromised as fuck.

I really wish these weren't true, I don't even care that much about posting images, but the onion site is just unusably slow sometimes

If you hate it so much then fuck off and never some back, you scum sucking cuckchanner.

You have to go back.

You have to go back.

1. You're late
2. All exodi are rapefugees, being a first-gen rapefugee isn't necessarily better

Were the pigrims first-get rapefugees by your logic?

How do we know that we aren't experiencing similar shit here, or that our data isn't being collected? Assuming that it was happening, how could users protect themselves? How would board owners protect themselves?

discord gg/CFP44ZC
Wanna be rich Holla Forums?

(wasted for such a self-promo)
kys shill

Now legacy captcha on cuckchan is dead since last Tuesday.

You can view and post on Holla Forums with a VPN just foje with the regular domain.

They were.

Just burn the house down in that case.

8ch is better but not trustworthy. We as the semi-literate tech weebs have a duty to our brainlet culture-cows to create a better imageboard for us all to shitpost on. One example is (Smugboard) but there are several other projects.

One day we will have our promised-chan.



They are, have a look at trash like Site-wide advertising copies are a serious interference with imageboards in particular.

Please do not break the first two rules of Fight Club, I enjoy the secret clubs.

Hollaforums might be trash, but how does it interfere?

No I don't, some of us actually have principles.

Yeah, anyone who doesn't like echochambers is forced to do that, since having the Wrong Opinion (tm) gets you banned on the main boards, and making alt boards gets you spammed until hotwheelz comes along to steal your board from you.

Kill yourself faggot

Okay, the way a domain name works is that it points to an IP address. Your computer asks the Domain Name System (DNS) server what the IP address, the DNS looks up whatever IP address is registered with the server, and your computer uses that as the IP address. to connect to. You can make a domain name point to literally whatever fucking IP you feel like, and having domain names point to is a common prank, or fuck you when your domain gets DoS'd. I could probably make a website and make it point to which is a popular router IP address and if your router is at that IP you could go to my domain name to log into your own local router.
leave and never return

A minor exodus, if any. The majority of cuckchanners will take it up the ass no matter how bad it gets.

They didn't leave after mod leaks confirmed that their moderation is full of SJW cucks nor the digging that confirmed moot was very familiar with the SJW clique, they've already been censored to hell with topic bans and ban filters, they get taken over by a guy previously caught selling data and their userbase had been increasingly inundated with normalfaggot redditors, weird twitter goons, and neogaf snowflakes for ages. So if they can't even load the page without ads all over it, that's just one more poz load to take on and already covered face.

I don't know why you guys think Jim is any better.

Are you suggesting Jim participated in similar shady practices? That there are witnesses left?
Will his piggies get to feast again?


Actually looking at the quality of post that's a good thing.

This. 8ch is a pure circlejerk. Any opinion outside the echochamber, no matter how well articulated, gets shat on without any argument or address, at best. Often, it nets the users a ban. It's reddit 2.0 in that regard.
Even as cucked as 4chan is, what with being 99% marketing and consumerism, and being full of malware now due to the money-grubbing nip, it STILL hasn't fallen that low and conversation level is STILL higher than anywhere alive on Holla Forums.

I've had the pleasure of proper debate in all the corners of Holla Forums. It's just that the nature of Holla Forums means that maliciously spirited trolls have an equal voice to your voice of debate.



I have bad news for you.

Many of the users here are newcomers who started to use Yotsuba style websites way after 2014. They did not know the deeper issues, nor were they red-piled enough to know or at least care.

Based myon poster

No one care go back.

You must go for delousing first...


Im a refugee, save me!


Welcome. Don't listen to retarded 14 year olds pretending to be oldfags. Nobody can make you lurk shit. Bans are a joke on all chans, you simply reset your IP and they're gone. I don't even know why they even try.

Just post whatever you want.

It only gets worse.

I still browse their archives occasionally and this is hilarious bullshit. Next line will be about how 4ch has always been pro-SJW.

I also posted there a couple weeks ago and their captcha was forced 2.0 and required disabling referrer spoofing. Everyone's response is "just buy a pass, lol." Tell us again how 8ch is a circlejerk, when 4 is literally SA at this point. What a shithole.

test bump. I banned (provider/subnet/country/etc... on halfchan.

go back

How about no.

Welcome fellow 4chan refugee. I like the way Holla Forums handles things a lot more. Shame it's so dead compared to 4chan. The userbase is either too small or too divided IMO.

For that you can thank the relentless attacks we received along 2014/15 and the countless downtime we went through and from which we never fully recovered. On top of that you can add the shilling, FUD and cannibalistic tactics from other competing image boards

Fuck off we're full.

t. also a newfag
Feels good to have spoilers