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How difficult would it be to write your own hamachi like program?
All the other alternatives are shit. We should write one as a Holla Forums project.

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I'll come up with the logo.

you mean a fucking VPN? Why would you write one if there's a ton of Foss for both server and clients? that said if you don't have the money for the infrastructure which can be a small desktop and an ok upload between 2 users 1 local 1 remote then it wouldn't be worth bothering with.

yeah but you cant run a D2 server off of a VPN you fucking retard. Hamachi is more than just a VPN

Last time I used hamachi all my friends and me had 800ping. After switching to self-hosting we all had

Why can't it run on a vpn? I can't see why it'd be a problem if it runs on the same subnet as the vpn address pool

not all games support it you mong

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Just run an open vpn server. Not hard.

tbh i never tried that. i assumed that hitachi was the only way

Literally malware. To uninstall it fully you have to reinstall windows.
Just use OpenVPN

This thread gave me an idea I am not going to try myself: How about running an actual open VPN? Not as an Internet relay, but as a community LAN. (Unless a community member runs an Internet relay.) You log in, you get an internal IP, and run whatever server or network application you like. Maybe have internal news and webservers for members to advertise their servers, maybe an internal DNS server for people to find each others easier.
Pointless? - Sure. But it does look like an interesting way to create an online community.

Well there's OpenVPN and FreeLAN but I've never figured out how the fuck to use them.

That would be a interesting project. Such network could be realized using OpenVPN or FreeLAN. It would be fun to have internal imageboard, wiki and maybe even run some games like xonotic. It would also be a great way for beginners to learn about networking, which would also serve as a filter to keep normies away.

Hmm, we would have to make some advantage to using it over the internet. Maybe adding privacy stuff?
Oh wait, that would be tor.

The advantage would be that it is not the open internet, but a small community of like minded people. You would not get your server immediately raped by 12 billion Chinese criminals who plan to do things that could seriously hurt you. Only by one or two chuckleheads who want to tell you, and the rest of the community, how they owned you.

Just use TOR's OBFS bridges. Same thing as openvpn but harder to setup and harder for people to detect. You could then sandbox the incoming connections over the tor server into wherever you are going to share services.

Keeping normalfags out is exactly what VPN services do now. The only purpose I could see for such a project is if it has a server list that has all the (public) VPNs listed and, once you join, a list of all the services provided within one. You can easily implement an invite or password system to control your community, so filtering anyone out is counter-productive.

The basic idea is not to be hidden, just separated. Nor is it supposed to make a lot of sense. It would be like the internet version of a tree house or a pillow fortress for people who like to play around with routing and running servers.

there's already the deep danknet for that. People are truly monstrous without constant monitoring by quasi-omniscient LEA.


Here is what i found recently:
It's better than OpenVPN server because you don't have to route through remote node when you happen to live in one town but unfortunately have NATed IPs. It bootstraps itself to that server and then connects users directly. I suppose, same concept lies under cjdns-over-Internet and Tox.
But for starters, a traditional IPSec/OVPN server and game server running on virtual LAN is sufficient.

I've seen someone proposing same idea like running a overlay darknet among Holla Forums users on on of those /g/ternet threads. Would be fun to help poor americanons escape their draconian Internet restrictions wtih obfuscating traffic to european VPSes, but not very much anonymous though.

I think it was you. I've read some docs on cjdns and really like it, but still uncertain about it's stability. Good thing is everything that works over internet will work on Hyperborea transparently without modifications.

You are the only normalfag here, proper use of VPN is not a "service" by any means, it's a way of bridging private networks between each other.

lulwut, does this mean a third party MITM is always seeing when I first connect to a openvpn server even if dns is encrypted?

Doesn't look like a proper hamachi "one-click and done" replacement.

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just use pptp. I have it set up and it works just fine on everything we tried so far
it's also easier to set up and for everyone else to use
ok so it's not as secure as openvpn, but it's just for vidya, who gives a shit

you shouldn't call people retards if you don't know what you're talking about... the thing is you can use battlelan for many games if you all you want is a connection, though tunngle works really well if you want to put up with it.

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what Anonet is trying.
That said, Anonet is rapidly dying and I would love to get on the ground floor of this project.


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I have pptpd set up on my vps. you can do it at home also.

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