How much math and CS skills do you need to be able to make this?

how much math and CS skills do you need to be able to make this?

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Smoke and mirrors is all you need. I call bullshit.

1 line of a shell script mpv ""

You need to master Algebraic Geometry, at a post-doctoral level.
Nothing too hard, just enough to prove NP != P.
Just enough to be able to write an acceptable unified field theory.

choose a demo that respect your freedoms fgt.

Once you mastered how to use blender.

Isn't that a funny comment. The classic "im familiar with these very hard concepts check it out guise" lmao my dude

Oh look at that, it's the classic dumb redditor who has to explain the joke. XDDDDD

Hello my new reddit friend, here in Holla Forums it is the tradition to explain the joke. It's actually rude to leave the joke without explanation.

Art flows forever, finding new depths of expressing feels.

Old canvas paintings are no more art nowadays than cave paintings were art back then. They are merely mediums of art, instances to behold, while the spirit of art has since found its way into computers, out of which it will flow out eventually. Look at all the morons putting their "modern art" shit in "art galleries". They have no idea where art flows. I believe that right now it flows into virtual reality but who knows!

tl;dr: What is art? Art is feels. The medium is irrelevant. And if it's not feels then it's not art.

None at all, you just need to be good at clicking buttons in 3d modeling software like Blender.

Have you ever own a single painted art on canvas before? The paint quality on canvas is far more superior than any art you see on a computer screen. You could even see the paint looks realistically thicken on the part that have layers of paint as you look up closer on the canvas. Some canvas have that glossy looks which gives an aesthetic effect in the painting. Nothing beats traditional painting user.

Not nearly as much as you'd imagine. A lot of it is indeed smoke and mirrors. Can you into C++ and native graphics programming?

So you actually thought the joke was funny and belongs on Holla Forums? It's not meta to dissect a shitty joke made by a 16yo online.

Holla Forums isn't as anal as other places say hackernews, but your faggotry is plain annoying

Art is well defined. Its synonyms are skill, know-how, profession, or mastery. For example, the art of blacksmithing. Historically, an artist is someone who is highly skilled in whatever it is he does. Consider also martial arts, escape artist, or the art of war.

Referring to works and performances of art simply as 'art' is excusable. What is not excusable is that simple expressions, even when they require no skill, are referred to as art nowadays.

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Cool demo OP.

How did they get a 4K image to fit into a 64K binary?

all of it

Needs moar lensflare tbh

i don't think you need any math skills to do that, i mean no more skills then an average guy

The whole entire thing was generated by the code, including the music.

(checked quads)
It must have taken that team a while to do that. Holla Forums should form a demo team.