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But normies have an obsessive compulsion to read every single message/notification on their computers as soon as they arrive.

If you receive the message it gets a grey checkmark.
If you open the message inside the app it gets a blue checkmark.
If there's a blue checkmark and you didn't read it that means you opened the app and willfully ignored the message. If they then wrongly assume you read it it's your fault, not theirs.

Actually people understand that "read" sign means a receiver opened the dialog/message and probably had a short glance of the message, but if it stays "read" for too long without answer, anyone would start worrying

Why is [message read] a thing?

Why do people need to know when im typing? does covert and private action mean nothing?

plausible deniability

If you know they know you read the message odds of you replying sooner are higher. Meaning you'll spend more time in the app and exchange more messages.

this is the only proper answer



>we live in a world where people think that kemono and furry are not the same thing

we live in a world where

this tbh, op is just a lonely nignog

But user, kemono is a japanese robe and has nothing to do with furry.

I only use messengers that let you refuse to send read receipts.


They are. It's just that furries, being fucking autistic, try to make an identity or lifestyle out of dressing as anthropomorphic characters, whereas nips are at least smart enough to acknowledge as the fetish it is.

We live in a world where most people are normies.

goy is hebrew for normie

Computationally feasible, as in the phone can silently eyetrack you in realtime and know what part of the screen you're reading.
This will eventually be used to force people to watch ads.


t. kemonofag

we live in a world where OP is a faggot

There are Tox clients that don't send read receipts?