Libreoffice Mascot Thread 8: Infinity Edition

Here we are, thread number 8! Is this our stopping point, or will this train keep on hauling?

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At least the curry pengu got his.

Actually tried Only Office. I dunno if it could replace LO, but it might make a fine botnet-free Google docs alternative.

got this idea after user comic about libbie and kiki live together.

libbie become full time NEET after contest, living by leeching from kiki.

How about she becomes a hot pocket on Holla Forums?

Nice work, user! Added to the Christmas archive.

I like the idea of Libbs browsing imageboards, personally. I wonder how she'd react to her own lewds...

libbie will probably noped away when looking at her lewds.

I'll leave this here too.

she's even more free than kiki I guess. she's cc0
so what are the possibilities?


*shlick shlick shlick*

File deleted?


I can see her pulling out the tissues like Tomoko.


Makes sense to start having Libbie/Mascot generals after this. Unless LO reboots the contest, that is.

And Dash stole another jobu from her. Come to think about it...


We basically got a happy ending here, but I still feel a tad blue-balled by the whole thing.

I find it hilarious (and a bit sad) what position TDF have gotten themselves into. They pretty much can't start a new contest without everyone waiting for them to fuck up again.

Worse, they cannot start a new contest without an army of autists ready to tear them a new one if Libbie doesn't at least get a fair shot.

Would Tyson even enter her again? He still seems pretty salty at the shit LO pulled.

CC0 is hardly different than public domain. We can literally do anything with her.

They are NOT going to restart this contest since they're are still open questions about the first one that could land one or more people in the design team into hot water. At present, it's an embarrassment, and they don't want it to get any worse for them.

Seems someone unlocked the comments on the LO Design page.

sorry. unexpected things happened.

please explain how is hardly different. to me is almost the same.

Tyson still technically has copyright over Libbie, but this is just a technical detail at this point. CC0 can basically be treated the same as Public Domain.

1) Their rules stated that they would choose the winner out of the 7 highest-voted mascots, so they could have just not picked it.
2) They were almost certainly rigging the election to get the green octopus as mascot, because the cockatoo got eliminated for having the LibreOffice logo and the octopus did not.

Here is my old comment.

Can we still find out who entered what mascot?

It's buried someplace, but I don't know where to look and honestly I don't care enough to find out.

Kinda sickens me that a FOSS project could be so scummy. Then again, look at the Linux Foundation.

I'm just wondering how many of the finalists were from kababs and pajeets.

user, you are more than welcome to the next Krita thread if you bring more Kikis like that!

It's lacking a couple features, but it's not bad. Does a better job with MS formats too.

Mr. Birb McFuckyou is with Libbie now?

Not even technically.

And Lia is WTFPL now too. In case anyone was wondering.

So, I know we kinda said that making a game for Libbs would be too much of a hassle, and I agree. But modding her into a simple open source games like ReTux would be relatively easy. All'd we'd have to do is replace the .png files.

Dunno if the game is in any repos, but it IS 100% F/OSS and free to download on Itch.

Ah, Libbie's drinking buddy.

Anybody have the version without corndog lass?

I like the idea just because is so damn stupid.

Mod SuperTux instead. Same assets, more widespread.

Retux is actually the better game though. If only marginally.

It just works somehow. Especially considering she's living with Mr. WTFPL now.

What a lady!


There's plenty of red alcohol besides wine.

Since they're the same sprites, couldn't we just replace them once for both games?

Libbs WOULD look cute in a thick winter jacket... Scaled down to 16-bit though.

Seems some animations were added to Retux.


i need a libbie the ride never ends pic.

Maybe Libbs setting up a train set around a Christmas tree.

Libbie deserved to lose by the way.


Gracias, user.

Only lia is allowed to eat corndogs

Somebody needs to edit or draw him into .

More like LO didn't deserve anything better than the curry penguin.

I bet the reason her mom kicked her out was because she was eating too many.

Nah she got kicked out for the same reason libbie did.
Didn't get the mascot job.

Except Tyson still plans to use Libbs for his Electric Hearts thing at some point. Lia's mom has already probably forgotten about her because of zoi.


Maybe next to Lia would be more fitting? I mean supposedly they live together now.


Hope Tyson draws libbs again at some point.

so. Kiki and Libbie are technically sisters, right?

that's why they live together, right?

Cousins, sisters, something along those lines.

son are you high?
squirrels and oryxes are not close relations.
when Tyson sketches a mountain, the mountain is also not Libbie's sister.

They're adopted

You're adopted.

In context of furry characters, species don't mean shit.

Pretty much. Kiki and Libbs are both technically bots anyway.

I know Kiki is, but did TT ever say anything about Libbs?

More correctly, they're AIs. It's how Kiki has body-swapped so much apparently.

is the mountain alive to start with?


Poor Kiki. I wonder how Tyson is going to feel about this little fannon we're coming up with.

Resist the furry, Holla Forums


Dunno why, but base libbs feels more right here:

Hi, newfag~

Not sure how that blotch got on Kiki's head...

Stop ruining Libbie furfag.

Oh well, just like Holla Forums and /k/, too late.
She's still cute, despite being open to everybody.

Seeing the problem here?

Just because she's CCO, that doesn't make her a slut, user.

How does an unfinished comedy stip spawns so much depressive ideas?

Why? What's missing? LibreOffice sure as hell couldn't fully replace Microsoft Office

Libbs is just down on her luck. She'll NEET it up for a while and bounce back.

she already has a job newfag, shes a mascot of Holla Forums

It actually could if places would just use ODF.

Which pays bupkus.

Fucking Chad Norman III

She does it for free

Autism breeds dramatic fannon, user. And I don't think it's entirely a bad thing.

Either way what's missing from it?

Not to mention that shes got her own success with LibbieOffice, doing presentations and successful enough to get fashionable clothing. Shes not a bum, fuck outa here

I dunno if that's quite the right word for it. Most of us have 'been there' as far as being out of work goes. Not that hard to see Libbs trying to have some fun with by going out to the pub with her 2hu friend.

Only Office does not cover the whole LO suite for one thing:

Nobody was really portraying her has a bum. She's just out of work and trying to have some fun to get her mind off of things.


getting wasted at home as a mooch is depressive.
going out to the pub to have a drink is sociable fun.

It's got the main stuff down. Most people use Word, Powerpoint and Excel (or more generally documents, spreadsheets and presentations). I'd be more interested to know what's missing from each of the replacements.

Yes. But you usually bring the drunk home with you. Lia too in this case.

As far as the word processor goes, you can only have one document open at a time.

Seems like the LO Design team would have given her a less specific excuse for curbing her from the contest.

Lia has a reason to get wasted and be depressive since she was cut out and abandoned by anons, but Libbie doesnt. You wouldnt both get plastered at a bar drive home drunk and make a mess of your roomates apartment if you were someone responsible like Libbie. Libbie as a mooch who doesnt care about being a burdon to her family with Kiki is a shit idea.

Depends. If it's a temporary thing, then I'd be Ok with it. Besides OUR Libbs can be different from Tyson's. Just like Pepe is different from the one from Boys Club.

In the case of Lia, I think it has more to do with picking up bad habits from Mr. WTFPL.

She doesn't INTEND to be a mooch, but it's kinda hard to help with the bills when you're out of work.

You are still planning on finishing it though, right?

It was more unfinished than this when I posted it the first time. Anyway I just need to set up panel graphics and add arrows to speech bubbles, then it's basically done. I'll do color next time, not that it's needed much.

Looking forward to it!

same here, I'll hold it dearly to my heart
and dik

I see. Thanks for the info

His only bad habit is his disgusting choice of beer brands.

Wearing the shirt he wipes his ass with isn't a bad habit?

it doesnt look like that user is ever going to fix lazy-eyed-libbie so il post the edits. one for each direction the original eyes pointed.


Im the drawfag who drew it, sorry that I never got around fixing the lazy eye, I tend to move on and draw other things, I'll try fix it in some other time.


I kinda got to wonder where Kiki & Libbs store all the bodies they aren't currently using if they lives in a small apartment.


Wew, the sitcom version is a solid LOL thread material.

all drawfags do lots of unfinished sketches n such to move on... but if youre gunna try to finish something then dont half ass it user, a friendly tip. if you know you can fix something but dont, you will not improve as fast. dont be like the sai drawfag.

It almost looks like the setup for a hentai scene there at the end.



You mean:

You'd have to be gay not to wanna fug Kaname, user.

Why would anyone be autistic enough to make a libbie comic for a character that isn't even important outside of Holla Forums since libreoffice shut it down? Unless you guys are serious about making her the official mascot that is.

How do you think memes get started in the first place?

More like how Kek is the "official" patron deity of Holla Forums I suppose.


Extra cringe is always nice if you want LOL.

Which is where you are.

Why is Kiki watching a fly fuck a rock?

In retrospect I should've stuck to sporadically making shitty vidya memes and not waste a full day of my time making contributions to internet autism repositories. When I drew pic related I should've taken my own hint.

Libbs has kinda become independent of the LO happening.

Don't choose to post it next time then.

You kiddin'? That laughing Libbs was pretty good.

Where I am, I must also shitpost.

You'd have an argument if we'd been talking about one of those things where the author gave a girl a dick after drawing a girl, but this faggot even looks like a man, much like a certain other niggerfaggot

And then Lia shows up with the alcohol...

I totally agree with you of what you said, honestly I never notice the lazy eye until someone pointed out. probably because I'm still shit atm.

What everyone else said, plus the fact that another archive is going to Tyson.

Practice makes perfect, user. And it was a pretty good first effort.

We appreciate it though, drawfag.

Man this is quite corny

Have one from the old thread

Dont sweat it user. and if you dont know how to fix something but want to do it, then you turn to reference studies. of course like you said the first step comes with recognizing the problems but thats a skill on itself built up over time.

This is a lot longer than just a 6panel mini comic im sure tysontan will enjoy it in the present pack, you did good user. ignore the autistic screeching

Really, it was just the one guy complaining. It's not bad at all. A tad corny, but then so were most 80s and 90s sitcoms.

Speaking of the Christmas pack, at this rate, it IS going to have to be split up into two parts.


it's extremely corny andn sappy with that end, but youre right. people probably forget how corny 80s and popular sitcoms were.

So, Lia would be filling the bad influence role?

Actually, Mr. WTFPL would indirectly through her, more like.

Is... that a rooster in the window?

Looks like beer stains or just sweat.

no fun allowed

requesting that Mr. Libb poster


Can I get a summary?

Furfags wanted to get some shitty mascot for libreoffice and normal people didnt like it so furfags started sperging out?

please dont bully!

if youre a lazy newfag go look through the old archives. its 8 threads by now.


Sorry I'm not a furfag getting butthurt over some inane shit that spends his life on a dead board that's lucky to break 40pph in peak hours

True but


Wait, wait, wait, hold the fuck up.

Why are furfags posting on 8chanpol? Why hasn't anyone informed Holla Forums that there are degenerates to be hanged here?

Continuing exsistence of Holla Forums is all you need to know about the potence of these internet wannabe inquisitors.

Eeh it's about as much shit as the rest of it, being obscured kinda makes it look better.

wherever you crawled out of, go back.
Are you lost nigger? kill yourself.

I've probably been here longer than you furfag, gas yourself.

very convincing argument. heil hortler amirite?

Gonna need an extra thick rope for this fat ugly tard.

Why cant you faggots stay in your containment board?

Have you been raped by a furry alpha male? Have you been bullied in school by guys wearing animal costumes? Everyone has a reason to do things they do. What's yours? Platinum mad?


heres your containment

Try social justice or feminism sometime, this thing seem to be right up your alley.

Sort of like crying on a dead board on behalf of a fellow furfag?

Back to your containment board


It's not important in Holla Forums either, it's one autistic furfag

You got no one to blame but yourself for getting meme'd on kiddo.

Libbie is perfect and I just uninstalled Libreoffice


IF this is real and maintained it'll become my go-to.

It's just a thing to alter the splash screen and some icons for regular Libreoffice.

it still says libreoffice on the top.

i wouldn't object. but i also wouldn't if it wasn't.

Yeah it only replaces some of the imagery. It would still have been Libreoffice if Libbie had won though.

Waiting on that contest reset

Also this still sends me into fits.

Inter-dimensional Loss?

It's even funnier when you say it out loud in a pajeet accent.

This will be the last LO thread I open. Unless they DO reboot the contest. After this, it will turn into an open source mascot general. And, lets be honest, Tyson's are really the only ones worth talking about besides Tux and the Gnu. Maybe the BSD devil...

The fact that seven threads hit bump limit and this one is well on its way to doing so too also kinda put a dent or two in metafags ramblings.

Saved! If you color this, use Draw Libbs. It's as close as she gets to blond.

Hope and pray you're right user.

The odds of a reset happening are rather low. LO took a PR hit for whatever they were trying to pull with the original contest. That said, if they DO reboot the project, they have to know there are a few dozen autists who'll hold their feet to the fire.

if libbie cant be the official mascot of libreoffice maybe she can be the
official mascot of Holla Forums?

It would help if we'd start using her outside of these threads. Just not to the point we get obnoxious about it.

That sh script is pure cringe.

Someone said they wanted a Naga costume Libbie? I'll also make a Lina costume Kiki. Right after I tend to my severe sleep deprivation.

See, this right here is what I'm talking about! If we wan't Libbs to become a permanent thing around here, we're going to have to make more Holla Forums related OC. Not to say the lewds and funny shit has to go though.

wew lad

Wouldn't it make more sense to have Kiki as Lina if Libbs is Naga?

I don't want this.

We know, metafag.

This still gives my Slaanesh vibes... Not entirely in a bad way.


GNUs and Oryxes are pretty closely related, aren't they?

user, NO!

Happy New Years!

t r a p p e n n i n g

Do you understand where you are right now?

with he fingers between her legs

You think Libbs does that sort of thing in male form?

He's a trap?

Oh dear. You're gonna destroy his life now aren't you.

This is 10/10 though.

About the same amount of difference as Human's and Gorillas.

that's my cock

Libbie having a thing for a GNU would be a good gag.

An attempt was made.

Can we make this a thing with her? n

If he did he said he'd rework her design. And do we really want that?


Nigga, you are amazing!

That outfit actually suites you're version of Libbs....


Poor Kiki :^( Remember the good old times when Libbie used to be the loli?

Personally, I'd have gone with Amelia for Kiki (since they're related), but this is some nice work!

She's the loli whenever she wants to be. They're body swapers, remember?

oh... I totally forgot that :/

I should have spoilered that, come to think about it...

Your Libbs keep getting better and better! Just compare to the early stuff you did:

As long as the OC keeps comming.... That said, after this we'll just use a FOSS mascot general or something.

Is it weird that I never felt like fapping to Naga? I liked Slayers, but she never did anything for me.

I see you took my advice about Kiki's tail. Looks much better~

Anime as fuck!

Changed the way you draw Libbie's horns too, I see.

Slayers is a classic alright.

You've taken some shit since you got here, but I'm glad you stuck around and made stuff like this, drawfag.

the horns should be pointing backwards tho. and did you know that in oryx's the shorter thicker horns are males? because males are used to bash eachother in dominance but females horns are for killing the jews. this means every Libbie sai-user has drawn has been MtF**

Libbs does have a male form though... And to be fair, Tyson's are not pointed back either, see:

I don't like it. GNU's are basically to Oryxes what Niggers are to Asians, but worse.

that's because I changed my mind because of kiki.
she's an orix and obviously bigger than a squirrel so. being small doesn't fit her.

and now I think on her as something like a tall officelady or some kind of cake.

just being more stylish here and there.
I stole the shape of the ears from here
some drawings ago. and now I make the har like a big "something"
to put more emphasis on the vector/angled thing. even if I don't like it.

being honest. I like the flat Libibe. but Tits are ok too.

sorry I though on that but I've never liked the idea of her horns pointing backward.
aestesthics stuff.

Interesting fact thou.

I Just like to be versatile.
look at this. I don't like it but I can do it too...

tyson draws them backwards. see and all of the original chibi libbie mascot submission is backwards too. The male form is just extra shit tyson plugged in because of his bodyswap fetish, doesnt really belong like maff libbie wearing a fasionable dress with earings

I just opened up several documents with the Word Editor and they open as multiple tabs. What are you talking about?

I'd share this with Tyson, but I'm not clear on how much he wants to distance himself from the lewdness.

r/ing rms porking Libbie

You are the hotpocket so who cares? Why is this thread still going?

tyson doesnt (publicly) draw lewd doesnt mean he cant appreciate lewd. would he be (publicly) talking about a fetish that must be stopped if he wasnt thinking about lewds?

user, I didn't want to be a furfag...

are you retarded?

Because the OC keep coming. Also, these threads have more vitality than pretty much anything else on Holla Forums (suck it metafag).

I'm not a mod. What made you think I was a mod? I'm too fucking old to do it for free.


The spice still flows.

there was some greentexting early on about how an oyrx, if stood up would be much taller than your average user but I can not find that anymore.

I don't think we can be too literal about the animals these mascots are based on. I mean, Kiki wound't be any bigger than her figurine.

I promise to never take this out of context, sai-user.

Don't give darkdoomer ideas

It's a pretty good Google docs replacement, of you trust whoever is running the server you use. Personally, I use the one run by /a/'s admin.

Why is RMS's dick not mutilated as per merchant custom?

lia > furshit

I cant see Libbie getting into an abusive relationship like Lia did.

it was only a fun greentexting scenario about libbie crawling out of the pc screen and surprising user at the size differenceand ofcourse ended in sex because /g/ is deep in denial. I didn't find the greentext searching through archives but have this rare thumbnail. the original is 2500x but it was nuked by a 4cuck mod so its gone forever.

This is your best shit yet, user. I'm getting the feeling you've gotten a taste for Kiki too.

Draw Libbs eating a banana.

Personally, I think Kiki looks better with standard round eyes, but that's heresy apparently.

dont like the flower-pupil either user. youre not alone, just looks like a paint splotch to me.

It works with Tyson's style, but it's a bit of a stumbling block for other people.

then don't be one.

if I think on kiki as a flat loli/hebe
I can keep my pencil working.

I miss Kiki 2.0 (pic 3).

I-is that a euphemism?

Kinda hard to fight the urge with you posting shit like that...

Oh my.. destroy dick december came just in time.

What made you think tysontan didnt make it look like paint splotches? I dont like it in tysons style either since thats where most of the art of her comes from, its uncessary sparkledog shit and kiki looks better without it. see pic3 middle bottom she has circular pupils.

T-trap Libbs!?

Tight pants made his dick retract into itself, thus making it look cut?
I regret everything


I thought the flower pupils went with the flower bud hair-buns. And you do see her without them often enough with fan art:

Seriously, that one is good enough to stand on its own (figuratively speaking).

no. that's just a flat libbie.

O-oh! That's good, 'cause traps are gay. Yeah...


This is what I picture the look on her face would be browsing this thread.

Thats called a motif, but Kiki doesnt need flowerpupil shit when the rest of her outfit, hair, ears and tail is already flower-motif. Shes better without it and looks like most fanartists agree. mascots should be simple to draw and flowershit eyes just overcomplicated her design.

Some artists have clever ways of dealing with it, but I agree she looks better with more normal eyes. Come to think of it, Kiki 0 didn't have them either. Then again, she didn't have the rest of the flower motif either.

I mean didn't have them or the rest of flower motif as prominent*

That basically sums up my biggest gripe with Tyson's work of late. He seems to be taking a step back from that though.

Looks amazing, but shouldn't her nose be purple too?

Did a post just get deleted?

this proto-kiki definitely has flowershit pupils, just without the pinkish color but it has an actual normal shapped iris so its much more tolerable. the problem with Tysontan's offical Kiki's eyes is that it looks completely alien, a mascot should be relatable. The rest of the flower-motif though is still really heavy on proto-kiki you can see how her clothes, hair ears and tail are all very petal-like with delicate layers.

Tysontan has a really bad habbit of going overboard with design detail and forgets one of the biggest key points of good-design 101 is you need areas for your eyes to rest on. Just look at his character Cloud from v1 to v5 and you can see a prime example of this in action, going way too far with busy shit.
Cloud is on the far right, not much there but its a start and by pic3 the design kind of has an Okami vibe but has enough appeal to be its own simple character if you stuck it in a story...

Holla Forums doesn't seem to like the images you posted for some reason...

Never mind, problem on my end.

I think Tyson did that because the only way he was going to improve at that point was the hard shit, like anatomy study. He's also working on his range of emotion. Which is good all around.

It's just what TysonTan does and even his Libbie submission was rough on busy shit, just like a painter can ruin something by painting too much and overworking it it applies too design just as well.

V3 wasnt good enough for tysontan and he crossed a point with a solid design like Cloud v3 and kept adding more gimicks to it with Cloud v4. With floating arms for no reason but its still ok. But then it starts feeling like Cloud starts going in a FFX design direction which was panned for overly complicated designs.

I think part of the problem is he wants to get across that these are bots, not standard furs. And in the process, he overdoes it.

Notice: Kiki has gotten more and more robotic as time has gone by. I think Tyson hasn't found the right balance for is EH stuff yet.

IS that supposed to be the curry penguin's skull, user?

Does this help?

that could be it. v3 cloud could pass more as a spiritual being like Amaterasu but less so with v4 and v5 which just becomes a clusterfuck of "What am I looking at?" the rule of good design is a good read, if the viewer get whats going on right away but instead has to be stared at for a moment like the last pic of Cloud v5 then its not a good design. and he does this for all of his Electric Heart bots. Note how the Cloud with attached limbs has a better read, yet the last pic is the latest Cloud design Tysontan considers "good"

user, when you do things like this, angels get aids.

I think I'll hold off adding that one to the archive....

Is this how we got Punished Libbs?

Oh.... I just made worse.

I'm almost sure that's the root of the problem here. He needs to find a better balance between the (visually) organic and inorganic components of his characters.

This is basically a gift to the metafag.

Cuck quads confirm.

Where are their feet?

your shit opinions aren't even important within Holla Forums

tysontan better not fuck this up. this kinda shit with detachable hairflowerbuns "cuz shes a robot guize dont forget xDD", is totally unnecessary and dehumanizes her. Shes just a qt ai, she doesnt need these details of how to physically put her together like we're in Ghost in the Shell.

See . Tyson seems to be taking her back in a more 'meaty' direction.

I don't think his family were observant Jews. Also, the guy had groupies that kept going back for more. I'm almost certain he's hung, like a Ron Jeremy of computer science.

who knows.

probably. just a hidden detail.

The detachable head flower things are probably power cells.

user, you have ruined me and my dick for life. Thank you.

Missiles, actually.

Tyson is going to have a VERY merry Christmas morning.

Lead us not into temptation, drawfag.

damn you inked this quick user. how much do you draw, how long have you been trying to get your lines good?

i'm pretty sure the overly robotic kiki is the latest iteration, like

Speaking of which, I'd say about 25% of the archive is shit he hasn't seen yet.

Or, rather, was not included in the last archive. He could be lurking here for all we know. Dolus never named this place, but Holla Forums and Holla Forums were referenced pretty strongly in the white mage piece.

The Kiki in the winter outfit is the more recent one, actually.

Why must you do this to me, user?

I'm touched.

well thats comforting, where did robo 3d study kiki come from? i dont see it on his DA or twitter

libs does kinda have that look. missed opportunity and her right arm for no reference to wine

Tyson has taken a TON of his shit down recently. That winter Kiki too.


Tons of his posts too. Happened right after he posted Trap Kiki.

She's basically a super cute Metal Gear.

trap kiki i can get for taking down, but why take down the robo 3d study kiki? cant see any lewd panic there

If I had to put money on who put pressure on him to tone it down, it would be Strife from Freedom Planet. Remember why they dropped Gashi, after all.

Maybe having her dismantled like that could be seen as disturbing?

And this has a very special place in the NSFW section of the Christmas archive!

I keep forgetting Gashi did work for the first not-sonic game.

is it only a matter of time before we see terminator style kiki?

And now I have to dig out my old Slayers Movie VHS.

drawing?... a lot of years.
constantly. the last 2 or 3.

drawing almost everyday... the last 6 months

I'm still trying to get a good lineart.
I don't even like that one. is too "thicc"

is my duty.
With great power comes great responsibility

Depends on how dark Tyson wants to make his pet project. Conceptually, it sounds a lot like what happened in the Mega Man timeline before the Legends games. And that was pretty fucking brutal.

Responsibility to lewd innocent mascots, you mean.

someone has to do it

You have me looking forward to the next Krita thread (which are really 'I wanna fuck that squirrel thing' threads).


Jesus, we have almost hit the bump limit for the eighth time!

Tenth if we count the two mascot threads before the drama started.

I'd like to hit that with an astral vine...

Nice detail there!

Naga is basically just one single joke, her character get boring really fast.

But user, that is a mutilated dick, just not full-on modern mutilation. Fun fact, the original Old Testament circumcision would only remove the tip of the foreskin, not the entire thing.

Naga is a bit better in some of the OVAs, but the fact that the creator of the series liked to put invisible barriers around her from Lina's other companions, limited how much she could develop outside of them.

Is this fetish porn?

If you put the thread up to your ear you can hear the cries of metafag going off about it.

good, good. let the salt flow


see >>>/metatech/1372 and every anti libbie post in this thread derailing with bitchfests

Some autist who's been bitching about the Libbie threads in every one.

Nicely coloured user.

its complete now

right in the fetish!

I want to bully libbie

Isn't autosage at 450?

i wouldnt really call that one thicc, aside from the big head it looks closer to a standard nude woman youd find in a figure drawing session with body proportions of a normal adult. but you can always play with the style.


thicc lineart, not libbie.



Does anyone have the edit of this with the bigger tits? I think I accidentally deleted my copy.

I thought it was 400, but in either case, were close, and in a fairly short amount of time for a slow board like Holla Forums.

His style was fitting for the high-energy tone of the game, but Tyson's stuff gives off a better feel for the next one since they're stepping away from being as much of a Sonic clone.

I kinda like the idea that Libbs leaves her Mr. Libbs shell out on display.

Nice. And I dunno if it's intentional or not, but making Kiki look slightly asian works somehow. I hear them with (vaguely) Chinese accents in my head anyway.

Wait. What is this? I loved the old sonic games. Pretty much the only vidya I play these days when I manage to actually find time for vidya.

Depending on how autistic you are about physics, you'll probably like Freedom Planet then.

My body is ready.


With Christmas around the corner, I'd hold off for the sales, but it's up to you. I also recommend getting it from GOG since it comes with some goodies the Steam version doesn't.

Nice work! I'll add it to the archive.

You were waiting for someone to mention metafag again to post that, weren't you?

Thanks for the GOG tip. I probably won't have any disposable income until January, if I even decide to get it. I don't have a lot of time for gaming these days.

why don't you wait till the guy fix Libbie's arm?


If he does, then I'll add that too. There's a lot of unfinished stuff that's also in the archive. SAI-user's stuff from /g/, for example.

Linux version still works on a fully updated Arch install. A pretty good port all around.

like what?
I mean. my sketches are not missing hands or something like that, right?

I mostly mean uncolored.

well that's another problem.
as sketches they're finished

I can't do an illustration of every sketch I do :/

Tyson's going to have a really hard time fighting his urge to lewd, I think.

Do you drawfags share my pain?

We're going to get a lot of mileage out of this Libb, I can already tell.

Yeah. And usually it's the little things that get you:

I know. I still think they're good enough to include.

All she's missing is fuller lips and giant hoop earrings.

You going to finish this Kiki? Looks cute.



My IQ increased 10 points by drawing this.

How much time is an okay amount of time for a sketch like this?

look good enough, although you can use reference, there probably huge amount of art use that pose

And now someone has to do one with Xavier...

I thought Rick had an orgy with alien furry women at one point?

Bedhead Libbs is best Libbs.

Is she telling someone that they're already ded?

I used the frame form the anime as a reference, just added some chest torque.

I'm gonna disappoint you by saying it's not porn. although at that point it's just a matter of not adding clothes which would be just about as much porn if it was explicit

Already segfaulted, something along the lines.

Just rick and they were just alien, not furry. Morty tried to whiteknight for a dog faced alien girl.

dunno man, it depends in someone's skills

just looking at yours i made this in 3min
but is a lot less time than use to be some years ago even if the quality is the same.

I guess 20 min or so is the normal.for almost every sketch

It varies a lot from person to person. Some people can put out decent sketches pretty rapidly, others have to take their time.

Yea it took about half an hour, which I take it is way too much for this magnitude of rendering involved. I guess it also depends how shitty a sketch can you use to make a good lineart out of. To me that has to be a good approximation of final work. Also I can't seem to make sketches without having to fix a lot of pretty big shit like perspective and size.

Also yeah I just tried, something basic like this takes me about 3 minutes too. So I'm fairly sure this just has to do with how much time do you take to place the lines, which revolves around your ability to do it right the first time.

Slightly drunk Naga Libbs, pls!

You mean ordinary, normal Naga?

I mean slightly drunk by Naga standards. Honestly, I'm amazed she never got knocked up.

If I had encountered a permanently drunk mighty sorceress that can't place a spell right even when almost sober and yet uses magic more when she gets wasted, I'd took grandpa's advice on sticking dicks where they don't belong.

If there are dozens of bandits in every OVA stupid enough to try to kill her... But I get your point.

You know how it is with sorcerors, you wouldn't tell one will be able to fuck you up for good until after they do it.

I'd say Tyson needs to revisit that particular feature for Kiki 4.0.

Oops, was meant for

Anyone have the posts related to trap Kiki that Tyson took down? I could have sworn I saved them, but I cant find them. They said something along the lines of "This GIRLY Kiki is a monument to my fetish".

Here is the current images archive. If someone could look through it for dups and anything in the wrong section, that would be helpful. I'm not going to post the videos again since there isn't anything new in there.

it doesn't work for me

It's working on my end now. Try again.

use wget mate.


1. wintendo
2.the download was failing.

now it worked. but i had to retry a lot of times to continue
it until finished. 7zip worked fine.



Libbie, but 15% less furry?

Can confirm, download fails with a few megs left.

just me or this one is not inside?
the uncensored one.

firefox fails.
but "restart" continues it from where it failed.

That one isn't libbie. It's just one I came across that looks a lot like her. If she was slightly less fluffy, at any rate.


You think I should include the big boobed loli edit?

Thought you meant the image in the archive post. I'm pretty sure the original is in the archive, I dunno about including the edited one, since it's sorta obviously GIMP'd.

I don't care about that disgusting edit.
but i'm not sure if that delicious uncovered flatness was there.

Huh... You're right. Somehow I forgot to add that one. Error corrected.

Looks like we hit the bump limit. Again. So should the next thread we open be a tech mascot general, or... what? I don't think we can keep referencing the LO happening if nothing's happening.

Let it be a tech mascot general. LO happening is not going to be happening for a while anyway.

Turns out isn't the optimal way to archive threads. Pic related is what I could salvage. Hope this was what you were looking for.

Yeah, that's the one. Tiny though.

Sounds good to me. Though we should let this one ride about as far down as the last one.

A man after my own heart.

We'll probably know by the end of the month if they plan on doing a reboot.

Trips confirm.





85% of those those party drawings are mine.

I don't want the monopoly.

It's your own fault you draw so much porn it eclipses everything. :^)


GOOD porn no less.

Yea I just combed through libbie smut folder and this is what I picked out, at a glance I could only tell the bottom row was by the same guy, but now that I he mention it, I can count 9/11 black streak on both sides gives it out whcih is 82%.

you mean 14

"dark mode" libbie has giant earings. it took a bit to get but the triangles floating around her head are earings

Just call her Kang Libbie, geez this is an imageboard you don't need to be politically correct.

I'll take a software theming joke over a tired repetitive Holla Forums joke any day.
You can be politically incorrect here. You don't have to be politically incorrect.

Queen Lib'quanda*

there's also dark tyson.

Well I've spent last 3 hours making shitty memes, now I'm back to my sketch. Should I just do porn or maybe "in a fight" Libbs should be done too?

If it's anything to do with violence, punished libbs would be the way to go.

Well either way she stands victorious and her foe is about to explode into gore.

Either that or Libbie beating the shit out of Heiko Tietze

This is the pose I'm going for is this:

But the explosion is like this:

Of course I won't be drawing the explosion. I have no fitting character for this even if I were going to.

but is right it's too much of a monopoly for a collage of oc

Looking forward to adding it to the archive.

He did make a lot of the best stuff, to be fair.

i respect your opinion, but its shit.

Yeah it's somewhere in the ballpark of Rocco porn.

I'm not the user who made the collage. And I said SAI user made "a lot" of the best stuff. I didn't mean to imply all or even most of it.

is this maybe the last one we send to Tyson?. I mean. at least there's no intention from to bother him every time we collect some drawings.

he may like it but just having Libbie tagged on some drawfag gallery is a better idea

At least he didn't include the Libbie lewd that looked like it was painted with lint. The one the user who did all the loli Libbs was upset about.

If I shall remind you, the "model" is highly stylized image of the character. Yhe only way you'd got a character actually looking like this is if Malevich became an impressionist, and then also a furfag.

NuMe did a pretty good job of it though.

Tyson was basically asking for trouble with a couple of these.

we havent really gotten any perfectly on model oc of neo-libs either. just an overload of moeblob animu head libbie, but i bet NuMe could do it since he nailed og triangles Libbie

Well the copy machine one ``has`` been lewded six ways from sunday so that's to be expected.

NuMe went quiet not too long after he dropped the SVG. I wouldn't mind seeing neo Libbs OC. Punished Libbs and the white mage were about it.

yes. the copy machine was too much.

which one?

everyone complained about how hard was drawing the clusterfuck was libbie's original design. anyway changes are ok she's cc0

If I recall correctly, one of sai user's first sketches of thicc Libbs was taken and edited by someone who had no idea what they were doing. It looked like everything but her head was covered in off-purple dust bunnies.

I didn't bother saving it, but this is the sketch it was defacing.

Which is why being drinking buddies with the office 2hu is fine with me.

the only thing difficult about drawing on-model og triangle libbie is how the fuck the triangle hair works. and neo-libbie isnt even close to that complicated.

Really wish Tyson hadn't taken the original down. I liked her non-LO look.

Well, the LO elements are mostly vestigial, at best.

I'm still around. Just worn out.

Will the Gentoo mascot ever get any love?

One of the drawfags? Go ahead and rest up. This thread will still be in use tomorrow. Probably won't open the Mascot general until this falls as far as the last thread did.

Larry is not a qt3.14 kemono girl, so no.

I wish I had a 2hu drinking companion.

this has the same problems as og libbie, you cant tell where the hair ends and the outfit begins.

it's not that difficult to fix it, but you have to recognize that it's causing a problem with visual clutter. look at this quick edit to the hair, by removing the random black and white colors in it, her silhouette as a whole becomes a lot more readable.

Are they drinking piss in that pic?

I thought these threads would have been kill by now but I was wrong. I'm glad that we can still enjoy Libbie here.

I like we're trying to get Tyson's stuff rebranded. Not that I'm against it, but I'd say even nu Libbs is still 10% too fluffy for that.

Apart from one user, Holla Forums is either supportive or indifferent to Libbs.

Warm beer. Which is basically the same thing.

I was thinking more of the threads dying off from the interest wearing off. I can't wait for christmas and new years Libbs OC.

And yes, this is a suggestion for some metafag OC.

This will be the last LO thread unless the contest is rebooted. But we'll be opening a mascot general to replace them.

Suggestion: Sexy Santa Libbs with a Konqui sitting in her lap and an elf Kiki.


Why no one has updated that pic with the better version of the copymachine libbie?

We dont need to fuel the Konqui autist. Holla Forums already has a resident libbie poster and even though I'm a drawfag I didnt wish that upon them.

Does he even come here? I thought he kept his attention whoring to /g/?

I'm sure Tyson would love some of that too.

The more Libbs the better, I say. It's not like Holla Forums HAS to hog her to itself

Though, there is no need to take it to obnoxious levels. I agree.

I already drew dashie with libbie oc, but i am still salty over the neshta.a nuke that was dropped on me i havent drawn her again.

Here is the thing: Nobody really cares about the LO drama all that much anymore. It was shitty, but they paid for it with bad PR and getting meme'd on pretty hard for a while; some of us care about the jewishness of the furry artfag community, but Holla Forums technically isn't the place for discussing that; most of us do like Tyson for all of his quirks and fetises, he's more or less one of us. BUT, what we (nealy) all care about are these's cute mascots he's made and how good they are for meme's and OC. I mean, just look at what happens to EVERY SINGLE DAMN krita thread.

The what?

quirks and fetishes*

Dashie is a cute. Kind of a shame she's gotten kind of a negative reaction here for whatever reason.

Virus that I had to wipe my drive to get rid of, and in the process it took my backup drive (and all of the libbie oc) with it. there was probably at least 10 more pics I could have posted. I also lost tons of the high res and psd files, and image references ive collected for years. So I'm pretty salty.

Shit. I would be too, user.


And just where did I get this idea that I have to stick to saturday morning cartoon style. it kinda still looks like isn't it

Sai user here. Lel about this nickname

I dont know about the overall response but in may case. I dont draw him because im Not drawing kemono shotas. That too much for now

I use windows too and i want to change to linux. But even if im a IT guy. I dont want to deal with any configuration. If my cintiq doesnt work out of the box the im Not changing for now.

Im running a pretty comfy and kinda safe windows7 in which i wasted a lot of time and works nicely

Anyway i have more hdd to mess with to test distros or shit.

Things always gets fucked. You know im posting from my phone which i had to reinstall the os 1hour ago because It died for no reason after opening the tumblr app(yes i deserve it) The shit was giving me notifications just fine.

Wipe cache and dalvik didnt work. Fug i lost all the contacts because they were Not linked with the botnet.

Id make the switch if it were different, until then I will dual boot.

nice job user though if you want SatAM cartoons, use cellshading only none of the soft brushes


Try the most recent Fedora release. Yes with Gnome. Gnome has the best wacom support out of any DE. There is a reason Tyson and David Revoy either use it, or something directly based off of it like Cinnamon or Budgie.

She should be holding one of the curry penguins eyebrows in the other hand.

To be honest, Wine has gotten a lot better WITH games. It has to be because there are way more people trying to get games to run in it, but it's really weird that you can get Nier to run and not a more recent version of PS.

Video games tend not to use some weird ass undocumented instructions that make it impossible to emulate properly, and even in that scenario that's usually just bad rendering, not game not running altogether.

Nice work, user. It's added to the Christmas package.

You would be VERY surprised, user.

Also here's the version without blood, and without background. and with sleeve fixed

Not counting triple ayy titles. Those usually ship completely broken and nVidia has to patch their shit for them so that it renders properly.

Added. Angry Libbs is growing on me.

Nice. I like here bra

Mmm ill give it a try. If wine works then Sai probably do too. No idea about steam and fedora. Well i dont care that much about steam Anyway. Besides those games that need japanese locale I dont play games on pc.

I'm not aware of Nvidia making any special patches for Wine.


It works, but you'll have to install a bunch of 32-bit libs. I mainly recommend Fedora just to test your hardware though. If you want Steam and shit, try out Ubuntu after that. It's main DE is Gnome too. It's just some of the components are older than Fedoras.

How she survived the nukes, I have no idea.

These are 4 GB nukes, that's no good to take down a modern computer.

No really fuck firefox for hogging up well over half of my memory and fuck kiki for nuking the rest with her fucking memory leaks.

Not to mention, it's DRM-free. If you're going to run proprietary software, then at least buy DRM-free. Sage for OT

Pretty sure even the Steam version runs without Steam installed. Unless the Linux version just doesn't have the DRM. Which happens in some cases.

No point saging now. We hit the bump limit in record time again (for tech).

Yeah, but you still need Steam to install the game and you don't get a standalone installer to download and back up. I consider "DRM-free" Steam games to have an "activate once" DRM, which is still less intrusive than having to activate on every launch, but I would not call it truly DRM-free.


Once you have the game installed you can put it in a tarball if you want. I get not liking Steam though.

Sat AM cartoon user

it's not that surprising to me. you have to build a completely different sort of PC for heavy lifting creation programs like PS compared to gaming, so the OS emulation is the same deal. I doubt that people care as much to get that emulated as they want their games.

Normal people just have a dedicated workstation that's also usually disconnected from the internet, and another computer for any non-work related activities. It kinda makes sense to have dedicated gaming rig this way too.

Are you calling us normies?

Parish the thought, user.

Yes I am, Still WIP but she's so hard to draw for me.

Also these shit are so amazing.

Your kiki too. Wew

Libbs attracted some talented drawfags. Hope some of them stuck around when we change the thread to a mascot general.

wouldnt count on it, the thread only has attention because of how Holla Forums moved to adopt libbie as a mascot, like the Holla Forumsivian threads

I suppose I could add new Kiki OC to the archive to. Makes since if we're going to move to a mascot general in a couple days anyway.

Who do you think we're going to be drawing there, Tux?

The mascot general is basically going to be the LO threads under a new name. At least to start out with. Will probably use a pic of Libbs for thread too. That said, this thread probably has a couple days left in it as slow as the rest of Holla Forums moves.

did some clean up so i can post the higher res without feeling shame. Added some extra lighting and the arm. I left it out because i wasnt sure on the placement, did 2 versions you can chose the one you think looks the best but dont add both to the archive.

Bit of an odd request, but alright. I'll add no.1 to the archive.

Libbie isnt a FOSS mascot, shes not the mascot of LO or any software. Kiki already has Krita threads. The drama around LO might have got the threads started but the Holla Forums mascot is why oc is as prevalent.
That and the OC package to tyson to cheer him up, and again another oc package for christmas but its stupid to keep sending him that every time, sooner or later Libbie oc will have to grow on its own without some event around Tysontan.
And no one gives a shit about Konqi or Katie so what other FOSS would there be outside of the ones Tysontan did mascots for? GIMP? pass.

Technically, she's the mascot of any open source project that wants her. I could fork nano and make Libbs the mascot if I wanted to.

So lets just make more Holla Forums related Libbie OC in the new thread and use those in other threads. The LO threads aren't technically about making Libbs Holla Forumss mascot either, at least not officially.

Official or not, Libbs can be made the defacto mascot of Holla Forums by making more memes of her and using said memes outside of the mascot thread. All we really have to do is not be obnoxious about it. Unlike a certain Konqi fan.

why this was posted on halfchan's Holla Forums why in my ctt of all threads ??

what's the keikaku behind this?

They sperging out over it?

yeah people have been saying that since LO dropped Libbie. it hasnt happened, not even /g/ has any Libbie content anymore and was banned quickly. Libbie oc lives and dies by being on Holla Forums. It's either encouraged by Holla Forums anons or defiant oc gets made for /metatech/

also I don't remember if I posted this before.

probably day 1 stuff

Given the culture halfchan has regarding anything like Libbs or Kiki, it's a wonder any Libbie related OC lasted there more than a few hours. Holla Forums is different. Holla Forums likes Kiki and Libbs.

Look, if it makes you feel better, we can call it the Libre Mascot General. Libbs is as 'libre' as it gets.

Looks like something Kiki would have doodled as a kid. I like it!

Wrong pic*

not or not yet. I'm just asking because I don't see any other reason besides calling my attention with that thing there

Archive fag here. All I can say is that it wasn't me. But how would anyone know what thread you happened to be using?

1 or 2 weeks ago someone said I was drawing furries just to make draw more there. but that was about /g/.. I guess there's another spy here.

The Christmas archive will be the last one I send him. I just felt that there was some good OC that wasn't included in the first one. And now there's even more. As for Libbs growing into her own, that's going to have to happen organically, and we'll probably always associate her to Tyson to some degree. Though OUR Libbs can be quite different from his.

sure but there was the oc battle with halfchan for a bit over claiming libbie as a mascot. remember the Libbie as offical macot of /g/ pic? But it was shutdown by the mods not the users. even if /g/ likes libbie, mods would never allow any. Both boards jumped at making Libbie the mascot once she was dropped when the LO scam contest was pulled as a fuck you to the TDF.

One thing we could do is de-LO her for our purposes. Different standard color and a different outfit. Since red is 8chans color, I'd say we try that. As for the outfit, I leave that to the drawfags to sus out. Otherwise we should keep her roughly the same.

To be fair, /g/ is a whole hell of a lot more 'conflicted' over stuff like Libbs than tech. We only have the one metafag, they have dozens.

I'm thinking casual attire for the NEETS here would make sense...

It would make sense for her personality to change due to our influence.

Cross posters are more common than either site's anons would like to admit.

To spread the muse to other boards? Some anons don't understand these things have to happen organically.

/g/'s metafags are the hotpockets. but not even tysontan has drawn any more Libbie since he was jewed out of the contest. He drew dashie, but not Libbie and drawing Libbie probably brings up bad memories so he avoids it.
So Libbie is much more Holla Forums's than anyone else, when even he pushes her to the side.

Actually, he drew at least one Libbie that I know of since the shit hit the fan. The Libbs that the punished Libbie is based on. Supposedly for his Electric Hearts project.

There was this one too:

the the LO team said when are they going to reboot the contest?

Nope. And they would have to be a special kind of retarded to try.

They will do it, the question is not if, but of when.

We'll see, user. Nothing stopping us from cooking up lewds and OC in the mean time.

Tyson hasn't completely dumped Libbs either. He stated he is reworking her for is Electric Hearts thing. I just hope he doen't fuck up and make her too robotic.

user, are you suggesting we have a contest for the Libbie Standard Base?

Didn't you learn your lesson, user? Contests are for faggots. Just let it evolve as it goes.

I was joking. If there is going to be an LSB for Libbs, it'll happen organically, like every other meme.

I think this thread is good to ride for another day or two. Depending mostly on the artfags, oc.

As long as she doen't start sperging out over systemd, that shouldn't be a problem.

If one of the draw fags could whip up something Libbie, Konqi and Kiki (and maybe Dashie) together for the LMG (Libre Mascot General) thread pic that would be great.

Basically this but happy:

Kiki, Libbs and Dashie* We really don't need the Konqi fag thinking he's welcome here.

Fuck Blender.


is this animation made by image transformation in blender?
if it is. I'd like to know if there's a good tutorial for it.

also im just thinking In make that libbie lewder.

No I tried to edit the video in Blender and the piece of shit just wouldn't do it. I ended up making the whole animation frames in Krita and then running it through kdenlive to make hue shift.

sad. I want tutorials for it that are not for after effect.

I don't want to use AA or dragonbones or a software like that.

Well there is Synfig if you want full on cartoon animations.

Not sure how that gonna work.

no, I just want to do stuff a la rondoduo.

theres always a way.

You gonna need bones and tweens for that. So if you don't want to use one of these, then you're shit out of luck.

It's the best NLE we gave in Linux land, so it pays to learn.

Can we make this a part of the LSB?

Thanks user! I was hoping we'd get something else to add to the Video archive.


You mean just combine the animation and music together in Blender? I think I know what might have been the problem in that case.

You can't drag the clip using preview window and instead have to operate sliders and dials. That's all I need to know to call it dogshit of an editor.

You mean drag a clip from the file display down to the timeline? You should be able to do that.

These extensions turn Blender from a passable video editor into a downright good one. Mind the motif is a tad gay:

No I mean move it around across the canvas while editing keyframes. You know, like you do in graphics editors? The timeline is also fucked - how hard could it be to implement click and drag instead of this right-clicking hotkey pressing bullshit? Whoever thought designing it like this was a good idea must be a fucking AI robot who doesn't give a sliver of shit about interface usability because it has direct IPC interface anyway. I also couldn't animate clip properties using the graphs, composing doesn't works with timeline, adding effects to clips is fucking retarded and there are like three and a half of them, the effect library lacks even the most basic ones.

For? Blender is the emacs of video editors (if that's what you're using it for); you're really only going to be productive if you use the KB shotcuts. You might want to look into Kdenlive and Flowblade if you are not into that kind of workflow.


Ah, the effects strips... These are just the basic shit. But you have to remember that you're still using Blender; it has a compositor built into it for more advanced shit.

To alliterate; I'm pretty sure using piano roll is more efficient way of writing music all around than punching in series of numbers in a hex editor. Being able to actually do that doesn't makes this process any less retarded.

To each their own. I find the shortcuts faster, but I get that this sort of workflow isn't for everyone. Have you tried Kdenlive?

Except it doesn't works with with the timeline, rendering it useless for video editing.

Changes you make in the compositor and graph should be reflected in the timeline automatically.

Mark of a bad software is that it forces one very specific way of doing things. Bonus points if it's an ass-backwards counter-intuitive way.

We must be speaking of different Blender. The Blender I use has two different compositors, one for video and that other one; neither of them interfaces to the timeline but the one for video only has half the features of the other one and they are totally separate.

But Blender has a million different ways to do the same thing, which is the usual problem. Anyway, if your needs are not all that advanced, Kdenlive, Pitive and Flowblade are all free too.

Sounds like GIMP and circles

And that's the order you should try them in btw. Pitivi is less finished than Kdenlive and Flowblade is... different. Kdenlive is probably the best fit for most users.

Well as you can clearly see, all I needed to do was to put a png strip animation in a corner of a video and loop it, and put a slow looped hue shift effect on top. How do you do it in Blender? Because I sure as shit have no fucking clue.

Nice use of Libbs LEDs, user.

An animated PNG? I didn't even know those were supported. I'd just convert it to a video format and use that.

Have you considered looking at OpenToonz if you want to do animation?

It's just a series of pictures. Making it as a video is a bad idea because to this day none of the formats support transparency properly, let alone the software. With chroma key you can get half-decent results but it still looks like ass on the edges.

If you could upload the files I can have a look. But my best advice with dealing with Blender is to have EVERYTHING setup beforehand. That means shit is already in the right format and frame rate.

It's just a series of pictures, and a static backdrop.

Just a sec. I remember what to do.

probably wont change anyones mind, but the guy who made this anim did a tutorial on it.

Basically, you just use 'add' then 'add image'. Then you select your start and end frame in the bottom-left of the file chooser. Then just select all the images you want in the animation, and then it works.

Nice work, user! Reminds me of this old GNU art.

but why?

The headphones aren't really covering his ears either.

Then you just need to scale it down into the corner of the video and make it loop for 5 minutes. And then also add an animated fullscreen color effect.

Blender can do a lot, but fuck if it isn't obtuse sometimes.

its not a native blender thing you can do. he specifically made a plugin for it to behave like the Spline sprite editor

this is shit. photoshop can do this exact same thing down to importing a sequence to animate but at that point you have zero advantage to using blender like this when you are doing frame by frame animation anyways. a 3d program should be able to do way better. Just use the Cutout Animation Tool plugin.

Like so?

What's so hard about selecting all images before you hit the 'add' button?

Nice bit of work! I like the headset too.


It's sounding like you might be happier with a dedicated video editor. Kdenlive is pretty decent these days. Just avoid OpenShot 2.

I was wondering when bed libbs was getting colored. Thanks~

Kdenlive has gotten a lot better. Unless you need a power tool, I don't see a lot of reason to use anything else under Linux tbh.

Heh, was done super quick, lots of stuff that can be improved. Don't have time for it now though since I have to go to bed.

Tbh I should just vector and

Anyway, nite.

And wanting to avoid KDE bloat.

Nite. Tomorrow we'll probably open the LMG and see how that goes.

Are you doing it with mouse or something? Just use confident sweeping strokes.

Where is the music from? It sounds vaguely Sonic-y.

It's original work of ko0x, it's called "Sunlight Feels Right".webm


good effort anyways but looks like another case of anons skrewing up the original artist sketch.

Hah, I wish Sonic had music like that.

Vector might be a better way to go.

There was a Sonic Collection on the Saturn, One of the trailers for the Game Gear games was playing a track like this.

vector will only make it look cleaner wont help here with the changes, it lost a lot of charm from the sketch.

Maybe a new image based on the sketch?

Wacom tablet and Krita, I don't really draw though so I'm not all that confident. Either way both of those were tracing/filling/coloring jobs with inspiration and colors from

Yeah I agree, it's shit. I should probably stop.

But, user, that's not how you get gud.

It was a good first effort. But I think you should have a little more confidence. After all we're just a bunch of random fags on the internet, you shouldn't care too much about what we think.

Put your hand on ctrl+z, zoom in, put one strong stroke, undo if it doesn't looks right, repeat ad nauseatum. Eventually you'll get the whole thing filled with strokes like that. And eventually you'll need only one attempt to put a good stroke.

Oh yeah the game gear version had great sondtracks, shame the music hardware sucked.

The Game Gear was basically an underclocked Master System. So yeah, the audio was only a minor step up from the NES and Gameboy.

I suggest you go watch some KNKL (Riot artist) on going from sketch to ink or sketch to render. It's not easy when you have no experience to go from sketch to finish and maintaining the feel of it, one of the things Kienen does constantly is toggle the original sketch to stay as true as possible, or he also ventures off away in a different (often worse) result.
Sketching is very free and loose so it looks more organic and often better than when you try to sit down and finish it. Maybe the sai-user has some tips here, but i think it will just come down to how experienced and confident you are with your tablet.

Speaking of sai user, seems one of his Libbs has been floating around the furry sphere on Twitter. I didn't know if I should point them to his (((Tumblr))) or not.

A lot of sketches look good because there's barely anything to them, so the brain adds up missing pieces and it's always fine-tuned by your own perception so you imagine it to be great. It's when you start adding substance and it's not what was in your brain feedback loop, then it's starting to look worse.

Keep at it user. Drawing is one of those things you have to keep working at if you want to get better.

theres a case for both. like could still be a sketch even though it was considered finished by the user who made it.
fairs much better than bed-libbie but thats because there was far less room to interpret, with bigger res and cleaner thinner lines. Using a sloppy or low res sketch to trick your brain is a trick many artists use, but those hold a lot more value to the original artist because they are just shorthand for their actual vision of the finished piece. But in the case of someone trying to finish the bed-libs sketch, it's not so much my brain making up missing pieces when I can point at lots of things that the higher-res version lacks in terms of a blank expression and the shapes just tend to be more bland.

One of the things Kienen does is a sculpting approach with going from sketch all the way final work so there's much less chance to lose the feeling, the sketch lines are the same as the 'ink' lines just duplicated and cleaned up the edges and much more detail. Maybe that user should try that method.

Which one?

She cyber farted?

I've seen Pooka commenting on both the drunk Libbs and the Naga one. Someone who follows the Tumblr might have posted them though.

I'm pretty sure he just posted them on his own tumblr.

Let's not take things down that route, user.

He did. I just wasn't sure if the poster came from here or there.


I agree that Blender can do more in most cases. but Kdenlive has a FAR better text tool.

Weird, I didn't think I posted the same pic twice...

try these two methods to clean it up instead of going to vectors. the issue with how rough your work is due to how un-confident and train-tracked your lines and edges are, but theres ways to work with it. it looks like everything is on one layer here, but unless you have a lot of control or experience with a tablet id say try using layers.

not them but caffeine really makes you fast but don't take them if you have some sort of heart disease or palpitations or aneurism

oh shit there's new thread already with 666 replies

Things have slowed down here again, so tomorrow I'll open the new general. Drawfags will be more than welcome, of course.

For all of metafag's bitching, these are the only threads on Holla Forums with any vitality.

I think we should redesign libbie and lia with infinity logo

No.they are free.

The Libb posted makes me think headphones with an infinity logo would be good enough. And maybe some casual clothing.

True. But we can me our Libbs our own.

Why we would make libbie your own?

T-shirt and pajama pants casual?

Holla Forums's own. No reason we have to leave her in the same outfit Tyson put her in.

just fork it

I'd fork her. Especially sai user's version.

We're going to get a lot of use out of this, I think. Thanks, user.

nah. not every mascot on 8ch needs that shit user

If it's just an infinity symbol on a pair of headphones, then it's no big deal. It's not like I'm saying we tattoo Holla Forums on her forehead.

yes. posted almost everything libbie related in my tumblr.

I don't mind if it makes me famous

Even if it's furry famous?

i like the headphone oc, but every single time is a shitty idea.

not exactly furry. but I can keep drawing
"""""""kemonos"""""""""" if its fun/cute or gives me money.

the price of my soul is still high.

What about a t-shirt with an 8 on it?

Good to hear. Hope to see more of your stuff in the next thread.

pretty lame honestly like some redditor going around with an Holla Forums shirt. if you absolutely must reference 8ch then a collar bow tie is an easy one and could still be on when Libbie is 99% nude. but i still dont think its necessary. and Holla Forums might bitch about it being too similar to vivian's hairbow.

is that a human libbie?

Personally, I'm kinda starting to agree. Fleshing out Libbs personality is more important than visual tweaks anyway.

Its just a image search of office lady attire accessories user. Not everything is about Libs

they only bitch when vivian is still using the Four Leaf Clover


GIMP was a mistake.


Almost works. Needs horns though.

that would be /monster/ not 2hu

not if you make them out of crystal

careful what you meme

very obviously on the /monster/ side, but closer to a typical depiction of a demon or pan. making it out of crystal isnt gunna change that, unless it's a headdress.


sign me up user

If cirno can have floating crystal wing things and not be considered monster I don't see the problem with having floating crystal horns.


user we're talking about making a 2hu version of libbie. If you made Cirno a bird you'd definitely represent the wings as non-crystal or the like, so the same logic I applied backwards.

Alternatively you can fuck right off and take your dumb ideas with you.


Proper encoding takes fucking forever but the quality is good.

We're going to have to start putting labels on these. Anyway, I'll open the new thread around noon, central time.


I just output shit from the NLE in the best possible quality and then use Handbrake to shrink it down.

Oh, and I'll continue posting the current archive in the mascot general too.

wheres the image alone?
it could be a nice wallpaper.

like this cute one


We're going to need a new thread soon. Anyone care to do the honors?
I think we decided to make in a Mascot General instead of just Libbie, but I can't be bothered to reread this whole thread to check.

Dont try to trick me. Theres no background in that one

I'll go ahead and make it a little early. Give me a sec...

New thread:

thx dude

Use >> next time, instead just copying the link like a newfag.


user stop, I can only get so erect