Loli breadDon't talk with your mouth full silly

loli breadDon't talk with your mouth full silly

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I want to hold hands and cuddle with Koma-chan.

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>>835542923>Don't talk with your mouth full sillyokay :(

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>>835542923I'm guessing gurofag will shit both but worth a try.

>>835542923Funny how b allows pedo propaganda but won't allow people discussing e thots

Kait is my favorite girl. Cute cocksucker

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>>835542923Meh. I'm done with loli threads for now. That guro fag will probably follow and ruin this one too.

>>835543070Blame >>835543096

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>>835543070Probably. Just ignore him and carry on as usual. Turn on auto scroll. Makes it a lot better.>>835543099See you later lolibro. Make sure to stay hydrated.

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>>835543093/b/ has always allowed loli.

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>>835543096Fuck off

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Isn't Tsugu too cute for her own good?

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>>835543132Im not the gurofag

>>835543093please tell us where else on 4chan we can post loli? i can name plenty of other places here you can discuss e thots. though i cannot see why anyone would want to.

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>>835543132Well gurofag is the worst but I wouldn't be surprised if it's samefagging.

>>835543188I am.>>835543192/a/, Holla Forums, /c/, /jp/, Holla Forums.

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>>835543222>/a/, Holla Forums, /c/, /jp/, Holla Forums.wrong

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>>835543160What's your problem?

>>835543249>I've never been to loli threads outside of Holla ForumsFag.

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>>835543133>See you later lolibro. Make sure to stay hydrated.Later. It's loli fappin time in a place I know won't be ruined by gurofags

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Dont let these niggers' psy-op deter you from the original spirit of loli threads.

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>>835542923Maybe create multiple threads.

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>>835543393Nothing will help now that the gurofags have latched on. They get off on ruining threads.

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>>835543350No don't worry. This happens from time to time, it's just how Holla Forums is. They'll grow tired in a little bit and we'll carry on as usual. Come back in an hour or two.>>835543393We already have two up. The more threads we make, the more fags that will appear. Just give it a bit and they'll leave.

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>>835543132>Blame >>835543096>Oh no someone else is being an annoying fag therefore I also have to be one!!!

>>835543451Maybe pedophiles shouldn't us loli threads as a means of shouting from the rooftops about how they love child porn so much.

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>>835543463what a sad existence that must be. i almost feel bad for them

>>835543478I don't deny I'm being a nuisance. I'm doing something very petty.

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>>835543491literally one nigger did, and it was probably you samefagging to justify your faggotry anyway.

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>>835543509Yes please stop it then.

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>>835543463He/they have been here since last night non-stop.Just make new thread quickly.

>>835543533When I finish with this tankoubon.

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>>835543491You're just looking for any excuse to troll, asshole.

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>>835543586This.>>835543569No. Just post a link to it if you think someone will enjoy it and stop spamming the thread.

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>>835543255Don't respond to that glownigger. He keeps replying to everyone and claiming they're referencing something obscure even though they're not to change thread subject.He's not even trying either, not even cherrypicking replies that can be subverted, he's just spamming. Ignore him like the trashbag that he is.

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>>835543559Not true, we had about 4 hours at least earlier of no guro spam. It's when I woke up so don't know about the previous 8 hours prior. It's when I woke up anyway. They'll still get tired eventually, all spammers do. It may take a week or two for the really autistic ones, but they leave eventually.Just ignore it and carry on. It'd be better for you to go and take a break anyway. Get something to eat and relax elsewhere for a bit. The less attention he gets, the sooner he'll leave. They're pretty simple minded.l

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How about some high art now?

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>>835543755Sure, post some.

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>>835543705i know you're right but god I hate to see hurt lolis.

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>>835543655Honestly, fuck that guy hope he's ip banned.

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>>835543885i just wonder if it's some faggot thinking "i'll post guro to gross out the degenerate pedos that'll show them lol i swear i'm not into it"

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>>835543978>i swear i'm not into itI am though?

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/r-ing 2 pics—1 was a side by side drawn vs ch cutie in crib with lollipop (I think?) and another was drawn in room posing in front of stuffed animals and the bear had a camera...either Thanks! or Fuxk Off! depending on your response. Cheers.

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>>835543885lolibrother, just close the thread for a little bit. Trust me, it'll be better later on. I'm sure there's some manga or anime you've been planning to watch/read, right? It'll be a much better use of your time I promise. Showing your upset only makes it worse.

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>>835544055And that's it. Tsugu is so cute, don't you think?

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>>835544081I love her

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She is. You are a motherfucker though.

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>>835544081Not when she's fucking dying, no.

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>>835544081I didn't like any of that.

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>>835544131>>835544136eh, i guess we just have to go on nhentai or some shit until the gurofags learn how to make a thread

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>>835544174Well he said he's done now. We'll just have to hope we was telling the truth.

>>835543978I've seen worst for sure but loli is for loving only.

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>>835543897What's that on the bed?

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>>835544047>animeThat's what I'm going ^^

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>>835544240probably not, the internet is a

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Im looking for dave

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>>835544504>>835544528Dude you said you would stop after the tankoubon.

>>835544559It's not him

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