Ylyl - only lost no +1 ples

Ylyl - only lost no +1 ples

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this thread fucking sucks


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>>835541491/r/funny teir. all of this is

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>>835541420Holy fuck lost

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>>835541578/pol/ shit already here, thread is dead


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christian family safe memes to look at on grandmas tablet

>>835541645Sorry soiboi, you'll have to go to reddit.

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>>835541614kek, lost

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>>835541832RIP my nigga harambe


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>>83553917290s fashion was L I T

>>835539327lost. the suspenseful scroll to the bottom. gold

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>>835541930>uses soy tv to make fun of soy boisLike a nigger lynching his brother

>>835539172Only missing 5 1/4 floppy disks and educational rap.

>>835541578This is leftist, liberal and conservative memes retard. The people who make political memes in general are never funny

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>>835541644Nice to see Matt "regular interocurse with my dad" Watson on here

>>835542425Says the user too dense to appreciate written OC. Go somewhere else if you want pictures with bright colors kid.

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>>835539209Found the Loli poster

>>835541832 lost

>>835543109naw man, I'm a loli poster>>835542241>>835542480And proud.

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>>835543458opposite day

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>>835543776Dont be upset user im sure you are a cunt to

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>>835543870a cunt to who?

>>835543303anything new for us?

>>835543917everyone who knows you

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>>835543609the dog looks very disappointed in his owner

>>835543938No, I'm still a shitposter at heart.

>>835544009yes dogs always know the score

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>>835541088You grew up on the short bus stop lying

>>835544144dogs can't count past 5 though.

>>835544386can't look up either

>>835544386Yeah but they pick up on the vibe very quick and often make it worse

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