What's your IQ Holla Forums?

What's your IQ Holla Forums?

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>>835537918About 105 last i checked, but probably, most likely, even a bit less than that.

>>835537718about 130





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120-130 depending on the tests. All they prove is they are inaccurate. If I am that close into 'genius' territory, I fear for the the majority that are in the average territory. Besides, IQ tests don't account for common sense, and all the intellect in the world can't compensate for a bit of common sense.

>>835537718It would be wiser to post an IQ test first to have sone kind of relevancy to the question.

136 when I had a test

Around 140, but I operate at a double-digit IQ level most of the time

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157, not cool

maybe 3 on a good day

'bout tree fitty

>>835538006>16Great critical data, won’t be biased at all

You really shouldn't fuck raw chicken, OP. You can get a burning case of salmonella. You'd think they'd call it chickenella, but they don't.I blame Trump for that ...

>>835538124120-130 is nothing close to "genius", 100 is the average of the entire world (of people who were tested), which include quite a few countries that completely failed their education system (along other things)

at least double digits

>>835537718Lets all het embriodered hats or face tattoos of or number.

Never taken a proper IQ test, but i did a few online tests and the results were 112-116 which is about what i expected

>>835537718It has been measured (multiple times) as beingwithin the range ≅ 145 to 189Sadly my comprehension of language is rated "below the statistical norm", but that is compensated for by my "outstanding abilities" in pattern recognition, spacial awareness and logical reasoning (amongst other categories of non-retarded cerebral preeminence).

Between 145 and 155Im a stupid shit that cant graduate uni, been enrolled for eight years now... The past three mostly sitting on my ass and doing CAD work as a hobby.


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140 everywhere else15 on Holla Forums

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>>835537718It's over 9000

125 full scale, 132 pure. I got memory problems :(


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134 everywhere except Holla Forums1 on Holla Forums

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>>835537718got 126 on the mensa shit test i had to do.

>90% of the answers are above 110Holy shit, is this ifunny or something? You faggots are completely anonymous, you don't have to lie about your fucking IQ.

>>835537718139 back when I was tested at 16, probably mid 130's now due to age



>>83553771889 one point below average

>>835537718Moot is coming back

>>835538921I'm in a similar boat, pattern recognition, spatial awareness and logical reasoning have me in the 140-165's. Thankfully my language skills are keen - I am however utterly blind the abstracts of numbers and struggle with normal day-to-day existence.

>>835541512moot is dead

Im Small iq


>>835537718It's been a very long time since it mattered.

>>835541945It never really mattered, we just generally like to be told stuff about ourselves. Especially if it's somehow flattering.

>>835540882It’s bc they use online iq tests which always score you above 120

>>835537718Mine is 85 which isnt bad because thats like almost 100 percent.

>>835542021I wonder if I might've performed better as an adult if they hadn't tried to tell me I was smart and instead told me I had to work hard to get what I want.


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>>835537718my cat's breath smells like cat food. about tree fiddy.

>>835541724No, he shall return for a second coming

>>835538149Same, got 136 on a WAIS-IV long form.Someone link or recommend some WAIS-IV free tests that are long. I can no longer find the website.

The test I took as a child had me at 150+The rest of you claiming numbers like that - if you are earning less than a million bucks a year / doing scientific research at anything less than the highest level then you are either mistaken, lying, or wasting your lives through laziness.

>>835542113I don't know, I suspect we are who we are - sure, we can learn skills and methods and how to apply them.But we're quite locked to our DNA I think.I'm just spitballing, I don't really have an answer.



>>835537718147 IQ official test, 27 years oldI truly don't care about money. I believe making memories and having fun is important in life. I also believe leaving a positive impact, no matter how small, is the most important thing. Striving to do things that transcend your death is the goal.

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>>835537718Don't know, but I aint retarded

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>>835543031Bro do use that word, it hurts peoples feelings you retard.

>>835537718129 when i was tested around 10 years ago

>>835538103Aliens 3

>>835541724Where where you when heard moot is kill, i was surding Holla Forums when frien come say moot is kill - No

>>835537718I think it’s like 116. Which is alright, I guess.

I belive my iq is around 150, problem solving is something that comes easily for me that being said I voted for trump.

>>83553771815. I'm no wizard, but I get more of a bonus to rolls than your typical fighter or other retard class.

>>835537718the last 2 + 50

>>835542911And what are you doing about that?