Rekt thread

Rekt thread

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>>835537270What da heeeeeeeeeeeeeeell

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>>835537554lel apes don't know what to do

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>>835537678nice catch

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>>835537678the antics appear slav'ish.

>>835537447Natural selection

>>835537827What a weird clitoris

>>835537270was that aliens or nerve gas? story?


>>835537972nah dude it was a Holla Forumsdickthat's a clit. see? it's bigger

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>>835537270wtf was that?

>>835538050One of the very few mysterys even Holla Forums didn't solve. Collective 'wisdom' of Holla Forumssays it must be aliens

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>>835537827If I was born with this, I would legit go full trap.

>>835537886looks like that man in the road stole your trips

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>>835537554story? looks like Rome

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>>835538725>At first I thought, that those were pigs>Then I thought that cages full of chicks broke out>Mfw apples

Stop being edgy and have tea with us

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>>835537827I would 100% rather have this cock than be a nigger

>>835538953I feel like the way to do that is with your neck on the rail. Dude probably got all kinds of mangled before he went.

>>835538725You can tell from the blue flame that these were particularly sweet apples

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>>835537678So much better with sound.

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>>835539077called it. something to do with the tiles.

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>>835539771Only niggers kick and hit once someone is down, then proceed to rob them.

>>835537837What a stupid bitch... You don't blindside touch ANY semi wild animal... Especially a large alpha predator. It's small and wearing a dress, but it's still a fucking bear.... The part that really chaps my ass is that the animals are the ones punished when shit like this happens. People suck.

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>>835537886I feel bad for the horse. Or is that a giant donkey?

>>835539947yeah, pretty savage. jumping and drop kicking people on the ground is a good way to snap their neck

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>>835539055Should have been wearing a safety helmet

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>>835540034>>835539970Hello newfriend. Friendly reminder that gore is not the same as rekt. Lurk moar faggot


stop making me racist

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>>835537678What is the context behind this?

>>835539889No, Pajeet, that is not how people wanna Fanta.


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>>835537502Not even the same shirt in the after picture. Has REKT gotten so low that it's now just bait?

>>835537270can actually only be a falling overhead cable.something with really much ampere.and then some shopped that light into the vid.

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>>835537769This is entertaining, poor guy driving the car though.

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>>835540359Staged. He did that for the family so he could reveal the new TV he recently looted.

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>>835537270>>835538010>>835537509>>835538050>>835540448>>835538203It's from the show x-files>You're all fucking retarded af

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>>835539400Is looking both ways really that difficult for chinks?

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>>835540507She deserved it. Bitch runs her mouth like my mom does.

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>>835539077"So hey, you wanna be my flatmate?"

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>>835537678Orange haired girl is cute, anyone know who she is

>>835537270What just happened ?

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>>835540546Was it really necessary for you to say "the show"?

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>>835541094Since you're a fucking retard, I'd say yes.

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>>835537447I missed it. Who called heads?

>>835540482Thats some final destination shit right there

>>835540964Nerve gas

>>835540192Double nigger'd

>>835537270was this case ever solved?

>>835537270Wtf happened here?

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>>835542513Nerve gas

>>835540685Fucking idiots

>>835540685And it was this day they learned that they don't give a fuck if you're on "their side".

>>835541120mcdonalds trying to get my foreskin

>>835541340>Hurr durr, everyone is a fucking retard.KYS, Autist.

>>835537270Holy fuck!! Sauce??

does anyone know what is happening in op's webm? i searched through all the comments and no one said anything about it. typical op being a fag

What's the story of the black dude eating his ears ?

>>835543284I noticed that too, no one has said anything. Weird.

>>835542213tripple niggered*one nigger took bag and the other ones beat him

>>835543284Nerve gas

>>835543580Nerve gas

>>835539796totally unnecessary

>>835543597I too remember my first day. It's fucking nerve gas you dumb nigger

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>>835543969Those fucking antifa scum deserve everything they get. Fucking terrorist.

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>>835543597Please. I'm begging ya

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>>835537270Whats going on?

>>835537270Knew it was fake because you can't read the license plate. I'm so smart.


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