Why is rape illegal?

Why is rape illegal?

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>>835537196They saw what happened when you were born, and decided to stop it from happening again.

It's only illegal if you're caught.

>>835537281No like why is it illegal at all?

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>>835537335well apparantley women are people too...i don't know about that but they do have legally recognised rights, not saying i agree but the law is the law.

>>835537196gang rapes are democratic, communism maybe?

>>835537196From what I have heard, from the elites, it is because it is a powerful tool. Such a powerful tool cannot be left in the hands of simpletons who'd simply use it for instant gratification, rather than long-term gain. This is why two alleged sex offenders are running for President in America.

Because there are laws against it


>>835537196So it feels better.

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>>835537633Pussy is a limited resource and stealing it deprives a man of his property without compensation

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>>835538127But at what cost?

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Because its vandalism of property. A woman belongs to her father until she is gifted to a man through marriage. Would you like me to cum all over your stuff without permission?

>>835537854Every man is a rapist though

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>>835537564What's it like being a brainwashed incel?

>>835538456So are single women that don't live under their fathers roof all whores?

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>>835538466Tears cause instant ejaculation though. It's biological

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>>835537196rape isn't completely illegal, only sexual rape is. The US is built upon the notion of financial rape

>>835537196Do you want someone disgusting touching you ?

>>835537196For your own good. If you're not masculine enough to get sex from a willing partner, you're sure as fuck not strong enough to force yourself on anyone.

>>835537335The only valuable part of a woman is her vagina. Rape is theft of services.Seriously, this is the original reason that rape was made illegal. Everything else is sociological trappings that have been added on over time.

>>835538728It's unlikely to happen if she has stayed in her father/husbands roof and protection.

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>>835537196Serious answer: No one should be forced to do something they do not want to do, and that includes engaging in sex.

>>835537196because it is a crime, as you should know, all crimes are illegal

Slmeone should ass rape op


>>835538812Most women can't take a punch. One solid hit and she's a crying mess ripe for the taking.

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>>835539002You enjoy using roads, sidewalks and emergency services don't you user?

>>835539002Taxation is optional though.

>>835537196For the same reason you don't want a big black dude to bend you over and rape you in the ass

>>835539053i do but somebody might not, presumption of everyone need and want social services doesn't mean everyone need and want social service


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>>835538826>The only valuable part of a woman is her vaginaNot true

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>>835540185Her cooking and cleaning skills are also useful

>>835540274Dont forget the tits!

>>835540554Me reading this thread. wtf is wrong with y'all?

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>>835537196i'm not sure, get raped and let me know.

>>835538161Why should one play by "society's rules" when survival of your bloodline is on the line.

>>835537196>Why is rape illegal?>>835537335>No like why is it illegal at all?would you like to be fucked against your will by a big strong guy?

>>835541173Apples and oranges

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>>835537196So weak genes don’t pass onWe don’t want geek splooge taking over

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>>835537281With dna it’s super easy now

>>835541270>Apples and orangesyou wouldnt think that way with a big cock inside your ass

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>>835538456Based reasoning


>>835541329Only if you leave dna evidence for them to find, leaving no trace of you at all is the challenge.

>>835538728Nope but doesn’t feel like a major offence like being slappedYou can hit em back but doesn’t feel 911 worthy like theft or murder


>>835538812Pretty sure gengis khan raped then romanced

>>835541414Sodomy is literally different. Its an abomination

>>835539233Knew a girl that told her friends she got raped and the girls were cool with itShe bitched me out for wanting to call the copsThis was back when I was 15Now I just don’t take it as serious

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>>835541507That’s impossible You can’t get away with rape no more it’s not the 50s

>>835541707the act is the same achmed, being force fucked by someone stronger than you

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>>835541735This is the real answer.Women want a call option on rape accusations.

>>835540185the only worth a woman has is her ability to birth and feed your young (her breasts). they have no other value since a man can do everything else better.

Because it wouldn't benefit our societal evolution in the long run.

>>835541869How about raising said child?

>>835537196Theres a secret little unknown Law that says its not if you can video tape your self having sex with a live 120 v electrical socket first then you can rape who ever you want fallowing that for a whole 3 mins then you have to repeat it again for another 3 mins... its true look up law 123456/he.wd40- b in the close book of laws..

>>835541869How about social networking?

>>835541966even rolled dubs of truth .. thats how you know its real

>>835541927How about graduated college? They sure do that better.

>>835537335because women dont like violence being used against them by a stranger?

>>835541869How about as programmers, since they tend to write cleaner code?

>>835537196Why is stealing illegal?Why is slavery illegal?Why is beating up someone illegal?Why is killing illegal?Why do we make laws?If you apply yourself and utilise your social skills the answers should be quite attainable.Pic unrelated

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>>835539091>you don't want a big black dude to bend you over and rape you in the assThis is fourchan, you know full well everyone here takes it in the poop shoot at any opportunity.

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>>835542111If orgasm is the metric then that's not true.

>>835537196> at least 50 percent consent > illegalit makes no sense

>>835542282Yes I suppose if you ignore their brain and all conscious thoughts and feelings and instead look at just one autonomic response it would seem that way.

>>835541173Yes desu


>>835537196You can't use someone else his property without his permission.

>>8355419661966 Possibly the greatest year in the history of mankind, what this man says is Gospel !

>>835542157This kills OP

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>>835543268Women like being raped by women more than men like being raped by men. Why is this?

>>835541861Think it’s also an out like to not be called a slutFunny it was an Indian girl, you think honor killing would scare her. Must a overblown feminist lie

>>835543268Wonder what tumblr thinks why rape is traumatizing


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>>835543268>>835543505So both men and women hate being raped by men but not so much women. This means that "Rape by men is horrible".

>>835538221About tree fiddy

>>835537196Are you okay with being raped? Should everybody be able to rape you? Think prison.

>>835538667Not true.


>>835544128but people rape in prison regardless? it seems guards turn a blind eye especially in max security

>>835542144>endless chain of if/else statements>clean

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>>835544159Not op, but an ouch or a tear does get me off quicker

>>835544128Common sense killed OP and his snark. He's long gone.

>>835544212I'm citing a scientific study. It's important to know programmers only liked women's code more when they didn't know a woman wrote it. I think you've demonstrated why. Science is fun!

>>835537196if someone made you shower every day, you wouldn't like it would you?

>>835537335Fuck off edgy faggot, no woman go near you anyway

>>835544309Argh... common sense... pain... critical thinking... ughhhh *ded*

>>835544485OP shows his true colors.