Mad respect to Trump for banning critical race theory and white privilege from being taught in the federal government...

Mad respect to Trump for banning critical race theory and white privilege from being taught in the federal government, but why the fuck was it even there in the first place?

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>>835536124Another trump sucking, worthless, white trash. racist asshole.Fuck off and die you piece of shit.

>>835536124Because it's supposed to be a free country and critical thinking should be allowed? Unless you prefer something like Iran

>why the fuck was it even there in the first place?to subvert

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>>835536201>its a free country, so we need mandatory re-education classes where they teach that entire races of people are bad, social democracy is racist, and concepts like saving money and being on time are components of white supremacyYou've never even read White Fragility, have you? This is an insane ideology that has no place in government.

>>835536124>why was it there in the first placeit's almost like we're a historically fucked country that refuses to confront our history and the longer we put it off the longer we prolong our weird and idiotic issues regarding race and wealth.

>>835536201Because denying facts and opting for Marxist bullshit is critical thinking

>>835536124He hasn’t done shit yet, this is a conspiracy theory until Trump actually delivers a promise for once

oh please, its just a PR stunt to try to get the vote of the sane people just before election.

>>835536342>historically fuckedThe only solution and I mean the ONLY solution is to write it all off and let bygones be bygones.>the only solution to past racism is present racism>the only solution to present racism is future racismIts a vicious cycle. Nobody who is alive today was ever a slave or a slave owner. Just fucking forget about it and we can all move forward together.

>>835536393Which is weird, because he... has their vote. How many inroads is Biden really going to make into MAGA country?

>>835536446This isn't exactly ancient Egyptian history. It's conceivable that someone alive today was a baby in a room where her old great-grandmother in the rocking chair was born a slave.


>>835536351>marxistyou trumpshits are sure obsessed with this wordyou sure as fuck don't know what it means tho lol

>>835536124The last President was a nigger.

>>835536550Oh fuck, man. A baby was in the same room as somebody who was 80 years old and used to be a slave when they were like 20? We have to tear everything down! Let's rip the whole country apart because of it!Fuck off dude. Black people have literally never had more freedom than they do right now. They're arguably a protected class with more freedom than anybody else. No country in the fucking world besides modern day America has ever treated them better. They have all the comforts and privileges of modern life.Hot take here. They should THANK the slave traders for bringing their ancestors here where they can live a life of comfort and luxury and excess, because they would have been far worse off in Africa. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to them.

>>835536124>but why the fuck was it even there in the first place?because racism still exists and Black Lives Matter. This is another attempt at making government more fascist, and clearly you're ok with that.


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>>835536616>>835536661I love how delusional left wing idealogues are. I fucking detest Trump but holy shit you people are worthless.

>>835536760>worthlessbecause you learned a buzzword and decided it means what you want?

ive been balls deep in CRT for a few years explains so much of whats wrong today.trump moving against it is something most ppl wont even know about but could save us in the end.

>>835536705>blacks should THANK the slave tradersYou took it too far in the last line

>>835536188This triggered faggot made my morning. Thank you

>>835536188Critical race thdory is the criticism of one race and not others.Critical race theory is racist, and an attempt to change racisms definition.If you dont like racism, why do you like racism? Fuckin racist.

>>835536892I'd say he took it just as far as he believes. Maybe not even that far.

>>835536705Fucking THIS. I get so angry when I see blacks bitching on the internet about America in English.Like, you're online. We invented that. You're using a phone or a laptop. We invented that. You're ranting about how much you hate white people in ENGLISH. We invented that. You're probably wearing western style clothes and when you're done, you'll get in your car (we invented that) and drive to your job.If we didn't bring you here, you would be wearing a loin cloth and eating bugs and speaking some native language. Fuck off.You're welcome for everything.

>>835536124I'm brown and I love this. Please vote for him again. I'm Canadian so I can only send symbolic support. Bless Trump. Starbucks banning "merry Christmas " was the absolute last straw for me.

>>835536901>Critical race theory is racist,no it isn't dumbassthe racism that allowed it to exist isand until it stopsTrump is just enabling white supremacy

>>835536966you didn't invent shit frogposteryou live with mommy and scream for tendies

>>835536188Okay, what about me faggot?I'm brown.

>>835536446>the past doesn't affect the presentif slavery had ended and we had provided 40 acres and a mule and all that like we said, then you could be right. But Jim Crow happened. And redlining. War on Drugs. Overpolicing. You're off your rocker pretending slavery ended and then MLK had a dream and everything was fine.


>>835536892He's not wrong. Modern blacks who have never once been a slave should absolutely thank them. Their ancestors whom they've never met may have suffered, but they're now able to live the most comfortable and privileged life imaginable. They're far better off than the would have been in Africa.

>>835536124Wow, big if true - It’s almost like this a non issue that only appeals to Right wing snowflake culture warriors and will be immediately repealed when Trump is gone Big if true

>>835537055inb4 mom dead house mine 6 figures

>>835537060it means you take trump's racist policies up the butt useful idiotgood thing you can't fucking vote here

>>835536243Because acknowledging your country practiced fucking slavery is subversive right?Wow, Trumps really hitting for the fencesNow guyz

>>835536966you haven't invented anything. Also, everything you listed wouldn't be possible without diversity and the collaboration of the world. The numbers used to code aren't white invented. The roots of English go beyond just honkies too. 0/10

>>835536884The problem with CRT is that it's all analogous and based on superficial observation and not reasoning and logic. It's the kind of ideology one uses to convince people the sun rises every morning because RULER loves you and wants you to work harder.... for RULER! >these people don't give a fuck about ending oppression, they just want their turn to be the oppressor

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>>835537019You are objectively wrong.

>>835537070To be fair, wasn't "40 acres and a mule" always just propaganda from a guy who was literally burning the south to the ground in a straight line?

>>835537055I actually work for about $12/hr. and live by myself in a small apartment on a shitty side of town. I unironically know more about poverty than you from first hand experience.

>>835536188lost to the first post

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! I'm not doing well in the polls at all!! I think I'm going to lose!! What to do, what to do? C'mon brain, think harder ... I know, go all out to keep the racists on board my sinking ships.It's gotta work! It's just gotta!"

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>>835537143>the numbers used to code

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>>835537162you probably think Affirmative Action is racist because you don't understand whytrump needs idiots like you to vote for him

>>835537136Every country practiced slavery. Who fucking cares? Slavery still exists today in Africa. Being anti-slavery is literally a white position. We abolished it first.

>>835537193>I know about povertySo you side with a con man "billionaire" who shits on the poor? How does that work faggot?

>>835536868Nice half assed strawman.

>>835537254define: racisminb4 you define bigotry

>>835536342America is most ethnically diverse country on planet earth .. in terms of world powers, it is the largest, freest, most benevolent, most generous, least racist country in the history or human civilisation .. the only reason the left can introduce bullshit ideology is because of how free they are .. try doing any of the shit the left does in China or Russia ..

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>>835536700Not necessary. Obama was black but didn’t fit the description of a nigger. Trump is much more of a nigger than Obama.

>>835537266Anti-slavery is actually white supremacy?Fuck man, we need slavery back NOW!

>> I'm brown and I love this. Please vote for him again. I'm Canadian so I can only send symbolic support. Bless Trump. Starbucks banning "merry Christmas " was the absolute last straw for me."Man, this larper again. I can tell you're not Canadian, you'd be shivering so hard your typing woduld fbe messdjk jup.

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>>835537143literally everything about this post is so wrong user has to be the wintermute of chinese troll algorithms 10/10

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>>835537292>not knowing what taxes are

>>835537254strawmanning doesn't win arguments

>>835537247binary code. Didn't think I needed to spell that out for you.>>835537171fair point, but the fact does still remain that Reconstruction was an immense failure despite some promising starts. Soon as the federal gov't pulled out, all the voting and elections of Black citizens stopped real quick thanks to Jim Crow + KKK tag team

>>835537292He literally doesn't shit on the poor. I was able to move out of my parents house in 2018, under Trump. If you actually listen to him, and I mean REALLY listen to him and try to understand, not just listening for "Gotcha!" moments, you'll hear his message. Trump stands with the average working class American. The democrats are elitist scum.

>>835536705I'm the Arab, and I will accept all black thank yous now. You're welcome niggers. But seriously... Your enemy number ONE should be white liberals. Not even blacks. Arabs made science. Whites made technology.I don't know about you but I fucking love glorious white things like indoor plumbing and railroads.

>>835537347>most free>most generous>least racist in historythat's a helluva shitpost. 3/10 bait. Definitely has not been in poverty.

>>835537366>the whole world exists the way I know it ONLY because white people created everything!learn history, please

>> America is most ethnically diverse country on planet earth .. Fam: "user! Wake up! You're in a coma and dying, but we're all here and we love you! Please wake up!!"Docs: "I'm sorry, there's nothing more we can do."Fam: "Do you think he can hear us? Is he happy?"Doc: "Was he ever?"

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>>835537345no dumbassyou know what the definitions areTrump=white supremacistif you think this is goodyou're fucked

>>835537019No he's not. I'm Arab and I can objectively see that.

>>835537522seek help

>>835537452Being poor in America is better than being rich in most countries. You have no fucking idea how good you have it.

>>835537132Name one racist thing he's done.

>>835537441>keeps promising factory jobs will come back that won't come back>cuts taxes on the wealthies segments of society>won't actually get the minimum wage raised>hasn't done shit about health carehmmmm

>>835537404You would use the same exact "arguments" and you know it. These things exist because society is still racist, and Trump is a good example of the pushback. Enough people would still vote for this shit. Like you.

>>835537070And you’re a generation of brainwashed narcissistic fools who think being thought police will “fix” something hardwired into our brains that you simply ignore the response to. You are sheep. (You) so badly want to fix racism when things like horse breeding and eugenics exist.

>> I don't know about you but I fucking love glorious white things like indoor plumbing and railroads.So ... how long have you been an Arab? Oh, just this morning, eh? How's it going so far? Uh, huh. Any chance you'll stop doing this soon? No, didn't think so.

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>>835537019Critical race theory encourages racial discrimination.If thats not racist, its because in your twisted little brain thhe definition of racism has changed.

>>835537553that's completely unrelated to the point being made. Being poor in the U.S. is definitely better than being poor in a third world nation, but that's still pretty embarrassing for a nation as economically powerful to still have citizens dying and in poverty because of how broken the health care system is. And it's still racist and nowhere near as free as you think it is.

>>835537580>society is racist No biology is racist - the facts don’t lie

>>835537441>. I was able to move out of my parents housebecause you got a job, dumbass>he literally doesn't shit on the poorhe just gives all the money to the richest peopleyou're deluded faggot>if you actually listen to himI hear a greedy unsympathetic fascist wannabe asshole talking shitthe American People don't want this fuckstick in office anymore, either.

>>835537557Obama's healthcare "solution" fucked me in the ass and it's part of why I lived at home so long. I was on my dad's healthcare through his work and I couldn't afford to get health insurance on my own. The monthly premiums were just too high, and what was Obama's solution? Charge people a fucking FINE for not having it. I would rather live without health insurance and be able to pay my rent than be penalized for not having it. Obama's method for making sure that everyone has healthcare was to literally change them a fine. How does that help the poor who already can't afford it?

>>835537531>trump isn't a white supremacistyes he is dumbfuck>I'm LARPingI can see that dumbfuck

>>835537407Do you code in binary? How many languages do you think are written in English, compared to say, binary, chinese, or ooga-boogga? Haha, jk, I can tell you're a really elite hacker so I don't wanna piss you off UwU

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You think this is just for immigrants? No, this is for Americans who won't get on the Trump Train.

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>>835536201Critical thinking doesn’t always end in facts

>>835537223If you really think the only way to not be racist is to be a marxist youve got it backwards.

>>835537697>because you got a job, dumbassI guess you could say I... pulled myself up by my bootstraps?

>>835537585No one wants to fix racism because everyone recognizes that it's the person who is racist's issue. What people want to change is who has power. Old quote from some civil rights leader basically went "if a white man hates me, that's his problem. But if he has the power to lynch me and get away with it, that's now my problem."It's okay you don't actually have an argument or know your history though, user. Happy to teach you.Also,>durr eugenics and animal breeding is the same as humans with sapient, high levels of IQ being shit to each other!


>>835537629The healthcare system “broke” the same year we introduced Medicaid and social security, they treat us like sheep and fuck us over slowly wake up these “Democrats” are not your friend

>>835537543millions of fellow voters will help me get Drumpf out of power. :)

>>835537697>lol just get a jobWhy do you hate homeless people?

>>835537708Guess what...>leftists hate Obama and consider what he did to be a giant piece of shit when it should have just been single payerInteresting that you just give Trump a pass to do nothing because of that though.

>>835536124Because liberals are raysiss

>>835537555name one time your penis got hard

>>835537790Niggers - high IQ Pick one

>>835536201Critical race theory is the opposite of critical thinking, user

>>835537629People arent racist because the govt tells them to be. If people are racist its probably because minorities havent shut the fuck up since they got here. Cant we just go back to the 2000s when everyone forgot race even existed?

>> I was on my dad's healthcare through his work and I couldn't afford to get health insurance on my own.Too bad (Not really! Stay the fuck where you are.) you don't have universal healthcare like we do in Canada. I can just present my health card anywhere in Canada and I'll get whatever medical services I need, covered very economically with no limit by our reasonable taxes.You keep blaming Obama, when you should be blaming the stupid capitalistic health care business that rapes Americans who are too stupid to demand more.

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>>835537359Whatever helps you sleep at night.

>>835537452By literally every metric anons post is true.. fucking spoilt leftist commie fucks who want the government to cuck them and tuck them into bed and give them tendies.. it’s not how the world works

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>>835537609no it doesn't trumpshitcritical race theory exists because Trump and his other white supremacist cronies like Steven Miller want the white race to dominate the US Government.

>>835537867>he can't do it

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trump is not wrong for doing that, but the cost of his using the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper and of abusing the Rule of Law is too high. I am voting Biden and figuring that the Dems can be made to back off on the diversity bullshit. One can fix stupid (the Dems), but one can't fix Evil (the treasonous and corrupt gop).

>>835537867So you got nothing then...

>>835537898>everyone forgot race even existedYou mean before Obama took office and made it an issue again?

>>835537694if that were true, we wouldn't have laws protecting minorities. You are a racist, and you are using pseudo-science to "justify" it because you can't fully admit it, even anonymously.

>>835537809When will conservatives learn that leftists hate Democrats?>social security and medicaid broke our healthcare systemoh, okay you're just completely off your rocker

>>835537917Gosh you’re an idiot ..


>>835537926Why would a leftist save a Pepe image?

>>835537775Obama left you that economy where you could get off your ass and get hired, dumbfuck.You're literally a parody of the poorfag sucking trump's cock.


>>835537840he didn't say he was homeless oh aspiring conservative comedian with a tiny dick

>>835536892For the slaves, it was shit. But for their descendants today? He's right. Being born is America is a great advantage over being born in Nigeria.

>>835537951>using the U.S. Constitution as toilet paperHave you even heard the insane shit the dems want to do? It's approaching 1984 levels of insanity. Trump may be a prick, but he's not an outright evil authoritarian.

>>835537898>2000s when everyone forgot race existedit's almost like you're drenched in nostalgia goggles and never experienced any actual discrimination for your skin, so you were able to pretend it didn't happen. Amazing.>>835537916ask every conservative over the age of 55 how they'd feel and survive if they lost all social security income.

fuck this guy and fuck the OPhe could literally make an EO that says all dumb white males have to come to the white house and suck his dick and you would make a thread about how based he is with a photo of your plane ticketyou arent owning libtards anymore its just sad

>>835537954>pwoove twumps wayciss wib pw00ve it pw00ve ityou don't have much of a penisis it even an inch?

>>8355380691984 was a shitty novel stolen from an earlier Russian novel called We. That you think the tame, centrist bullshit Democrats want is equal to that shit book is telling about you.

>>835537790Yes they do think they are fixing racism faggot. Stop moving the goalposts when you get called out you disingenuous commy. They want to be racist thought police. Not realizing what actual hypocrites they are. You are too dumb to be ashamed of your narcissistic fucking circles.

>>835538017I got layed off in March because of covid, and I found a new job by early May. Is that Obama's fault too?

>>835536124if I wasn't already going to vote for him, he'd have won my vote with that.

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>>835537981yeah fully understanding the facts and history behind a policy makes someone an idiot, who knew?

>>835538107>suck his dickWhy do lefties always have gay sex on the mind? Nobody is talking about sucking Trump's dick. We're talking about politics.

>>835537740are you telling me Obama was planning for Trump to be president when he started putting kids in cages?The magnitude of the deep state is terrifying

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>>835538072>ask every conservative over the age of 55 how they'd feel and survive if they lost all social security income.Most generous You just cucked yourself, moron

>>835537960Obamas reign was the return of identity politics and the rise of marxism. Obama put in absolutely disgusting laws like indefinite detention while going around and brainwashing children to be radical identitarians. He has literally seeded this movement from years ago.If you question authority you are racist.He worked as the clintons little token pawn to cuck america for 8 years straight. They realized during that time they could take advantage of americans compassion by using moralityand racism accusations as authoritarian coercion.Marxists BLM antifa the whole lot of them that give a fuck about identity politics need to either fuck off to china or stoo fucking around because theres gonna be a fucking war if this keeps up.

>>835538123Joe Biden doesn't even know where he is most of the time, but the violent extremists who are quite literally burning the country to the ground absolutely want an oppressive communist regime and Biden will not be strong against them. He'll cave and give in to their demands.

>>835538132wait, you mean your Savior Trump didn't really help you when you lost your job?

>>835537136that the only thing you can think of to defend your disgusting racist ideology? Every schoolbook for the last 150 years has taught children about the existence of slavery.

>>835537971I wonder why healthcare started its ridiculous climb in prices as the government threw huge amounts of currency at it hmmm. Look for yourself the facts are there.

Socialism is a two-tiered system: those who control and those who are controlled

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>>835538125>moving goalpostsI just explained to you what actual active, non-idiots think and how they approach things. I can't help it that the people who thought Hillary Clinton was epic are idiots and racists themselves.


>>835538259The Democrat strategy to win over America - burn the fucker down... with the voters still inside

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>>835538248>Obama was a NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER>NIGGERS can't be President>that's why we "elected" Trump*>*with Putin's "help"faggot

>>835538308th/read>damn punctuation is hard

>>835538270The stimulus check, the one that democrats in the house tried to block, unironically paid my rent and allowed me to eat for the month of April.

>>835538340Oh look a typical liberal racist


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>>835538308You can't even /thread properly. Your'e an embarrassment to your parents because everything you stand for is objectively wrong. Even the internet knows you're retarded.

>>835538283same is true with the expansion of student loans and the rise of tuitionthere's almost a 1:1 correspondence

>>835538346What did you eat in May, June, July? Tendies ?

>>835538283I don't even know where to start with this, bud. Prices and inflation have risen for an eternity, capitalism pushes doctors to branch together and raise prices overall anyway to offset them getting sued for botching care, medical equipment is leagues higher tech and more costly to buy, update, preserve...seems like you're just missing the big idea of "what if those taxes we already paid went to giving everyone access to health care"Congress has socialized medicine, as does basically anyone in the armed forces. Why do you so badly not want your fellow citizens to receive the same care as your leaders?

>>835538346>democrats tried to block the stimulus checkfuck you're brainwashed trumplet lol

>>835538425What have you been eating? Bernie Sanders cock?

>>835538361Obama is one of the most beloved and popular presidents in historystay mad frogshit

>>835537917you live in la la land

>>835538122Okay I have a small penis, not even an inch. I've never gotten hard. Now state one time Trump was racist.

>>835538484you're fucking racistand Obama was fairly popular, but mostly incompetent

>>835538474Sanders' ideas actually do things for the poor, poorfag. You literally think Trump is going to make you rich, that's how much of a useful idiot you are. :)

>>835538259I don't know why and where you pulled Biden in from. Again, Biden is a fucking loser centrist who doesn't want to and won't institute any big changes. Why conservatives have latched onto Trump as being this savior who isn't corrupt and is interested in change when he's just as much a non-entity as Democrats and standard Republicans is so baffling to me.The country is burning because there has been no substantial change for decades and nothing past half-hearted performative bullshit. WOWZERS! They named a street after a Black man! RACISM FIXED, DEMOCRATS.

>>835538571how did it taste?

>>835538340Wow man thats super fucking racist. What a weak deflection. Any black person can be president but when they use their race to oppress a country and get away with disgusting things and passing insanely authoritarian laws, yeah thats fucked up dude. You wana protest about opression protest how obama legalized jailing people forever without any trial. Name one law trump passed even close to being that fucked up.

>>835538425Whatever I wanted because I found a much better job than I had before. I was unemployed for the last week or so of March and pretty much all of April.>>835538439They literally tried to block it. Dems would have let me get evicted and become homeless.

>>835538248/threadSigned the Arab who is apparently not Canadian, and has a small penis, and oh yeah I've never been hard. Did I miss anything liberals?

>>835536124I really want someone to kill him.

>>835538499>facts=la la landTrump is a white supremacist.And so are you.

>>835536124Indoctrination for the communist revolution.

>>835537817seek help before you kill yourself nov 5 :\

>>835538439Dude, you're actually fucking delusional. Democrats tried to block the stimulus bill back in March. They shot it down at least twice...

>>835538571Sander's ideas will just perpetuate poverty, user

>>835538622Did you even read or look into why they were trying to block it?"Republicans lambasted Democrats for expanding the negotiations, growing angry and frustrated with them as the stock market continued its plunge and the projections of this week's initial jobless claims soared to the largest on record. But Democrats feared the bill was too friendly to businesses and not friendly enough for workers."The fact is, we need to learn from 10 years ago," said Sen. Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio, on the Senate floor. "The same people came to us and said, 'We need this bailout.' They promised that it would help people stay in their homes. They promised that it would be money in the pockets of workers. The banks have done well. The executives have done well. But since then wages have basically remained flat.""The American people don't want another corporate bailout," added Brown. "They don't want a bailout for Wall Street. They don't want a bailout for the airlines. They want money. If we're going to do a relief package, the money needs to go in the pockets of workers."That definitely sounds more on your side than injecting the trillion dollars or whatever we did into the stock market to keep rich hedge fund managers from killing themselves.

>>835538650You're promoting the new Jim Cow, racist

>>835538650You're just making shit up, repeating nonsense you've heard on CNN. You have no facts at all, you don't know what you're talking about. I don't understand how people like you can just make shit up and then accuse other people of lying. You don't live in another reality, you live in a fantasy world inside your own closed mind.

>>835538642Thx.Im sure ur dick works just fine buddi.Its interesting though, some arabs i met are completely brainwashed by authoritarianism. Idk why they ever came here in the first place those ones.Good on you brother, welcome.

Libtards:the only way to end racism is to blame the oppressors and if they don't then cause a race war against the oppressors for not denouncing their oppressionYou can't make this shit up, folks

>>835538683what's worse is trump tried to reach a middle ground for the second, and dems stomped their feet at the idea of compromising with him. the stupidest part is one of their biggest concern with the first bill was "trump put his name on it"as such, we're about to have to lay off a bunch of people come october 1

>>835538650Trump is nowhere near a white supremacist. Your white supremacists in the US are literal larpers. There is no systemic racism. There is barely any racism is the West period. Infact we have nothing but racially charged legislation outlawing people's ability to freely even be racist. You're all fags. Shut up. And yes it's me, the Sandperson from notCanada. You want racism? Go to the Caribbean, ask light skinned blacks how they feel about blacks.

>>835538742It was too friendly towards small businesses. Businesses employ people. Half the population is employed by small businesses. If those businesses fail, people lose their jobs. I had friends working at a video store (yes, they still exist) who got laid off because of this. That's bad for everyone.Also, I needed that money IMMEDIATELY to pay my rent. I didn't have time for the dems to fight and bicker over it. I came very close to missing a payment because they delayed it.

>>835538807The only way to stop oppression is to either substantially change the system or remove the oppressor, yes. Do you think there's another way to change oppression? Kindly sit together and sing kumbaya?It's the history of the U.S. itself.>Hey Britain, can we have a say in what happens and you stop treating us like shit>lol no fuckoff colonial cumslut>[revving intensifies]how is that so easy for you to misunderstand?

>>835538859south africa is probably one of the few places in "western" society that still has rampant racism

>>835538905You're still stuck in the small brain land, dude.The fact that Trump and/or the governor of your state didn't IMMEDIATELY freeze rent is horseshit. What the fuck kind of shithole do we live in where everyone recognizes loads of us can't work safely, but then proceeds to let landlords leech off the population?

>>835538937Who the FUCK is being oppressed right now? Blacks literally have privilege. They are a protected class. You'll lose your job, get locked out of your banking app, and be sent to a re-education camp if you even look at a black person the wrong way.

>>835537070Ah yes, Jim Crow - the segregation policy implemented in the south in the early 20th century.It explains black poverty today because as you know, Chicago, Illinois, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, California and Oakland California are located in the south.Black poverty exists today because of Redlining and misuse of progressive government agencies like the HoC (98%+ of the loans originated by the HoC were provided to whites only for the first three decades of its existence. It also originated the 30 year mortgage which previously was almost unheard of)Democrats beat down the blacks. Democrats then realized that they could promise sweet nothings to PoC and continue to keep them in poverty, creating a voter base that they never had to spend political capital for.

>>835536616>critical race theory>not marxistPick one

>>835536124Can you imagine being such a paid propagandist shill that you have to photoshop images of the man to make him look less revolting? I can't imagine. We never had to photoshop Barry to make him look like a healthy human being.

>>835539035Trump doesn't have any authority to freeze rent. You act like he's a dictator or something. He doesn't have absolute power.Also typically liberal being totally callous and not sympathetic to the real struggles of poor people.>Can't pay your rent? Landlord wants to be paid anyways? Just move, dude. You live in the wrong state.Moving is a luxury.

>>835538788You're welcome, and you're not alone against the crazy. As for most immigrants... They fall into different groups. It's too long to get into right now. But there is a healthy chunk who see Obama as the ultimate evil in the world. And Arabs love politics. Lots are fleeing the Arab Gestapo, most are brought by the UN for various shady reasons.Then they come to America/Canada and are greeted by liberals telling them how they are super fantastic, white man bad, here's a guide on how to shit on a system that saved you. Actual brainwashing. And they create a dependency that hinges on abusing and being hostile to the same system that you're milking. I know you'll read my ramble so I took the time to write.

>>835539059If, with everything going on and all the readily available information and data out there right now, you still have no idea how Black people could be oppressed right now in the U.S., I don't know what I could say to you to make you suddenly have an epiphany. You could look at the racial distribution of wealth, proportion of Black and non-white people in prison and poverty compared to percent of the population, could look at the research showing "black sounding" names getting way less callbacks despite having an identical resume just with a white name, and you could also look at the fact that many of our cities are still totally segregated and that whites never actually integrated with Blacks.There is so, so much. Plenty more that you see when you're a teacher in a downtown city like me too. The important piece to remember is that it's not JUST oppression against Black people though. Poverty is a motherfucking plague on everyone and it's designed for no one to be able to get out, be they white or black. Hence why my school's population is over 85% poverty, but 60% white.And yet the Black kids who live on the west side still do have it worse in some ways regarding economic opportunity and the like near their homes than my white kids who live by the school on the east side.

>>835538977Yeah it's just tough in general, when I say the West I meant western Europe on

>>835537147no, the problem with CRT is that it was specifically designed for the sake of being subversive, propaganda, and specifically in the case with CRT it was founded in asshurt marxists who were annoyed that king won and malcom x didn't because at the end of the day anything short of the communist utopia is a failure and king didn't bring that.

>>835539173Where in the FUCK did I say someone should just move?? What the actual fuck is this reading comprehension? I'm saying that Trump absolutely could have forced an executive order to protect renters and homeowners by freezing mortgages and rent. Where did I say someone should just have to move? I just shit on landlords for contributing nothing to society but leeching off their tenants.Goddamn son. Get your fucking eyes checked.

reading all these low iq trannies cry about racism is 10/10feel free to hang yourself or move, but you wont cause you know USA #1 dumb niggers

>>835539379should have been better prepared wagecuck lmao

>>835539086>thinks Jim Crow ideas and policies didn't exist in the North toolmao>recognizes that even "progressives" of the past were racist as fuck>denies there is systemic racism

Attached: 1377728702156.jpg (479x358, 26.03K)

>>835539059That's why, and the only reason I've been in these threads lately. I only come to 4chan to laugh and look at porn and see wallpapers... Even IRL I'm getting more vocalFor exactly that. Everything is going to the shitter and it's being led by people who claim to be championing my freedom and rights and blaming it on the people who actually give me a comfortable quality of life. I'm sick of this shit, and I'm sick of non whites too fucking stupid to see how retarded they are/exploiting it.

>>835539418>trannies>niggers>IQyou were only one buzzword from getting me a bingo :(Trans people really do live rent free in your head though, don't they?

>>835536124tried to post this last night and jannies kept tryin to get me to fuck their asses

>>835539526cope tranny, hang or moveamerica isnt for you

>>835539473I don't think you know the meaning of the word systemic

>>835539526>trans people>peoplekek

That's nice. Still voting Biden.

>>835539473keep digging, faggotMaybe you'll pull something out of your ass that isn't shit.Jim Crow occurred only in the south.Unless your'e talking about the attempt to segregate federal agencies by Democrat Woodrow Wilson?learn some history or kill yourself, either way you'll improve the world.

>>835539654t. soyboy wagecuck

Critical race theory and Intersectionality are absolute unscientific garbage. These ideologies, boarding o cult status now, are the cancer that ate the left and most of them can't even tell you what they are, if they ever heard of it. yet their beliefs are based on these ideologies. If you're ever wondering what happened to the left, how they became so intolerant, dishonest, race, gender, well Identity obsessed, look no further than Intersectionality and Critical Race Theory because that's what happened to them. Whether they or you realize it or not it's everywhere now. It's in Politics, Entertainment, Education, and Business. It's absolute cancer and it has to be removed from our society before the West falls because of it. Indeed, that's what they were designed to do.


>>835539280They're not oppressed because marxist notions of oppression aren't valid. They simply state someone(in a group) is "oppressed" for simply existing as opposed to specific actions taken against an individual.This is especially apparent because while you can try to coax liberals into believing blacks are "oppressed" by trying to leverage semi-plausible instances of racism against black people as you do in your first paragraph, someone like me can posit the counter-argument that black people are responsible for more white murders than the other way around on average, and you're going to balk at the idea that this could be considered racism against white people because it's not that you care about liberal notions of racial preJudice--it's that you care about advancing marxism.

>>835539520Sorry that was a convoluted way of saying I say the shit you need to say because my non white skin protects me from the shitstorm that would be dropped on a white dude saying it. And you know what they do? They call me a larper. Because they can't handle the truth.

>>835539656>admits that a president attempted to segregate federal agencies>still wants to act like systemic racism didn't exist in the government and there wasn't loads of racism in the north either

Attached: 1369521263694.png (800x600, 261.07K)

>>835538937Except there's zero proof of systemic racism. The standard for "proof" of systemic racism isn't that blacks or indians or whatever are treated poorly or discriminated against, it's that they're not equally represented in all ways when it comes to statistical outcomes. In other words, if blacks made up 13% of the general population, but only 4% of doctors, then the claim is the system itself is racist.That's absurd, of course. Correlation is not equal causation, user. Different outcomes happen because of different backgrounds, preferences, and all kinds of other factors. We have a fuckload of southern and east asians in medicine, for example, because those jobs are highly valued in their cultures, and their cultures encourage things like hard work, studiousness, and other things that increase academic success. It's not because the system is biased toward them. You can have a perfectly neutral system, and it will still lead to the same results.The problem with systemic racist is it blames the system, and then lowers the barriers for certain groups. Which is bad, because it means we've lowered the standards of competence. We get less capable doctors, but it also has nasty side effects for the groups it's supposed to help, because when we you let a bunch of young adults into Harvard who don't meet the standards of the rest of the class, they're going to fail out at higher rates. So no only are you setting them up for failure, you're also devaluing the accomplishments of those who would have succeeded on their own merits, because people will think they only succeeded because the standards were lower.There are real problems, but we need to identify and address then at their roots, like poverty, broken families, and cultures that devalue hard work. Not at the final step.

>>835539799Good job ignoring everything I said about segregated cities, racial distributions of wealth, and everything else. Great work. >pivot back to muh murder statsYou're so borrrrrrrrrrrrring.

>>835539856Denying proof doesn't mean there isn't proof

I live in the hood and there is absolutely nothing in the world that could convince me that it's white people's fault. You lefties have never lived around blacks and it shows.The streets are always a trashy mess because they liter EVERYWHERE. You'll see used condoms, cigarette butts, receipts from the corner-store, empty bic lighters, 40oz bottles, etc. all over the streets. Even laying on the ground next to trash cans because they can't be bothered to walk two feet and throw them in the trash.Everything is always broken. Some idiot got drunk or stoned and drove his car into the electric gate around my apartment complex and it was broken for two months. Nobody bothered to come fix it, and when they finally did, I swear to god I am not making this up, it was broken again in a couple weeks because somebody drove into it again.The crime and drug addiction is absolutely rampant. You cannot walk down the street during the day without people who only have two or three teeth left coming up to you and asking you if you can spare a dollar. I am not making this up.There's a particular corner store that even black people don't go to at night. I'm not going to pretend like it happens every night or anything, but maybe every other month I'll be laying in bed and hear fucking GUNSHOTS coming from that direction. There have been four shooting incidents on that street corner in 2020 alone, and the police are nowhere to be found. The wood fence by the store is covered in bullet holes. I am not exaggerating.You cannot blame whites for this situation. Whites are nowhere to be found around here. This is what blacks do to their own neighborhoods when left to their own devices.

Can't wait to vote for the GEOTUS on November 3rd and watch all the fucking libtards cry. My vote isn't even necessarily because I think Trump is that great, it's more to prevent the liberals from winning.


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>>835536966So you personally were a slave trader?

>>835539856>lowers the barriers for certain groupsyeah, that would be your own racist thinking that people who shouldn't be someplace are there because of x reasonYou are right that we have to address poverty, but poverty itself is a systemic issue in this country, not the result of "cultures that devalue hard work." If you actually knew any Black people in poverty, you'd know how dumb you sound despite writing out a very intellectual sounding argument.

>>835539922Thank you for proving my point.

>>835539964Isn't it amazing that you just described the east side of my city which is overwhelmingly white? It's almost like urban poverty looks similar all over, regardless of race. I wonder....why....that could be...

>>835539964Lefties are gonna call this a LARP, but it really honestly do be like that.

>>835536124> why the fuck was it even there in the first place?courtesy of obama

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>>835540100Not him, but you're basically admitting that it's not a race issue? Answer honestly. Is your city run by democrats?

>>835539086Black poverty exists today because of the minimum wage.Seriously. Look at the success of blacks from the end of slavery in the 1860s through the 1950s -- the lines of education and wealth go steadily up over that time period. They still didn't match the white people, but they were catching up.Then the first minimum wage laws were passed, in the 1950s, and that changed. Black youth unemployment was actually lower than white youth unemployment, before. But then it skyrocketed to several times higher, after.Minimum wage increases hurt the most marginal employees. This includes the young who are just starting on their careers, and racial minorities. And that combination is nasty for people who fall into both categories, because not only can't they get jobs right now, but that has long term effects. Since they can't get their foot in the door, they can't develop the life skills and resume that shows their value to future employers. It's telling that unemployment rate for older black workers in the 1950s, say in the late 20s or 30s, didn't rise. But the late teens and young 20s were hurt, and were prevented from getting the experience they needed to replace those older black workers, which led to the start of a cycle of failure and poverty.

>>835537347The US are certainly not the most ethnically diverse country. That would be Singapore. It's not even the second most diverse country. That would be Indonesia.

>>835539964You only said that you live in the hoodhow do i know you aren't black?you never mentioned your race

>>835540197I've already explained that poverty is a systemic issue designed to keep people in poverty, regardless of race. But also that historically, non-white people have been kept and herded into poverty too. It's that simple.Every single large city is led by Democrats. We all know this. And yet when Republicans have control of the government at the federal and state level, those cities still stay in poverty. It's almost like both parties profit off people being in poverty. Huh.

>>835539964>>835540100What city? New York here. Our slums look about the same. Democrat mayor.

>>835539930Then prove it objectively. Show me the DATA, show me the scientific study that proves "systemic racism" i a thing. I've read many attempts at it but I'm lays able to defeat the research because it's always faulty or ignores certain realities. For example, the last paper I read tried to use wealth inequality to prove a racist system. It literally took me one word to defeat what looked like weeks of work, Asian. They ignored the Asians. Why dd they do that? Easy because Asians are the highest earners in the USA and that would obviously destroy their "research". It's always things like that. I don't know if it's lying by omission, confirmation bias or just straight stupidity all the research I've read trying to prove we have a "systematically racist" system has failed in proving it. As far as I can it's it's an unjustifiable claim, a belief.That said, I'm always open to objective evidence.

>>835537407I agree that modern civilisatory achievements are the result of countless cultures. However, binary, if you consider it a single invention, is either Aristotelean or Boolean, both considered White.

>>835539280Except not a single thing you mentioned is "oppression". That's wealth and cultural factors. You can't address that by attacking imaginary oppressors and lowering standards based on racism, you can only address that by breaking down a culture that encourages shitty study habits. You can provide some assistance to those in poverty, but it should be based on need not skin color -- when it's based on skin color, wealthy and upper middle class black kids tend to get all the perks, and poor blacks get none of them.

>>835540369fucking auto correct, ** unfalsifiable **

>>835539930There isn't proof, and I pointed in detail why there isn't any.

>>835540369So you do deny prooflolnobody ignores the asiansthat's positive racism>>835540437again denying proofdoesn't mean there isn't proof

I have to go, but my thoughts to real Americans who are trying to keep their homes under safety and sanity. Remember the real enemy is your own people trying to subvert you. Niggers are niggers and stereotypes are real, but foreigners and different folk aren't your enemy. It's the mentality. If possible take time to feel out nonwhites in your areas, they might not all be leftist. Don't alienate a would-be Ally because you assume they're with the democrats. Good luck.

>>835540369I'm not the person you're responding to, and I'm not looking for a debate because I mostly agree with you.I just want to point out that some things in this world happen outside of your personal view, and outside of the view of documented science, and maybe it's worth being open to listening to the experiences of other people before outright dismissing them because there's such a stigma against 'anecdotal evidence'. That's all.

Democrats>WHY>promotes drug use>ARE>opens an abortion clinic down the street>BLACKS>destroys the family unit>SO>defunds police and releases criminals back onto the streets>OPPRESSED

>>835540403>shitty study habitsdude, you so clearly are out of your league here. You have no idea the issues regarding education in this country. Holy fucking shit man, you just don't even know. You're right that poverty is the biggest focus and SHOULD be, but that still doesn't diminish the fact that even high wealth Black people are often reduced to nigger and treated the same as if they were skid row poor.

>>835540363Houston. Sylvester Turner is also a democrat.

>>835540042You seem confused. I'm arguing against lowering barriers, user. And poverty is systemic issue only in the sense that it's based on cultural (systemic) factors. For example, black kids trying to study who are berated by other black kids for "acting white". That's the root problem, not your racist mythology of some abstract oppression.And I have known, worked with, and lived among black people all my life, including some who are very poor. You're just a pseudo-intellectual trying to force your racist ideals on others.

OP here. The arguments in this thread made me change my mind.

>>835540281So you're saying the US is the 3rd most ethnically diverse country, out of about 200 in the world.You showed him.

>>835536124>>835536188Forget about both of themJust write-in YangHe is playing the long game and we can all cut the bs and just get him in thereAll of this mayhem is so artificial, just forget about anyone being oppressed or suppressed, seriously. fuck 'em

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trump is the grim reaper.

Attached: trump_virus_infect_and_death_20200905.jpg (1800x1000, 352.73K)

>>835540547Republicans and Democrats>WHY>jails people for mandatory sentencing for using a drug less dangerous than alcohol>WON'T>puts black people in prison for using crack cocaine while giving whites tickets and fees for using white powder cocaine>BLACKS>continues to fund schools unconstitutionally by property taxes to ensure the schools in low income areas can't attract good teachers or resources leading to shittier educations>STOP>keeps overpolicing the poor why cops are never seen in the suburbs despite there being plenty of crimes committed there>ACTING>offer no substantial change beyond "pick yourself up by the boot straps" and changing street names and other pointless shit to show how "unracist" they are>OPPRESSED?

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>>835540471If you think there's proof, then provide proof. It's that fucking simple, and we can't do it for you because we know it doesn't exist.

>>835540570That's just racist bullshit.

>>835540686>Just write-in Yang

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>>835540686Yeah I think BLM is a psyop

>>835540753nopeI already know you won't listendenying proof doesn't mean there isn't proof

>>835539964In my hood it was all that and needles and nickle bags all over the place, Gun shots every night. Every bike I ever tried to own stolen. Running away from gangs trying kick my ass or kill me for not joining. Drive-by shootings often. Lines of people on the floor getting arrested outside my window. Flashing lights from fire and police all through the night. School was a joke, the teachers couldn't speak proper English. It was shit and whenever some big money came in to try and fix it, to make the neighborhood look decent, it would be back to ruin in a few weeks. Simply put, these people are animals, and it's generational. Where I grew up, mothers (because hardly any of us had fathers) taught their kids how to be criminals, how to fear white people, hate cops and distrust everyone outside the hood. That's why I got the fuck out of there as soon as I was old enough too. And you're right, these white well off liberals don't have a clue. Not the slightest.

>>835536323I read that book, I couldn't believe how badly written it was and what terrible views were held within.

>>835540773Not the original guy but do you really think wealthy white people view wealthy black people the same way?Like, unironically you believe that?Oh dear.

>>835536124Because there was a far left white-hating nigger in office for 8 years. I hope the day comes when we remove all the traitors from power.

>>835540247yeah, I've read friedman and hayek toopure libertarianism is just as naive as socialism.You'll figure it out eventually

>>835540925why does being born in the hood mean that you are black?>>835541038>Obama>far-leftI fucking wish

>>835541038>Obama>far left

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>>835540830claiming there's proof while refusing to provide any proof is pretty solid proof you're full of bullshit

>>835537452No other country has as many freedoms.No other country gives as much foreign aid.No other country puts the minority above the majority.You are a fool.

>>835540933Not everyone is as racist as you, user

>>835539216I did. Yes thats what I see. The victimhood mebtality being implanted in immigrants and minorities is the most racist thing Ive ever seen in my life. To think these people would call me racist for having white skin when theyve spent the last 15 years completely blind to politics while i was doing my homework.Unreal.

>>835541084not a libertarian, but they're right on that topicyou'll figure it out when your balls finally drop

>>835540541that's cool. That might be but this issue is too important to be left up to beliefs and it's obviously being abused by powerful people. I think if you're going to attempt to transform entire Nations and their ideals (in this case Western ideals) you better be able to back your shit up. That's reasonable considering what's at stake.

>>835541125there isthis is on the internet you knowyou're a smart man you can find it

>>835541219you're not even trying

>>835541113>>835541121Obama was extremely far-left. Just because you've gone even further left doesn't mean that Obama was a moderate. Donald Trump is unironically to the left of the republican party and the most liberal candidate they have ever elected. He almost ran as an independent because of it.

>>835541274What?you think that you can't find things yourself?

>>835541170did you feel like a badass clicking post on that one

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>>835536892I love how strong real slavery is thriving in Africa right now.

>>835541333don't be such a cringebaby, you won't get replies like that

>>835541388you already replied fam

>>835541320doesn't exist

>>835541333>Marilyn MansonI hate this tryhard faggot so much. He thinks he's so smart and deep.

>>835536124I started working for NOAA this year, there was a significant amount of race-based training pushed out since April. Not just like typical equal opportunity type training, but white allyship, understanding your privilege, fighting racism, not dealing with it, but fighting it. Idk how you fight flawed logic, but advocating or defending violence against it. Fucking bizarro.

>>835538650it's amazing how bad you want a old white man to fix things for you

>>835541395>i'm rubber you're glueI didn't post Marilyn Manson

>>835541113I did not mention race. Why is the left so obsessed with race? (not saying you're leftist, IDK, that's called intellectual honesty BTW) I know why, you may not, but I do, CRT and Intersectionality. Leftist have been conditioned to think like this. They need to break out of it. It's a really shitty way of thinking and more often than not it leads to negative assumptions.

>>835541533Agreed. As a non-white leftist, we need to stop making everything a racial issue. Obviously this country still has some progress to make in regards to race, but we have better things to do and focus on than accusing everyone of being racist all the time.

>>835541533Its easier to play the Race card or the vagina card, than to deal with a logical argument. But I think after this year, no ones going to give a shit about either of those cards. The Pandemic has shown that feminists don't mean what they actually say, and BLM has proven it's not about equality but equity and black people thinking they deserve to be above the system.

>>835541411So you do?>>835541533I know you didn't mention race>>835540925>taught their kids how to be criminals, how to fear white people, hate cops and distrust everyone outside the hood.but that's just racist fear-mongering

>>835536188So anyone who votes for him is automatically a racist.

>>835541917>racist fear-mongering^about black peoplethey never mentioned once why they think that?

>>835536188I'm mexican and I'm voting for Trump. Does that make me racist.

>>835541955yesbecause all that would be left after all that happened between 2016 and 2020 is the racists


>>835542254No, just misguided. It doesn't matter if you're a legal citizen, that man would deport you to Mexico if he could.

>>835542424says who

>>835541533>Why is the left so obsessed with race?Because marxists have largely unseated enough liberals within the left to advance marxism and while the american people at large are quite weary of communism and socialism for damn good reason, they've shown far less resistance to marxism in the form of racial politics.

>>835542521says TDS

>>835540820It’s a total psyop

>>835536124Fuck Trump

>>835543072Do you want to ride him missionary style, or get banged from behind?

>>835543072Stunning and brave.

>>835536124Critical Race Theory (CRT) is, and has been, nothing but bullshit. It was an attempt to redefine terms to make it virtually impossible not to apply only to white people. The very idea of it is in-itself racist; however, by their own self-serving new definition, they have eliminated that option. It's hate in a new wrapper.

>>835540716you're right, over 10 million americans have died during his presidency

>>835536124when affirmative action was ended under clinton, the democrats made sure it continued under different names and govt programs. one example is the MBE and WBE requirements on a lot of govt contracts. a higher priority is given to response to RFQ that has MBE (minority business eneterprise) and WBE (women business enterprise).

>>835536124You and trump are complete douche bags congratulations

>>835536243affirmative action under a different name.

>>835536323Had the displeasure of attending a talk by the author. It was a web seminar that my company sponsored; basically to buy some street cred from BLM or something. It had no place where I'm from but whatever.In any case, that woman is absolutely insane. She's 100% using racism to advance feminist ideology and enrich herself. The best part: she's fucking white and doesn't do anything of what she's preaching; only here to collect the benefits.The absolute level of this woman when she suggested black people should be payed more than whites for the same level jobs because they are "black tokens".Whoever reads that book and does not throw it in a fire afterwards needs to be hunted like a furry

>>835543427trump simply stopped govt waste. affirmative action was ended by clinton and cheered by democrats. on the surface they declared racism and sexism is gone as to no longer need affirmative action. deep inside they knew otherwise. it was simply a re-election tactic that backfired. affirmative action is practiced all over the federal and state govts. but nobody can blame it for reverse discrimination because of the different names given.

>>835537916Trump would look so much better if he actually did shave his head and grow a goatee like that.

>>835543894lex luthor for president!