>be a wagecuck>go out with normie coworkers>go to shitty...

>be a wagecuck>go out with normie coworkers>go to shitty, overpriced restaurant>spend $30 on reheated concentrated salt objects shaped like food >spend $20 on two small cups of alcohol mixed with juice>pretend it's good and worth two weeks of groceries>see a bunch of ugly betas with fairly hot girls on dates buying them all dinners and drinksIs this what it takes to be a normie and have a gf? Spending hard earned money on literal garbage?

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>>835534200It’s okay to spend some money every now and then, user. Just don’t let them take advantage of your wallet.

>>835534200Pretty much. People don't realize how much that adds up to after time. Just like morons that get a $5 coffee every day. 5x30= $150/mo. Then wonder why they can't make rent.

>>835534200you don't pay the food/drink, you pay the location, and the service. Run a restaurant/bar if you think it's such a profitable business...

>>835534700How did you manage to twist what he said up so badly that you turned it into something retarded that no one was talking about?

>>835534700>service>thank you so much for reheating frozen food and pouring cheap diluted alcohol into a glass and bringing it to me. pls take all my money


>>835534200Can she make mac and cheese like my gf?

>>835534200>Is this what it takes to be a normie and have a gf? Spending hard earned money on literal garbage?Gosh and golly - your life sounds like it must be great!!! What do YOU do?

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My GF can make some BOMB ass macaroni and cheese!

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>>835534786>this is the mentality of an unsuccessful personGood job user, you missed the fact that the other user was saying that OP was basically whining about restaurants being profitable. It got OP to spend his money, like an idiot, and then complain about it; thus, OP should just open his own restaurant to fool other gullible idiots like him. user has the mentality of a successful business man. You have the mentality of a whinging cuck on a vietnamese rice paddy forum.


>>835534395And then it's "just one beer" with friends after work. I swear the rich encourage these things to keep the poor where they are.

My new method for dating involves a hot n ready and liquor, my couch, and perhaps a joint? Works everytime, as long as you're trying to bang milfs with similar intentions

>>835534846Copeassloid detected

Sounds like you went to shit restaurant and are jelly as fuck.Find some places that don't suck and aren't garbage. A brewery, a place that had some specialty. If you're spending $50 and are unhappy, that's on you.

>>835534903Grasp much?

>>835534946>blaming the rich for the stupidYes, all those educational services with financial aid and extra-curricular opportunities at many ages, all paid for in-majority by the rich, are the reason poor stay poor. Stay poor, poorfag.

>>835534200Thats our mating ritual. We are no different than other animal.

>>83553420050usd Two weeks of groceries? How?One pound chicken breast is 3.99Baby spinach / arugula is also 3.99 one box, it lasts 2 daysMilk is 4.99 gallon, fresh tomatoes 2.99, black plums 2.49, and thats only seasonal fruits...I spend 50usd in one trip to the grocery store and last about 4-5days max, if i buy a piece of rib eye, sirloin or newyork 50usd will only get me through 2 days.How do you make 50usd last 2 weeks, im not trying to poke fun at you, i want to reduce spending.

>>835535107>Milk is 4.99 gallonlol what? You buying organic or something (like Horizon)? Generic milk is like 2.30/g.

>>835535107Ramen noodles and canned soups

>>835535107So how is Alaska/Hawaii/Guam this time of year?

>>835535164Hood milk at shaws (northeast fag here)

>>835535199Enjoy your imminent stroke, you salty dog

>>835535199I want to live past my 40s dude>>835535211Idunnolol

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>>835535107Agreed. I can easily spend 75-100 and eat pretty clean and minimal. I would recommend a CSA if you can for veggies. 20 or so a week for awesome fresh picked and local. Also ensured it's good seasonal shit.

>>835534700And there goes the point flying right over your head, followed by your relevance to this thread.

>>835535234>northeastThere's your problem. Where I am milk is like $2 a gallon, chicken is $1.50 a lb, tomatoes are $1.50 a lb

Thats why i learned to cook.When ever i want to go out to eat wit my gf she says that my home cook food is better than everything outside.

>>835535269>>835535288Offset the salt with eggo waffles.

>>835534200This webm triggers meWhy the FUCK is the extractor above the stove so low?Unless this girl is like 6"2 this is some garbage kitchen design

>>835534200yeah its dumb, go out with someone not up themselves aka doesnt care about money shitrestaurants are all scam

>>835535335Fuck this place then... im going to apply for fully remote position and move to the middle of nowhere, and save for my retirement, i only can save like 300 per paycheck.How is your internet in your area?

>>835535348You can add cream /sweets also, but you are still eating a shit ton of salt user, that shit is going to kill you, high blood pressure relatives here.

>>835534200Nah ur just really bad at finding people who genuinely like you and care about you and base everything off irrelevant 80s and 90s movies.U sound like a beta in denial

>>835535107>be curry fag>buy any type of meat, legumes, or vegetables at curryhut for super cheap>buy some extra vegetables >have a store of spices that last forever>throw it all together for delicious curry>curryhut also sells super cheap and delicious frozen pita bread>if you want to be cheaper you can buy flour and just make it from scratch>buy some milk and cereal for breakfast >throw together some sandwiches for lunchYou could probably feed a family of 4 on $20 a week like this

>>835534200Who is girl ? Name ? Instagram?

>>835535441I live in a mid-sized city in the south so internet is fine and everything is accessible. You don't have to be in the middle of nowhere. Most places in the midwest and south are much more affordable than the east and west coasts

>>835534200Hold up, no one commenting on the fact that OP only spends $50 on two weeks groceries. Even back in 2000 when I started buying my own I still needed about $300 a month. OP must eat hot dogs and ramen and complains about salty restaurant food. In any case he is right, it is rare that spending money at a restaurant is worth it when we all live on a shoestring budget. Even once getting my law degree I'll still feel salty about paying premium prices for mediocre food

>>835535019You must be from out of the US, their "educational services" are more like teenage daycare.

>>835535890This. They don't teach kids anything about finance or planning

>>835535813I know what I can cook well and what I invariably screw up. No way in hell that I pay restaurant prices for the former, bust sometimes I really do want the latter and have no interest in buying ingredients and wasting time to likely mess up again.

>>835534946You're absolutely unhinged if you think a few dollars a day amounts to explaining the wealth gap. Especially when the wealthy drink as much as they do.Stop simping for exploitative capitalists you money cuck.

>>835534200So get a better job, faggot.

>>835536164Yeah it's super easy to do.

>>835536208It is.


>>835536310Just one day I want every argument on this board to go like this.


>>835534395>>835534395OK boomer

>>835535019MAGA detetedback to Holla Forums with ya

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>>835535107vegan you moron

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>>835536310Was this sarcastic?

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>>835535107Lmaoooo Americans pay so much for food

>>835535199kek... maybe someone should put a few more bucks on your books for commissary

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>>835536612Its really not that hard to find a better job.

>>835536712Go on

>>835536733There's not much more to say about it. Stop blaming others for your refusal to better yourself.

>>835536558>putting a date in front of someone else's business card

>>835536796So i can magically get a job that pays more if I believe hard enough?It's available and I'm qualified and I can just have it?If thats the case then I declare myself President and CEO of Microsoft.Dreams do come true!

>>835534200No, but REE'ing like an autist over the possibility it is. and coming off as a cheap jew in the process, certainly won't help your chances.

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>>835536944You think accounting managers go around making house calls?

>>835535955Oh you mean teaching you to set aside 70% of your income so that big brother can get his

>>835536977How about you actually work to learn something valuable. That fit your definition of magic?

>>835536733Honest advice. There's gotta be community colleges up there somewhere with dirt cheap tuition and online classes. Set up a zoom or whatever with an advisor. Public 2-year colleges have to keep detailed info about which of their "career" degrees actually get you anywhere.

>>835534903success is a relative term dipshit

>>835536977This is the white version of GibsMeDat.

>>835537021So in 4 years, after I've spent 100k for the "privilege" of education, to be handed a piece of paper to declare my legitimacy for stuff I coulda learned on the internet in maybe a month tops.Oh boy that sounds great to waste my time and be in crippling debt for the next 20 to 30 years and then I die.Cool

>>835537149Who said anything about paying for a degree you literal faggot.

>>835537186Who's gonna pay a good wage to someone who doesn't have a degree?

>>835534200What it takes is not using words like 'cuck', 'normie', 'betas', etc. You stupid cunt.

>>835534200Boohoo you joyless cunt

>>835534200Boohoo you joyless cunt

>>835537227Who's retarded enough to think there's an immediate "tomorrow I'm making 70k" solution? Learn a skill in a useful industry, work in that industry for 5 years, get a good job.

>>835537365Oh. So it's not easy to just go get a better job?Like >>835536712 said?

>>835537365>waste most of your life away working yourself up the ladder so you have more money to waste on garbage bro xDfucking jew

>Go our with friends and spend money on overpriced food and drinks then feel foolish.Miserable and whiny>Stay home alone save your money and eat the same food you stock in your fridge week after week. Miserable and whinyI don’t know what to tell you user. Sounds like YOU are the problem.

>>835537456ITT: Hur dur I deserve money for doing nothing and anyone who tells me otherwise is a Jew.

>>835534395Yeah, just buy a tin and make it at home lpl

>>83553510750usd of groceries if you buy what last you two weeks.50usd for some other stuff to last you 1 week.50usd for some stuff to last you 4 days

>>835537494that's literally not what anyone said you fucking retard.

>>835534200>Is this what it takes to be a normie and have a gf? Spending hard earned money on literal garbage?Yes. That's pretty much it.

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>>835537552This retard makes more than you.

>>835534200Yes modern relationships are gay as fuck.It's literally more alpha to be single.

>>835534900You've never had tuna and Mac and cheese casserole. It goes tick tick tick its so bomb

>>835534200No. Tell them from day one that you budget your money and aren't gonna change it. Treat them every now and then, sure, but either they'll respect you for trying to be good with your money, or you can drop them and tell them there's a reason you have money and they don't on their way out.

>>835534395>making 5 bucks above minimum wage>criticizing people who make minimum wage for being irresponsiblethis is why people are still fixated on the two objects in the magician's hand and not on why there's a fucking magician bamboozling them

>>835537618this retard is on Holla Forums having piss fights about complacency and seethes when every little change around them erodes their sense of status in the world that was influenced by factors beyond their control

>>835534200moar pancake girl! MOAR!!!

>>835534200Yeah, fuck that. I'd rather be a NEETcel hermit at this point.I just wish I had a female fuck-buddy who was also a shut-in.

>>835536429>maga belongs in Holla Forums>reddit spacingnice try, but no

>>835535441Dont comehere and vote Democrat!! Thats the reason everything sux in the NorthEast! I know. Moved to Texas from Philadelphia 6 years ago

>>835537186I make 60,000 a year without a degree. Im a financial analyst. I basically just punch numbers into a spreadsheet all day.

>>835534395you kinda sound like a douche tbh, I've always had shit jobs but bought lunch, even though it's more expensive than making it it's what got me through the day. An extra $150 a month isn't going to change anyone's living situation, but it will change their quality of life

>>835539347>you sound like a douche >look at how douche I can be!!!K

>>835537541$50 lasts me 1 week when I buy normal stuff. If I lived only off of deep frozen pizza and nothing else half that would be plenty.

>youtube.com/watch?v=wzc_VNh42HM>enjoy your luxurious $100 + tip meal bro

>>835534200>$50 >2 weeks of groceriesHow is mom's basement?

>>835541773>the amount of money you spend on groceries has something to do with living situationwhat's it like being a morbidly obese, insecure brain dead retard?

>>835541897So you don't understand that what I was saying is someone who thinks that $50 buys two weeks of groceries has never lived on his own, and furthermore most likely lives in his mom's basement. Did I hit a nerve son?

>>835542013>someone who thinks that $50 buys two weeks of groceries has never lived on his ownYeah, no. You can easily budget and make a weeks worth of food at once if you learn some cooking skill beyond putting toast in a toaster. Assuming your daily calorie requirement isn't the size of an elephants

>>835534395>Then wonder why they can't make rent.That's why they spend all day in Starbucks.

>>835534900>My GFFuck outta here.

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>>835534200You’re missing the point if that’s all the stuff you’re focusing on. That’s literally the onbjective description of what it is. It’s up to you to make your own good memories. Try again and drink in your car before you go in. Cheap and you’ll be loosened up enough to have a good time.Or dont

>>835534200Learn to cook?

>>835542259>budget and make a weeks worth of food at onceBut it was the statement of two weeks of food. You can't just change the circumstance to make yourself right. That's a bitch's move. >toast in a toasterMore proof that you don't provide for yourself. You put bread in a toaster, not toast.

Enjoy your job until a python script automates it

>>835539347$150 a month = $1800/ yr10 yr $18k , thats if youre braindead and dont invest at all.

>>835542447>Try again and drink in your car before you go in.Yeah, definitely take advice from someone like this.

>>835542596>being so autistic you can only think in concrete terms

>>835535234>not buying aldi's milk for $1.69. >blames high prices on geographical locationi'm from the northeast too and not some bumfuck-ville in maine

>>835534992A brewery is a shit place to get food it’s only food for well beer really

>>835535164Idiot people live in different places where prices of things vary

>>8355353351.50 gets me two Roma tomato’s this is Canada I’m talking about

>>835534200would bang

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>>835542663Lol... wow.

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>>835535335>chicken is $1.50 a lbBULLSHIT!

>>835534879I'll mac and cheese on your girlfriend

>>835534946In the UK we're being told we're selfish and crashing the economy if we don't go back to buying coffee and sandwiches every day.