Jordyn Jones thread?

Jordyn Jones thread?

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>>835534166Who? Instathots age like milk

>>835534166>Over 18>Looks like 15Whats this called?

ugly smug brazilian bitch


>>835534467You must be mistaking her with that other one, Pigeon Cameron. This one is the one with the pale nip slip while dancing.

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Goddess. Tier. Tootsies.

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>>835534166just fuck off already

>>835534702how did she get a straw through the cap of that fiji water bottle?

>>835534891probably special bottles for that event

post rare jj ASS

>>835535224said rare>>835535244there is no content its one pic that isnt sexual since its on isntagram and would risk her being deleted

>>835535244Pathetic simp incels paying for literally the same bikini pictures she already puts out.

>>835535244I want to abuse that face.

>>835535266This. She's obviously too skittish to start an OF after watching Bella get eaten alive on there.

>>835535285I don't really mind paying for more Jordyn ass.

>>835535332that whore literally scammed people.JJ doing thong bikini's and handbras is far from what that other whore did


>>835535369Wait, so she's actually slutting it up on there, it's not just regular bikini pictures, she's actually trying to be sexy?

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>>835535452NoShe isnt doing anything more then what is already on her instagram on her pay story

>>835535450Maybe they posted something OLD but there is nothing new from JJ since the WAP tiktoks

>>835534166how much do you get paid to make these?

>>835535600They're the omegasimps that think not leaking her same old shit she's going to reward them later.

>>835535600All these young actresses had their agents basically put their subreddits in a vice grip when they started these things. And it's Reddit, so they all said "thank you sir, may i have another"

>>835535571Sounds to me like she doesn't quite want to whore herself out, but isn't really opposed to the idea. So she's selling bikini pics to the guys who want them, but it's not any sluttier than what she posts for everybody for free.

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>>835535680>i've never seen itThen you dont know that it exists.Nothing in this thread is new and if you're listening to redditfags jerking themselves off on having "epic shit" then you need to not be a naive fuck

>>835534403Legal loli



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>>835535837uh huh and you didnt save it so you cant post itI totally believe you

>>835535917I've never been more erect

>>835535244Rarest ones would be the ones where she was young

>>835535917Sweet little JJ nipple. I love that she's not denying anymore what a whore she is.

Anyone got the uncensored from her ig story?

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>>835534166Who TF is Jordan Jones? And why TF is he so ugly?



>>835536056That's actually one of the better fakes I've seen

>>835535879Pretty much thisShe looks like jailbait Also has pics of when she was much younger

>>835536172You drunk?

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>>835535244She doesn't have any paid content, it was a joke that she was starting an OnlyFans.

This is a sex doll, right? Why else would it look so vacuous, like there's no soul in there.

She really isn't that special tbh, just a 13 in a dozen looking girl.

>>835536482I’m not drunk you’re drunk.

>>835536541She has paid content, but it's non-nude. >>835536668

>>835536668Exactly as described: same old kind of posts. Kudos for posting, and kudos for honest description.

>>835536541Do you think incels read through anything longer than 2 seconds? Retards gotta retard

>>835536668Link to discord ?

>>835536714I wish she'd do HQ feet pics. I'd pay $50 a month for that.

>>835536753Well, that and a certain feature that's rather out of proportion to the rest of her frame...


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>>835536770Great idea

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>>835536930Imagine getting to drum along to "In the Air Tonight" on that ass.

I wanna lewd myself out for her everytime I see these o_o


>>835536983That is literally the most based thing I've heard in a JJ thread all week.

>>835534627Literal cp. KYS.

>>835537216Are you slightly dense? Even if, wrong board

>>835534702Wow. That is a surprisingly creepy thing to say.


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>>835537216she's 20 you retard

>>835536215Easy. You JJ niggers are pathetic.

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>>835537567Forehead is too big. Eyebrows are massive. Wrinkles under her eyes. Lips look like a baboon's ass. I do like the freckles.


>>835537713Now what?

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>>835537415Begging for spanking

>>835537567Now without the filters


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Basically this all looks like advertisements for a trophy wife.

merch!lil ari shopp!a costello up to hopped!saying Lil hi, whoa!you are suit cute!buts black skirts are robotics!

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>>835536215Taylor Nunez is hotter


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>>835537795Looks like a drooling retard with her tongue out. Pounds of make-up. Uneven eyebrows. Nigga, JJ is literally disgusting.

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>>835538034I normally hate tattoos, and I hate hers, but somehow they don't make me subtract any points at all. Still a solid 10/10

>>835538039you forgot cross eyed

>>835537963i sawas thats wrote in Timper!that black is the secret color code!for whens onthe dirtiest holes!and whats coming outs gucky!

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>>835538130>pink hair>tattooshonestly JJ is lost at this point. she was a 10 but now she no longer is I hate to admit it but rules are fucking rules


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>>835538130Agreed still wish she didnt have them

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>>835538130Yeah but it’s not like she has her entire arms tattooed. This one literally doesn’t look bad.

Garbage thread

>>835538034Imagine if that bikini bottom went down just a bit and revealed the top of the spade of her QoS tat.

>>835538153Round face, tattoos. You simp chimps are pathetic.

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>>835538039Don't drag KP into this

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>>835536056I got banned for posting a fake of her. She was over 18 when I posted it ffs.


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Wow u simps are so incel. Bunch of pedo thinking of a WAP you rapist. I sure do hope hell is hot and wait for you.


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>>835538768Shes 20 seethe and dilate tranny

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>>835536215I'd be willing to bet he has Blue Waffles

>>835535244>>835536668It's just this >>835537415

>>835538876>not even blue eyes.

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>>835536930She'd be perfect if her boobs were just a little bigger.

>>835539149I like them perky as well

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>>835539149Bleached hair. Trying to look Aryan. kek

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well I wasn't planning on doing this again today, but I just opened Holla Forums and there's a JJ thread in the catalog right next to an Elsa Jean fleshlight thread so I figure 2+2=coom

>>835534403An excuse to claim you're not a paedophile


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google says she's 20 but she still looks 13also 1,55 m with an ass like that damn

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god i wish that was me



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why the FUCK is her ass so FAT i dont understand bros

>>835540906wet JJ best JJ

>>835541013So round and juicy, but squishy and little. Bet its sooo soft too. Mmmmn


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>>835541201Not the only one. Going round 3.


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>>835536668who got the video

>>835541330Its a struggle to hold in my cum. Shes curvy and yet slim, small yet juicy, and so, so god damn pretty. She's a 10 for sure.

>>835541478She looks sexy, not young. Ive got no interest in what you nonces call "prime" jj.

I want to worship her feet so badly

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i dont know if i can hold it in anymore


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>>835541613that tongue gets me every time


>>835541613>>835541703Stop user my balls are fucking aching i cant cum any more

>>835541703about to give her a one week loadpost her ass and ill do it


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>>835534340>>835534702proofkys pedos/thread


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>>835541918She's over 18 you Fuck tard



I still hate you faggotst. dysnomia

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>>835542152She would look good drinking some "salty milk"

>>835542152Yea you know it stupid add She s over 18 are you brain damaged

What's up with this premium snapchat bs? She could make millions on onlyfans.

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>>835534403Good genes

>>835538998This might be the single most attractive female face

>>835540295background looks like downtown birmingham, alabama.

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>>835538241I wish she didn't have them, but she's still my little Jordyn

>>835538210and lil Ari walked!thoufgh he begged tosniff the aroma from her bottom flute!closing one eye! pup sized!

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>>835540837>jiggle>still imageactually retarded

>>835537567>posts hag

>>835542795that next shopp and store!was a comntest between spelling syntaxgrammer and fixing good sized the pulips of a buig toe bwetween Lil Aristwo soft bum cheeks!

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>>835542994You're just fat, Eric.

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>>835543300the absolute state of women these days.i pray i dont have a daughter.

>>835543370I thought people had forgotten about taylor nunez

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>>835543488I've loved watching Jordyn grow into a literal whore.

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>>835537965>>835543370>>835543606She's literally 17 years and 51 weeks old you sick fucks.

>>83554365916 is legal here. so... sucks to be you

>no one has posted her WAP dance tiktok yet.

this thread got weird

>>835543745cause it shit

>>835543659She's literally and objectively the most beautiful woman on the planet, I don't jerk off to pics of her at age 11 in a bikini dip shit


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>>835543852YUmm 11

>>835543949A real mother would have violently beaten her on the spot but I suppose JJ's mom knows that she is the golden goose that's going to allow her to be put into a really nice retirement home someday.

>>835543949Not the mom one you cum spackled tard.

What's with all the deleted posts?

>>835534877>oh noes... Another thread about someone, that may push my BBC / trap porn thread drop off the chan

>>835543852>not even whiteno

>>835544179Mods got mad when they found out JJ is legal and not a tranny

>>835536172I hope that dreck made you feel better, fock off back to dreaddit

>>835534166Mods seem to ban posting her paid instagram posts which is a new one.

>>835543659>he's literally 17 years and 51 weeks old you sick fuckspractically a toddler!

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You guys think Jordyn likes being slapped?

>>835536649Yes. I'm sure you've drilled loads and loads of similar ilk

>>835543852That makes one of us!

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i've seen her IRL and she's a total midget. bf is a hard manlet too

ITT: Noooo, like the girl that I worship, squeak squeak.

>>835544268Sounds about right.