Taffy is the King of Holla Forums.Discuss

Taffy is the King of Holla Forums.Discuss.

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>>835533560kys faggot

>>835533560not into guys

does this faggot ever make a different facial expression?

This dude can only do one face and is boring as fuck. No substance, no personality, dick limper than soggy noodle. Videos are trash.

>>835534080Check your fucking privilege! He isn't a guy, he is a beautiful woman.

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traps are the niggers of Holla Forumseveryone wishes for their genocide but like roaches, there's just too many of them to remove

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why doesnt she smile in any of her pictures

>>835534358he probably has ugly teeth

>>835533560Probably the best trap out there, she's getting some nice hips too. Does HRT make you develop womanly hips?

>>835533560why cant he have a pussy :(

>>835533560kys faggot

>>835534250same cage, not taftaj.

>>835534204If he was born with a Penis he is a man

>>835534457Do as your King commands.

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>>835534526Pucker up peasant

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>>835534204And I would love to suck her panties clean of cum, then milk her beautiful balls into my throat.

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>>835533560worship material/10

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>>835534865Taffy is the perfect woman

We have pics of him in panties and bra and lingerie, but why don't we have pics of him being fucked? FYI, I would totally eat that ass and suck that dick if he also did that to me

I think you’ll find it’s Boxxy

ayyy, can we have more?


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Fucking faggots

>>835535642Like you wouldn't kiss the tip...

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>>835534396Its all a crapshoot mostlyFace/hair regrowth/hips/ass/titsSome take higher dosages, some add progesterone, others all types of supplements. Total rando crapshoot though much like fem puberty. They say look at your fem relatives and youll look sorta like that unless you pleased the trans gods and they bless you with a super fem face, sexy hips with a big ass, and dd cup tittiesGod i wish it was easier/i could look like that easy

>>835534396nahdon't believe the trans lie. genetics still determine everything, from halo effect to the general level of shit people will give you at allgussying up for a man as they do for a woman as a trap, Taffy could probably very well clean up into the upper percentiles. that carries over to being a trap, possibly with some more generally-acceptable features; I too have nice hips and a bubble butt, so that would lend well to wearing panties and sashaying my hips around.rest assured no amount of HRT or therapy or anything will un-square your hips or un-flatten your ass. genetics make you a hot chad as much as they make you a hot trap. any passable traps were probably working with the right tools before the therapy(ies), but the therapies happen to accentuate them well instead of EL GOBLINAing them

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>>835536464extensive therapy and probable chronic depression are not my definition of easy ha

>>835533560King? But she's a... oh wait no, I see it.

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>>835533560But that's a gril

any .gif or .webm of she cumming?

Has this... thing ever done anything other than make the same dopey face and occasionally an aheago face? Has it ever been fucked on video or taken dildos or is this thing worshipped for basically looking like a ditzy tard?

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>>835538880Some of us like our women pure.

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I would love to see more oh her locked there are only two pictures so far

>>835540189Praise the King and she will surely reward her loyal subjects with pictures of her locked pp

you all post too much pp

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>>835533560please post the queen of Holla Forums thothe super cute petite gf of the king of Holla Forums

I would very much enjoy going balls deep in that ass.

>>835539213shes done scat and is into farts, plus spend some time on her discord and you will learn that she is a vile piece of shit. Plus she has bad bathing habbits

>>835540551She is the most beautiful and the one and only kink for Holla Forums

>>835540850That is slanderous. Plus anyone should feel honoured to suck a fart straight out of her Royal stinkbox

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>>835540850wheres the scat and fart shit

>>835533560Boring ugly tranny, posts the same trash constantly. Looks like they have autism too

>>835540974Who is that?

>>835541427In this >>835540850 foul little liars imagination

>>835541586If she's boring and ugly, why is she the King of Holla Forums?

>>835541681idk bro i heard rumours too from ppl who know taf

Bailey Jay is the only trap is worth it

>>835541865Yeah? Well I heard rumours that you're a little bitch that tells lies about people because you have no friends. I heard that from people that know you, so it must be true.

>>835542005maybe 10 years ago

>>835542005No thot deserves the crown.

>>835533560Gorgeous bodyHideous voice

>>835542258ok nigga

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>>835534576>>835534632Please post these unedited

>>835541681>>835542258>>835542412trust me on this one

>>835542343Taf is an alpha. She would knock seven shades of shit out of you if you called her a thot. Then she'd kiss you on the forehead and put you to bed, you're nothing but a little boy to her

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>>835542435are you taf

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>>835542435Lies, lies, from tiny eyes.

>>835542466White power!

>>835536975>i can never look like this>too beta to get women, so can't do well in either sexual domainit's suicide time bros. don't worry i'm not a tranny just an ugly man with weird half-female brain

>>835542582You can still be ugly an be a crossdresser. Just check out Reddit, it's full of ugly blokes in panties


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>>835536613hrt change your fat distribution, you don't even know what you are talking about young man


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>>835533560Any before pics?

>>835534250That just look pleasing to watch.


>>835534526If thats your belief thats fine, but if someone wants to be trans and it has absolutely zero effect on you, why care?


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>>835539213No hymen no ring.

>>835543528Before what? Breakfast?



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>>835543553Nope, the thread clearly states she is the King of Holla Forums. You should learn to read! I bet you feel embarrassed now dipshit..

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I'm not going to lie, there's a few fine women i'd ditch for Taffy.