Why don’t you just start dating single moms? You can get a good deal on some slightly used merchandise

Why don’t you just start dating single moms? You can get a good deal on some slightly used merchandise

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>>835532896Its a nightmare.Dont.

>>835532896I don't want anything to do with some other dude's kid

>>835532896her asshole looks dirty


>>835532988those are called shadows

>>835532896I am and like most of them they are too busy juggling life to even raise their kid correctly, constantly putting the duty of child rearing on everyone else.Entitled cunts with poor life decisions

>>835532896I would date a woman with an 18 year old daughter that wanted to fuck me when the mom wasn't around

>>835532896I have dated single moms. Moms are hot but you have to deal with their kids, so there's that.

>>835532896it sounds good to me, until their dad like tries to run you over with his truck or you just end up being a glorified babysitter. no thanks

>>835533007it's dirty so stfu

How would you go about dating someone who's entire personality is "My son is my prince and I'm the Queen looking for her King" and "my son is my entire world so ya'll better get with it" etc.And the women with daughters don't even try to date because they know lois are infinitely more delectable than their used up pussy

>>835532896In the army me and my friend would say. "A hole is a hole is a hole"

>>835532896>dat assi'd slam the fuck out of that.the moms okay too, i guess.

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>>835533200easydont date nigger bitches

>>835532896At the end of the day, there's always another man in your girl's life. Nope.

>>835533276Dubs get poster here responding back. 90% women of all ethnicities make their son love their entire personality

Dude, damaged goods that expect the world. Never again

>>835533798Pls post story wise user She ever blow or fuck the old flame?

>>835532896I know right? they're not even your kids, so its less weird to touch them!

>>835533849No, there relationship was a fiery mess. Not much of a story, super drunk, hid it well, spoiled kid with no discipline, things broke down when her alcoholism was started to invade her job.Look, one night stand, no strings fuck buddies, sure, anything more, no

>wanting to date someone with kidshahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha enjoy having to spend time and money on them

I had a woman drop me quick because her daughter became too attached. I was the first guy she dated since the Dad left and she got full custody.

Because single moms have bad taste in men. That's why they're single moms.Any woman that would be interested in me is an idiot. I don't date idiots.

You guys are clueless.We just want a dick once in awhile.We don't have the desire or inclination to 'date' you.

>>835535168Haha it’s true


>>835535331Oooookkkkkk. You sound like a trap kek

>>835532896"Slightly used". Bitches with kids are wrecked. Pure trash. There's a reason the couldn't keep their baby daddy.

>>835532939pretty much this

>>835535331therefore "single" mom

>>835532896>>835532934Every single one is looking to seduce themselves a babysitter. Don't fall for it.

>>835532896Becuase they obviously tend to make poor choices.

>>835536233> Implying you're a good choice...

>>835532896Fuck that they deserve to be alone. I don't want to do stuff for a son/daughter that isn't mine.


i dont date single moms out of respect for the kids.i dont wanna be one of the 30 men in and out of there lives.ill fuck moms if im not meeting the kids tho.

>>835532896I'm no cuck

>>835532934>>835536207I have no experience with it. What's it like?

>>835536514(You) See this >>835533016

>>835533016This.. the dad's are fucking losers as well.. maybe even worse.I know a nigga who said to me sth about he doesn't really drink anymore, he's got kids to take care of... I see him out on his skateboard everyday, other night till 1am. NIGGA... don't try flex your kids on me like you're a responsible adult, only for me to see you acting like a kid, and damn sure not taking care of that kid.I could imagine his mom or girl saying they want to stay out till 2am and him throwing a fit... whack ass wannabe fuckn faggots. I'm sorry I can drink and still adult, I don't need to hide behind tropes to try raise my perceived social value... stupid is as stupid does: female and male single parents, can't handle their shit, in fact most faggots who have kids out of marriage are trash

>>835533061Nah I'm with shadow boi; you a virgin

>>835533035heyyyy this is kind of a great idea

>>835533209And then you’d fuck each other?

>>835532896I made the mistake of dating one that had a 6 year old brat that ran the household. Never again. I will however date a single mother is she's still lactating just because I fucking love breast milk.

>>835533542"I still have to make things work with him, even if I hate him; he's their father">goes over to get piped up and make fun of you while she does it, while you pay mortgage, car, her happiness (because she is fickle, her happiness is monetarily bought), and he pays for child support: just hustling both you dummiesYeah fuck that whore shit.. she couldn't keep it in her pants before; she's not gonna start now

>>835532896I don't like cleaning up my own nut when I cum, why would I want to spend my life taking care of some other guy's nut?

>>835532896Why would I want to fuck another dude's kid? That's illegal, OP.

been there done that>step dad duties suck>single moms be like "were a package deal"

>>835534514I can't do elongated fuck buddy time kuz they always want more and you keep having to manipulate that hope... it gets exhausting and is a degradation of personal character: she's the dumb whore, not you... don't stoop

>>835535209This tbh.. that's why I've taken a break from succ n fucc while I get my head out my fucking ass

i've tried dating a single mom, twice. I can't get over the feeling that these moms are just settling. if you find yourself wanting to date a single mom, ask yourself this first: would she date you if she didn't have a kid?

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>>835536836What's titty milk taste like.. almost wish I didn't abort the baby I put in this whore.. I want sum titty milk :(OC; her prgger milkers

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>>835535168the mom became jealous of you or her daughter ?

>>835533061It's an asshole, you virginThe older you get, the browner it getsUnless you bleach it or other crazy procedures Idk if I want to date a single mom who bleaches her asshole something about that sounds like disaster

>>835536870you got screwed over, didn't you

>>835537187Depends. Did the dad leave, get a long prison sentence, or fucking die?

>>835532939Ultimate cuckery

>>835537187I have this complex in general... considering you're saying this, I'm sure there's a name for these delusions.. especially when I get really down on myself, even if she's a yung baddie with no kid, I find myself like, "bitch y u with me?"First thing comes to mind: imposter syndrome

>>835537209It's really great to suck on a lactating tit but I prefer breast milk to be cold. It has a nice sweetness to it and it's very watery. It doesn't coat the mouth like cows milk does. I haven't had skim milk in years but it's kind of like that I suppose as in they are both watery but breast milk tastes much better.

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>>835537306>I don't want anything to do with some other dude's kid>Ultimate cuckeryexplain

>>835532939biologically there is nothing more dumb than putting a cost on yourself to benefit someone unrelated's genesUnless you do such a good job raising them that the kids end up taking care of you in old age, which they wont since you're not their father, you're cucking yourself

>>835532939this sums it up

>>835537209Still pretty nice.. but she's gaining wait since we broke up, you can see in her arms. She was like a pornstar when we started: big tits, phat ass, petite afff

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>>835533007Shadows don’t smell

>>835536641I know. Shits fire, right?100, 100, 100Tilting laughing emojis.Eggplant.

>>835532934Take it from me, they suck, emotional baggage, their kids always have problems too, you’re the bank for both of them, baby daddy might still come by, not worth it, just work on yourself, fuck as many bitches as possible, die alone

>>835537408Loool you have a whole ass fetish, ah? Respect.


>>835537408i hope to experience this one day

>>835532939My peepee does. Mother/daughter sexxy time!

>>835537209tastes nice, but it'll make you shit your brains out


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>>835537306No... Its just the literal definition of cuckold you fucking cuckold... ok fine maybe not literal but certainly not any more "ultimate" than any other cuckold you fucking cuckold...

>>835532896date? noFuck? YES

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>nigger detector activatednigger found at this location >>835536641nigger found at this location >>835536641nigger found at this location >>835536641alert alert



>>835532896They are usually eager for cock.

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>>835537955Daughter #1 is in shock. #2 knows she can do better.

Single mothers are hilarious. They go to whatever length it takes to try and lure in some sorry sucker to take care of their expenses and some other loser's offspring. I truly don't understand how some men can completely lie to themselves and act in public like they're having a blast and having a lot of sex. They're experiencing neither of these instances. What gets my fucking dick hard is ghosting women after a great first date. If they choose to hide the fact that they have a son or daughter until now, they have wasted my time completely and I couldn't care less. I pick up the check, and I wish her "luck" this drives the female into complete internal rage when they do the math and realize popping out that sorry child of hers was the greatest mistake shes ever made, and she will pay for it for until death frees her. I love to talk down to single mothers of any age and I always make an effort to subtly remind single mothers that they're single for a reason and they have no hope.

>>835533037And since they are not your kids “my kids come first”There is a reason single moms are single.


>>835532896I tried. They rejected me.

>>835532896Because this is what they actually look like

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>>835537955I like that there is another cake with another dildo on it. Because one isn’t enough

>>835538326doing gods work

>>835538326Virgin detected

>>835532896I have no choice. I'm 46. I dated younger women with no kids when I first got divorced, but they all wanted kids and couldn't understand why I didn't want to be 60 with a kid in high school.

>>835532896>raising someone else's child>raising a child at allCool braindamage.

>>835538540I've fucked 23 women. Not a little, not a lot, but enough to know.

>>835532988She farded and shidded.

>>835532896It's immoral to become a father figure to a kid in a relationship that won't last. Seems to me like only much older mothers like in their fifties are willing to date on the side keeping their kids out of it

>>835537990Leave her a single mother of two.

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>>835532896For casual sex this is okay. They are great in bed. No ltr though.

>>835532896Cuz I'm married with kids already. If I become single I probably wont have a choice. Although, I'd probably not date anyone just fuck. Dont want no bitch around my kids, I don't trust anyone and it's my job as a father to protect them at all costs.

>>835532896Not worth it, I "dated" a single mom in some really turbulent bit of circumstance which brought us together several times for a few months over the course of 6 years, and it was an absolute nightmare.The girl was a slut first off, secondly she was a financial wreck who lived with her mom and didn't work. Above all this she was incredible unstable mentally and clearly had some lingering daddy issues.Her kid was also incredibly annoying and you had to play nice with the kid to even get in with the mom which increases the work two fold. She was a 9/10 girl, but the amount of baggage and bullshit that came with her wasn't worth any amount of pussy I got from her.To add to all of this the deadbeat dad was still somewhat in the picture so you had to deal with all that drama with him. Dude trying to start shit with you for absolutely no reason, the mom always having some proclivity to defend this piece of trash just because he's the kids dad...Stay far and away from any single moms.

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>>835538413That's a man, baby.

>>835532896I actually dated a young single mom for two months. Her husband shit the bed because leukemia. >almost no sex>expecting you to be a father figure>literally instantly acting like you've been married since the beginning of time and that you're the one who knocked her upNever ever again

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>>835538540I've fucked 23 women. Not a little, not a lot, but enough to know I'm a cock crazed cum guzzling faggot

Even they dont want any thing to do with me.


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>>835539007>chan4chanmy gateway to this hell hole back in '05.

>>835532896>not dating single moms so you can fuck and fondle their young, tight daughters Aha. You boys know so little.

>>835539007reminds me of my drug dealer friend that dated a single pedomom the lucky bastard enjoyed some oyakodon shit

>>835532896What's the consensus on single dads? I'm a single father myself. Doing a good job raising my daughter alone as her mother is now a crazy druggie whore who never comes around anymore. I have the occasional tinder hookup but I never try to 'date' anyone. Am I damaged goods as well?

>>835539264He's right, you know.


>>835532939What if she's 14 and walks around the house in just a t-shirt and panties, and calls you daddy?

>>835539340>Am I damaged goods as well?To some women you are...mostly younger whores. Others see a loving father taking care of a kid and their eggs come flying down their tubes begging for your seed.

>>835539340naw you're top tier for women in their 30's and single. just keep looking bro we'll all make it


>>835539415I volunteer as tribute!

>>835532896I would never with any of them, but man, they fuck like gods

>>83553934099% of cases i would presume, where i include you, are not looking woman to pay your life style, get you house and raise your daughter for you, until she runs out of money and you find your next victim.. nah you are not used goods. Single moms how ever tend to do exactly that, hence stereotype.


>>835537278Nah, I'm just old enough to know that people are inherently shit, and the lower I.Q, the more likely they are to be animals.. if having a child with no gameplan isn't dumbass status: idk what is

>>835537477>>835538074I don't get it... should I talk like a robot for approval online from some ppl with no game?

>>835532896That's like buying a used car with 180k on the odometer and the check engine light on.

>>835537477>>835538074Or are you following the same trope, and trying to seem mature... but really you just have no social skills, and can't hang with the pretty ppl?

>>835536514They usually come In one of three varieties 1. The escapist. This bitch fucked a loser or three and now is barely scraping by because they can barely afford to pay attention because the dad(s) are deadbeat. These bitches are looking for anyone that is remotely financially stable to lift them out of their bad situation. Expect a lot of white trash coal burners in this category.2. The strong female character. This bitch is the kind that has a job and home but is extremely jaded. She’ll have no problem telling you that she’s running the program and you’re lucky to be part of it. They will demand you be extremely flexible to accommodate her and her spawn and if not she will be quick to let you know that she can get another man. These are typically the ones that are still very hot and so men obviously hit in her frequently. Also usually a cheater because any man that meet her dating criteria are fags that she doesn’t respect. She will either treat her kids like royalty or barely pay attention to them because muh career.3. The lotto milf. These are the rarest of the single mothers. These are the women who for all intents and purposes are fairly normal and just had a bad break. Maybe husband died or something else that was beyond her control. They typically will make time for you and will only introduce you to her kid after really getting to like you. They still come with baggage but if you’re going to do it these are the only acceptable ones.

>>835532896>Why don’t you just start dating single moms?because I'm married already

>>835532896>dating single moms?>You can get a good deal on some slightly used merchandiseMom means children.Used is not the problem, most girls already fucked someone else.But a woman with children is NEVER a good deal.

>>835532896>Why don’t you just start dating single moms?As long as the kid(s) is/are white.

>>835532988I think it was "enhanced" during the making of the meme.

she has two sonsexe.io/7gQbjN

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>>835540179Where is her butthole?

>>835535331Get a dildo.

>>835532896>datingstopped reading right there

>>835535331You sound young. Take it from an old bastard like myself, that life is gonna leave you fucked in your 30’s. The girls that never grew up still thinking they are hot in their 30’s quickly find out that they wasted their youth slurring around and all the decent men are taken.


>>835532896>Why don't you just start dating single moms?Because they have children attached to them. Sure, it's fine if you're strictly going after a booty call, but to date them is another thing entirely. I once had this woman who had a 4 year old son, her baby's daddy was some ex-con gang dropout pussy. Long story short, we agreed it was purely sexual and then she decided she wanted more and I cut her off, then she started accusing me of "using" her, even though we explicitly agreed that we were just using eachother.TL;DR - Don't date them, just pump and dump.

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>>835540663Black pussy is the best.


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>>835532896We all know the down sides.Let's talk about the up sides.You NEVER wanna be a chick's first guy. All girls have unreasonably high expectations. It's really ridiculous. AFTER their first guy (which may be the father of her kids), women lower the bar. Or they go lesbian. If they stay straight and you're a nice guy, dating them should be easy. They will be grateful just to have a decent guy.Another up side? If she has 1 or more daughters (if you're into that angle). A lot of single moms are so desperate, even if they know you're messing around with their daughter, they'll look the other way. Just as long as the girl is like 13 or older.The final up side: If you, personally, had no intention of having children of your own, a single mom is PERFECT! She already got hers. Chances are high she won't bug you to get her pregnant.

>>835533269Funny underrated post

>>835535331mom tells me that every night

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>>835540769Lol that’s a lot more accurate than people realize. I have been on dates with these bitches and all of a sudden they want a premium for damaged goods.

>>835539340Who gives a fuck what women your age see you as. You have a daughter to raise, do that. Occasional hookups compared to whole ass relationships introduced to your kid that won't last are much more preferable anyway. Then when she's 18 you can find a woman to have a steady relationship with. By then everyone has kids and men's value in the dating pool is significantly higher

>>835540510So much truth in this comment.

>>835539918tfw i have actually done all three thanks to tinder even lotto milf who i almost stuck it out with long term

>>835532896There's only one reason a Holla Forumstard would date a single mom, and it's not the mom.

>>835532896because single moms are rejects of society.

>>835539918Tldr 1. Meal ticket 2. Bossy and domineering 3. Decent and dateable


>>835538618Why don't you wanna be 60 with a kid in high school?

>>835532896lol the worst deal in relationships ffs you fucking moron. She pumped and dumped one guy, what's the chances she's going to stay loyal to you? These single mother hoes use men until the kids are grown up and have left the nest, and then they divorce rape the current man.

>>835539340>Am I damaged goods as well?Yes, no woman without kids is going to want to date someone and make such a big commitment when they have other choices available. The redeeming factor for you is that there aren't any negative connotations like people assuming its due to you making poor decisions in your younger years. You might wanna try single moms, preferably those where the father is dead, not just a deadbeat.

>>835532896only consider it if she's a widow and her kids are not nightmares, and even then tread lightly

Don't.My brother is in this situation. Got a girlfriend that already had 3 little kids (from 4 to 7 or so) and at first she told him he wouldn't have to worry about them since they're not his kids. 2 years later and he's now babysitting them and buying things for them. Whenever I want to do something with him he says he can't because his wife is at work and he's taking care of the kids. It's total bullshit.Women with kids are damaged goods. Why would you wanna take care of damaged goods? It doesnt make sense unless you're a total simp or a pedo.

>>835532934>DontBut bro, look at that ass.

>>835542446>Whenever I want to do something with him he says he can't because his wife is at workI made a mistakke. I should clarify that it's his GIRLFRIEND, not wife. Not sure why I said wife.

>>835532988You pathetic little homo cuck.

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>>835540780>Another up side? If she has 1 or more daughters (if you're into that angle). A lot of single moms are so desperate, even if they know you're messing around with their daughter, they'll look the other way. Just as long as the girl is like 13 or older. I think its more than desperation. I think on an animal level all women see all other women as competition and either subconscious or consciously act cunty towards them because "muh fee fees and 'mones told me too". Women who let their men have their way with their daughters probably rationalize it as "punishing" their spawn.

>>835532896Been there, done that, multiple times. Take it from a Holla Forumsto who knows better. There’s a reason they’re single moms, boys.

>>835532896I would but only if the kid is past 12 years old.

I had a serious relationship with a single mother, shit was insane and yes, she did try to get me to be her babies daddy, she would constantly try to get me to cum inside her and many times I gave into the "passion" but it was all a trick. Luckily I didn't get her pregnant and got out the more psycho she became.After that I've dated single mothers because they're sex starved or just want to get knocked up and trick you into being their husband but because of my first relationship I'm wiser and just go for the goods and get out.

>>835538413sad reveal

>>835532934elaborate>>835532988WOW IMAGINE THAT!

3. The lotto milf. These are the rarest of the single mothers. These are the women who for all intents and purposes are fairly normal and just had a bad break. Maybe husband died or something else that was beyond her control. They typically will make time for you and will only introduce you to her kid after really getting to like you. They still come with baggage but if you’re going to do it these are the only acceptable ones.HOT AF DTF anytime in all three holes But Still A CUNT

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I'm a dude with a kid, and I couldn't even date a single mom. Seeing somebody else's kid more than my own? Nah, hard pass. My current girlfriend, who is not a mom, told me when we first met that she didn't usually date dads, but she'd give me a chance, and she's already basically fallen in love with my daughter and she's going to make a great step-mom, and eventually a mom, but I wouldn't want to be anybody's step-parent.

>>835532896>putting my time and money into another mans child For what? Some pussy and a cooked meal once a day...Not even once

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I've had casual flings with a couple single mothers, but I only date the ones who don't want to introduce me to their kid.

>>835543362>cooked meal once a dayThey can't even cook these days

>>835542446That sounds like it was entirely his decision.

How do you even become a single parent without first being married and then divorced? Like bro, just don't have sex if you don't want to have a kid, it's that easy. I've been not doing it for 28 years and I'm totally fine. Frickin nerds

>>835532939It’s sad that people see it this way. My stepdad changed my life and gave me great role model for me to look up to. Anyone can knock a chick up and be a biological father, being a step dad is a choice someone makes and takes way more balls imo. Nothing more “alpha” than one upping the biological father in every way and turning his kids into and upstanding citizen, which he failed to do.

>>835536287Well i'm sure better than single mom

>>835543681> Nothing more alphaYou best be joking nigga

>>835543332You’re on the same spectrum as single mothers, don’t forget that. Secretly she hates every time your annoying shit stain kid needs something.

>>835543332You’re also a selfish piece of shit. You’re like the incels who want a virgin gf to cook and clean but they don’t wanna add anything to the relationship and have nothing to offer. Wait until your gf packs her shit and leaves bc stupid isn’t worth it lmao.

Still has Rug Rats...

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It’s really awkward when their kid is the same age as you

>>835543773>>835543855t. seething singlemoms

The worst thing about single moms is having to put up with the woman just to have access to the boy.

I agree that they’re eager. I met this one and easily got nudes lmao

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>>835543457>That sounds like it was entirely his decision.you can only say no in the beginning. the sex is great but after the fun is over she will force you to be a surrogate to her unwanted children.

>>835532896Single mum for a reason unless her man was killed doing some honourable shit and she is not a cunt then ok if i want her. But in every other case NO

>>835533035I Am Down ..Only Way to Go

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>>835543681>My stepdad...You're still some other dude's kid, biologically, and if he had no children of his own then it was his loss.Your case is probably a lot better than the rest of them, where the mom reaps the benefits of a relationship (gets money, time and caretaker for her kid). She loses nothing, it's HER kid getting a good life, SHE is taking things easier etc.The guy who dates her though? Spends his time, money etc. for someone who can just say "I'm taking MY CHILD away now, thanks for all the money and caretaking" and he has no saying in this.It's hardwired in our biology, it's hardwired in our legal system and it's just NOT RIGHT to take care of other men's children without being ready to pay the price.

>>835544077>Single mum for a reasonexactly. single mom with a living dad of her children means she is a psycho. no sane person would abandon children unless the mom is a total psycho. only black men abandon children for no good reason. that is why all black women expect very little support from the father of their children.

>>835539415Not 14 yet, but almost.This keeps me going.

>>835544211thats not true, they've got a good reason. The children are black.

>>835543961thats the sad part about it. the kids are gonna grow up with the same hatred and negative view of the world like their mom. unfortunately, our court system always gives custody to the mother no matter her background.

>>835532896I'm fucking an Asian chick ten years younger then me. I love white women, but past 30, shit, on in their 20's they party and ride too much cock. Also, I don't want to raise someone else's kids, I already have my own.

>>835544286im trying to be BLM here. geez.


>>835538413Plastic tits on an asian monkey

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>>835537209Very sweet. Tasted it by accident when I was sucking my wife's huge ass milkers after our first kid. Overall, it's meh, babies must have shit taste. What the fuck is their problem?

>>835543681how was the sex with your step dad? i bet he looks at you with hungry eyes when you walk around the house in your underwear.please, tell us the details.

>>835543681Most step dads aren't there to be your step dad, they're there to have a wife/girlfriend.Sure, great, you liked your step dad. Doesn't change the fact that he didn't have his own children.And it cannot remove the hertiable traits from your owner father than caused him to abandon to begin with.

>>835543365>but I only date the ones who don't want to introduce me to their kid.that is why you only went to 2nd base. 3rd base requires you get along with their kid. homerun will only happen when the kid likes you.

>>835537630Fucking love this

>>835533035Long con


>>835544452>Most step dads aren't there to be your step dad, they're there to have a wife/girlfriend.truth.

>>835532896Married moms fuck much better and know what’s up. No entanglements or commitment pressure.

>>835533035Bro we talking about real life not pornhub