Why is Portland so incredibly retarded?

Why is Portland so incredibly retarded?

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Because they're American

Does the answer start with an "n'?

Because niggers

>>835532180Trumpers threw it dumbass. Portland is out here doing the work that the rest of the lazy ass country isn't.You're welcome shithead

>>835532180Because retards live there. Look up mental health stats for Portland some time. It's a literal cesspool of human depravity.

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>>835532267Sure they did commie guess we should just ignore the other molotovs being tossed at the police at the same time the video is out there stop gaslighting

>>835532180I don't think its just niggers, its niggers mixed with progressive ideas that make them retarded. State like Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, etc all have more Niggers then Portland. But when you have progressives telling niggers that acting like niggers is okay well, they act like niggers. Monkey see, monkey do.

>>835532180>Portland being retardedWelcome to Portland!

>>835532180Your mom can explain it to you

>>835532267Is being an asshole considered work?>Portland is out here doing the work that the rest of the lazy ass country isn't.

Probably a mixture of the Urban Outdoorsmen and the soyboys that actually live there having unholy sex and giving birth to the monster that is Portland.

>>835532180Liberals. Law officers being mean to niggers is the excuse for libs to act retarded.

>>8355321804chan should use it's power to ID this guy so we can ridicule him

>>835532180twitter.com/glitxxi/status/1302604756993662976Video of the dumbass with some music added.

I live in Portland there’s nothing wrong except trump scum supporters trying to spread lies and more lies this is not trump country thank god also stop watching fake ass Fox News everyone commenting on here probably have never been to Portland they just talk shit about something they know nothing about except what Fox News says

>>835532840Bro, you don't have to larp like Portland wasn't already going to crap before Trump

>>835532840There is the whole internet out there, and the best you can do is say "Don't watch Fox, you must have watched Fox."You're stuck in a 1990's paradigm buddy, stop listening to your geriatric leaders.

>>835532267You lying piece of shit communist scumbag. Did you post that from your iPhone bought with daddy's money, faggot?

>>835532902>>835532953>I dont live there but I'll tell you what is happening thereKek

>>835532840>t. commie soyboy

>>835532902Bro I’m not I’m 49 lived here my whole life there nothing wrong except at night they protest no they should not destroy businesses or property no one wants that but Portland as a whole is fine

>>835532180"that's some fire dance moves yaawooo oooooh ahhh ohh ahh"- the local niggers

>>835532267>Defending niggers and nigger violenceAdded to the ban archive.

>>835532180I blame the soy.

>>835533079>there nothing wrong>they protest>destroy businesses or propertywhat is it


>>835532953Lived here for 49 years it’s not as bad as they make it it’s just a few protesters at night causing damage and no I’m not stuck in 90s I get information from everywhere and no I don’t watch fake Fox News but I do know it’s a trump scum channel

I live here, the people doing this assetry are absolute fucking retards that don't care about anything other than destroying their own city for laughs. There is literally no point to what any of them are doing anymore and our full retard mayor wheeler is too scared to condemn them and ask for help to deal with what has become an incredibly real problem. Bottom line, if you live here buy as many guns and as much ammunition as possible before November.

>>835532214Don’t group me in with those asshole

>>835532180If you’re reading this, you’ve been in coma for almost 20 years now. We’re trying a new technique. We don’t know where this message will end up in your dream. Please wake up.

>>835532180Portlandia. That, and the city threw up a bunch of "Portland is Weird!" and "Weird people Welcome!" advertising in various places, because it used to be a decent, white, pacific northwest community without really any problems except the occasional hiker getting lost, and it was proud of itself for that. But those ads/slogans/messages were a giant beacon to the trannies, sjws, communists, californians, and all the other leftist shitheads who came here in droves, which brought the other parasites (roody-poos) that feed off them. Now you can't go to the mall without some shitskin trying to sacktap you, grab your girlfriend's ass, or try to insult your shoes, like anyone in the PNW has any business wearing spotless air jordans or whatever the fuck.

>>835532180Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

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>>835533028I live in Salem, moron.

>>835533196I've been downtown and it's actually worse than they make it, also our only regular local news network IS a fox owned network and hasn't embellished anything.

>>835533172If you can’t figure out what I said you are retarded you are trying to twist my words to meet your thinking your probably a trump supporter

>>835533288What will you burn when Trump wins?

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>>835533288>there nothing wrong except at night they protest no they should not destroy businesses or property no one wants that>nothing wrong>protest>they should not destroy properties>nothing wrongok retard

>>835533079>There's nothing wrong>except at nightYeah, that's not "normal", that's turned to shit already.

>>835533249But that's not Portland, is it

>>835532687Not worth it

>>835533260I’ve been downtown on the west side and nobody said or did anything to me it’s fine in the daytime it’s just a few protesters at night causing problems

>>835532300those poor indians in oklahoma :(

>>835533375Oh blow me. It's just down the damn freeway, and I'm over there way more than I'd like.

>>835533260What are you saying we have channel 2 abc channel 6 cbs channel 8 nbc the only that’s Fox is 12

>>835533424>"Protestors"Thank you for confirming that you haven't been anywhere near what's happening.

>>835533480Oh so you visit. Seems like you know everything going on here then


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>>835532300>"We're Spoonies, teehee!"So much this.I know 4 people who recently "came out" as trans. None of them are. They're dudes who have never had male role models in their lives, who can't get a gf, who get told they're garbage for being cis-het, and as soon as they make any movement toward being lgbt, it's immediately "OMG you're #SoBrave!". It would have fucked me up so hard if I was a kid here.

>>835533359Dude it’s a few idiots at night there not gangs of people destroying shit all day

>>835533532Work there, actually. So you can stop.

>>835532267>Portland>workLol, with our like 2/3ds unemployment rate? Right.

>>835533574>Well its only a few jihads in the middle east not everyonethis is how you sound like

>>835533574Right because they're actually a bunch of pussies that know the cops won't fuck with them so they wait for everyone else to go to bed and make it harder for any cameras to capture exactly what they're doing. RIOTING.

Portland kicks ass born here live here will die here


>>835532840Go back to California.

>>835533406found him. its this guy

>>835533611Kek, I live in Portland. So you can stop

>>835533690Please do the last first.

>>835533671Like I said no one wants looting or rioting but it’s not what they make it out to be it’s a few idiots at night yes they should be arrested but mostly it’s fine

>>835533079Ah, are the protests 'fiery but mostly peaceful'? Three months of this shit. I'll bet the citizens living in the area are damn tired of losers trying to belong to something. That's all this is now, no one cares about the 'cause'. Portland is becoming quite laughable.

>>835533790Do you eat crayons?

>>835533344All the water treatment facilities.

>>835533790Why? I'm not allowed to tell people what my experiences are just because you live slightly closer?Fuck you.

>>835533813Please go fuck your self

>>835533870You told me to stop but I live here. So yes I can tell you stop. You have a limited scope of what's going on

>>835533288nigger is obviously a troll. nobody is retarded enough to think this.

>>835533820Yes it’s getting tiresome but Portland is a great city no one wants this the people who are doing the rioting don’t live here they come out at night to cause problems then leave

>>835533819t. liberal cuck

>>835533907Done.Your turn.

>>835533995Right, 'cause you keep tabs on the whole city. Next time I see anything happen, I'll be sure to check with you to make sure it actually is happening, instead of me seeing shit.

>>835534022Cuntservative cock gobbler go drink your bleach like your daddy said

>>835534019>great city>riot and destructionfeels bad for the people there

>>835532180It's the soyboy capital of the world.

>>835534117Please let me know when the city is a blaze as donny suggests

>>835533079They permanently closed a Fred Meyer and a Walmart on 82nd because there was so much shoplifting that the businesses were no longer profitable. Nordstrom's are closing around here because the local economy cannot support decent, expensive clothes anymore. I see a dozen closed down businesses or abandoned buildings almost every day, and that was long before coronavirus. I stopped going to the Lloyd center mall years ago because it's always full of creeps. Do you actually know where the borders of "Felony Flats" even are? Because people use it to refer to the entire city east of the river.

>>835534219Dang capitalism

>>835534160And how many times have you been there to know this

>>835534219This is all because of increasing numbers of niggers. Every single thing you just described.

>>835534293I know people who live there IRL.

>>835532180An acquaintance of mine moved to boston, hated it, moved to Seattle, hated it, moved to Portland>OMG WOW I FOUND MY PEEPS! So there's that.

>>835534154seethe more liberal. let's throw molotovs in your house and see how you like it then?

>>835534327I completely forgot the point, He has FAS.

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>>835534327Is he a liberal gay soyboy? Makes sense if he is.

>>835532840>trump countryEVERYTHING outside of Portland and Eugene is Trump Country.

>>835532267I can taste the tears

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>>835534219Yeah my sis lived in felony flats 79 and duke it’s southeast your talking about it’s always been a poorer area businesses closing have nothing to do with rioting which is what I thought we are talking about

>>835533216t. Based actual Portlander.

>>835532267>doing the worki'll even give you a chance. what work?think hard before you reply, because 'having a conversation about race' or 'dismantling racism' (literally not doing it tho, just demanding others do it for you) aren't examples of work

>>835532180Because it's full of faggots, SJW's, liberals, and antifa retards. NONE of those people have any properly working brain cells.

>>835533907No way I'm moving to Portland.

>>835533375It is though.

>>835534361>niggersShut the fuck up you call me names I call u names you know the game come find my house I will be waiting just for u cuntservative cock gobbler


>>835534388>>835534384If you look at a lot of the people within the crowd, and familiarize yourself with the FAS phenotype, you will be astounded. This is a very real problem.

>>835534443That’s why the whole west coast voted for Clinton keep telling lies trump scum

>>835534597Salem isnt Portland

I’m just amazed how many retards think they are fighting for their empowerment while being backed by msm, Hollywood, big businesses.These people are really stupid. Chinese psyop.

>>835533424Yeah downtown's pretty great now, some of the businesses aren't even boarded up anymore. Any day now they're gonna put the statues back out, you know once they clean up the graffiti and replace the destroyed concrete foundations.

>>835534726Have you been downtown lately? The graffiti and damage is nothing that it was months ago

>>835533790No. You don't.

>>835532180Democrats. Nothing else.

>>835534726Nothing is perfect

>>835534808Republicunts nothing else there I fixed it for you


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>>835534860>Forgot to imply, dumb shit.

>>835534805Yes I do. Nice try tho

>>835534868Kek, so you havent?

Radiation from Fukushima?

>>835534887Yes you are dumb as shit

>>835532267Being subhuman trash is work to you?

>>835534916Nah. I live on the other side of the country. Then again, where I live isn't in constantly in the news.

>>835534478>have nothing to do with rioting >Mass exodus from Portland occurring, people aren't leaving their houses except to buy food and ammo for the past 3 monthsThe city forced businesses closed/crippled, which created a huge group of people not working, and a marxist insurrection took root with barely any provocation. It's because of the riots even if they didn't burn them down, user.

Well gotta take a shit and wipe my trump also fuck all trump lovers and republicunts

>>835534936Got 'em.

>>835533232Awww this sissy white nigger couldn’t defend his girl from niggers and blames...Portland.

>>835534982But the news is fake remember

>>835533690Can't wait until you die there.

>>835533249Salem? So you’re low wage white nigger trash. Got it. You can’t afford Portland.

>>835534478>poor>niggers>has nothing to do with riotsI cackled vigorously

>>835534984Riots don’t help no but I’m not against people leaving have you tried driving during rush hour around here it’s way to crowded so please I hope they leave in droves better for me

>>835533480Yeah so you’re one of the leeches whose towns economy relies on Portland yet complains about it like a bitch. No Portland and no Oregon. Nice loser state, loser.

>>835535052...the fuck?

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>>835535108 Sure pussy sure your so cool

>>835535233>yourWasted dubs, wasted life

>>835532267>doing the work Of course the faggot portlander doesn't even know what work is

This is funny people talking shit about somewhere they’ve never been

>>835533196>its not that bad

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>>835535262Next time I will check with you since your so smart you are a waste of space please stop breathing my air

>>835535397>file nameKek

>>835535397It’s not trying to make it out the whole city is on fire is a lie pushed by trump cuntservative media

>>835535083Lol. Minimum wage can afford Portland. Low wage can't even afford to commute that far every day, much less afford a house in a smaller town where someone can actually raise a family.

Eugenefag here.Fuck Portland and fuck its cancerous influence spreading here.Thank fuck the suburbs are relatively untouched.


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Why are you so bad at baiting?

>>835535438Pulled it from a news story about portland, my bad

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>>835535483Portllander here fuck Eugene if it wasn’t for Portland your little hippie town wouldn’t exist please move out of Oregon scumbag

>>835533249>>835533375Salem is in M.A. you tards


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>>835535588You both should go back to California

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>>835535115The vaccine will remove anyone who has so little discernment that they would inject a random fucking serum into their bodies over what surmounts to a bad cold.

>>835535602Salem is the capital of Oregon you idiot

>>835535602And Portland is in maine

>>835535602 Yea, there has never ever been two cities with the same name in two different states, ever. Kek


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>>835532180Ultimately because of racism and inequality, among other reasons. But I have no doubt there are kids on here who will try to argue a counterpoint and place blame on something else like “socialism” or “niggers” or something else they heard from their granpap or at a KKK rally.

>>835535650Oh yeah I’m sure the witch trials were on the west coast my bad.... imagine actually being as retarded as you are.

>>835535636Can’t go back to somewhere I’ve never been

>>835535562Dang dumpster fires

>>835535708Hahaha so mad that he got called out that states can have the same names for cities.

>>835535708>onLook it up fuckface

>>835535718That was the Portland justice center, it burned to the ground

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>>835535682Yes there have you idiot. I’m just letting these idiots know Salem is in Massachusetts. But then again I guess you know nothing of geography

>>835535695>racism and inequalityWe've had a supermajority lefty liberal local government for how many years now?

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>>835535588>Portllander here>Can't spell>Swears>Can't punctuate>Can't form coherent sentences>Portllander hereYup, checks out.

>>835535643Oh Look! Another truth and science denying, trump sucking asshole!Fuck off and die from the trump virus you moron.And learn to spell you stupid republicunt.

>>835535695>racism and inequalityLiterally did not exist but now its starting to again because of this shit


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>>835535753>>835535768Fish hook

>>835535865All leftists deserve to hang

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>>835535780That building is still standing and that's tear gas


>>835535905All trump sucking, stupid, uneducated white trash morons deserve to be shot.

>>835535790So mad, kek. The original Salem user said he drove to Portland for work, thus knows what is happening there. So what are you even arguing?

>>835535562That's why it's funny.>Oops, that one's actually from another violent riot in a different part of the state, sorry for the mix up!

>>835535923I never said that picture wasn't tear gas and prove it faggot

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>>835535791Not in the city’s government but in the country at large, right now.

>>835535839Hi kid.

>>835532180Liberalism. Vote Democrat so your neighborhood can look like this, too!


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>>835536032Well the gas pouring out from a concentrated spot from multiple spots on the ground is a good since of some sort small containers emitted gas.

>>835536153*good sign

>>835536040So things that don't impact your life is why Portland is retarded, alright.Yeah dude all that darn racism and inequality, fuck dude it really is a shitter, gotta whine about it to the 20% of the 2% of the overly loud population that uses twitter while I drink my overpriced locally brewed coffee man.Yeah, nah, you're just bored. You couldn't give a shit less about injustices.

>>835533690>die hereProbably soon.

>>835532267no matter how much you riot, niggers will still be killed when they resist arrest

>>835535695>“socialism” or “niggers” or something else they heard from their granpap or at a KKK rallyWhy do libtards think this? No one attends KKK rallies, and people's granddads don't make them racist. People can see socialism fail for themselves, and they become racist by seeing or having to deal with n*ggers. Is independent thought so foreign to leftists, that they don't believe a person can think something, unless someone else told them to? How NPC can you be?

>>835535976Yeah, no Portland, no work for the dumb white niggers in the surrounding areas. Now go change my oil, trash.

Entitled kids getting rent from their parents whose politics are informed by professors who never left school

>>835535053Not Trump guy so I don't know who you're preaching to.


>>835536345Kek, what?

>>835535976Yeah hes sooo knowledgeable

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>>835535602trolling is a art.

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>>835532180Being downriver from the Nuke processing facilities probably explains a lot of it.

Because fucking nigger black lives there.

>Its so peaceful guyzThose niggers in government better not bail out that city

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>>835536688Yea that's def not the wendys in GA that got torched...kek


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>>835532180 "Fire walk with me." haw



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>>835535692Look! It´s an Abarth 500. Cool! It´s a rare sight of Italian cars in America.

Hope more are shot

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Only in Portland can a mayor get chased out of his own condo because of the arson attempts of people he encouraged and still still continues to support after the move.But hey, he's only got like four houses.

>>835537596its a fiat 500 they're a dime a dozen here

>>835533233I appreciate this>also checked

>>835537627mister domestic abusing skateboard ninja had his arm almost blown off by that AR-15 round. had no idea the armalite packed a punch like THAT


>>835532180>>835532254You'd think so, but no.It's actually liberals using niggers as an excuse to distract from the Chinese role in infecting and killing Americans with the Wuhan virus.Liberals are either Chinese operatives or unwitting dupes. Just like the hippies in the 1960s were unknowingly financed by the Soviets, today's useful idiots on the left are pitted against the useful idiots on the right who are unwittingly doing the bidding of the Russians. (No more Soviets because socialism didn't work. lol)In this case, the right is closer to American self-interest because the left explicitly advocates treating young boys with hormones, brainwashing them into cutting their dicks off, and doing away with the male race entirely.Why? Because then the populace will be more easily subdued by the tiny Chinese soldiers (average height in China is 5'6").Read a fucking book, OP.

>>835532262There are like two black people in Portland. Are you on LSD?


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>>835538274glad hes dead, fuck him

>>835532214Why the people from US are so incredibly retarded as to keep naming his country as America? America is the whole fucking continent.

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>>835534669>pretending that the big left coast cities speak for the whole stateDraw the boundary big enough and you can pretend to have those results. In reality, many of us outside the socialist enclaves figure those enclaves can go to hell.

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>> Why the people from US are so incredibly retarded as to keep naming his country as America? America is the whole fucking continent.Ahem ...Just forget that we're up here, farting on you all the time.

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>>835535602No, Salem is in Sabrina's house

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>>835538160Well yeah, if you live west of downtown.

>>835538274Yes the faggot in pic related died like a bitch

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>>835538306>People in other countries actually believe thisLol, it's cute when foreigners think their stupid opinions matter

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>>835538483Oregon doesn't provide their county results so nicely

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>>835532267Why would Tump 'sporters throw a bomb at the police?

>>835532180>Highest number of whites.>Actually does good>People start going there>People have freedom>Freedom leads to arts>Arts lead to liberals>Liberals lead to mental illness>People start noticing the highest number of whites number>People start moving there to teach them a lesson>1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 10, 10 becomes 100. As long as leftism remains 1 will always become 100 again.

>>835532180All this because of a nigger that couldn't handle his fentanyl gj USA

>>835539232Its always the problem, whites who aren't around the others have empathy so they import them in and that is when they get racist.

>>835532840You know there are videos of these riots coming out of portland, right? I seriously doubt you live there

>>835539448Its the fucking politicians, they get the country to chimp out until the election hits and then they let it calm for 4 years


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>>835539462what the fuck are you talking about

>>835532180Because it's where all the lefties end up on their way to seattle, and the poorest and dumbest ones get stuck there.

>>835532254Oregon has a 1.8% black population, and portland is the whitest big city in the US.

>>835532840>implying lefties didnt just murder someone

>>835532840I live in portland too, this user is a liar, portland has been shit for a long time but it's worse now.

>>835533480Its 40 miles south of Portland

>>835535233He’s right though


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>>835532180>Why is Portland so incredibly retarded?because niggers.

>>835533079OK BOOMER

>>835538306There is no continent named America, smart guy. I'll guess you refer to China as People's Republic of China, and never shorten it either, right fuckface?

>>835532180Answer's simple son. Twitch Thots. Think about it.

>>835540577there's two continents named America

>>835540215See>>835539962It's just what happens when the majority of people are young white liberals.


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>>835532840Using commas is the first step to communism

>>835532840Written like a true 14 year old.

>>835532180Because it's run by retards, AKA 'progressives'

>>835532180Why is Holla Forums suddenly a battle ground for Share Blue, r/TheDonald, and CIAniggers? I just wanted to shitpost and lurk trap threads.

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>>835541221/pol/ threads in Holla Forums arent great, but it's better than trap threads and the same pasta posted daily for a decade.It's also 2 months till an election.

>>835532180Anyone have a gif of his dance?

>>835535973Most Trump supporters are your boss. If you have a job anyway.

>>835533216I live in Sioux Falls I seen 3 cars in the high school parking lot with Oregon plates when I took my 9th grader to orientation. Also Texas, California and New York. Anyone with any money will leave these shitholes. 5 years from now it will look like Detroit

>>835532180simple answer Bolsheviks, long answer Bolsheviks and their thralls

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>>835541442But 90% of oregon outside of portland is based.Portland is just the perfect storm, worst parts of washington and California combine to make a super storm of shit.

>>835532180LOL....Antifa scum.

>>835533574>dude it's a few idiots on the force, not gangs of cops killing peopleYeah, get fucked if you are incapable of applying the same reasoning and arguments to both positions.

Three months of constant protests. I can't imagine why the average citizens aren't pushing back. Losers and derelicts running amok and they do nothing. Maybe they deserve what they're getting?

>>835538306there's a continent named north america and another named south americatechnically it's the united states of america anyway, you fucking retard

>>835532180why is your average btard so retarded? this shit is happening in a few blocks in downtown loldo you idiots really think portland is burning to the ground?also, when people send brownshirts to abduct people it tends to make actual patriots rightly pissednot that there aren't a high proportion of retards, but that's like everywhere else in the US

>>835533079Hey dude I hate to break it to you but my city is safe day and night. Having the town go to shit after dark is not normal. You've been living in a 3rd world shithole of a city so long you can't even remember whats normal.

>>835542041THIS x 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

>>835541658you misspelled "retarded"country people in oregon are fucking simpletonsi know because i have plenty of them as family

>>835542624>do you idiots really think portland is burning to the ground?Well, I mean, not for lack of trying... The Portland fire chief said "There is a very isolated pocket of demonstrations that have involved fire, none of which has been substantial enough to need more than 1 fire engine."So, what would those fires be if you didn't send a fire engine to put them out? My guess is, and I'm no doctor here, that fires tend to spread when left alone to grow...

>>835532180they still haven't taken the fed courthouse in over a 100 plus days.

Attached: vote demon2.jpg (768x1024, 171.92K)

>>835542624why they so mad tho? its not like its all the cops killing people, its just a few here and there in certain areas.

>>835535973Okay sweaty, here's some chicky tendies and grape drink, calm down.

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>>835542975lol okayyour argument is that there have been some small fires and because of that the entire city is going to burn down? yeah, we need to put a helmet on you at all times, tonto

>>835543381>sweatyWrong, but also probably not wrong.

>>835543433The vid needs to have Safety Dance dubbed in.

>>835541221This is a front. They don't engage on Holla Forums anymore, they just shitpost and fuck off. The neo bolshevik faggots will still engage on Holla Forums so I come here to shit on them.

>>835543050because faceless, nameless federal agents came to our city and started throwing people in unmarked vans why are they mad? police brutality affects us all. why the fuck do you want to live in a country where cops can do horrible things and get away with it? oh, and i have cop family members. they will cover each other's asses NO MATTER WHAT. it's truly fucking bizarre.

>>835543589>because faceless, nameless federal agents came to our city and started throwing people in unmarked vansThis is a lie.


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>>835543050The cops even used a fire extinguisher to put that flaming faggot out last night. He was set on fire by a fellow antifaggot in the back, it was probably a woman who threw it because of how weak the throw was, they threw it at the cops but fell short by like 20 feet.


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>>835543464And another

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>>835543464Stop watching Brian Stelter, he causes brain damage.

>>835543464One more

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>>835543589Rioting and destruction of public and private property also affects us all. Why do you not apply the same argument to that?And I saw ID#s on the uniforms of those agents. Haven't seen ID#s on the clothing of any of the rioters. So they are nameless and faceless as well, wishing to avoid accountability for the destruction they perpetrate. Apply your argument equally.

>>835543464Somebody stop me!

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>>835543464How many should I post?

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>>835543464With over 100 days of rioting, I can go on all day...

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>>835543464Saved the best for last...oregonlive.com/portland/2020/09/portland-mayor-says-hell-move-after-protest-outside-his-condo-building-draws-arrests-widespread-calls-for-change.html

>>835543783>Why do you not apply the same argument to that?Because they're retarded hypocrites and they're so demoralized and indoctrinated they can't see it. They will be legitimately surprised on November 3rd when they lose again because they're incapable of learning. They're already cooking up the same excuses, it's incredible to watch them make the same fucking mistakes again.

>>835532180Commies and niggers will always destroy civilization, avoid.

>>835543872It's a damn shame they didn't drag that """mayor""" from his house and kill him in self defense.

>>835543822MSM refers to that piece of shit as "alleged shooter"...The fucker ADMITTED it on video.

none of you niggers know what is going on.the protests/riots have been in 3 areas, the smallest one being 2 blocks, the largest being four. With the size of this city with over 120 streets to the east and 30 to west (P proper).that shit is happening in 0.005% of the city.Theres no blacks here. portland has like 6% black population, and oregon has like like %3.The bums mainly destroyed downtown portland, after coronavirus came and they just shacked up all over the place when the stores closed.it is a fucking blm protest here, but like any left wing protest, anarchists show up to get involved because theyre self-important fuck ups, and make media skew towards the destruction.im summation, fuck all you bitches>>835534984also, youre the fakest bitch alive. get out of your uncles basement, faggot

>>835532214Oh, look another clueless European. Our country isn't the size of Utah, there's a slightly more complex group of people than the liberals in LA, SF, Portland and Seattle.

>>835532267Starbucks isn't work, faggot


>>835543934Yeah, they always lie, it's the only consistent thing they do.

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>>835543622only if you watch fox news

>>835543942Who are you voting for and why?

>>835543876It really is the hypocrisy that I have the most issue with. I don't expect them to agree with me on any given matter, but it becomes impossible to take them serious when they have to use different arguments depending on which topic they trying to make.

>>835544021Post the proof.

>>835543872i live in portland, dumbass lolthis isn't some abstracted information war on the internet to meyet every right wing mongoloid sits here masturbating to the thought of any liberal city failingyou're a fucking piece of shit and i know what's true, comrade

>>835544123You sound very emotional. Go take your lithium.


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>>835544156go do what every good russian moron does and get drunk on vodkacome on you know you want toit's in your genes to be a retarded drunk slav so just do it

>>835543589snopes.com/fact-check/feds-unmarked-vans-portland/Even snopes says you're a liar lmao.

>>835544123>i live in portlandShit. I guess you got me there. There's no way someone can come onto 4chins and lie...


>>835544257>MUH RUSSIANSGo back to rebbit and take your lithium, faggot.

>>835544038im not sure. i dont know if oregon has the laws that force the electorates to vote with the majority popular vote, or if if its just one of those states where they can do what they want.Cause if its #2, then the vote doesnt count, unless the college ties and that aint happening.

>>835537813These fags are like women. They want to act tough and attack people until they get a good smack and realize they’re in way over their head.

>>835544156I'm actually going to go enjoy some high quality legal weed later. You know, since I don't live in a republican shithole.


>>835544314All that aside, who do you think will improve things, Biden or Trump? Or maybe some other third party snowflake candidate no one's ever heard of. Cmon, we're among frens here. Personally I'm a registered democrat and I'm voting for the bad orange man :^)

>>835544348Is that all there is to life for you? Sad.

>>835544376uh huh

>>835532180PORTLAND...is just a street level version of 4chanKEK

>>835544414nah dawgi make almost 200k per year, i'm married, and i've traveled all over the world enjoy your mom's basement

>>835544419I even carry the registration card in my wallet at all times. I'm a card-carrying democrat who is voting for DRUMPF!

>>835544440>i make almost 200k per year, i'm married, and i've traveled all over the worldVery doubt. Maybe you had a trust fund worth 200k but you pissed it away traveling to shitholes trying to find yourself and you have one failed marriage under your belt but now you spend all your important time rebbitspacing without proper punctuation on Holla Forums while bragging about having weed like that's anything special anymore.

>>835544458you're a special kind of human filthbiden is a shitty candidate but i'll take anything other than trumpdon't even try to make an argument for trump because i listen to the bullshit that tumbles out of his mouth and i watch what he does. he's a fucking joke.

>>835544123>muh argument of authorityDumbass, it's not the 1980s anymore. We don't have to wait for Brokaw to tell us on the evening news what is going on in the world. Video and pics go up and are seen on the other side of the planet seconds after something takes place. No amount of you screeching how only you know what is happening there because you claim to be local is going to convince us that what we have been seeing for 3 months is a fucking hallucination.

>>835544376im registered independent. but third parties here (in the us) either dont pay for or dont get media coverage, so probably not them. not trump though. people that have no capacity for admitting their faults have no place in a civilized world.

>>835544521>don't even try to make an argument for trump because i listen to the bullshit that tumbles out of his mouth and i watch what he does. he's a fucking joke.You watch and listen to what Rachel Maddow and Brian Stelter say about what he says, that's for certain. Maybe a little bit of that ratfink John Oliver too.>>835544553>people that have no capacity for admitting their faults have no place in a civilized world.Look in a mirror some time. Your fit of narcissistic rage is obvious.