What would you call this body type?

What would you call this body type?

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>>835531758Breeding cow


>>835531758slam piggy











Hourglass.Women Come in 4 shapes: banana, pear, apple, and hourglass. They add fat first on, last off, to their tits, ass, and thighs. The distribution depends on their hormones and genetics.


>>835531758Flat cow

>>835531758mom bodyAccumulation of excess fat in the hips, waist, and arms areas. Untoned muscle structures.



>>835532242>>835532371These>>835531835>>835531883but also these

Fat with small titties. Everything except her boobs is a banger so she should get a boob job.

>>835531758Hourglass but the bottom half is stuffed with so much sand a single extra grain would cause the whole thing to shatter

>>835532242Need proof of banana shaped woman

>>835531758Chonky monku, brick house, or affectionately, dumptruck

>>835531867>>835532348>>835532804Her boobs really are unfortunate, they don't suit her at all



>>835531758She can't hold breath longer than 5 second.

>>835532242>HourglassShe's the definition of pear shaped, but she has slightly big tits too

What would you call this body type

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>>835535007Chewed bubble gum.


>>835531758Fat whale full of oil



>>835535007That abdomen piercing might be the worst piercing I've ever seen

>>835531758Radiation poisoning

Lots of low test anons around these parts

confirmed virgin if you called her fat>>835535007that is fat

>>835531758Weirdly curvy

>>835536299My first thought was mutant too


>>835531835>>835531867>>835531883>>835532015>>835532066>>835532096>>835532348>>835532804>>835533071>>835535127>>835535133>>835535162>>835537850Y'all are all cringe as fuck. If this girl is what you think "fat" y'all need to look in the mirror. Im sure most of you are sub 20 year old basement dwelling fat fucks feaning over celeb and trap threads. Wouldn't know a beautiful woman if you saw one.


>>835537850>>835540228She is fat but she has really "feminine" fat distribution, I dont know how else to put it

>>835531758fat skank nigger-lover type

>>835540794Have fun being fat

>>835531758too old

>>835531758Nigger bait.

>>835531758Hourglass but with some extra pounds.

>>835535007This one looks like a mom. Rectangular shape anyways.


>>835531758fat-but-not-too-fat-just-a-little-extra breeder

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>>835535007The "Has 3 kids from 4 fathers, divorced twice, smokes 2 packs a day, smells like cat piss, goes 3-4 days at a time without showering, lives on Candycrush and drinks a bottle of box wine every night"



>>835540228>dumbfuckhalf of those are talking about the fatty here >>835535007kys retard

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>>835542853Thats all i got

>>835543603shit fam do you have a name or something for research, asking for a friend


Built for bbc


>>835531758Too old