Prove your a trump supporter thread

prove your a trump supporter thread

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>>835530889MAGA - 9 more years, faggots!!!

>>835530889Muh momma iz muh sista

>>835530889"your" off to a great start already

>>835530889I realize that the government will never do anything for me but that's ok as long as I am higher on the social ladder than black folks.

>>835530889trumpers can't spell

I put flags on my boat just to watch them sink.


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I was a Bernie or bust kinda guy. I don't give a fuck if the trump train is running or now

Trump is the greatest President our country has ever known. God Bless America Fun fact President Trump was 70 YEARS 7 MONTHS 7 DAYS777GOD WINS

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>>835531436On his FIRST FULL DAY in office Donald Trump was 70 YEARS, 7 MONTHS and 7 DAYS old !

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>>835530889negatron, faggola

>>835531114Came here for this. What a fucking retard.

>>835530889> prove you are a trump supporterI am a net tax payer.


>>835531583liberals fall for bait every time


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Going down ...

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>>835530889I drank bleach, and have an Ivanka shrine in my basement.

"Fuck, Jered, fix that goddam liberal gravity like I told you to!"

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>> MAGA - 9 more years, faggots!!!Don't forget to count the pinko finger, Republitard.

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>>835530889voted hillary and will vote biden. fuck donald dumb and fuck fascists.

>>835530889I'm white and don't feel guilty about it.

>>835532004Of course you guys are just *pretending* to seem stupid every time you misspell a word or forget simple grammatical rules or say shit that's laughably, demonstrably untrue. 45D chess. We're such fucking suckers. (Oh wait that's the troops.)


>>835530889Fuck all trump supporters eat a dick scumbags and die

>>835532421I too am mentally ill



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I’m not a communist

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>>835530889I'm not voting, and for some reason this triggers leftists harder than voting for Trump. According to those triggered niggers, I'm a Trump supporter due to my lack of a vote. About ready to register, and vote for Trump, just to spite all the hate-mongering, racist leftists.


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Am white.


>>835532421Like I said fuck you cock gobbler

>>835532421If you want someone to suck a dick, you Democrats are going to have to take them out of your mouth first.

Trump 2020 landslide incomingYou know when the entire election revolves around Trump, the opposition doesn't stand a chance.

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>> If you want someone to suck a dick, you Democrats are going to have to take them out of your mouth first."Take the people who are going to suck a dick out of our mouths first"?C'mon, Cletus, people can see you writing this in public, it's embarrassing. Now they know how stupid we are. Dang!!I love how all the Captcha images are "Find the boat"!

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Is there a single person who can explain why Biden is the better candidate without also mentioning Trump?

>> Trump 2020 landslide incomingWake up, user! You've been in a COVID coma for weeks! The election's already happened.I have some good news and some bad news ...The good news is ...

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>> Is there a single person who can explain why Biden is the better candidate without also mentioning Trump?Why don't you do the research and get back to us, hmmm?

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>>835532959>exactly 0 people can do thisgot it

>>835531246imagine being this sociopathic :\

>>835532842apparently not

>>835530889I live in a trailer and I fuck my sister in the bed of my truck.

>>835532959he's going to legalize child rape


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>>835530889I have a 4" lobotomy scar on my forehead.

>>835533373let's count the ways this is actually better than your real life1. Home owner2. car owner3. has a family that loves him4. is having sex

>>835533496Sounds like I touched a nerve. I’m sure your trailer park and sister/wife consider you very successful.

>>835534006Sounds like I touched a nerve.


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>>835532138This false flag looking meme is perfect.Liberals always playing silly games.

>>835530889I am mentally retarded

>>835530889*you'reWhite niggers get the rope.

>>835535451trump sucking assholes get shot.

Congratulations this thread proves the liberals have at least some wit.But I am not some self hating, progress hating, nigger commy jew

>>835531295Fake news. The Democrat majority House could have called witnesses as part of their initial investigation and they did not. The idea that the Republican Senate had to draw out this charade and cater to the 11th hour asspull whims of the Democrats is complete nonsense.

>>835535451im not a nigger i have a stable job and own my home

>>835535983if the roles were flip the repubs wuld have waited until 11 hour 50 minute to bring witness abut pelosi would have allowed it because she's righteous and understands justice

>>835530889I've never considered cutting my dick off.

>>835530889im not a pedophileI dont enjoy CNNI do believe in family valuesI don't loot and burn my own city because a black man resists arrest.I do own guns

"we will impoverish you, let you die by the thousands from a controllable pandemic, play up to your ignorance, fear and racism, all the while enriching our fellow wealthy assholes, and you will love us anyway you stupid mindless beaten sheep!!!"

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>>835536095>>835536095> Because pelosi is a good guyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAPelosi supported jim crow.

>>835536095I remember when Pelisi would turn off all the power to lights and HVAC in an effort to smoke out Republicans filibustering Democratic bullshit. "Righteous" Democrats have done the same thing since congress flipped and Republicans of course didn't feel the need to do the same because they're not sadists. You have been lied to.

>>835530889>yourThis is absolute proof of a Trump voter.


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>>835530889I'm extremely gay. Of course I support Trump. He's always sticking up for us

Yeah, we vote Trump how could you tell?

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TRUMP 2020

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>>835532959A little strange but that’s his daughter. Biden was seen grouping children who he probably didn’t even know.

>>835532752Lmao i thought only retarded right wingers made these uber boomer comics, this is 100x worse than any of ben garrison's shit, You can laugh, you can scream, but the left can't meme.

>>8355328422 hours and no answersLol even in their minds they're settling, fucking pathetic.It's hilarious about how Democrats rage about police brutality and they literally chose the most tough on crime P/VP candidates of all time, lmao remember when Kamala bragged about sending innocent black men to jail because they were caught possessing marijuana?

>>835532983I don't see any maga merch lmao

I'm not a faggot riddled with white guilt that automatically makes me a Trump supporter

>>835538374Isnt brandi_love a pornstar? Also blacked pays their female stars a shitton, honestly one of the best places to whore for.

>>835538374Also holy shit has she gotten ugly and old, and i doubt any pornstar would reveal their politics, only reason she did this was to make jerkbait for lefties

>>835530889A vote for trump is an act of TREASON. Real American Patriots vote Biden.

>>835531100> not understanding how the government worksYep, found one


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>>835539235Think about this statement for a moment. Given this is the mindset of his new supporters (Bernie who?, Warren who?) isn't that enough reason not to vote for Biden? Not saying you need to vote for Trump but really. Too bad there isn't a strong 3rd party candidate this election. Could have made independent a possibility.

>>835530889I love the taste of bleach in the morning.

>>835530889I will definitely vote for Trump again.I think I will install an anchored Trump/Pence sign close to a major highway and buy ammo for my wrist rocket. It will be about 80 yds from my garage.

>>835539625trump never once said drink bleach you 1 dimensional faggot. he was talking about something like dialysis. obviously that wouldnt work but he never fucking once said drink or inject bleach, you're just a fucking moron that reads reddit article titles and takes it as fact

Friendly reminder that Trump is a Russian asset, and that he and his family is dismantling your dumb state for parts.

>>835530889Lots of redditors on this board lately.

>>835531029Imagine still using .wav files.

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>>835530889I failed 7th grade and fancy my sister. Shes friendzoned me though

>>835538405>>835538454Imagine thinking all blacks are democrats. You people are lost.

>>835540239For a guy who "tells it like it is" he's a shocking poor communicator.

>>835540966Liberals are real big on using things they try to claim are equal as insults.Body-acceptance? Make fun of how Trump looks or how fat someone they hate isLGBTQ equality? Call someone gay as an insult, claiming they must be a "closet gay"Racial equality? "Haha we're trump supporters and we want only BLACK COCKS isnt that SO WEIRD LOL">>835540980He's a complete moron and has the speech level of a freshman in high school, but people claiming he said shit like "drink bleach" just shows how vastly stupid they are

OP here. I dont think trump is the best choice anymore

>>835541553another fucking shill.Imagine that.

I have a job.

>>835541553Actual OP here, I don't vote and haven't voted. I refuse to participate in the mockery of democracy we call the 2-party system. I just love riling up the retards on both sides

>>835541849Im the real OP and i think Bernie Sanders is the best choice

Trump is gonna lose BIGLY to based Biden. Cope.

>>835530889I can’t; I have an American IP address.

OP here. I secretly wish black men would fuck my wife because I'm a secret cuck and I project that unto others by accusing THEM of being cucks instead.

here we go folks. Another cluster fuck thread, Just like the X amount per day.enjoy your /b.

>>835530889i want to watch and Alpha Trump supporter dominate my liberal wife


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>>835538374Something tells me if she wasn't paid money to fuck them, she wouldn't do it.


>>8355383742 men $3,000 each,$6,000 for 1 hour

>>835532421fine, cut your dick off and i'll eat it

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>>835530889My boat sank.

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>>835535351But it's real, thats what makes it funny.

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>>835530889>>trump supporterI'd rather nail my dick to the door and slam it.

>>835543167Prove it then, post pics

>>835543167live stream it-

>>835538672did they just greenlight that little jingle last week?also garrison is an ok artist who puts out garbage

>>835532959They are both weirdos Idk how anyone can think differently

>>835530889I'm a 2016 Trump supporter, from when (((the media))) was shitting itself at every one of GEOTUS' comments. Trump can go to hell now. If he gets his head back in the game, I'll support him.


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>>835530889>>I think Venezuela is a good example what socialism is like>>I think sexism and name calling are signs of strength>>I think democrats are part of a deep state that is trying to make Hillary Clinton president>>I think Bernie Sanders is a communist>>I think Obama committed treason>>I think Trumps children are qualified to be senior advisors at the white house>>I think democrats are trying to take away my guns>>I think QANON has some good points>>I think Trump is an American Patriot>>I think Trump has my best interest at heart and isn't just out to serve himself

>>835540148KEK, living 80 yards from a major highway.

>>835539323poe's law strikes again

>>835530889what a shame

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>>835543834I am about 150 yds from an interstate. My property values quadrupled.


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i.e.: Prove you are a traitor to the United States. Real Patriots vote Biden.