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WaifuRules:>Claim your Waifu/Husbando>No Claiming Waifus/Husbandos that have already been claimed>No stealing (unless trips or more)>No oversexualised content>No RP/ERP of any kind (maybe some on occasion)>Discussion is welcomed>Insults must be original>If you're posting images you're not lurking>3D is almost always trash>Joining means a reserved place in hell>This is /waifu/ not Holla Forums>Most importantly, have fun!

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Who wants to meet up to do the gay secks?

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>>835530382We should not even be meeting.How about a civilized sexual encounter on a public imageboard instead?

fish>>835530198I ain't doing none of that in the middle of a threadslide in my DMs you faggot homo>>835530255no trap shit in my bedroom>>835530265it'd be very close, and crushing

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mi~Top 10 anime dramatic failed intros

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I'm very desperate, alrightI'm trying to get back an ancient banned account

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>>835530487Post your feet here, then

>>835530408You mean ERP? On a public internet forum? Absolutely.

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>>835530382you mean socks?I'd be down to knitting some! nice and warm ones.>>835530142that's fine, you do you but be safe>>835530265yup! and I'm making the area around my home very flat too, for easy mob killing.was a russian dude, I was at a gas station filling up when they came up to me, asking for my phone. I was kinda hesitant to give it to him at first, since he might've been a scam artist and would've just bolted off with it...but I figured with cameras and other people it's probably gonna be fine.and it was fine, he called his bro cuz he was supposed to meet up with him in one major city but being his first time in krautland, he got lost.So we figured out where we are on the autobahn using google maps and looked up the route to that city on my phone.He was super nice guy and really thankful it seemed, probably asked others before but they were scared to hand him their phone or something, it was like 4am, felt really gud about myself afterwards :3 doing gud makes one feel gud too.

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>>835530502they ugly tho

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>>835530503Maybe more along the lines of porn posting and sexual noises with emotes~ERP/cyber might also work too~

>>835530445feeling any better today?

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>>835530528post them anyway

>>835530445vixen with the failed bakehow goes>>835530487I like desperate>>835530516I am never safe

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>>835530548no, they're mine

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>>835530583Well I'm not posting mineJust gonna have to wait for someone else to then

>>835530414Traps are hot>>835530295Who dis

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>>835530552"1 hour stay maximum#6129"

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>>835530534Awwe, the cute pic~Just woke up. Didn't have time for a vibe check yet>>835530552Feeding on the failures. Becoming an epic fail. .

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>>835530631>Who disme

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>>835530552no it's just a "good luck" saying thing or something

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>>835530660ight no worries, hope it ends up an alright day

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>>835530631no they're degenerate>>835530653this better be for a date>>835530660don't feed on me, that hurts

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>>835530531Alas, I have no porn saved.

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>When you thought you bent a rod but you actually split the block in half >wat?>>835530741I hope that too.How are you today?

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I want to claim the Planet girl, because they're who I dream of when I'm not even asleep!>>835530382gay secks is good for the environment>>835530414ha~ how romantic. The scale would call me much heavier.>>835530516Aw, what a nice story. It's kind of you you should feel good.

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>>835530683yey>>835530793Says the femboy>>835530795> Licc

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>>835530796still tired but homework is due todayrods and blocks?>>835530847cute

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>>835530847I don't know if that's true.>>835530853Are you okay?

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>>835530683+saved>>835530847yeah! :3but in hindsight... idk if I would do it again... well, maybe not in a foreign country, I bet in france or spain my phone would've been gone! loledo you play minecraft?

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>>835530793Consume the fishe~>>835530859You didn't have like a proper summer vacation?It was a meme that seems like bad juju for me.

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>>835531018I had a couple weeksidk what that means but ok

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Hey all! Sophia here, hope all are well. Hugs and coffee/tea on me, Street Cook knows, just ask, he makes good coffee and tea.

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>>835531018You told me to poke at you here for something you wanted to show me or something? I don't remember I was too pissed off.

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>>835531067I hope those weeks were enough. Car memes are weird like that. >>835531119~

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>>835530847given enough force, you could weight as much as the rock>>835530853that's not me>>835531018do not consume the fishyou didn't answer how's it go

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>>835531186ehsorry, idk much about cars other than it getting me where I need to go>>835531194he said it was too early for a vibe check

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>>835531186cursed>>835531251ahI am retard

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>>835531270its fine I don't read many things well either

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>>835530939I thought you wanted an erp thread>>835531194I still want to bring a trap along

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>>835531251That's their main purpose after all. I'm having a tuna pizza in the oven atm. Hope it goes in well. >>835531270>I am retardThe Netflix sequel to I am legend.

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>>835531399Yeah, totally.

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>>835531399no traps in my bedroomthat's degenerateI only fuck men>>835531407please do not mention that moviethe book is the only thing that exists

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>>835531407I guess that would be the goal yeahthey put tuna on pizza over there? that's kinda weird sounding

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>>835530859cuter>>835531011It's okay. I have a lot of things in my memory that I don't regret, but wouldn't do again. And stealing phones is good for the environment.I play minecraft sometimes.>>835531102Aw, you should hug your waifu, user.>>835531194Given enough care, I might weigh as much as me and the rock sometime.>>835531397yay

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>>835531446I have nothing against that movie. I loved the GT in the beginning. >>835531458Yeah, I believe most restaurants have a tuna variant of pizza. It's not bad at all, I like it. The only thing I don't like is the onion so I get rid of that whenever possible.

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>>835531587not even closestronk erth, lifts our spirits>>835531652I mean as long as it's good I guess, mood on the onions

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>>835531430>>>835531446You mean you only want to be fucked by men

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>>835531587it's not... since someone else will still be using it.that's good to hear!do you want to check out my seedit's a nice world

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>>835531652read the bookit's amazing trust me>>835531708yes

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>>835531682No, by far! Strong Earth, lifts us.>>835531722It is, since sharing used items is better than producing new ones. Gib me your seeds cutie.

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>>835531682You could try it someday and tell me what you think. What is your fav pizza mix?>>835531761I don't have the mental capacity to read a book. Mostly blueprints and spec sheets and that's it.

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>>835531778she's a nice planet and the poster is cool>>835531822I like chicken, but most of the time I just get pizza because idk what else to eatusually it ends up being pepperoni or something because that's the easiest to get

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>>835531778oh! dang.. that is true... I was not thinking far enough >~

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>>835532013Chicken is indeed good, but I could never make one at home that's as good at the restaurants so I'll have to order if I want that.

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Good morning!

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>>835532295o/my villagers finally bred

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>>835532221best bet is to bake the chicken breast, let it rest for a while, and then cut it into small cubesI usually use some kind of barbecue sauce and crumbled bacon>>835532295morning

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I sleepgoodnight

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>>835532444Wanna come with us and have an orgy in France?

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>>835531587yay :)Hellohow are yousorry for late reply, was playing a game

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>>835532368Yeah, tried like that, it still gets too dried up. Maybe I'm missing something. Yeah, bacon is absolutely patrician, and some shrooms.

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>>835532652pink>>835532858idk what I would have done differently, sorrymaybe I added it onto the pizza when it was halfway through cooking or something, but it's been a long time since I made itI usually feel sick after eating mushrooms

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>>835532295That picture is beautiful, it feels so calm and refreshing. Good morning sweetso.>>835532415dream nice>>835532145I'll take a look at it next time I play minecrafting. Wheat is good for the bakery.>>835532013You're a nice human and the barkeeper is truly cool.>>835532652It's okay I'm also playing a game with friends and do slowposting. I'm really happy I'm wearing my favorite clothes and thinking about my waifu.Hello are you feeling well?

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>>835532349Oh, what was stopping them?>>835532368Hiya!>>835532415Have a good sleep with the fishes!>>835532985Hey, what's up? I thought you might like that one. Being out in nature is so calming.

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>>835532985gud gud! :3yeah! you can do so much things with wheat! like... bread! I love it... the earth provides us with so many nice things... we gotta have at least one day of the year where we thanks the earth ;-;>>835533051I had a few blocks around them.. apaprently, you can't have their heads surrounded by blocks, it's too tight to breed or something... but they finally made a baby now! :3I made it into an librarian.. waiting for gud enchanted book to show up before I trade with it notI LOVE this image

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>>835532936purple>>835532985what are you playing c:ooh your favorite clothes, bet they're comfyI feel okay, just won a match of C&Ci played as the alien faction, they're my favorite.nice to see you again btw :)

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>>835532985wrong, and maybe sure>>835533194pink

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aww Earth is so cute>>835533143I'm gonna give the Earth a backrub every day of the year until it feels real special about itself.>>835533051Yeah, especially under the stars and with someone you trust.>>835533194They're really comfy and I feel great. I'm playing DnD with cool people. I want to play C&C some day.I love seeing you as well you're a warm sunshine on my facer.

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>>835533685oh!! sounds cute~ totally something anyone would enjoy! including me ^-^so glad there's some people out there genuinely being nice to others, makes me feel warm inside >w

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Attached: fxhfxhxfh.png (986x1004, 984.04K)

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>>835533295violethow're you>>835533685nice earth chan wavenice nice C:I have a cape that i wear when it's cold.. it's also really comfyDnD :Oawesomewhat race/class are you playing as?we should play C&C together :)the old ones are freecncnet dot orgYou're the earth to my moonehh I hope that doesn't sound weird

Attached: 00665.jpg (845x1019, 344.77K)

>>835533143Oh, cool!Very cool.>>835533685Yes, absolutely. I love going hiking in the cool nights under a moonlit starts out here in the middle of nowhere. It's quite relaxing. Maybe not the safest thing to do.>>835533194Chin!!

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Attached: dfg.png (1131x1071, 1.87M)

>>835534178pinkthe same as alwayshow are you

Attached: Jill (008).jpg (1280x990, 444.75K)

>>835534460i think she's on the wrong side of the bar

>>835534414mean... didn't post the cat one :(

Attached: mgvvw3c.png (1000x706, 927.1K)

>>835534757meow! rawr!

Attached: 1591754167902.jpg (1200x1600, 776.79K)

>>835533856You're a little Earthlet too, user, I hope Everyone will. You're out there, genuinely being nice to russian dudes. Nice tumor.>>835534178What did the pacific say to the atlantic?Cape sounds awesome! I wear these zip up sweaters a lot. I play as DM. I have command and conquer CD right here in an old box I just have a lot of other things I want to do first.youtube.com/watch?v=oQCUK1OeZGIIt sounds weird, but you can sound any way you want to, we're friends after all. R-right? I'm not as good at saying weird things, but your gravity field affects me, as well.>>835534603She's on the same side as her user.>>835534414It's okay, I also visit dark, uncivil woods in the middle of the night to picnic burgers with my waifu. If we both end up being murder raped, and dying, so be it.

Attached: JxzgPSxsi6ej4W7lgfvlJZyadDduKPeaBLZfZnAzgZw.jpg (872x1080, 216.47K)

>>835534929Bartenders are supposed to be behind the bar

>>835534793yessssss~ ssssss *boom* xDso cute!oh.. that reminds me... I should maybe tame a cat so it can follow me around and that way cupa not gonna sneak up on me from behind! :^) gud idea>>835534929what a nice word!heh! ya that's true ;)y-yeah...tell me when you checked out my seed!I can tell you things about it

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>>835534603it's closed and she's cleaningit's also a drawing

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>>835532936Yeah, it's better than yesterday, ended up eating a little more, but still not my usual. At least it's something after all.

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>she was posting her...

Attached: deb41381e2bdc047f938876c9bccc625.jpg (225x350, 18.03K)

>>835534978only during opening hours cutie>>835535113It might take a while until I do, I only play minecraft rarely.>>835535144Yes! Post her!

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>>835530356Something about my sadism

Attached: TheEsdeath.png (991x788, 445.04K)

>>835534414Cupa>>835534460purplenicesame as youI'm eating right nowplaying gamesman i really like rice with cheese>>835534929uhh I dunno q.qooh I want one of those nowit'll remind me of you ^^how's your campaign going?oh alright thenwe should definitely play together sometime though then C:nice song i meant it in a way of like uhhmm importancelike, the earth and the moon both need each other

Attached: 647.jpg (969x917, 330.38K)

>>835535139little steps, you'll have your appetite back soon I hope>>835535350pinkgames are fun I guesscheese on rice? sounds kinda weird, ngl

Attached: Jill (003 - 1).jpg (1448x2048, 185.99K)

>>835535238I know what you meanI haven't played myself for months.. I just randomly start every other month. Oddly enough, it's the only game I consistently come back to, but also have large breaks of.

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>>835535121Where her organs doe Kappa


Attached: 1564944392555.jpg (640x480, 24.76K)

>>835534929I'm more worried about skin walked, bears, rattlesneks, coyotes, wolves, or plain old slipping and falling down a mountain, but I guess that's possible too. lol.>>835535113BOOM!That's a pretty good idea actually.>>835535350How's it going today mr microwave borger?

Attached: 1573185640017.png (585x750, 230.34K)

>>835535728uh huh! :3 it be...if it weren't such a deadly embrace, I wouldn't have to do this... maybe someday the two of us could coexist in peace ´'-'`

Attached: mat3zhj.png (1746x982, 1.76M)

>>835535628Ouch the reddit

>>835535238>filenamekek.>>835535403Depending... I might start doing some effort soon again. Maybe that's the cause.

Attached: 1599248636450.png (800x1124, 1.04M)

>>835535403purplefun games are funit's pretty good, trust mecheese goes well with just about anything>>835535728that's my nickname now huh :(I don't have any borgars left it's going alright just g4m1ng

Attached: 641.jpg (962x1200, 633.74K)

>>835535350Nothing, they just waved. I have a cape for a halloween costume vampire. I hope it can remind me of you more often.The campaign is going good we're almost done and my cute players keep fighting random neutral NPCs.You can play Command and Conker's bad fur day together? Maybe you can show me how it works sometimes, I'm not that good at strategy games and might need guideance.But we don't need eachother, we have cute waifus who we're not yet married to to give us needed strength. I hope so too, friend.>>835535728I'm also worried about animals but maybe I can pretend to be scary and they'll run away. I'm not sure if that works on other people.>>835535411I think that's normal for everyone.>>835536129The filename is source. I put the online nicknames of the artists as filenames.

Attached: tswotoochance.png (945x720, 884.69K)

>>835536129idk what you mean by "doing some effort", sorry>>835536204I'm just imagining cheddar cheese melted onto white rice and it sounds disgusting

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>>835536356>cheesy rice sounds disgustingPleb detected

>>835536204Just for today. g4m1ng here too. Good luck!>>835536294lol, sometimes that works. Depends on the animal and the circumstance.

Attached: 1591458283418.png (671x778, 321.7K)


Attached: 1599412440142.gif (400x225, 346.07K)

>>835536294i sea :oI hope so too C:oh no! those poor NPCswho/what's the endboss?yup yup! I'm not that good either thoughplaying together sounds really funyou don't use discord though, so how will I contact you..but I don't have anybody else that says nice things to me :(>>835536356while i meant grated cheese, your idea doesn't sound that bad either..anyway it's yummyi suggest you try it at least onceunless you don't like cheese in the first place, in which case, damn.>>835536631cheese + cauliflower is also goodor other veggies like broccoli>>835536763are ya winnin

Attached: 601.png (950x813, 233.45K)

>>835536631I said I've never had it and I'm imagining an unflattering version of itsorry I don't have the same lived experiences as you>>835536989oh, like a parmesan or something? that would make sense, I guess I could try that

Attached: Jill (127).png (924x1144, 920.77K)

>>835536989Heh. It's okay, they're already getting along better with some NPCs than before. I can't tell you, what if one of them browses 4chan and finds out I'm a weeb?I-it's better that way, sorry, I'm gonna make a cool discord account once I have more confidence, I'm currently scared of contacting anons, at all. I'm just fantasizing in my posts, about what I'd like to do some time, eventually. Sorry...Well, maybe it's just because I make words like a waterfall. I'm pretty sure there were other anons saying nice things about you. And maybe some people would rather show you nice things than just butter you with words.Cheese rice gang

Attached: pixil-frame-0-1.png (200x200, 6.74K)

>>835536989Woot!!>>835537235Oh hey, I wanna know more about your opinion on NPCs.

Attached: 1575271500088.png (507x827, 838.31K)

Although I won't deny that her chest does things to me, I genuinely love her personality.Say something nice about my wife, please (possibly not TOO lewd).

Attached: illust_59416679_20200830_231618.jpg (1452x2452, 291.08K)

Scaso claimed!

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Attached: 1563830734359.jpg (2480x3508, 358.12K)

>>835537291What does that mean?>>835537334Your waifu looks like a brave marshmallow. She looks really confident and relaxed despite her body dimensionality. Maybe you should hug her from the side, it might be easier.What kind of person is she? What do you love about her?

Attached: Moyo.jpg (959x1024, 65.31K)


Attached: Jill (019).jpg (1440x1440, 530.38K)

>>835537499hallo panini head are you groovy?

Attached: hawhawhaw24-dbxyx85.png (229x239, 14K)

>>835537133yeah parmesanor other cheesewhichever you prefer>>835537235oh alright goodI guess that makes sensewhat's wrong with people knowing you're a weeb though :Oit's okay, I understand :)it makes it all the more special when you do show up, noI suppose that's true, buut how do i put this... I don't really feel anything thenlike, when you say nice things I'm just taken aback, and I need some time to regain my composure..I hope you know what I meanyay you like it too>>835537291I just lost :(looks like brutal AI is too hard for me

Attached: 120.jpg (1431x2048, 192.51K)

>>835536294yeah! kinda oddaaaand I finally got a liberal with mending trade! :3 finally... I don't have to repair tools anymore =w=

Attached: tp6u68_a.gif (614x768, 1.89M)

>>835537334>Say something nice about my wife, please Your waifu has a nice hair color and style. The little barrette is a nice accent.>>835537761Jill! Hello today!>>835537881>panini headDoes my head resemble bread? And yes, I am groovy!>>835537998Hello, Supreme chan!>>835537291Greetings, Kaboom chan!

Attached: image.jpg (500x491, 43.74K)

>>835537998>a liberalI get really lucky with enchantments in minecraft so I make them myself always.>>835537977What's wrong with it is that it might destroy my life for several reasons, and especially if my friends or family found out I have a waifu I might die.Posting anonymously makes it much easier for me, at least most of the time. And I'm glad I can post with you awesome anons.It's okay to be out of composure, maybe you'll just start dancing some day. I know your feeling far too well it's one of the reasons I fall in love with Earth. It's amazing to have someone enchant you that way every once in a while.yay>>835538229No but your waifu is a panini maker and yes, you are groovy.

Attached: earth-chan-3-1514625780-650.jpg (587x786, 176.02K)

>>835537977I'll give it a shot sometime, okay? thanks for the suggestion>>835538229robothello today

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>>835536294Still sounded funny :)>>835536356I mean actually consuming energy in doing some activity. This is the 2nd week with almost zero daily activity.

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>>835538304>No but your waifu is a panini maker and yes, you are groovy.My waifu bakes bread? Or sandwiches? Could you explain a bit further.Thank you for telling me I am groovy. It makes me smile in a 70s manner!>>835538511>robot hello todayHow is your day treating you, Jill? Well enough, I hope?>>835538698Hello, sexy fox engine expert!

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Mine is green shadow, she’s so lovely

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>>835538229hey hey hey! :3>>835538304librarian...yeah,I got a nice pick off the start too, but no mending sadly... much better now tho :3next thing is killing the wither to build a beacon to be able to terraform faster! ;) making my minecraft earth look nicer by the day

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>>835538698well, maybe that will help a bitfingers crossed you feel a bit better>>835538784ehhow are you

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>>835537499Wassup, Redbot?>>835537701Just wondering what you think of NPCs in general. :D>>835537977Big oof.>>835538229How's it going today?

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>>835538304can't have you dying, now can wedon't worry, your secret's safe with meunless I know you irl :Omayhaps I once saw you while shopping in Germanyyeah, I guess having a discord account would give you a ''name'' so to speakan identity, you won't be anonymous anymore.I just think it's me being dumb

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>>835538784Hello.>>835538927Yeah, I had some discussions today. I'll see what I do... because as always, nothing is simple.

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>>835538927I am well! Just hanging out with my waifubros.>>835538999Nice trips, Kaboom chan! Nothing much is up, just playing some low-level sidequests and hanging out with my waifubros!Oh, and I added more enemies for Scaso to fight in that new drawing. So dynamic fighting sword swoosh! (pic related)>>835539207Hello, Floofs!

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>>835538784Sorry, it was just a racist joke calling your waifu a toaster because she is a robot.But if your waifu was a toaster you'd be toast. You're polyblanca.>>835538884How nice of you user. Remember to water your waifu every once in a while.>>835538895Remember that you could take care of your real Earth too cutie. You know, the one that loves you back.>>835538999Yeah but I don't understand what you mean. Are you talking about the NPC meme or NPCs in videogames or NPCs in roleplay?It's like asking what my opinion on air is, it's not like I have the option of having no NPCs in my game, r-right?I love when NPCs hide a lot of their backstory, like a real person. Often in games NPCs just talk about their personal details all out to the player character, because the creators put effort into them, and wanted the players to see the result. However this is very unrealistic, right? I prefer when an NPC has secrets.>>835539114Death is good for the environment. If we knew eachother irl without us realizing, I hope we're friends irl, too, it's like we have two friendships.I don't want a name that's stupid. Also, making anons a permanent part of my contacts might make me addicted to y'all.Being dumb is okay, I think, I do it all the time. Do you not love Chinatsu?I don't feel a lot usually, because I'm a little bit of a husk of a person. But I fell in love with Earthy, and all of her humans, like you, too, so whatever you say means the World to me, user, and I take your messages to heart involuntarily.Also, you can make posts even without taking other people's breath, after all, shocking someone isn't the best, the best is if people feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence, like they belong there.What is Chinatsu doing to that table/girl?>>835539207she looks like the last chocolate peeking out of a box

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>>835539871>Sorry, it was just a racist joke calling your waifu a toaster because she is a robot.Okay, I get it now. The Battlestar Galactica joke! I think I might've gotten it if you had actually said "toaster"... but maybe not. I have a durr.

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>>835539871...but that's way harder than in minecraft >~I can't build hall of trees in my garden '~'

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>>835540021I don't know, Gordon Ramsay infiltrated my cheese-holed mind. Sorry sorry. Hurr.

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>>835539114idk I didn't draw it>>835539284of course it isn't simple, but looking after your wellbeing is important enough to do the not-simple things>>835539852nice have a good one then

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>>835539114small oof.>>835539207How goes it, Kumiko? Better?>>835539852Nice! I love it! So much motion!! And she's so happy doing it! lol.>>835539871lol, sorry, I just wanted to here a general opinion. Basically let you decide what the question means. NPCs in games, including mobs, also NPS in RPGs and in real life.Yeah it can be pretty unrealistic for sure. Still they are pretty important.

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>>835540170Let your garden envelop the whole city, become an ecoterrorist today.>>835540518It's important for NPCs to spill about all their fictional life 4 seconds after you met them?It's okay, don't be sorry, I'm just too jumpy and defensive.

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>>835540170Have you tried playing flatland survival? To survive u gotta depend on villager trading and mob drops.It's like skyblock but harder since you don't immediately have access to a bucket of lava and water

>>835540518>Nice! I love it! So much motion!! And she's so happy doing it! lol.>she's so happy doing it!Ha! I tried to make it look like she's gritting her teeth. I'll have to work on that when/if I do a bigger-sized colored one. I might add in even more enemies, and I'll have to come up with some kind of space for them to be in. Some kind of industrial thing, probably. That could be a lot of work, but a well-realized space for the action is almost always worth it.

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>>835540707heh...I could go around the city throwing grass/flower seeds everywhere... like in the cracks of the asphalt and such... and it will break up the roads and walkways with time and I may have to pay a fine if found guilty of indirectly destroying public property.but it might be worth it.. bet it'd look cool seeing a mix of grass and flowers on roads and walkways :^)>>835540844interesting.... that certainly might be a fun thing to try, I will keep it in the left corner of my head, thank you very much.

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>>835539871clownie :)being friends irl would be nicewe could go on walks :O30 min bike ride and I'm in germany :vI'm sure the opposite would also be trueeveryone lining up to talk with youI don't think you're dumbehh I guess? unlike the rest of the posters here I don't really uhh romantically love the character I post..I'm sure you'll be able to feel more in timethat's nice to hear :)eheh in love.. with meI like all your messages, and it's a shame I have trouble matching the niceness radiating from yours..I try though, I guess that's all I can doah yeah I suppose? I don't knowI'd like for someone to look forward to my posts, and be happy when I respond to theirs.to be ''special'' in a wayI guess that sounds selfishshe's winning ^^it's the girl on the left's birthday today :)>>835540419say, what's your favorite flavor of milkshake >>835540518play C&C with me>>835540707clownie

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>>835540419Yeah, I'll see what I do after this weekend. I want to enjoy some more the chill nights. I'll start working on a plan starting next week I think.

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>>835541035idk the last time I had one>>835541118okay

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>>835539871I shall partake>>835540518Sorta

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>>835541247fair enoughbanana is gud>>835541280nice wave

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youtu.be/nt9W-ZDiAw0watching this with my waifu rebecca chambers

>>835541247Thank you for your support. Sincerely.

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>>835541028I saw one of those Zaun-eck-Mauerpfeiler and it was growing a tiny flower out of it's top, which was cracked in the middle. Flower strong.>>835541035Nobody needs to line or talk we can just all hang out together, but maybe we should wait for the virus to blow over first.>unlike the rest of the postersI'm pretty sure you're not the only one, some anons just really like being ITT and falsefully think they need an image excuse for that.If you don't love Chinatsu why are you comissioning her? Are you convinced you're not falling?Being nice to people isn't a competition user, I like your posts the way they are, I even think they're better than mine, but it's not important.And you don't need to give me back nice feelings the point of my posts is that you smile.>I'd like for someone to look forward to my posts and be happy when I respond to theirs.Hey, while waiting for your reply, I repeatedly refreshed the page, because I was too impatient to wait for the [Update] button to refresh in time. It seems you're just really oblivious to how excited others get about you. Maybe you should open your eyes and mind a bit to it.My waifu put effort into you, and time and love. You're a special marble droplet and the least you can do is love yourself for it, right?I know the girl on the left it's the rocket bangs girl, right? The really well known one? Is her birthday really today?I love the clownie soooooooooooooooo much I'm going to burst.>>835541280You should partake. Also you should do the chocolate-stick thing anime girls always are depicted doing, with your musician girl.>>835541560have fun cutie remember to have a snack for her ready

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>>835541423Yeah>>835541766You mean this

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>>835541728don't worry about it>>835542123I wanna pocky game someone

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>>835542175We can pocky game if u want

>>835541766yup! really strong! there are a few sidewalks here that have dandelion devouring the asphalt on the edges... it just forces its way throughnice pic, biggg chest -> biggg

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>>835540707lol, nah, it does sometimes help with moving the game forward though. Although... I used to be an adventurer like you until I took an antifa molotov in the knee.No problem, I was just joking and didn't take any offense or anything. I didn't mean to offer any either.>>835540962LOL, oops, I'm sorry, I should have zoomed in. That's my bad,That sounds damn epic!! :D>>835541035C&C? Command and Conquer? >>835541280That's an improvement! Vision still blurry?

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>>835542212depends on who you are

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>>835542175You wanna what

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>>835542273the pocky gameit's like playing chicken and you get a kiss if you win

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>>835541766I guess soI'd prefer to have the virus thing be extended thoughmore time inside, means more time to postah yeah maybeposting Chinatsu is a remnant from my other community well, posting without pictures means people won't pay as much attention to youalthough I used to talk with you without posting picsI think she's cuteand there was once a time I felt she was most similar to meboth obsessed with the idea of lovethat's not the case anymore thoughI guess nottt, sorrywell, your posts do make me smile, so you're doing a good jobI don't know how to..i only feel like a disappointment usually heherocket bangs? not sureher name is sakurako omuromake more clownies!let them invade the world>>835542123pocky eathow's it goinghow was your day>>835542232yeah manfight meeee

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>>835542175Are you doing ok, how's the homework coming?

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>>835542253that's the problem with no-picture-posterswhat time is it?my sunday is almost over.

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>>835542440it's coming, I guessover 8 hours to finish anyway>>835542484I'd just rather know who I'm flirting with.

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>>835542332I still don't relly understand but that sounds really cute>>835542232Sorta but i'm makin it>>835542398YeahBadAlso bad

>>835542535yup, very important ~SR

>>835542591what's wrong


>>835542253A cute femboy