How come no one is talking about that?

How come no one is talking about that?

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>>835530162Probably because it's not true. Why wasn't it reported 2 years ago instead of 2 months before the election?

>>835530162because it's the democrats/media trying to smear Trump since Trump polls are getting higher.

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>>835530215>>835530671The fact of the matter is that he said it at all. Is this the type of person you support just to "own the libs?"

>>83553067Go home Ivan you're drunk

>>835530162This is the 2020 version of "Grab em by the pussy."If you wanna say it doesn't matter, I respect that. But don't claim he didn't say it.It's 100% in character.

See this shit ? I laughed for 5 minutes straight. I've watched snuff films and have laughed at horrendous shit . If the quote is true it's probably a fucked up joke . Especially considering he's talking about French fags. But there's no evidence of him saying this and the sources want to remain "anonymous" . Hell if it's true then that just makes him more relatable tbh.

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If this were true, Bolton would have prominently featured it in his book. On the contrary, Bolton says it didn’t happen. Are libtards really this stupid?

>>835531099>On the contrary, Bolton says it didn’t happen.Where?

If it hurts Trump its fake news

>>835530162Its fake retard

>>835530162Because it's BS. More desperate attempts from the losers on the left to steal the upcoming election.

>>835530703If he said it, then post proof.

so interesting that these threads keep getting made. 2016 was so influenced by social media including memes from 4chan and other boards that they're going all out trying to ban or create fake social consent on these websites.really is, most people on here aren't american and those that are don't give a fuck about politics anymore. you're probably getting paid from the pocket of the DNC publicity board or whatever but consider that what you're doing is fucking meaningless.

>>835530162Because it's fake fucking news, like always

>> moar.

>>835530703>>835530930>>835531099>>835531296Bolton already said it didn’t happen two days ago. Two other people on the trip have already publicly said it didn’t happen. FOIA’d documents have already shown that one of the central claims of the piece, that Trump canceled the trip to Belleau Wood out of a lack of respect for troops, was false. So you have four anonymous sources claiming it happened versus a guy who wrote a book excoriating Trump, two on-the-record people, and a government document showing that it didn’t. People aren’t talking about it because it looks like the political hit job that it is. That, plus “muh Russia” for three goddamned years and even truthful smears don’t resonate anymore. So go fuck yourself, shill.

>>835530703that would suck if it was true lol

>>835530162>>835530703its out of context and mixed up retard

>>835530162I'm a jouranlistA source (who has to remain anonymous) told me that Trump regularly has a 10 man gang bang with his secret service agents.The anonymous source told me this. He knows. Trust me I'm a journalist.

>>835531756Couldn't have said it better myself.>anonymous sourcesEvery. Fucking. Time. If even that faggot Bolton denies it, how much veracity do you think it has? You wonder why Trump coined the term Fake News? Exactly this.

>>835530162Because it's a lie and a manifestation of further desperation from the left.

Trump probably will lose this election but alienating FOX News and the military vote is not helping him any

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>>835530162Was it about vietnam or one of the sandbox adventures?Either way he's not wrong

>>835530215spoken just like a good sheep

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>>835531021>>835532226>>835532743wow - these anonymous sources certainly know a lot. Good job nobody knows who they are.

>>835530162because you should only discuss your mental delusions with your doctor

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>>835532743>before rolling his rotund orange ass around the Oval Officefukken kek

Man that Trump defense force is something. I just asked a question because usually every fart he sends flying is getting discussed, but you guys sure showed me.

>>835530162I have eleventeen anonymous souces who say OP is a faggot

>>835530162Because no one really believes the media any more. Plus even if true its not like hes wrong as ive seen people endlessly say on this board that anyone in the military when its at war is a dumbass

Trump has become indefensible, the good qualities we though he had, were lies. He thrives on denial and posturing, but has zero intellectual substance. as a republican It hurts to say it but: we elected an unstable ,incompetent moron , that needs to go.

>>835530703how much do you get paid to make these threads?

>>835530162Because it's a comlete fabrication by a very desperate and pathetic democrat party.Now go kill yourself OP, you nigger faggot.

>>835533415Can you not fucking read or something? It's not because of Trump, it's because it's bullshit.

>>835532638Cope: The Post

>>835530162Fake ass news

>>835533911Such a complete fabrication that Fox News confirmed it.

>>835530162Remember the Ukranian "quid pro quo"? Where the two men talking, Trump and the Ukranian prime minister both denied it happened, the full transcript was released, and the Democrats still tried to impeach him?This time everyone in the room and the transcript say he didn't say any of that bullshit in the OP, but retarded lefties will still believe it. These people are not very smart.

>>835530162Part 1

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>>835530162The guy who wrote the article is also responsible for writing fake articles about Iraq to implicate them in the war with Afghanistan, he’s a fucking paid spook works for the fbi/cia or some shit and is a subversive little bitch.

>>835531606>didn’t hear>didn’t happenOh user, you are silly.

>>835534093>confirmed>repeated the anonymous source reportOh no! The controlled opposition news network said something! I thought Faux News was fake, tho?

>>835530162Part 2 This whole thing is a fake setup. Pelosi gets caught on video at a Salon, boom, the liberals attack with fake shit. Fake or not tho, people will believe it, or, others with research to debunk it. The key is to get people’s minds off the salon fiasco and move onto something else. PR at its finest.

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>>835534187It may be news to you, but I don't hear what didn't happen all the time. Because it's by definition impossible to not hear what didn't happen.


>>835534206Jennifer Griffin independently confirmed it. Fox News’ journalists are not fake news. The Op-Ed retards that are plastered all over it for 70% of its broadcast time are, though.

>>835534271It’s also very possible not to hear everything that did happen. Derp.

>>835534218Remember when some nutter shot Gabby Giffords and it was all the Republicans' fault and need to tone down the rhetoric, even though he had no political affiliation? Then remember when the liberal tried shooting up the Republican congressional softball team, and there were crickets?Anyone who doesn't believe in a liberal media bias at this point is deluded.

>>835534315Ah yes, John Bolton. The man who knew everything in the White House and has publicly said Trump should have been removed from office for trying to bribe Ukraine. I think you picked and excellent example of someone we should all listen to, and follow, every word.

>>835534337She confirmed the anonymous source exists, not that what they claim actually happened. You dummy.

>>835534337Independently confirmed it? The people there said it didn't happen and there are on-record FOIA requests saying it didn't happen. But ""anonymous source"" is a better source of information now?And I thought for decades now Faux News was fake for you liberals? I guess your tune changed overnight, huh?

>>835534374Yeah, just like Trump was never exonerated in the Russia collusion. The probe found no collusion, but he wasn't exonerated. BECAUSE YOU CAN'T EXORATE SOMEONE OF A CRIME THEY DIDN'T COMMIT.You can't hear something that didn't happen. Same shit, different day.

>>835534481You mean she can’t time travel and has to rely on what the sources told her? Oh man you really hit me there.

>>835534494Except, your arbitrary rant is the opposite of what she is reporting.

>>835534599He wasn’t. The Republican lean Senate Intelligence Committee report, Vol. 5 proves what you are saying is wrong.

>>835534470Yes, he hates Trump and even he said this was pure fabrication.And the Ukraine "scandal," had its transcript publicly released months before the media spun it. You could read the entire thing. That and the president of Ukraine said it didn't happen. How the left can spin both the literal transcript in front of them and the denial of the other party to be guilty of something that didn't happen is beyond me.Of course, Quid Pro Joe, getting the investigation in Ukraine of his son called off for billions of taxpayer dollars is a "nothing" in the news, despite public records of him doing it and audio/video of him publicly bragging about it to a crowd of reporters.


>>835534649see>>835532743That's all an anonymous source amounts to.

I miss when the tin foil conspiracy theory was the government was hiding aliens from us...

>>835534732Pick them cherries.

>>835534701No? Cite it, because maybe you should have told Peter Strozk and Lisa Page and the rest of the Mueller investigation team. They would be champing at the bit, because they couldn't find shit either.

>>835532743the absolute mad lad

>>835532410Bolton is a war-mongering loser, like Trump said. Why are people beliving a word of what that idiot says?

>>835534835What cherries? That's quite literally quid pro quo with Ukraine of the democrat party's nominee for president.> videos straight from the horse's mouth.

>>835534842assets documentcloud org documents 7039349 Report-volume5.pdf


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>>835530162fake and gay

>>835534911Because he's opposed to Trump, and even he's defending him in this instance.

literally everybody is op where have you been

>>835534951There you go again.

>>835530671How devious.Meanwhile trump smears literally anyone down to tweeting civilians who disagrees with him in mad 14 year old girl level twitter storms.

>>835534954No, cite it. Cite what you claim. The line. The smoking gun. Not a hundreds page document. C'mon champ, I know you can do it.Oh, you can't? You can only attempt obfuscation because it's not there? Prove me wrong. I dare you.

>>835530703The fact of the matter is he DIDN'T say it at all.

>>835534997I don't think you know what cherry picking means.Quid Pro Joe used billions of US tax dollars to strongarm Ukraine to call off the investigation of his son. Here's literal audio/video footage of him bragging about it straight from his mouth.>>835534951The same democrat party that wanted to impeach Trump over the supposed quid pro quo in Ukraine (didn't happen, full transcript released, president of Ukraine denies it happened) is now nominating for president someone who quite literally committed quid pro quo of Ukraine. You're fucking clown shoes.

>>835535040You seem angry that there are almost 1000 pages documenting collusion with Russia by the trump campaign. You got a lot of reading to do, champ. But I will point out that it gets really interesting starting on page 655 (pee pee tape time!), enjoy.

>>835534771Honestly my girlfriend still talks like she believes in that shit somewhat. She desperately wants there to be polytheistic aliens out there in space though.

>>835535141Except he didn’t.


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>>835535155Post it

>>835535155Cite it. You can't. You're obfuscating because you cannot prove your case. You are stupid.

>>835535182Joe Biden committed quid pro quo of getting his son's criminal investigation called off in exchange for billions of US taxpayer dollars. Here is a youtube of him bragging about it with corresponding facts.>>'re pathetic.

>>835535204>>835535223Never let it be said trump supporters are too lazy to plug into google, scroll down to page 655 of a document and (god forbid) read a report drafted by the very senators they blindly and rabidly support. lol.

>>835535155>they're still grasping at the Russia claims

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>>835535286Yes, I saw that. Crazy how the DOJ hasn’t gone with you on this one. lol.

>>835535372Cite it. C'mon, cite it. Post the smoking gun. Quit hiding behind obfuscation and post the sentence. You can't.

>>835535373Except, the senate confirmed it.

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>>835535444It’s a shame I can’t post almost 1000 pages of text here. You should really speak to a mod about that. Or you know, read.

>>835530162Firstly im Australian, but since American shit is SPAMMED everywhere ill comment.Obvious fake news is obvious, im a left winger in Australia and I like Donald Trump, he is a centrist from New York and has been around forever and has always been nice too everyone.There is no way in hell a gentelman like Mr Trump would say such things.

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>>835535372>COMMITTEE SENSITIVE -RUSSIA INVESTIGATION ONLY 3. (U) David Geovanis and Potential Counterintelligence Concerns (U) In some circles of the U.S. expatriate business community in Moscow it has been common for visiting businessmen to be taken to nightclubs or parties where prostitutes are present.4178 It is likely that Russian security or intelligence services capitalize on those opportunities to collect information.4179 During the 1990s and into the 2000s, David Geovanis developed a reputation in Moscow, in part as a host for visiting businessmen.4180 Several witnesses told the Committee that Geovanis also engaged in a pattern of behavior regarding women that made him, and potentially others around him, vulnerable to exploitation by the Russian intelligence and security services.4181This is the only paragraph on that page. You're lying through your teeth

>>835535448>a bunch of nevertrumpers and limp wristed liberals confirmed Trump colluded with Russia to win the election>his side COMPLETELY ignores that fact that Obama and his team totally and willfully fabricated a dossier to SPY on an American citizen and his campaign with illegal wiretaps over BULLSHIT, an offense that is easily 100x more serious than Watergate or anything before or sinceyou people are fucking UNBELIEVABLE

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>>835535490It's a shame you can't produce a paragraph to back up your claim, and obfuscate with a 1000 page document. Here's your page 655>>835535551So you're just deflecting and obfuscating with bullshit.Trump didn't collude with Russia, the Mueller investigation concluded that. He didn't quid pro quo with Ukraine, the transcript and president of Ukraine conclude that. Joe Biden did however, as cited in the thread. And one gets impeached by democrats, the other gets nominated for president by them.Funny, huh?

>>835535551I said starting at page 655, your reading comprehension is low. Pay attention as it starts to speak about Michael Cohen.


>>8355309304 "anonymous sources" report Trump made disparaging remarks about dead veterans 2 year ago coincidentally 2 months before an election. Multiple people with actual names along with written missives from government agencies prove this is bullshit.DoN'T SaY hE DiDnT say It!You are a literal moron.

>>835535610The funny thing is two weeks ago, the illegal FISA warrant Chris Steele dossier open-secret was confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee in public record congressional testimony.But the media didn't report on that.

>>835530162The soldiers knew and don't careThey're soldiers, not pussies. YOU people get your feefees hurt by baa wurrds, SOLDIERS manage to... I don't know, get over it>>835535672It's no use reasoning with themBiden is barely able to remain conscious at the podium and they're 100% confident in this candidate because it's "not Trump." The well-being of their country is secondary to the principle of disliking Trump, because they believe he's fucking everything up when he really hasn't done much of anything, kind of like every president in the past 28 years, other than kicking up the sand dunes

>>835535742>thinking Steele and the FISA warrant of Carter Page are connectedlol, the absolute depth of understanding from trumpanzees.

>>835535701>>835535724You are such a bad liar.

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>>835535867No, you are. I’ve actually read the thing. Keep going, the Russian hookers and existence of a tape isn’t much further.

SoHe called HW bush and Mccain a couple of losers...right?

>>835535867On a side note, it’s amazing how much is redacted isn’t it? I wonder what’s behind so many black bars that authorities don’t want us to know about trump.

>>835535935No you didn't, liar. You said that proof was on page 655. Well it's right there. Show it to me. C'mon champ.

>>835530162>why is nobody talking about an unsupported claim about what trump said from an 'anonymous source' in an article from The Atlantic, when the article provably lied about several items including the reason why the visit was called offyou are so fucking gullible that you didn't even bother fact checking the article(s) that you read about it.what a surprise, I bet you fall for the 'fact checking' that CNN does for you as well, where they add context and "debunk" claims by disproving the context that they added.

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>>835535731Man this is an easy one for you huh?Normally we bring fresh oc daily about the dumbass or terrible shit he says and yall have to do mental acrobatics making excuses."This was 2 years ago" must be a nice break. Might have time to get around to sexually harrassing your sister today, too, Chauncey

Trump's soooo upset a girl has twenty times more money than he does!And apparently, he's psychically in touch with Steve Jobs who has disparaging things to say about his wife ...

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>>835536051I said pee pee tape, once again... your reading comprehension is low. You will have to actually read the document to get all of the information. Life isn’t a meme, fat boy... you actually have to read to learn. Not get a sentence on a retarded picture.

>>835536051>>835535155>starting at page 655Christ, you are bad at this.

>>835535861The Senate confirmed Steele's dossier was used to obtain an illegal FISA warrant under the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign. This is 100 times worse than Watergate.Here's a link to the US Senate, so don't bullshit about the source> Document.

>>835536112What a faggot.

>>835536112kekCNN's headline this morning was trump attacks 6th richest woman in the world for her ties to The Atlantic"That's her money, that she earned fair and square by sucking steve jobs' dick

lmao @ the Atlantic

>>835536150No it wasn’t, dipshit. Page was under surveillance since 2014 for his contacts with two Russian agents.

>>835536051Dude he said starting at. Like thrice now.Keep reading you fucknut.

>>835536150Here you go, dumbass. slate com/news-and-politics/2017/11/a-timeline-of-carter-pages-contacts-with-russia.html

>>835536118>>835536147You said it was on Page 655>>835535372>>835535155C'mon, show me. I'm sure it's there, right? Not like you've bee avoiding citing it and referring to a 100 page tome in order to obfuscate or anything. C'mon, champ. I know you can do it.By the way, how can I get paid to shill on 4chan? Be an ESL third worlder whose entire day's pay is less than what I spend on junk food, like yourself?

>> what trump said from an 'anonymous source' in an article from The AtlanticAs any idiot already knows, that's how anonymous sources are used to build a case. Over 300 anonymous sources went into the Watergate case.Especially with such a grievance collector as Trump, I can appreciate that honest sources wouldn't want their names attached to what they've been witness to.As the editor of the Atlantic said, "They're not anonymous to me." Also, numerous different people corroborated the stories, and that's how it's done.And the bigger "also" is that he's promising this info is just the time of a much bigger tranche of new information that will be dripped out over the next days and weeks.Much like his boat parade, Trump's going down over this.It's unbelievable how you Republitards are getting all "Anonymous, anonymous!" but take any fart out of Trump's cakehole as the Gospel Truth. Your opinions are worthless.Your fellow Anonymous ...

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>>835536307Im just enjoying watch you swing from the rafters. I accept your surrender.

What matters to me is the character of a man. Biden 2020.



>>835536232I just posted a link to the US Senate's official government website.>The Wall Street Journal: “A Senate committee released newly declassified documents that showed the Federal Bureau of Investigation was wary in early 2017 of a dossier compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele that helped stir a narrative, later debunked, that the Trump campaign had close ties to Russian intelligence. The documents released Friday by the Senate Judiciary Committee included FBI notes from three days of interviews with a primary source of Mr. Steele who cast doubt on some of the dossier’s contents. FBI notes from the interview in early 2017 indicated that Mr. Steele’s source had told him information about Mr. Trump’s alleged sexual escapades was “rumor and speculation” that he was unable to confirm.”The FBI started an investigation based on a democrat-funded dossier by former British spy funneled through FusionGPS and the opposresearch was used to start an illegal FISA warrant to spy on Trump under the Obama administration.GOVERNMENT. DOCUMENT.

>Anonymous souce: Biden rarely wore pants in the White House, Obama girls scarred for life

>>835536346Enjoy your 5 minute break from shitposting to use the designated shitting street, Pajeet. I don't know what's more sad, the fact that you're paid to shill like this, or just your life in general.

>>835536338An anonymous source is only useful if independently verifiable. What school did you flunk out of? Because this is journalism 101.

>>835536376You ain't black.Latinos are more diverse than African Americans.Can't tell you about my tax plan, they'll shoot me.He's a character alright.

>>835536450>original FISA warrant was 2014You need to timeline better.

>>835536595Poor kids are just as smart as white kids.

>>835536526So angry.

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>>835530162It came from Biden's Campain. Its a last ditch effort to win the election

>>835536590Many outlets have independent confirmed these anonymous sources, including Fox News. What kind of bubble do you purposely live in?

>>835536758>The Washington Times: “Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham secured the release of two declassified documents Friday from the Justice Department that he says undercut the FBI’s reliance on Christopher Steele’s dossier and exposes how the FBI lacked concrete evidence in its probe against the president’s 2016 campaign.”Funny, it's right there on the Senate's government website. I guess you can read a 1000 page document, but can't read a headline.

Imagine supporting Trump non-ironically at this point

>>835536804>he typed from his callcenter, with his curry-stained finers

>>835536866This has jackshit to do with Steele or Page or the FISA warrant. Maybe you should read more than headlines. I suggest reading those 1000 pages, it’ll be good for you.

>> Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham secured the release of two declassified documents FridaySo?

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>>835536857No, they reported on the same thing. That's different than independent verification. Also Bolton, who opposes Trump and has no incentive to help him, denied it happened. So, let's see, former cabinet staff who was there plus FOIA documents vs ""anonymous source.""You're retarded.

>>835536909Your lashing out in defeat is succulent to me. Continue.

>>835537030No u.

>>8355301621. The Atlantic is a known left-leaning propaganda rag.2. No proof other than here-say.Bottom line for me: I don't give a shit if he pissed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a vote for Trump is a vote against goddamn commie pinko fags who dress boys in dresses and brainwash them into cutting their dicks off and get you fired from your job is you object to it.

>>835530162>how come no one is talking about what everyone is talking about?Can we, like, get through these elections already? These wannabe social engineering threads are getting tiresome.

>>835536974>'s in the headline, fucknuts.

>>835530703Yes. Pretty much. His personal conduct has nothing to do with his policies compared to the authoritarian censorship of the Left.

>>835537042lmao, at least my existence isn't measured in pennies. Enjoy your third-world existence.

>>835537095Sorry you are inconvenienced by our struggle to save our country, you hippie faggot. Go take a CBD enema if you're so goddamn triggered by grownups trying to do their patriotic duty.

>>835535731Trump: "I never said those things, and here is somebody I pay who will also say I never said those things!"Trump: "And I also never called John McCain a loser!"Everyone in the world: posts Tweets and interviews where Trump calls McCain a loser.You lot are really just a Cult Trump at this point, aren't you? It must be sad to surrender your brain to such an unworthy figure.

>>835537098It’s grouping the subjects together, dipshit. Anyone who has studied this knows they aren’t related. Once again, timeline. >>835536306

>>835537173>Alabama trailer parks are first world!!!!lulz were had at your expense.

>>835537078>The Atlantic is a known left-leaningFox NewsAssociated PressWashington PostForbesUSA TodayThis list keeps growing....Boy it must suck to have to spend your life with your head in the sand.

>>835537268So, you roundabout admit from your callcenter you're an ESL shill. That's hilarious!BTW we can all see what you're doing, you're doing a terrible job of trying to convince us you're American.

>>835531756Learn to read comrade, bolton said he didn't hear him say it. I didn't fucking hear him say it either. But if 4 separate sources who were fucking there heard him say it then I think he fucking did.

>>835537550>then I think he fucking didI have 3 anonymous sources that tell me you eat kittens, so I think you fucking do.

>>8355375506 independent sources claimed you're a faggot, I would be inclined to believe them, but I have firsthand knowledge already

>>835530930This guy gets it Did it happen? 100% likely.Does it matter? Zero chance.Rational people already decided they'll vote for anyone but trump. Trumptards are cult members, beyond facts or reason. They will vote trump even if he rape-murdered a little girl on live TV.

>>835537682There are dozens of anonymous sources that say Biden rape-murdered several little girls

>>835530162Fake news. Show me proof that he said that, not an (((anonymous source)))

>>835530162because its fake news.>the atlanticcome the fuck on now

>>835537489Oh man, you really read between the lines there and sussed out the truth, your intellect is unmatched. No wonder you vote for trump.

>>835537666Of course you do, you also believe in Qanon. We get it, you are dumb.

>>835537783What will you do when they go on the record? What excuses will you make to support him then?

>>835537682This. Trump could have come out on stage at the RNC, took a shit on stage and eaten it while jerking off a goat, and 30% of America would still vote for him.

>>835538023This is not true! 35% would still support him.

>>835537920QAnon and Trump are the only things propping up the tatters of our democracy against you libfags and your worshipping of Omar and AOC’s brown tits.

>> I don't give a shit if he pissed on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a vote for Trump is a vote against everythingHey, you're in luck!

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>>835538082I imagine that only 30% would still support him if Trump took a shit on their dying grandmother's face while laughing. Well maybe 32% would still support him.

>>835530162Didnt CNN refuse to reveal their "credible source" because "harrassment" and such? Cant believe so many dumb cucks actually took this shit as fact.

>>835531021>I've watched snuff films and have laughed at horrendous shit>"i am a edgy 13 years old"

>>835538101Ok Jethro.

>>835537682I want to know how Trump convinced Kanye to enter the race and divert a portion of the black vote away from Biden. I don’t like the guy, but that was genius.

>>835538152I’m sticking with 35%. Might even increase to 37%.

>>835537875The thing is, despite your long reply-chain, you never claimed against being an ESL third-worlder shill from a call center. Because it's so glaringly obvious.

Itt: braindead liberals who believe in "guilty until proven innocent" but have contrary views when it comes to rapists, criminals with long records, and other people of interest with proven records. >he didnu muffins he wuz a gud bois>but orange man bad! He said something mean

>>835538101Anon, they're not even American.

>>835538157Did someone say dumb cucks?

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>>835530162Because this comes from unnamed sourced in a story written by the same kike who lied us into the Iraq war.

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>>835538295Glad you got the memo, when do you want to schedule your appointment?

>>835536112>by a con man (goldberg)trump is about to get the musk treatment if he keeps up this antisemitism

>>835538215Yea, I don’t retort facts to blatant retardation. Also, if I am ESL... what does that say about your education, vocabulary and grammar compared to mine? Let’s be honest, the real 3rd world is red states and trump country.

>>835530215Even Fox News has confirmed this independently. You can't hand wave this one away



>>835538350Unfortunately my application for Liberty University was denied on account of me not being a religious fanatic, or cuck apologist.

>>835537770then post proofhard mode: not breitbart, info wars, and an unreliable news network>>835538185Kayne isn't the smartest guy, and a spoiler campaign isn't "genius"

Attached: 123.jpg (1323x1015, 551.73K)

>>835531021Good thing for mail in ballots, you don't strike me as someone that leaves the house

>>835538418Are you from reddit fag? We use retard and other slurs here but not "cringe" fucking bottom feeder.

>>835538418Exactly. You got nothing but a meme to rebut with. You are dismissed.

>>835531099Bolton said he can't confirm it, not that it didn't happen. I wasn't there for you losing your cherry, that doesn't mean it didn't happen.


>>835531099Bolton didn’t say “It didn’t happen”. He said “I didn’t hear him say that”. Two different things.


>>835532743> I don't understand how journalism works because I was told not to believe it so now I just dank meme all day

>>835538444>cnn>listed multiple timesHAHAHA

>>835538367lmao, ESL fucker trying to flaunt his vocabulary on 4chan of all places. You're not even American.

>>835530162Shill. Joo bot.

>>835533940Yes I am SURE you guys are also all over Trump about the bullshit he is peddling about election fraud, right? You are such bastions of truth that you call him out for every lie he commits?No? You simply call a sourced story confirmed by hard right media bullshit instead? Yeah that tracks

>>835538595CNN (Web)CNN (TV)Sorry, I know it’s more than 2 sentences in 18 point font plastered over a picture, so it’s tough to understand. Jesus Christ I don’t understand how some of you got out of middle school...

>>835538573You can't hear something that didn't happen. That reminds me of>HE WASN'T EXONERATED!Yeah, you can't be exonerated of a crime you didn't commit.

>>835538575>>835538595Wait, you're trolling, right?It's very obvious there's CNN Web and TV versions.Did you see the Fox Web and TV versions? lmfao.

Attached: huh.jpg (800x450, 39.63K)

>>835530162>How come no one is talking about that?They are. But there are two standards for news here:>actual facts, consumed and believed by everyone except Trumptards, who eschew facts>lies, innuendo, conspiracy theories and general bullshit consumed by nobody EXCEPT TrumptardsIf it reflects negatively on Trump & his idiot base, it's "fake".>essentially any reporting on him since 2015If it reflects positively on Trump, it's fact>you can count the number of legitimate instances of this happening on one hand and you'd still have fingers to spare>>835530930Pretty much. Hopefully the veterans for whom the American values they fought to protect are being trampled on daily by the Orange Messiah will wake up and realize that Donald J. Trump only cares about one person in the entire world.That one person is Donald J. Trump.

Attached: Trump cult.jpg (640x553, 115.91K)

Attached: Cocks..jpg (2694x2048, 893.08K)

>>835534218Of all the things in this world, you think THIS being confirmed by Fox News is to...cover for Pelosi? How far do you have to reach for that to make sense?


>>835531606Just because Bolton didn't hear Trump say it doesn't mean Trump didn't say it.That would be like me saying Duchess Kate has never wiped after peeing. Just because I never witnessed it doesn't mean it's never happened.

>>835534271I never heard you reee at your mother for catching you sniffing her dirty panties, but that most certainly happenedI can't believe how weak the defense of this is. Have some fucking self respect

trump has treated pows badly before, remember that muslim family at the DNC?

>>835534494I am going to believe 4 independent media outlets - including the President's state media - over Sarah Huckabee Sanders

>>835538976>have some self-respectnobody with self-respect votes for trump unless you're a retard or a racist

>>835538694>tiny image>with 20 images laid on top of each otherchrist, you probably make those covid images with 20 pictures of trump on them and expect people to read them

>>835539031Either you have a lazy eye or you're trolling, because you can very clearly see each individual logo you fucking nigger.

>>835535141Are we trying the Hunter Biden angle that was investigated by Congressional Republicans and found to be on the level? Your handler would be upset that you are referencing old propaganda

>>835530671>"Quid pro quo joe"Holy shit you trumpets aren't even trying to hide the projection anymore

>>835538901You didn't disprove my point, Ivan. Learn to logic or go back to the family farm in Bilyarsk.

People are, but it's been debunked.

>>835538444whoever made this is a retard


>>835539093it's the other way around ,retard.

>>835536338>reddit spacingyou niggers need to go back.

guys, guess what time it is? that's right 200 posts took 4 hours to get to this point, it'll take 1 hour to reach 400, watch the libbies go!reminder: if your "opponent" can't reply to your post, you "win"!

>>835530162"These sources, and others quoted in this article, spoke on condition of anonymity. "Bullshit, like anyone believes user's here let alone some TDS user.

>>835539119This is truly about as accurate as it gets user. Why do you think it's wrong?

>>835530162I wonder who could be behind this article

Attached: Screenshot_20200906-130540.png (1080x1920, 286.19K)

>>835531756The disproportionate emphasis by the Reich Wing on "owning the libs", to the extent that they see nothing wrong with selling out their country, subverting its core values and essentially committing genocide against a demographic they don't like because they're so committed to it merely serves to demonstrate that they themselves, like their Cheetoh-in-Chief, are unfit to merely participate in civic discourse, much less contribute to the formation of public policy.

Attached: Voting Republican 2.jpg (500x500, 85.26K)

>>835530162>Atlantic cites 7 "anonymous sources"Probably because it's fake news. Only people eating this shit are the brainlets who watch MSNBC 24/7.

>>835539198Is Reddit spacing what we call it now when someone doesn't type a single run-on sentence?

>>835539343>Only people eating this shit are the brainlets who watch MSNBC 24/7.So "only" most of the country?

>>835539198Him being from reddit doesn't change the fact that he is right and you are a shithead russian troll who will die of alcohol poisoning inna couple of years. Unless you KYS now. Which you should. Do it. Nobody will miss you. I promise. Do it, faggot.

Attached: unknown-1.png (479x751, 649.53K)

>>835533767As an independent who leans left, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your candor. It takes a big man to admit when they made a mistake (something Trump will NEVER do, and his cult emulates that trait of his).I have friends who are conservatives. I can have a discussion with them. I can even respect them. Even though I disagree with them on what certain things mean and oppose their vision of America, we can still meet in the middle and agree to a compromise.Trump voters? Not a fucking chance. They're insane, brainwashed lemmings who will take the country down the tubes with them, just so they can "pwn the left".>>835533911>desperateBiden's ahead in so many polls, it's ridiculous. "Desperate" is hardly the right word to describe him, or the Democratic party (I'm not a Democrat btw).Trump, and his retarded sheep, on the other hand...

>>835539343LOLDid you know that the Atlantic was around since the Civil War where it endorsed Lincoln?Atlantic isn't tabloid news, retard. Just because it hurts your fee fees because god emperor trump was called out on his already proven shitty behavior doesn't mean it isn't true.ALso niggers.

Gee I wonder how this story came out the same day as the Biden campaign released am ad talking about it. Almost like they're colluding to distract everyone from something.

Attached: 118396540_641403310133787_6825003267082189668_n.jpg (720x597, 40.26K)

>> Trump voters? Not a fucking chance. They're insane, brainwashed lemmings who will take the country down the tubes with them, just so they can "pwn the left".Wheeeeee!

Attached: Trump followers.jpg (800x926, 280.25K)

Attached: 1598085773755m.jpg (1024x930, 100.13K)

Attached: b78f1ea.jpg (718x721, 100K)

>>835539442Unfortunately, yes. I have friends and family that love MSNBC. It's their choice to consume what they want to consume, I suppose.>>835539503I have zero idea what type of point you are trying to make. Since you can't refute my main argument of "Anonymous sources" being a complete joke, then I can only assume you're trying to raise a new point. Alas, you type like a bot so I have no idea what idea or point that may be.

>>835539688Ok, I'll humor you.Anonymous sources doesn't mean its fucking wrong. Fox News and multiple ex-officials have proven this. And this doesn't stand far from what he's said about POWs and people killed in action in the past, lest we forget:>Donald Trump belittled Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of a Muslim American soldier who had been killed while serving in the Army, for their speech at the Democratic National Convention.> Donald Trump attacked Senator John McCain on Twitter. McCain had raised objections to the Yemen raid wherein one American soldier was killed and five others were wounded. Trump tweeted about McCain, “Only emboldens the enemy! >"I like people who weren't captured"'re a morally bankrupt faggot. Kill yourself. Please.

Attached: 1595965603107.jpg (1024x948, 412K)

>>835534206>I thought Faux News was fake, tho?99% of the time, they are. But even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Plus, presumably, the people who work there have some sort of advanced education in journalism, one of the core tenets of which is something called "ethics" (you know, that thing Trump completely LACKS). Even though Fox routinely disregards such impediments to peddling their POV as a simple nuisance*, occasionally a ray of sunshine will burst through and someone employed by them will do something worthy of the respect and admiration of everyone else NOT on the hard-right of the news machine.*before you claim bias, please keep in mind that of all the various awards bestowed upon news organizations for accuracy, truth in reporting and general excellence in the craft (Pulitzer Prize, Peabody Award, Edward R. Murrow Award, National Journalism Awards, etc), since their founding in 1996, not ONCE has Fox News EVER won ONE of those awards.Yes, they don't have the lengthy existence of the New York Times or the Washington Post. But surely, if they're the bastions of truth in reporting they (lie like hell when they) claim to be, surely by NOW they would have won at least ONE award in excellence in journalism.The fact that they haven't, not once, ever, says a lot. It says the entire entity is predicated on bullshit, and the rest of the industry calls them on it every single year by refusing to subsidize partisan propaganda by legitimizing them with an award. It's just that, every once in a while, they do something right. Considering Fox's track record of lies & misleading bullshit, that aberration of truthtelling should not be overlooked.>>835534337>Fox News’ journalists are not fake news. The Op-Ed retards that are plastered all over it for 70% of its broadcast time are, though.This.

Attached: Fox News toilet.jpg (480x752, 38.4K)

>>835539242accuracy isn't the concern here, friendo


>>835530162>Calling people managed to get themselves killed "Losers" and "Suckers"They aren't exactly "Winners" and "Geniuses", are they?

>>835540088I'm right, though. So that's good enough.Make Israel Great Again!

>>835530162I think he's right. There's only been a few wars worth fighting. Most of them are games in which the government suckers it's own citizens into dying for dubious reasons, like access to oil or whatever. In periods of social unrest, war is a quick and dirty way to cull the herd of potential young trouble-makers at home by aiming them at another country. All Presidents know this. It's stupid to say it out loud of course.

>>835534429>Remember when some nutter shot Gabby Giffords and it was all the Republicans' fault and need to tone down the rhetoric, even though he had no political affiliation? Yes, I do: I was watching Marshawn Lynch steamroll over the New Orleans Saints with the "Beastquake Run" in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. I remember the rhetoric from the left. I also remember the left STFU once it became known that Jared Loughner was a nutcase and there was no connection to the GOP. Convenient how you seem to remember everything about the entire incident; all the way ,that is, up to that point.>Then remember when the liberal tried shooting up the Republican congressional softball team, and there were crickets?There's a reason: the Left didn't have to. Why? Because that's the closest the GOP has ever come to being the victims of a mass shooting at the hands of a disgruntled partisan. You know, like Nicholas Cruz did at Stoneman Douglas. You know, like Patrick Crusius did at El Paso. You know, like Timothy McVeigh did...I could go on but>it would be pointless because I've already made my point>you wouldn't get it regardless

Attached: MAGA terrorist 2.jpg (1080x793, 130.65K)

>>835530162Guys. Please trust my anonymous sources. There are real people who were really there saying that this story is false and navy flight records showing that his visit was canceled due to weather conditions but please trust my anonymous sources.

Attached: atlantic.png (1035x212, 45.58K)

>>835539024Even though she hasn't been there for at least a year now...

Attached: Sarah Sanders 1984.jpg (1296x729, 219.29K)

>>835531099Easy there, Roscoe.

Attached: Saying Libtard.jpg (600x450, 59.51K)


Attached: This guy gets it.jpg (400x568, 37.79K)

>>835540330>Yes, I do: I was watching Marshawn Lynch steamroll over the New Orleans Saints with the "Beastquake Run" in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. I remember the rhetoric from the left. I also remember the left STFU once it became known that Jared Loughner was a nutcase and there was no connection to the GOP. Convenient how you seem to remember everything about the entire incident; all the way ,that is, up to that point.>>but the damage was done. no retraction. it's like me calling you a faggot over and over but then finding out you're just a retard so i leave quietly

>>835535935Y'know, that video was posted here once about a year ago. I had the sense to grab it but a better quality version was posted like 4hrs later on another site (linked here) so I grabbed that one & deleted the first one. Sadly, I can't manage to post the second one.What I CAN provide is this image: it was included with the first video. This is the room the "pee shot" took place in and that OP included it for reference.

Attached: Trump piss tape room description.jpg (2430x1784, 410.13K)

>>835538873It's funny... Biden memes are of things Biden did and said. Trump memes are photoshops. Lefties prove again, they can't meme.

Attached: 1569021497846.jpg (703x878, 199.65K)

>>835540405which "people"

>>835534104The media can make up any bullshit citing anonymous sources, said my trusty anonymous insider of major news networks.

>>835540405Oof... left really can’t meme

>>835540144nah, but you've never been concerned with facts...

>>835530162I heard from an anonymous source that OP sucks cock. That makes it true, right?

>>835540405This is 100% true.


Attached: Here's to you Leo.jpg (600x400, 52.94K)

>>835540405it's a shame you judge people so quickly :\preach tolerance, don't practice it, vote democrat

>>835530162Because the article was disproven literally at the time it was published.

>>835537078>a vote for Trump is a vote against goddamn commie pinko fags>I'll completely sell out my country and ride it right down the drain so long as people who have a different, more inclusive vision of the country are kept from the levers of power.If you're a veteran, you have betrayed your oath to the Constitution.

Attached: Rather be Russian than Democrat.jpg (750x738, 135.39K)

>>835540733Well, if you actually have this proof, surely you can just take a screenshot from the video? Unless you’re just lying?

>>835537121>authoritarian censorship of the Left.You are a certified Grade-A moron.

Attached: Laughing dog Duck Hunt.gif (500x500, 11.13K)

>>835538023>took a shitNot to nitpick, but it's "taken a shit". Shame, the rest of your stuff was spot-on.Also, happen to agree with what you said.


>>835538444>huffpost>near neutral>fact reportinglol

>>835539242Because he disagrees with it, that's why. If he were making that graph, the further to the right you go, the higher on the graph it would climb.

>>835530162weak baitthese articles site things using airquotes and never fucking link anything.If it inst a video of someone saying something or doing something there is literally zero reason to believe it and now in the age of deep-fakes even those need to be questioned


Attached: Listen up 5s, a 10 is speaking.jpg (480x473, 39.67K)

>>835540975>>835540733Wont comply, troll?

>>835541513ignorance is bliss

>>835530162virtually everyone is talking about this, leave the troll farm an get a snack

>>835530162>How come no one is talking about that?because anonymous sources and already debunked by bolt book.

>>835540709>but the damage was done. no retraction.Just like the core idea of this thread>just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it wasn't there>>835540975I'd be happy to, but sadly I am technologically impaired. Can't make screencaps, don't know how to use Photoshop. Fuck, I can't even crop images.If I did know how to do this shit though, I absolutely would

>>835541140IE: everyone NOT a Trumptard who hates liberals so much they'll destroy the country just to "pwn" them.


Attached: ctr.png (659x333, 20.79K)

>>835540852I know this will come across as irony, and maybe it is, but>the only thing I'm intolerant of is intolerance

>>835530162On one hand.>the wall>nafta is dead>because youd be in jail>ended eternal hebrew kvetching>peace in israel>peace in kosovo>china btfo>deregulator>drug prices, halved>called an unjust forever war exactly what it is>private/public space x launch>jack johnson exoneratedOn the other hand>may or may not have said bad thingsBut yeah buildbackbetter i guess.

>>835542503But... but... but...Feelings!

>>835530162Unless there’s a video of him saying it, I assume it’s fiction.

>>835532996I dont care about what he says. I care about what he does.Only in a politicians world are words heavier than deeds.


Attached: 1598987071136.jpg (900x634, 260.46K)

>>835539954Nailed it.

>>835530162Because just like you OP it's fake and gay

>>835543066He can call me nigger for all i careKeep them trumpbux mintin and them lib tears drippinMAGA

>>835540089Neither is trump, his administration or his supports.

>>835543224Still YOUR president.

Attached: 1573339855028.jpg (650x841, 388.16K)

>>835540733While I did see the clip you are referring to, I have no verification of it’s authenticity aside from the fact it does appear to be shot in the same room. I don’t doubt the SIC and their independent findings of the existence of a tape with two Russian hookers in Moscow, as detailed in their vol. 5 report, starting on page 655. I find it odd that you are unable to link to this, as currently 4chan mod faggots will not let me link directly to the report without bypassing their “spam” filtration.

>>835541858hmmmyou don't know what irony isand you don't know what intolerance is

>>835540975There’s proof in the SIC report though, starting at page 655. But we both know you wouldn’t take the time to actually read and learn ::gasp:: factual information.

>>835541405maybe not speak on someone else's behalf, else you look a fool

>>835543512>starting on page 655>I said starting, keep readingmy new favorite meme

>>835543637>thinks in memes Sad!

>>835540089"winners" in the sense that he "won" the electionjust like "loser" in the sense that john mccain "lost" the election. he also, supposedly, said it regarding mccain's funeral, which he wasn't invited to, so likely quite butthurt and lashing outI think my biggest issue with this is that he called A soldier (john mccain) and loser and a sucker and "not a hero" but it's being painted as he called the entire collective these words.

>>835543683I said to keep reading

>>835543784LOL! This dumb faggot read off of page 655 from the .pdf index and not the pages of the report! Top kek. Page 655 of the actual report:(U) According to O'Brien, "The implication of his story was that [Trump] had spent the night with these two women and showed up at this first meeting the next day."4251 O'Brien explained:For years in Russia there were a number ofRussian government officials orothers who were exposed in these strip clubs doing not very nice things that theirwives, ifthey have wives, probably didn't know about. 1think most ofusappreciatedthattherewasthatriskinthesetypesofclubs. So,1thinkonceDavid4252told that story, we were all concerned about that.(U) There are indications that Geovanis may have also told this story to the press. AFebruary 2018 story in The New Yorker includes an anecdote that closely resembles the one4253(U) Almost a year later, on October 22, 2016, O'Brien sent an invitation email to the group of expatriate businessmen, including Geovanis, regarding the 2016 holiday dinner in Moscow. Inthatemail,O'Brienwrote,"IkeepthinkingthatVVP[Putin]musthavesomegreat material on Donald."4254 O'Brien told the Committee that this comment was based only on Geovanis's comments at the holiday dinner the prior year.