Worship your brown queen whitebois

Worship your brown queen whitebois

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She's cute


b-but she has weird mongoloid feet... i-i just can't ( ._.)

>>835526948I will never understand you feetfaggots.


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>>835527904fuck she has HUGE tits!

>>835527904Those fucking teeth lmao, she could eat an apple through a letterbox the stupid cunt

Wanna ruin her life?


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>>835528149>ThisThread's over...

>horse teeth>nigger gums>shit skin

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>>835526877I'd go to war to defend that glorious rackWe need a hot woman as POTUS it would unite us all

I want to bury my nose in her vagina and sniff so deeply that the moisture hits the inside of my nostrils


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>>835529487Oooooh yeah....

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>>835526877She can worship my cock any day.


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>>835528735thread's back on, the fags have left!

Well, I still find her to be highly naive about how politics and the world really work. She has done a somewhat decent job holding her position so far. ( no I don't agree with all of them, but that the thing about representative politics you never get perfecr) If she can remain as idealistic and win 2 or 3 more terms she will habe enough seniority to be pretty powerful. In the 25 years I have been consciously paying attention to politics, only Bernie has done so and even he has played some sly and nasty deals to stay alive.

>>835526877Only when I see those tits unleashed.

>>835529487look at that disgusting aerodynamic head. no fucking thanks

>>835526877bucktooth lmao

Queen. Anyone who makes fun of her is a degenerate who needs to be reeducated.

Look at all the malding conservacucks gathering the second you bring her up.

>>835531245Triggering the Trumptards.

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>>835531396fuck Trump. fuck whoever this ugly cunt is. fuck America and every dumb retard that lives there. please just nuke yourselves already so the rest of the world won't have to listen to your braindead screeching anymore

>>835531396Ocasio is a goddess. I'm ready to be ruled by a superior Latina.

>>835526877Didn't realise how low her boobs are man, she's probably peaked.

>>835531839All you have to do is kneel, kiss her feet and pledge allegiance to her.

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>>835531839I bet she's good at bobbing for apples

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>>835532181Absolutely.The future is hispanic.


>>835529558Never saw this one. Got more?

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>>835531560You're not wrong but can we wait on that until I get out of here?

>>835532181If I'm down there, I'm not stopping at her feet.

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>>835527961>>835526877She's a jew, so

>>835533024NO DO IT NOW. RIGHT NOW... Nah i'm just pullin your pud, i'll give you 10 days.

>>835528149>she could eat an apple through a letterbox the stupid cuntNot sure how the ability to eat an apple through a letterbox would make her stupid. Never seen anyones intelligence rated on their teeth before.

>>835533224not mutually exclusive, you humpty dumpty. she can be an ugly horsemouth and stupid cunt at the same time.

>>835533386Just shut up, pull your tiny cock out, and try stroking it to someone besides Trump for once. You might like it.

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>>835533565He's just mad that a Hispanic-majority US will finally be a true part of Latin America, and be better off for it.

>>835533658And he might realize that after he clears his head with a nice fap.

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>>835533565fuck you americunt>>835531560is me, i hate you and everyone else in your shithole country

>>835533699shes hot af.

>>835533699Her vagoo is slightly open in this pic. Hot.

>>835533699literal boner repellant, i don't get your obsession. there are thousands of hotter latinas than this bland cardboard flavoured woman

>>835533699I for one am excited for Hispanic immigration. The culture they bring here is always so much better than ours, and they're often much better citizens than we are. We'll be better off speaking Spanish.

>>835527033one represents the working class the other represents being born into wealth.

>>835533720Oh no, this faggot hurt my feelings...Nah really, same advice I gave that other cunt: chill out for a minute and stroke your cock to AOC. All this tension is unhealthy my dude.

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>>835533862>my dudealright you've lost all potential credibility. stroke your little sausage to this boring bitch if you want to, i'm going to go have a fat wank to some actual attractive women. ta-ta

>>835533953Ah 4chan, where autistic incels can feel an undeserved sense of superiority.

>>835533792She's above average in looks and intelligence. She's respectable and in a position of power. All of those things are turn on.Sure there are more attractive Latinas out there but maybe I'm just tired of falling to e-thots and pornstars.

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>>835527033Based Billy Joel Dubs

>>835533953Have fun with that broski. Hope it smooths you out a bit. Your edges are showing.

>>835527961theyre alright, wouldn't classify them as huge

>>8355340651) shes hot2) shes a moron2 makes her hotter

>>835526877She is my dream woman.

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Damn you bunch of faggots.Make up your mind, do you just want to fuck her or actually see her in office.She is cute, but dumb as a box of rocks.

>>835534189She's what America needs

>>835529487look at her stinky and smelly latina feet

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I mean, id glaze those titties

>>835534279I want to fuck her orifice

>>835533565>>835532181>>835529558>>835529487you can tell by these pics, specifically, her feet taste like smokin' chedder bbq doritos

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>>835534279>do you just want to fuck her or actually see her in officeBoth

>>835534279She doesn't have a chance at POTUS any time soon but I look forward to her congressional career and I also want to fuck her.

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>>835534433>She doesn't have a chance at POTUS any time soonPretty sure she'll be able to run in a few years, and I think she could win.

>>835534360>actually want to fuck her in her office


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>>835534065Exactly. Why jerk to a dime-a-dozen slut when you could pump one out to this classy beauty?

I worship her regularly.

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>>835534573Forgot pic

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>>835534433If Biden wins and her group gets shuffled into a closet, she's maybe a VP in like three decades. If Trump wins, we'll see a run earlier.

>>835534540How soon she would have a shot depends on how long Biden survives and how Harris does as VP and/or president. Even then, she might face competition within the party from someone like Newsom or whoever else is in the spotlight 8-12 years from now.

>>835534748She'd have the votes of all the new Hispanic citizens that've immigrated in that time.

>>835534675Potentially a cabinet position before then but, yeah. Although, if Trump wins I expect this country to undergo so much tragedy and chaos that I won't even try to predict what the follow election would be like.

>>835534852Oh yeah, I mean she would have a shot in 8 to 12 years. I'm just saying its not a sure thing and running before then would be a mistake.

>>835534881I’d fuck her in the cabinet position


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>>835534976Imagine a Hispanic-majority, Spanish speaking, socialist US.


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>>835534595Hnng! She is an alpha human. Trump is a beta rich bitch

>>835526877>is that you my queen?

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Say it with me:Señora Presidenta Ocasio-Cortez


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>>835535274Honestly better than anything. I would support it if AOC is in charge and would follow her.

>>835537607Hee haw!!!

>>835526877well... her tits are hanging and she's a beaner so... fuck you faggot

>>835526877I like the heels princess, if you can't walk how can you lead a fucking state?

>>835537765English as a language belongs in history books. Spanish should be our first language, Arabic our second.

>>835526877I'd love to grab her communist tits whole I cornhole her.

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So how long before the voters find out she actually has a Canadian education.A french Canadian education at that! She went to high school in Montreal

>>835538280No wonder. Montreal is basically Leningrad.

>>835529487holy fuck look at those chompers.

>>835530165lol shes getting purged the minute the elections over regardless of if the Democrats win or not.

>>835538280So she is smarter than majority of Americans. More reasons to support her.

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>>835531245conservacucks are just mad that no one is falling for their dumb ideology and that every year there is less and less people who support their ideology. Also that majority of immigrants are left leaning. You are just witnessing a dying breed.

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>>835538890The more Hispanic immigrants, the better.


Hispanic supremacy

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Start learning Spanish, anons.

>>835526877Would unironically beg her to pound my ass with a strap on.

another bump

My Only Hope is She makes It To PORN

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>>835526877She cute but still a shit skin and thats a big no no

>>835543416Do the world a favor and hang yourself.