Lets do this YLYL Bros Ultimate

lets do this YLYL Bros Ultimate

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>>835511665>YLYL Bros Ultimatewhat is the ultimate?

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>>835512075we'll never know

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What is YLYL?

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>>835512582Paranoid much?You only like getting cucked when you choose the time? Is that it?

>>835512518ah yes... the steele dossier...which has not been shown to have any grounding in realitybut was in fact proven to be paid for by hillary clinton.who do you think you're fooling?You think there are people dumber than you, dumb as you are?

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>>835512582what in tardation

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>>835512976'76 American INDEPENDENCE


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>>835512582You could always leave and settle somewhere where no government exists. Go and be free. Nobody is stopping you.

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>>835512358Its an old meme, but it checks out, also I just lost

>>835512452I recognize that gay blowjob!

>>835513089its a gerbil...or maybe a hamster...but not a mouse

>>835511665Bow down to my superior sense of humor

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>>835513555you probably didn't realize, but it isn't a mouse for a pc either

>>835513571The OP is not pleased with you(pic is the only existing pic of me outside)

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>>835513688Sorry sir. look dubs


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>>835513641HOLY SHIT!

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>>835513715OP accepts your apology and wishes you a good day/evening/night and also dubsFUCK YEAH

>>835513054There is a government everywhere. Do you even know what govern means?

>>835513752oh shit

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>>8355119044 years, still seething

>>835513853The government of Somalia disbanded years ago and nobody has claimed the region. You could go there and contend with the warlords, but contend as a free person.

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>>835513779faggot pretending to be me

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>>835514032Tis time for OP crisis

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>>835513115Do you have one that isn't for ants?

>>835514185>2020>still pasting youtube links into ylyl threadskys dipshit

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>>835513965yea, pretty much after that new bill passed

>>835514329>eVeRy yLyL tHrEaD iS a ChAnCe FoR mE tO tAlK aBoUt PoLiTiCs

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>>835514455i'm not even the faggot that posted that image you retard. just making a comment.

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>>835513767lost. I'm a retard

>>835515048Here in the US we call those batteries double as or AA

>>835515114I meant I'm retarded for thinking that that was funny.

>>835514535thats the point retard

>>835512518Lost so hard at that middle one I'm literally dying bro

>>835514203haha checked

>>835515114It's double a batteries all across the world retard.

>>835512445Imagine knowing your name was a cruel gift from your parents

>>835515680Not here. We call them mpcs. Not m p c but "em pk"

>>835515832australia isn't real, quit making up lies

>>835515114That wasn't a question dude, stop being dumb

>>835515153Oh, thought you were lost

>>835512828The Steele dossier was written by Holla Forums you fucking numptyTrolling IRL never felt so good

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>>835515048I almost lost to that too gg


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I didn't laugh. Y'all are lacking. I'm fucking off to FunnyJunk.

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>>835516464>>835515048I lost when I saved it, that's why I posted it. I drink to the user that made it.

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Step your game up faggots

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>>835515114>Good ole US of AAAmerican't

>>835512402I would have lost to it unedited

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>>835512582>Defund police>"But they're authoritarians">Pick one

>>835516958That pic is funny, but that comment is based, kek


>>835514858Quality meme user.

>>835511665this is now a slav thread

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>>835517129op approves

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>>835514287free bruhs?

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>>835514858This is the shittiest feature of new phones, I've been charging phones for 15 years with no problem. Now I try to charge and just says no.

>>835513048lost lol

>>835517382 soyjak has better pacing honestly

>>835513853There is no government in Antarctica you fucking pussy. Also, if you were not a pussy, you could just claim a lil track of Siberia or Northern Canada and eat wolves and slay pussy, faggot.

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>>835513054You're not actually allowed to do that.

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>>835512582Hilarious "MEME" poltard. Please hang yourself asap

>>835512518Shit meme. Fuck off poltard

>>835512976Its just a poltard trying to be normal. He doesn't understand that hes autistic and will never fit in.


>>835513763Fuck off poltard.

>>835516559sauce please

>>835514455Yup. These fucking retards don't understand how things work. Lets just tell tell them they did a really good job and show them out the back way then laugh at how pathetic they are, eh?

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>>835518986Fuck me, why are you trying to act so tough?I bet you're just a skirt and doing this gives you an ego boost

>>835519022Oh man, you got me.



>>835519022Fuck! I lost

>>835512445you got me!

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>>835512358Fuuckk you sleve mcdickhole. This is your fault

>>835519022aaaalmost had me

>>835521448I've seent his so many fucking times and it never let's me down.


>>835511904then how are other races being dominated if white males aren't on the top? if they're like this man, how are you getting oppressed? how do the white man whos like how you present, to exterminate an entire race in 100-200 years and occupy the entire continent? are you so weak that retarded fatasses are able to extort, occupy your lands and sell your family as slaves? or do you have a fetish genetically inherited?

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>>835513965The bear lost it's way along time ago

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>>835512452U raff u ruse

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>>835512582LibertarianClaims to be all about freedom and fairness but argue with them long enough you'll find out their entire problem is that age of consent laws wont let them fuck children so therefore government must go.


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>>835511665in which "Polish" town did they record that picture?Danzig? Breslau? Stettin?

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>>835516715just search thru the facial abuse website

>>835524236Strong white womyn

>>835511665He forgot his maga hat

>>835511665Do you like to drink kvass and listen to hard bass?


>>835527562Damn... I used to read that newspaper... They weren't doing so good until the massacre that happened at their offices put them in the spotlight

>>835528454Kvass is beer of children


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>>835518986Australia owns part of Antarctica.

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>>835519692Why the fuck did this make me lose

>>835512582As opposed to letting the minority tell the majority what to do?

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>>835513152Imagine thinking a fake document is funny. Buddy literally made this, printed it out, and took a picture to pretend like it came in the mail. Sad.

>>835517129>slav thread>posts suicide boys memeNigga; you retarded

>>835514529As a gay guy....


>>835512828I don't believe that shit either, but there are people equally if not more stupid. and they follow Qanon.

>>835512358>Bonzalezfucking lost

>>835524192Who are you, who do not know your history?


>>835530006Dumbass baby doesn't even sit upright.

>>835519320whats pol about that

>>835530774Wait what's pol?



>>835530972fuck off retard


>>835524236why be naked and have a hat?

>>835531096Trying to protect her identity retard.


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>>835530972Something women dance on

>>835512358Found The Game. I thought I lost it years ago!Nice!

>>835531157Because a beanie hides your identity

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>>835524236Going to conquer that hate with vag. Bless her


>>83551680211yo humor

>>835518713Sure kid.


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>>835512582>cucks trying to convince others authoritarianism is the real deal

>>835511904Down's Syndrome is not caused by inbreeding yo

>>835530006this triggers me

>>835526023We ain't big on taxes either!

>>835531376Someone doesn't know Mr. Pools magic beanie

>>835513054He wants freedom from government AND all the comforts of civilization

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>>835515641checked what you fucking retard

>>835512358After 3 months fucking lost again youre a witty cunt I'll give you that

>>835513200David Thorne’s a fucking loser

Alright which one of you assholes did the Gen macomb job?

>>835527562i think you meant Gdańsk, Wrocław and Szczecin. Stay mad germanboi.

>>835535374the proud nation of poland, calling for allies since 1939

>>835535374No one outside Poland who isn't a Polish emigrant calls those places those names and you know it.


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Somebody post this guy fucking a vacuum cleaner

>>835524236is that a male? pretty kek if it is


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>>835513217Is he apologizing to Satan for trying to sacrifice U2?

>>835514529What the fuck is this guy even on about? What social circles is he even reffering to? Kek

>>835529612Wait, I know that rippen

>>835512828There are people dumber than him...you, for example. You really think that shit's real?

>>835516791Best one I've seen in a while. Kek

>>835529612I recognize that gay blowjob


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>>835537828Lazy fucks couldn't even flip the lights on the sweeps, smh.

>>835538118F L A B B I NLABBIN

>>835524236Fucking jews. Look at the tattoo on her right foot.

No mac and cheese girl?

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>>835538822Checked and based

>>835538822No batter, no batter, no batter.

>>835512582>having a state = extreme authoritariandead centrist cuck spotted

>>835513217wow someone in that household is a worthless faggotside with satan, get executed

>>835533177Nice Feet.

>>835513767how is this funny

>>835513767this is some /r/funny bullshit

>>835529980enjoy hell you lying cunt

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>>835512582that's why we have republics

>>835529612...the fuck!....

Only real ones understand

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>>835518017Haha leftist pussies

>>835540028millennial zoomers born between 1998-2002 are gods.

>>835516958Wow.. They built buildings that are bigger than the other buildings. You know Africa has like...architecture and shit, right?Why are you racists so fucking weird?

>>835539946newfag spotted>>835540075>>8355400751997

>>835540107I arrived on the scene in 2015 when I was 15.that's good enough bud

>>835540107and yes I was born right on 2000. the story of my birth is a legendary one. we come to this planet to observe, then rise up and fight when the time is right. and that time, is about to arrive.I am the next monarch. I will eradicate satanfags from the entire earth

>>835540092found the liberal scumthe point he was making is that niggers can't progress through the tech tree by themselves. they're subhuman as fuck


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>>835518713Whilst I agree with the sentiment, Joe Rogan is not a Biden supporter.


>>835540658I love that video so much

>>835519692bump and kek


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>>835523164lol oral sex

>>835540294I was born in 1981 on a line of cocaine in a bed of neon.

>>835530006>baby isn't even half white

>>835512358You son of a bitch

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>>835540075. yeah..... the gods of faggotery.

>>835541165Women don't ejaculate my wizard friend

>>835513767I'm guessing everyone else who laughed is also an alcoholic

>>835529612I've seen that gay blowjob somewhere

>>835533177those feet make me cum



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>>835529181Are you saying Charli Hebdo was an iside job?

>>835512445Am friends with a guy called Dick Palmer... It never stops being funny


>>835530006oh, how the mighy have fallen

>>835512358>bobson dugnut

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