Why are we still doing these retarded corona virus restrictions and lock down bullshit...

Why are we still doing these retarded corona virus restrictions and lock down bullshit? This virus doesn't kill healthy people and the vast majority that died had pre-conditions. At what point does this get ridiculous? There is no reason at all that schools should be closed right now.

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Because it is an airborne disease easily transmitted to high risk ppl/thread

>>835485167Even if that were true, which it probably isn't, the people at high risk can wear masks and stay home. It makes no sense whatsoever to force everyone to wear a mask and follow restrictions.

>>835485167Coronavirus is one of the many respiratory viruses that cause the common cold. We already have exposure to it but his year it's an emergency. Why? Trump. The left needs a weapon to inspire fear and this virus is fits the bill.

There's way more of a chance to get it if the carrier isn't wearing a mask and the victim is than vice versa

>>835485328It's actually not possible to force everyone. Just stop wearing the mask and explain you have a pre-existing breathing problem which the mask makes worse. They call the cops and you get asked what the problem is. HIPAA bitches. Private medical information. You don't have to wear a mask if you are smart about it.

>>835485167That is so retarded. By that logic we can never reopen because there's a risk someone, somewhere may get sick.

>>835485522If you tried that they would just tell you that you can't enter the store or go to class or whatever. The better solution is voting out these pro-lockdown assholes.

>>835485439There's way more of a chance that you get it and it's just a common seasonal cold. Everyone in my house has had it and the worst case was a slight fever and head cold for a week. It's not even as bad as the flu.

>>835485439There's also a good chance you'll die in a car crash on the highway. Why are we not banning cars and high ways?

>>835485576I have tried it. I don't wear a mask ever. When I explain I have a respiratory disorder they have to weigh the possibility that it's true and they're discriminating against me. When I'm out with my girlfriend I simply say she is deaf in one ear and needs to read my lips. Now they have to take a risk of violating the American with disabilities act. Use the system against them and also vote them out.

>>835485611Just make sure you wear a mask so you don't die in the crash while dying from coronavirus. Because no one likes to die while they're dying.

>>835485735I want to believe you but that's hard to believe

>>835485072Election year.>>835485167You understand a new flu comes out of china like every 4-6 years. Nobody ever gives a fuck and nobody ever shut down their country or did widespread "free" testing like we are with this. Should learn some history before you spout retarded bullshit. All the fear mongering was "this could be the next spanish flu!", and that was quickly realized to not be the case.

>>835485072its the classic tactic of "create the problem, then offer the solution".they want to implant us with microchips, how can they do this? with a vaccine of course.coronavirus is perfect for this.

>>835485838I get it. Too much dick waving and bullshit nowadays. I'm in one of those US states that's on tight lockdown. I realized suddenly that if this thing is so contagious then a large group of people will eventually get it and some portion of them will survive. What's the problem? I don't see any plans for avoiding mistreatment of those people that are now immune. Any class of people with a disability is protected under law US. How is this thing not a disability while you're recovering?

vaccine 2021 incoming.refuse? go to jail and huge fine.enjoy your Mark of the Beast

>>835485072Humans were a mistake

>>835486164If you are vaccinated then why worry about those who don't vaccinate?I'd refuse no matter what. Really don't care.

>>835485072>There is no reason at all that schools should be closed right now.to scared kids to death and get them receptive to the "solution" maybe?

>>835486256when you are looking at 6 months in jail for refusing, you'll comply.

>>835486368Are you serious? 6 months?Is that a joke? Give me 12 and I'll laugh it off holy shit m8, ez no from me.

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>>835485072It actually can also kill healthy people, luckily rarely. Anyone can transmit it and if it goes unchecked even the deaths among the healthy will be high.This month the official covid-19 bodycount will overtake road fataliteis in 2020. And road fatalities had a 3 month head start. Imagine the number with no restrictions. Is it so hard to put on a fuckign mask?Also, before anyone says it, the death count is not overestimated, but it is now widely believed to be undersetimated, quite heavily in some countries.economist.com/graphic-detail/2020/07/15/tracking-covid-19-excess-deaths-across-countries

>>835486481you'll be demonized in other ways too. anyone who hasnt taken the vaccine pill will be outcast from society and not allowed in anywhere or to go anywhere.

>>835486481woah, guys, better watch out! This feller is TOUGH. He's done hard time, and he won't care about doing another year for not wearing a mask. What an elite brain this one has! Please, sir, don't hurt us with all that edge.

>>835486612In other words, nothing new.Good god I really thought it would have consequences for a second. Now I am relieved. NWO doesn't seem to be all too bad afterall.

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>>835486368>>835486164>>835486256That's pretty much where this is going. They're already forcing kids to take the flu shot in Boston. Watch, if Trump wins they will force the vaccine on everyone and then if there's a problem with it they will blame Trump.

>>835486525>luckily rarelySo we can reopen? Great

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its clearly an agenda at work, the entire world doesnt work this closely together over a mild disease that kills 1% of the infected.so what kind of nanobots are they injecting us with?

>>835486656You're one of the first ones to comply when they come around at your door.Not because you believe in it, but because you really are afraid of them.I will be out there, laughing unvaccinatedly along to the tunes of eternal freedom.Enjoy your npc existence. And I really do mean that. You probably had a chance at one point in your life, and you genuinely missed it. Shit happens. Godspeed.

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>>835486525Thank god one intelligent user. Was starting to think you didn't exist here. As for the rest of you ignorant fucks who can't understand how your own actions impact the people around you, please kill yourself before we're all extinct.

>>835485072Looked ok, only thing missing is baked beans and salad cream!

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>>835486831Shut the fuck up he's the dumbest motherfucker in here, besides you

>>835486525>It actually can also kill healthy people, luckily rarely.so can eating peanuts. why arent you wearing your peanut helmet?

>>835485522>>835485522Kill yourself retard.

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>>835485072Nobody has died of it without pre-existing issues huh? Tell that to my neighbor who lost his wife and toddler son tithe virus and neither of them had any other health problems. Dumbass

>>835485328It can cause brain damage in anybody, at any age. Virus's like these can attack any organ and they are less discreet. You do not want to get it. At all.

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>Batman gets the Bat Soup Virusthis is proof that we live in a simulation. and its fucking hilarious.variety.com/2020/film/news/robert-pattinson-covid-19-the-batman-1234760482/

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>>835486739>>835486905Even it kills 1 healthy person in 5000 cases that's still almost a million healthy people dead if half the world catches it. Not to mention the bodycount of the ones oyu consider unhealthy.

>>835487039Lol how convinent

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>>835487037>It can cause brain damage in anybody, at any age.So do car crashes. Are we banning cars now?

>>835485328The high risk individuals families could catch it.

>>835487092>>835487144Of course there is zero context as to how or why these kids died, but don't let the narrative go to waste

>>835486831>you ignorant fucks who can't understand how your own actions impact the people around youOh but I do understand. And it's quite comical.

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>>835487162No, but we have heavy restricions on how to use cars. You think speed limits and traffic lights are a decoration? It's the same thing, but you don't protest against traffic regulations.

>>835487092>10,000 children die EVERY DAY due to dirty water>nobody gives a shit>one child dies of a virus>everybody loses their mindsnice selective emotional trigger you have there

>>835487268>NoRight so you're a hypocrite. Thanks for confirming.

>>835485910Uh, and this is worse than what we generally see every 4 to 6 years.

>>835487277I think the narrative is that it can happen to children and healthy people, and even if they're healthy, might not survive.

>>835487308>Uh, and this is worse than what we generally see every 4 to 6 years.How? Because the president is a republican?

>>835487277>when you realize that you are making yourself a target for the next covid-19 death

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>>835487283First, I am not the user you were responding to originally. But you're the hypocrite here, because you obey traffic restrictions but not the restrictions to prevent the spread of covid, even though they follow the same basic logic, death prevention.

>>835485072The Democrats are all for restricting us for the sake of our safety and yet they act like the virus doesn't exist. They just want to ruin economy so they can try to win the election and say they solved the problem. You can mark for the sake of Democrats, but you can't vote in person or open your businesses.

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>>835485407This 100%. It was the perfect way for lefties to put into effect mail in voting nationally, essentially confirming that there is widespread corruption in elections

>>835487472Why am I responsible for other people's health? Give me a fucking break. We have the flu every fucking year but now suddenly it's a problem. But if King Biden wins we'll be ready to reopen right away, right?

>>835487453I've got more chance of being killed by a cheeseburger, but thanks for caring.

>>835487432because 1200 people are dying a day, you dumb motherfucker. The average hospitalization for covid19 also costs $72,000 on average, so why don't you do the math and tell us how much this "herd immunity" will cost if everyone gets it?

>>835487676>because 1200 people are dying a dayAnd? How many people died per day last year? Zero? And if herd immunity is such a problem, why isn't Sweden having any issues?