Waifu grillhouse

Waifu grillhouse

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What's going on nerds?

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>>835484835When I installed the surge tank the old standard recirc lines were full of oil, so whenever it would start dripping whie installing the new lines I would wipe them with my elbow. Taking a shower afterwards is easier then degeasing the engine. >>835484845God I wish that was me. But if you know about it, it means he survived, and in that case I wish it wasn't me.

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>>835485147I was hoping for spicier stories, but this is alright too. what car was this?

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>>835485147kek>>835484987>>835484987fail bus


>>835485271can i save that pic? it's so pretty

I'm here to post pictures of my waifu, the entire World, because they make me cry, in a good way.youtube.com/watch?v=yyJ48-BYb7s>>835485125I found a few more pictures of the Planet in a shirt, and I'm happy now. What's up with you?>>835485365I agree with this

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>>835485271Mon amour~>>835485147Yeah he survived but submerged his phone lol.

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lewd bake

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>>835485314>>835485341>>835485457eris wants us to believe this is someone other than him

>>835485271The same E92, it was the only one that's needing a surge tank. Sorry I don't really have any spicy stories like getting all oiled up and slowly sliding up and down on the hood while in a bikini. >>835485443Rip phone. He was a good phone.

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>>835485457WHAT DO YOU MEAN

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>>835485499sure near

>>835485443sopmod~>>835485520what's an E92? is that the black one?aw, that's a shame.

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>>835485271is this you?youtu.be/mqMsVpLqwC0

>>835485594Hey, that's not the picture of my waifu I posted

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>>835485638Lewd Earth-chan poster cheating on Earth-chan I see.

>>835485628do you have anything other than barely relevant youtube links as your humor?

youtube.com/watch?v=pfiH1HmWcm4>>835485607Awwe~ you're learning. I'm so proud of you. Too bad I can't repay you.

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>>835485638earth>>835485713cursed vixen

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>>835485678That's still a picture of Earth chan, there's just some girls photobombing.

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>>835485698next he'll post the "but I said no homo" one, lole.>>835485713I looked it up and guessed by the color. I don't know your other cars, lole.don't worry about repaying me. being here is enough.>>835485742haru.

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>>835485698futaba is from persona making him a persona fan

>>835485754I love the beach.

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Funny and ironic, Near is not in the thread. >>835485742He said it will make your brain go splwoosh~I blame him.>>835485779Disappointing.

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youtu.be/-NYVZnDuQAcim kiryu the thread is the other dudes

>>835485868what's disappointing? I don't know your other cars, just the black one.tell me about them.

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Shit, my flask got so cold it froze onto the sink, fuck.

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>>835485742fish chan, how is this bread lewd?>>835485846Me too, beaches are comfortable and dangerous. I love the smell, the sound, and the crabs.>>835485949that video action represents this thread

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>>835486007We had an almost thread long convo about the other one a few days back. And you said you were interested. hmph~

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>>835485779futaba>>835485868who said that? >>835486096lewd poster breadalso you might like this: youtube.com/watch?v=SZvrKO763Mc

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>>835486115which one was it? I never heard names to remember, I think. I remember things better if I have a name to tie the information to.>>835486126haru.

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>>835486096just being there.. existing.. flat on the ground (with sunscreen of course!) is soooo nice... you literally fall asleep.

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>>835486126I can't say. He'll kill me until I'm dead.>>835486213The factory name. Only the black one and the one I don't usually talk about have names, like bitrth names. And not once I mentioned their birth names here.

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>>835486305then I don't have anything to remember them by. was this when you were talking about oiling the crank shaft?

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>what's disappointing?ur dick lole

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>>835486213i'm scared what did I do>>835486305did the idiot gun put you up to this?

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>>835486227You sound like me, haha, frying in the sun like an egg and running away from wasps. I can't wait for the virus to despawn into nowhere magically.>>835486126Nuclear thread. We have different tastes in music, I figure, so it's nice of you to share these with me because I probably wouldn't have stumbled across them.youtube.com/watch?v=yyJ48-BYb7s>>835486449remember to practice body positivity cutie

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>>835486395I think the next day. Or something like that. You were dumbfounded by the chassis type.Ok, so I found when the spam started, when, like I dumb faggot I am pissed mi liu off. The spam is carbon copy to what's happening lately, and indeed it confirms mi liu's saying a few days ago. >>835486479No. Who's idiot gun? I know no one by that name.

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>>835486588>>835486126youtube.com/watch?v=Qh7wkbt7YRUthis is the right link sorry for showing you gabe newell, haru, I misclicked

Waifu thread means Sophia is back, hope you're all well and staying properly fed and hydrated.

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>>835486479haru.>>835486604I have to be honest I don't even know what a chassis actually is. is it the frame?

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>>835486588o-oh... but I wasn't talking about being fried :

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>>835486684Yeah. That's basically the same thing.

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>>835486684Call him an idiot, the fish one, tell him to go die.

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>>835486684chassis is those cages that traps weaar a lotur welcome futa

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>>835486788look, I'm sorry, okay? I don't understand much about cars. I'm trying to pay attention and remember what you say, but this is like learning a new language. it can't all be learned in a day.>>835486793does he deserve it?

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>>835486907I totally understand, and I can agree with you, but it wasn't just one day... Fuck it, this guilt game is not even remotely fun. It's like you have to even give a fuck what an user on the other side of the globe owns. It was an F30 and we're talking about limos, I was explaining you how a limo doesn't need to be extended to be a class limo type car.

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>>835486588>>835486620I'm guessing that means you didn't like the music? lmao>>835486604goddammit, I knew it was him>>835486684whatcha need

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fuck fuck fuck forgot energy >~< brb

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>>835486907Yes, tell him to go headbutt a bullet.>>835487048Brb banning you.

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>>835487045try riding a bike u pussyless virgin

>>835487045wait, a limo is a specific kind of chassis? I thought it just had more foot space.I didn't know it was called an F30. I'm trying.>>835487048haru.>>835487109I don't think I will.

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woah, I really mess up everything.>>835486649I'll try, I hope you're doing that too cutie.>>835486775I don't mind either. It's bothersome to me however that the rate is going up again because everyone is so careless.It seems humans really have a very short attention span.>>835486807Remember to not buy one that's too small, it can cause serious injuries.>>835487048Yeah that's what it means please don't laugh at me it's not my fault I'm an idiot...>>835487086If you need help with anything but your car, feel free to ask.

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>>835487150Of course. It's modified and extended from a standard chassis to produce those cars you were posting from google, the long ones that celebs ride.At least you remembered by explanation about the back passenger space, you were actually paying attention, holy shit. >>835487048Thanks fish. Now he'll come hunting for me and kill me. Ohh happy day!

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>>835486395Who is this cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy?>>835486479Hello, bottom

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>>835487197>I really mess up everythingYou?Probably notContinue giving love to your waifu and don't mind anything elseYou are probably overthinking

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>>835487273I fucking told you I paid attention, retard. it's like trying to explain cooking to me, though. I don't know what a broiler is, I just try to remember what people teach me. and I'm not very smart.

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>>835487419Cute buns.>>835487468And you thought I wouldn't have my doubts about it?

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>>835487561doubts about what, me not actually paying attention? I told you I was.

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i'm on a date and she's so cute wat do guys O.O

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>>835487616Both paying attention and giving a fuck. And you believe what every user tell you, especially on this board?

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Can you guys, like, not?

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>>835487702of course I don't believe just anyone. but you seem like my friend. should I not think that anymore?

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guys i think she's mad at me

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