Here's a little boy who just received his first hormone 'treatment.' His Mom is a vapid, vain...

Here's a little boy who just received his first hormone 'treatment.' His Mom is a vapid, vain, hairdresser and a 'beautiful people.' She hangs out with others like her. Her son is constantly surrounded by beauty and simple laughter and camaraderie, and he thinks this is the good life and he wants to be around it all the time. He may not understand the ember of sexual desire burning the back of his undeveloped mind. So he thinks of it as wanting to BE a girl just like them. He has never had an orgasm. He has no idea of the potential of what he's about to lose, or the joy of fulfilling a type of love and emotional, financial, and life symbiosis most people have. He's going to be sterilized by his airhead Mom who can't or won't explain the male perspective on life, and she's having none of the talk from the Dad (she's thrice divorced at this point, because she understands how to work out problems in relationships).There are no qualifications for becoming a parent.There are enough doctors in this business that think of it as a business.We're enabling the stupid to decide for the ignorant.I think it's horrible.

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>>835480878This is like vicarious suicide for the insane.

>>835480878look on the bright side; you can fuck them.


>>835480878Imagine the day he is mature enough to look around at the world and understand what she stole from him. His rage will exceed the brightness of 1000 suns.

Can parents give consent for their child to have sex? No? Then why can they give consent to irreparably ruin their child’s mind, body and soul?

>>835480878faggot minorities love to homosexualize white peopleespecially Indian doctorsmedicine is infested with degenerates and homos

>>835481280rage killer in the makingi would not want to go to the same school/college as this dude

>>835480878women groom boys to be faggots and those who support homosexuality should not be allowed to have custody of childrenhomosexuality is essentially about dominating and rape culture, it is not a healthy idea for mainstream society

The fem-boy factories seem to be producing on schedule. Excellent. In less than a decade we will have a overstock of fine femboy twink stock hitting the market.EXCELLENTALL ACCORDING TO PLANmuhahahahahahahahaha

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good. the more parents want to sterilize their own children the better. I say we keep promoting it more to weed out these garbage can dead end genetics from our population.

>>835480878>take the little man secretly under your wings>make him do 100 pushups every day and make him crawl in mud>teach him ways of a man and knife fight>repeat 365>next time mom gives him hormones he's going to shit ut out >and hes going to shave her bald

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my friend's 10yo son has got brainwashed by his school into thinking he is a girlhis bitch wife went along with it and keeps telling the kid he's really a girl, so my friend took his son in for psychological counseling to set him rightthe faggot doctors convinced the 10yo that he is suffering from gender dysphoriabitch wife threatened to take the kid away if my friend interferedthey are starting the kid on puberty blockers and the boy will be on them until 18yoi really want to tell my friend how fucked up this is and that he's ruining the kids life.... but i haven't, because i'm also kinda curious what an 18yo will look like without puberty kicking in

>>835481789yep you're a good friend > let's pretend its a long therm prank on your buddy

>>835480878>We're enabling the stupid to decide for the ignorant.I think it's horrible.Agree. Let's ban trumptards from voting.

>>835481789thats some shit. let your son be converted into a daughter and lose all chances of passing down lineage, or kill the wife and save the son

All men are naturally homosexual. In fact, heterosexuality is not natural. It's just that western white supremacist patriarchal colonizer "civilization" has pushed the idea that homosexuality isn't the normal in order to build a society filled with males filled with aggression and rage, so that those violent men could then be used for conquests and plunder. #AbolishHeterosexuality/#AbolishWhiteness and we will finally have world peace

>>835480945Nailed it

>>835481789the choice is cleartake the son and split while you still canif the bitch follows you, kill her

>>835480945Parents, doctors, billionaires etc fucking with this before puberty should be illegal. After that let them choose whatever they want to be.Self determination works for the based; endless constructs are necessities of the delusional.

>>835480878The world is full of Normie boys and girls. He on the other hand, will always be special. A beacon of hope for all trans. A unique gf for someone. I think mother did good.

>>835481956Not quite.But you are onto something.Sexuality and Gender have never been locked in.All men, women, and those born with various parts or both parts, which we call intersex, have a spectrum of behaviors, including those behaviors involving the expression of sexuality, gender, identity, etc.Science is also just the latest superstition.

>>835481937Preventing his DAUGHTER from having these treatments would be no different than a white fundamentalist Christian who performs an honor killing of his daughters because the father deemed them to have dishonored him/his family. Christian honor killings happens all the time in America, but people are silent about those murders. Instead you focus on these matters that of none of your concern.

>>835482323>i feel nothing when i type bullshit anymoreTake a break

>>835482358You can choose to not like it, or choose to ignore it, but Science is the opposite of superstition.

>>835481910oh god..cant we one conversation that doesnt come back to blaming trump? ffs check your TDS and shut the fuck one wants to hear the same fucking bullshit repeated over and over...talking shit about trump is low hanging fruit....its like laughing at a retard you ignorant twopp....

The more femboys the better. Just gives me more fuckmeat to pump and dump

>>835480878tl;drBut knowing this website its some weird fascy shit

>>835481937>passing down lineageGet the fuck back to Stone Age, you fucking ape.

uninformed user here, but what happens to the human body when a younger individual who may have just started puberty takes these kinda hormone supplements?

>> no one wants to hear the same fucking bullshit repeated over and over..In a thread about why trans is "horrible", you bring this up. Obviously a Republitard with malformed reasoning ability.

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>>835482558tl;dr>mom bad gives kid hormone>boy into a girl people sad

>>835480878Can't wait to fuck what's left of this boy's brains out when he's 18. Hopefully he still has his dick and it's nice and tiny.

>>835482488Why do you bring god into this conversation! Jeezz!

>>835480878Sad that so many are abusing their children like this

>>835482723this tbh

>>835482577Think about it, they don't start puberty. It's a puberty blocker. They stay as a fucking child. I wonder what consequences that would have for the brain too

>>835482118then you go to jail for murder while the kid gets adopted by trans men and turned into an abomination anyway.

I don’t like it but it reminds me of> be the 1990s> Hillary writes a book> “it takes a village”> republicans lose their minds> I don’t need a village to raise MY CHILD! DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE TELL ME HOW TO RAISE MY GODDAMN KIDS YOU CUNT> be 2020> THE LEFT AREN'T RAISING THEIR KIDS RIGHT!!!

>>835482801I honestly think it's fine. You can't predict the future. He might end up having an awesome life. Stop crying over someone ignoring your outdated views on sex and gender.

>>835480878Those are her birth control pills dummy

>>835480878only in a society as filthy rich as ours could such debauchery even existmost of the world still wakes up hungry every day


>>835481280It's okay, all the HRT will drain its testosterone and they'll be too girly and weak to do anything.


>>835481439Underrated post. Simple and succinct, this really is what it boils down to despite all the novels being written in this thread.

>>835481770>muh superior genes

>>835483252We don't take kindly of your folks around here

>>835482467Let's take a look at it.Superstition is a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief.In order to use the Scientific Method, there has to be a subject and an object. No person has ever "proven" that such a dichotomy exists and the preponderance of "scientific" evidence points to the conclusion that there is no dichotomy, but a monad. A single one. Not two.Also, Science predicates that the entire Universe that we live in, the vastness of unknowable space, lingers on just perfectly because of a symbol system that humans created (mathematics) and more specifically because the fine-structure constant holds it all together at 1/137.Science and all of reality and everything you know or think that you know is a vapor.And I'm blowing bubbles with the vapor.Laughing.

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might want to get some toothpaste as well for them yellow teeth

>>835481439Because muh freedumsBut think about it, who do you want to be the parent? The parent, or the government?

>>835483027it says Estradiol

>>835482912If I see my Muslim neighbour raising his kids Muslim, I might think it's a bad idea, but it's none of my business. If I see my neighbour beating the shit out of his kids, I'm calling the police.Keeping your opinions to yourself is not the same as overlooking child abuse.

>>835483486It's not overlooking if you jerk off to it.

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>>835480878The well truely has been poisoned by the skekelsteins


>>835482935It's not outdated. We've known for decades that, if left alone to work it out, virtually all children with gender dysphoria grow out of it by puberty. This hasn't changed. We've just stopped leaving them alone to work it out. The worst part is, I think it comes from a good place. It must be terrible to watch your child struggle with that kind of mental illness. I'd probably want to "fix" it too. Unfortunately, the best thing you can do for them is just look after them until their brain and body works it out.

>>835480878> Fill half the chambers of a revolver and spin it shut> Point gun at kid's head and pull triggerThat's essentially what this retard of a mother is doing.

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>>835480878not your kid, not your business, fuck off with your control issueslet darwin sort them out, its been happening for millennia

>>835482404I'd love to see a source cited about these "Christian honor killings" that apparently happen all the time. I'm definitely not some Jesus shill and I'm not a huge fan of religion in the first place but this is some real schizoid babble you're on about.

>>835483887Yes I really do agree, but do you have to tell everybody like this?You're not better than op!

>>835481910Wrong thread you retarded faggot. This isn't Holla Forums, not everything is about Trump.

>>835483942im not better than anybody else, i never claimed to be

>>835483309Sorry. What I meant to say is THIS IS ALL THAT CUNT HILLARY'S FAULT

>>835483333how in the fuck?what is this sorcery????????look at the filename,it's 3 and you got quads of 3, fuckalso moar cracky rares omg please

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>>835483691This guy gets it

>>835481789The curiosity part got me kekking

>>835481956sadly your satire will go over everyone's head, these redditors will think you are agreeing with them

>>835481789I really hate puberty blockers, what the hell is the point of a trap if they don't have a penis. Anyone on puberty blockers should also apply testosterone cream to the penis. A child cannot consent to having their penis cut off, but a micro-penis is effectively the same thing.

>>835482404I think you mistook muslims for Christians? Or did you skip your meds today.

>>835483354the government won't be a parent, it's always people who do the parenting, even if chosen by the government. And yes, we need to protect children, if only to prevent them from becoming mass shooters later in life.

>>835484500t-fag hag penis worshipper

>>835484506Of course the racist white supremacists on this site would try to make this about muslims. Any reason to spread your hatred and lies, right? No, the myths about muslim honor killings are just that. They are myths and lies. The only honor killings I've deemed to be real, are the ones done by white christians fascists. And those of you trying to silence me by asking for proof are not going to be successful in your violent abuse. I will not allow you to gaslight and sealion me into silence. Get bent, you hateful incels.

>>835482935Because at 10 you know what's best for you?Bitch I was 25 I dint know what I want to work when I'm older. Its called life and you live it not fucking chop your private parts off and call it a solution

>>835483887read>>835484545this shit will come back to bite the "well adjusted", we can't hope to insulate ourselves

>>835484673There was literally a muslim honor killing two towns from where I live a few weeks ago.He's in jail and the rest of his fam fled the country asap.>honor killings don't into realno u

>>835480878It’s a matter of opinion, OP. You might see it as someone losing out on life as a man, but others see it as being able to live as a woman. Unless you’ve been through it yourself, you really have no ability to understand.

>>835484673You're bait or forgot today's meds?

>>835484854I am not going to engage with a racist who insists on violent disagreement with me. If you wish to engage with me, then come back when you're willing to accept my truths without attempting to gaslight me into thinking I have an invalid viewpoint. It's impossible to have a civilized discussion on here, without you racist incels resorting to personal attacks and gaslighting & sea-lioning of anyone who dares attempts to educate you on why you're viewpoints are uneducated and ignorant. Have some tolerance and respect for those who do not share your ignorance and backward beliefs.

>>835485091>Calls for civility and tolerance >calls others ignorant incelsIf you're not bait, dude go kys srsly


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>>835484673Says the faggot who for some reason brought muslims into the conversation by way of mentioning honor killings. Everyone thinks of a single specific religion when they see that phrase and I'll give you a hint, it's not Roman catholics.

>>835485091Gr8 b8 m8, you sound i-r8

what could go wrong?

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It's like the retards & transfags want to sterilize themselves

>>835483333>Science and all of reality and everything you know or think that you know is a vapor.thishave you ever had zen training or studied Advaita Vedanta? btwyou sorta sound like Frank Yang

>>835485631Emma Ellingsenon puberty blockers since age 8 or 10is 18yo and has a tiny boy pp and tiny boy testicles18yo boy but Tanner Stage < 1only goal in life is getting SRS

>>835480878>be a good little goyim and cut off his dick, cant have your race reproducing

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>>835480878Cute!!! I support her journey

>>835481703Lmfao this.

>>835481157I'm not OP, but I wrote that text.It's not written in anger.It's just what it is.


>>835480878id pound his boipucci

>>835485793holy fucking shit

>>835486666So you've never seen a transvestite before?

>>835480878The mother should go to prison for this form of abuse.

>>835486892i've never seen lines so blurred

>>835480878Why does this shit bother you close minded people so much, is the kid happy, if so then mind your fucking business

>>835485517Well, after the child grows up and he's been permanently scarred and mutilated with zero chance of enjoying a normal life ...eventual suicide and I hope he takes his braindead bith mother with.

>>835480878Are we supposed to pretend you know what it’s like to be trans?

>>835487294More than 40% of trans people are pretty sure it's not as cash money as advertised.

>>835482295Your first (you) for this pseudo intellectual word salad will be me, pointing out how you got no (you)s in over 100 replies lmao.

>>835487239Trannies are never happy, that's the thing. They're twisted out of their minds by crazies that encourage this insanity until they kill themselves.

>>835480878Give us the sauce, for all I know this is a rando child holding an EpiPen

>>835480878My mother was literally a runway model and had her model friends over all the time when I was a kid. Not once in my childhood did I ever want to "be" a female model, and in fact from a very young age the desire I felt was a dominant one to make beautiful women submit to me.

>>835480878I'll be honest and say that just being around it all the time at a super young age makes you think you are supposed to be that. It's the exact same effect as being brought up super religious/racist. My mom was a drug addict and all of her friends had girls. Was the only boy in that setting and after a while I wanted to do make up and have girl shit. Went to foster home at 10, adopted at 12. Being taken out of that situation I instantly started doing boy shit. Now I fucking hate women. True story.

>>835487239Closed minded? Children are easily manipulated and have undeveloped judgement. A prepubescent child has no concept or understanding of sexuality. How would you like it if I went back in time to when you were a small child and convince you that you're a snake and you seem cool with my doctor friend amputating your perfectly healthy limbs. These people are sick.

>>835487545How was your puberty or sexual development affected by being around models all the time?

>>835483333All of this falls apart with that one Feynman lecture. The one where he explains that science is not supposed to be any of this, it's all just models in an enclosed space. The difference between science and superstition is that science is the collection of stuff that gave rise to the objects that let you post this shit, and superstitions did not.

>>835487493Oh stfu dumbass I know quite a few trans people both male to female and female to male, who are very happy the ones that unfortunately take their loves are depressed because they are constantly put down by idiots like you as well as they want to start transitioning early in life and their parents refuse it and do things like send them to conversion camps and they end being so miserable because they are being forced to live a life that isn't who they are so they feel like there is no way out, so instead of putting transgender people down how about getting to know them and learning how difficult life being transgender in a community and/or family who isn't accepting of it can be

>>835487545Was your dad around? Cause I just posted my upbringing and had zero male support the first 10 years of my life. I'm straight male but for a minute I actually want ed to fit in with the women back then.

>>835480878Google reverse image search is fucking based

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>>835487583Nobody convinces them of anything my best friend was born a boy and she knew from the age she was 4 that she was a woman and both her parents discouraged it and she couldn't transition until she moved out at 16

>>835480878The freak will take care of the problem by itself eventually, the way 40% of those freaks all do...

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