Take a random picPost a random pic

Take a random picPost a random pic

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>>835480899I like this

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good thread

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>>835481372I know you mfkers have saved a lot more than you posted. You take, you leave one is all I ask.

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>>835481111blessed quads brought to you by the catholic church of rad

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>>835481353You look like a psytrance dj and no Thats not good thing

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Actually a good thread. Great job OP

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>>835481266And polydactyly

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>>8354800731. Astor2. Collin3. Bundy4. Du Pont5. Freeman6. Kennedy7. Onassis8. Lee9. Raynold10. Rothschild11. Rockerfeller12. Russel13. Van Duyn>>835482957

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>>835485498the misuse of the word waifu offends me, this feels like cultural appropriation.you only have one.

>>835485498This gives me motivation to do something similar

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