Do you think Trump is a racist?Why or why not?And also give empirical evidence of that to support your claim...

Do you think Trump is a racist?Why or why not?And also give empirical evidence of that to support your claim. Please don’t come in here babbling with conjecture or rumors, in order for me to believe you, you need to provide proof.

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>>835478602All white people are racist. They have a brain worm that makes them racist. Trump is white. Therefore, Trump is racist. You're welcome.

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>>835478602No. He's not Hitler, he's not racist, he's not a facist, he's not stupid. It's the Democrats repeating these lies over and over until they just accept them as truths. Wish we could actually have an adult discussion these days about real policy and ideas without all the team mentality bullshit.

>>835478602Yes. Because everyone is racist

And you think he's actually cares about you too? Lol

>>835479278Liar, you are a fucking lying asshole republicunt trump sucker.trump IS racist.trump IS stupid.trump IS a facist.YOU are a stupid moron.

>>835479278>TruthIn all honesty this democratic rallying has revealed exactly who the worst traitors are: kamela, pelosi, Schiff, pelosis nephew in CA, mayor of Chicago, de blasio, seattle-portland-eugene mayor's. Fuck fuck fuck the obvious blatant scamery going on and using people of color as absolute tools of violence and ignorance... Disappointing. Shameful. Disgusting. Makes me deeply sincerely sad. I pity them and their parents

>>835479454>Name-callingMmm that's a good point there user

>>835478602yes, and I'm tired of people automatically consider racism as a bad thing. hate is a bad thing, having discernment and preferring your own race is a valid choice.

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>>835479454>he's not>yes he is, and you're a moronyou talking to a mirror?

>>835479509Fuck off asshole.


>>835479466What a moron. trump is disgusting, sick, and a pervert who cares nothing for America or American values. Just spews lies and hate every day. Fuck you and trump.


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Settled suit for redlining. On record saying he'd prefer a jew to a black as an accountant. Vocal supporter of the Birther movement against Obama. Tells black Congress members to go back to where they came from, despite having been born in the states. Talks about a white nationalist march and its counterprotesters as 'having good people on both sides'.Yeah, he's pretty racist.

>>835479534So when you hire or fire you stick to your own kind like mommy and daddy told ya.

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>>835479802People these days, these years, forget EVERYTHING. Turn your head, forget what was behind you. Symptom of the Kali Yuga.

Biden Riots

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>>835479874I wasn't brought up to discriminate, it's something one learns from experiencing other races. And no I wouldn't hire a browner if I could get away with it.

>>835479828Cherry picked half truths.

I think he is just like most Americans and tired of the SJW movement. The only difference is he’s just got the money and power to express it. I got nothing against people who are black, gay, trans, w/e. Most people really dont. You do you and I’ll do me. The problem is SJWs are always looking for equality issues where they don’t exist, and anything short of letting them burn down your house or business and sucking off every black person you come across is racist apparently.

>>835479454Prove it

>>835479828Trump opposed bussing and even said he didnt want his kids >Living in a racial Junglesnopes confirmed it

The Democrat strategy to win over America - burn the fucker down... with the voters still inside

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>>835479454>trump IS a facist.says the soyboy from the safety of mom's basement, free from the worry of death squads kicking his door down and making him disappear like fascists really do..

>>835478602He is a conservative.There you go, not conjecture nor a rumor.

>>835480032It was Biden the gibbering racist

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>>835479977Republicunt lies again. Just accept that trump is a racist, stupid asshole and move on.

>>835480053Its working btw.. We Democrats need to burn down more cities and loot more stores and that will make people want to vote for Biden!!!Yeah!!lets burn down more cities and loot more and cause more mayhem! Biden 2020!!!

Drooling pedophile

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Democrats know who Biden is

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>>835480148so is Biden

>>835480140Burning the country down is not a legitimate election platform. It’s a suicide pact for psychos

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Biden is up by +18 in the Alaska.He has already won! The election is just a formality! Fellow Biden voters! We dont need to vote! Yeah! Lets stay home on election night and only let POC and LGBTQP people vote! Yeah! Its their turn! We can watch CNN and watch Biden win by 985 EC votes and play switch and eat avocado toast and watch Captain America and pretend Captain Bidenmerica beats Trumpthanos!!!!!!!!Yeah lets not vote guys! Biden 2020!!!

Malcolm X

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>>835479509Oh, is only tRump allowed to call people names? So fucking sorry!

>>835480280Sure buddy. Sure

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>>835480148trump has said WAY more stupid stuff than Biden.Biden is a man, trump is a whiny, spoiled little boy.trump has dozens of sexual assult charges and is a huge pedophile. FUCK trump.

>>835480308Biden can too.. >tweetyOMG sick burn there soy/bro/. tRump got owned with that! He should just quit because that burn was so devastating and sick!

>>835480305The guy smiling behind Michelle Obama is a convicted rapist. I guess, according to your logic, that makes Michelle Obama a rspist

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>>835480403Big Mike has a bigger penis that Barry...sad

>>835480403she rapes obama daily

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a 17yr old conservative took out 3 felon democrats, 2 armed, at the cost of a hat..>oi vey we wil beat right wingers in a cibilwuhr!!Democrats dont wanna stir up the hornets nest...

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>>835480403that adds up for me.are you not getting the same answer?

>>835479874If by my own kind you mean that I hire someone that makes an effort to be presentable, prepared, speaks understandable English, and can actually manage to keep their pants above their fucking ass cheeks....then the answer is yes.

>>835478602It's not a question of opinion. He is racist. Doesn't matter what you think.

>>835480305Oh no.... Obama with Weinstein the convicted rapist! That means *gasp* Obama is a rapist!!

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Serious question...

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>>835478602Well, there's the time that the DoJ sued him for discrimination, and won.

>>835480655There's not a file full of such pictures, unlike Trump and his very good friend Epstein. Your president is a child fucker, dumb dumb. You can accept it or denounce him. Denial just makes you more of a retard.

>>835479939How are they Biden riots, when they're happening during the Trump presidency?

Is Trump racist? Maybe a little, but not enough to really matter.Trump has a lot of flaws, but all the real bad shit is the stuff that his competitors are just as bad for. And the end of the day, he's just another neo-liberal type shit-heel just that he didn't get the memo so his fellow lizard people are screeching.He's got an ego that makes him a little less predictable though. Means that he might knock the US off the world stage by a peg or two (down to germany/France levels). Which is a Good thing cos those damn glowies will go down with them.

>>835480535Shame about the hat though.

>>835480305Oh no.... Obama with a Portuguese water dog! That must mean *gasp* Obama is a Portuguese water dog!!

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>>835479828Lol trump literally did not say whites nationalists were good people. You just exposed yourself as a media cock sucking headline reader

>>835478602He seems to hate white people. All I ever hear him talking about is record low black and latino unemployment and constant babbling about Israel. What the fuck has he done for white people?

>>835481004You and I must not have watched the same video where, surprise, Trump calls White Nationalist Terrorists "Very fine people"

>>835481057I can't tell if this is bait or not but either way, kill yourself.

>>835481189I wish, but that only helps tip the balance in favor of white nationalists alt-right terrorists and murderers


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>>835478602He loaned his personal private jet to Nelson Mandela.

>>835480764I love it when liberals squirm and struggle. Talk dirty to me bitch.

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>>835480655Obama didn't go to a party with him and 40 underaged girls...but Trump did with Epstein...and more than one of those girls said Trump raped/assaulted them.

>>835481254>>835481310So you chose denial. You know Joe Biden said the ACA covers Mental Health. Might wanna check it out.

>>835480764Lots of pics of Obama with this Portuguese water dog. That must mean *gasp* Obama is a Portuguese water dog!!

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>>835481386*yawn* Sure, doc. Sure.

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The fact you even think he's a racist means hes probably racist. But little user asked for evidence: “I have black guys counting my money. … I hate it," Trump told John R. O'Donnell, the former president of Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, according O'Donnell's account in his 1991 book "Trumped!" "The only guys I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day.""Who the f knows? I mean, really, who knows how much the Japs will pay for Manhattan property these days?" he asked in response, using a racial slur for the Japanese.Good luck, remember to vote early. Hope you all understand that america can overcome policy differences, but bad leaders create the time of tension and violence we see today.

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>>835481395You know I didn't reply the first time because I didn't think anyone was that smooth brained. But here you are proving me wrong in that regard.

>>835481386Why do all the pedophiles want to go Ridin with Biden? Serious question

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>>835481515Trump is racist and oppoaed bussing and said schools would be racial jungles if integrated

>>835479192The worm tried to eat black brains but it starved lol

>>835481517You want to go Ridin with Biden. Check. Why does it get all you pedos so worked up?

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>>835481592Ridin its Biden. Gets salty unless you want to go for a ride down Pedo Road with Him and pedo Biden

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>>835481679Your buddy Biden is a drooling pedophile

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I love the projecting that happens. Trump posing for pictures with child sex traffickers and allegations of being a child rapist? No no no it's Biden who's the real pedo with zero accusations, lawsuits, or pictures with other known child sex traffickers. Fucking dumbshits.

>>835481057Yeah and 2 seconds later he says: "Not the racists and the white nationalists these people should be totally condemned" Here's proof you misguided

>>835481929I gather you see nothing odd here. Says something interesting about you, doesn’t it.... pedo

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>>835481038Good point. Between him and Ivanka, it seems all they care about are Africans, blacks, and Hispanics. Meanwhile, I can't get a job.

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>>835481929What kind of person looks at this and doesn’t think it’s wrong? Another pedo, that’s who.

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>>835482144The footage of Jeff Sessions swatting Creepy Joe away from his grand daughter is funny.


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>>835482137>Meanwhile, I can't get a job.Same here. I had to go through this horseshit in 2009. I have about 2 months left until I'm completely out of money and being hunted by my credit card companies. I'll probably just douse myself in everclear and crash into a wall at 100mph+. Good luck to you user!


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>>835478602>Do you think Trump is a racist?His actions are what we would call racist. Its not really about what anyone thinks anymore>give empirical evidenceDid you just wake up out of a decade long coma? Have you not been around at all? How do you not know the racist shit hes said and done?

>>835481958You're a fucking moron. He backpedaled on his dumb racist "very fine people" comment over 30 seconds later when the reporters were grilling him.

>>835482304Actually thats Joe Biden, not every Democrat ever you weird, weird man.

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>>835479192I bet you're one of those big brains that think niggers who hate white people aren't racist because black people can't be racist, right?

>>835483124Lmao you're a special kind of stupid, arent you


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>>835483810sure thing Skippy

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>>835483810Somehow Biden is the creepy one lol

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>>835483810the cognitive dissonace needed to pretend that Biden is somehow more creepy than tRump is astonishing...openly admits to sexually assaulting women25 women accuse Trump of sexual assaultAccused of rape together WITH EPSTIEN by a 13yr old girlNumerous creepy sexual comments about his own daughter.....somehow Biden is the creepy one? LOL. tRumpTards are so delusionalLook what he says about his own daughter- KellyAnne knows whats up

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>>835483896But does trump kiss his daughters on the lips like Biden does? And is there a cnn clip from the 90s e planning trumps “ sexual assault “. There is of Biden’s accusers.


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>>835478602Absolutely yes he’s a raging racist called black countries shitholes called Mexicans rapists murderers wants to build walls to keep them out said white supremists are very fine people should I provide more proof doesn’t matter to me I know he’s racist he’s a fucking piece of human garbage

>>835483968so.much.cope try again Skippy

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No. Snoop Dogg and Ice T were at his roast unironically and he didn't cringe at them any more or less than anyone else, including The Situation.

>>835478602>give empirical evidence of that to support your claim.shut the fuck up trumpshit

>>835483810Stop pretending trump isn’t a molester he wants to fuck his own daughter

>>835479534fuck you nigger


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Oh this is a cope thread by biden shills. Sorry I didn't realise. Carry on.

>>835482398>Did you just wake up out of a decade long coma?Typical.

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>>835483479Whatever you say, libshit faggot. Go choke on some nigger dicks.

>>835478602>Do you think Trump is a racist?Problem is that you're looking at "racist" as a binary proposition. As in one is either a racist or isn't. Fact is, we're all racist to some degree. Think Asians are good at math - you're a racist. Think blacks are good at basketball - you're a racist.

>>835482433Yes, the same Joe Biden that not a single commie has a problem with. The same Joe Biden the fake news media never challenges. The same Joe Biden who isn't a "racist."

>>835484228No it’s a lie for trump the molester thread carry on

>>835484240>deflecting with cringing memesyes that is typical of your side trump humperdo hillery next

>>835479802They liked him before he ran against their Democrat masters.

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>>835484288Turn 12. It's an emergency.

>>835484345Bet I'm older than you, zoomer. More educated too.

>>835484288seething this hard

>>835484311That is the personification of every commie who never gives examples of supposed Trump "racism."

>>835484374Who are you, his boyfriend?

>>835484288Whatever you say cuntservative go choke some more on trumps cock and don’t forget to drink your bleach like your fat fuck leader told u too

>>835484367>edcuated>sucking trump's cock this hardok boomer

He is to stupid to be a racist. Trump cares more about money and power than your race (human categorization).

>>835482398>His actions are what we would call racistWhich actions specifically?

>>835484411Vote for your senile pedophile and Jamaican/Poo literal whore. And after four more years of DRUMPF, you get to vote again.

when all of these idiots realise people will have different views on politics and the on the world and arguing about it on 4chan won't change others mentalities

>>835484452maybe his words like:"Instantly, Donald was enthused. “Yeah, I never liked the guy. I don’t think he knows what the f––– he’s doing. My accountants up in New York are always complaining about him. He’s not responsive. And isn’t it funny, I’ve got black accountants at the Trump Castle and at Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. Those are the kind of people I want counting my money. No one else.”

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>> wing extremism: the greatest terrorist threat to america with white suptemacists heading the pack.Its homeland security has actually been saying this for years but theyre stepping it up.Anyway heres a nice hurr fake news. Like you can literally back check a claim yourself and find out if theres any substance. There are videos of the court cases in this article, even.Youre not being an intellect or critical thinker by immediately dismissing something without assessing it.

>>835484390>trump dindu nuffinlol I love watching useful idiots like you shit all over yourselves

>>835483479>deflecting from the questiontoppest kek

>>835484558that quotes fake. Trump never said that. Youre undermining yourself by posting memes with fake quotes.

>>835478602>do you think>can you proveYou can't even ask a contextually-correct question.>implying I'm retarded enough to have an opinion on someone I can't even have a conversation with>being retarded enough to post this thread

>>835484472Vote for your lying racist molester of women hypocrite narcissistic wants to be king instead of president draft dodging wants to fuck his own daughter piece of shit criminal trump scum

>>835484614lol. cope more.the quote from the book is completely accurate and true.

>>835480786>How are they Biden riots, when they're happening during the Trump presidency?Ask yourself a few simple questions; why do these questionable police shootings and subsequent riots only happen in blue states? Why do donations to BLM go to ActBlue which is THE democrat nominee fundraising platform? Why aren't democrats willing to denounce the alt-left violence and in the *rare* cases that they will, refuse to specifically call out the Antifa agitators?Why is it always democrat aligned mobs who go apeshit when police are involved in the death of a non-compliant career criminal who was under arrest? What should the officers who shot Jacob Blake have done when he was trying to get into a vehicle while he was under arrest? Are you even aware that a vehicle becomes a deadly weapon when in the hands of a criminal? Have you considered for even a second who else Jacob Blake could have hurt once he got in that vehicle?I could go for days but if you don't get my point by now, you never will.

>>835484747nah, but don't let facts stop you now


>>835484567>trumpshits>critical thinkersmy sides

>>835478602Who has Biden sniffed today?

>>8354786021. Astor2. Collin3. Bundy4. Du Pont5. Freeman6. Kennedy7. Onassis8. Lee9. Raynold10. Rothschild11. Rockerfeller12. Russel13. Van Duyn>>835482957

>>835484773your cognitive dissonace is showing. if I am wrong prove it. ill wait.

>>835480786I'm sorry, you're not allowed to introduce logic into this thread.

>>835484770>What should the officers who shot Jacob Blake have donedo you think they should have shot him 7 times in the back?

>>835484871>whataboutism is "logic"K

>>835484801Every time you post that deflection you have BBC in your mouth

>>835480786because you're a doody head

>>835484747Im on your side of the argument.Trump never said hed run republican because the voters are stupid. Never even alluded to it.This is extremely easily debunked. Which is the problem. Youre arguing with retards. Post something they can debunk with zero effort, they feel affirmed the dems are lying about everything and trumps a golden god.Dont do that.

>>835484911let's see>"stop">"stop now or we'll taze you">*taze*>"don't go for the knife">"stop going for the knife">*shoot*no, they should've emptied the cartridge, so 10-15

>>835479454>trump IS stupid.>trump IS a facist.To say Trump is stupid or politically anything-ist is to grossly misunderstand him. He is actually brilliant, but insanely narcissistic. If you see all of his actions from the perspective of self-aggrandizement and personal gain, everything makes perfect sense and he is quite effective. Walking a fine line between outright criminal conduct and moral corruption, he is using his office to funnel commerce and revenue towards his various businesses. He relies on vengeance to intimidate those who disagree even slightly, and rewards the unqualified faithful with positions of power and influence, which of course in turn benefits him. Deception is his hallmark tactic to distract from his seriously nefarious activities. If there is any political view that helps achieve his ends, he'll support it.

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>>835484920do you normally fantasize about big block cock?

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>>835484946no dipshit. the quote in the text of the comment. its from a book and is true.

>>835484630>Can't have an opinion of someone, even if there are thousands and thousands of hours of unscripted recordings of them, countless interviews asking every conceivable question, and at the very center of the publics eye.>No! You must talk to them! That's the only way!!I've only read your reply, and in my opinion you're an utter moron.

>>835478602probably not but I wish he was to the point where the killing of non-whites was a regular and lawful practice


>>835484864>I don't have to prove I'm right, you just have to prove I'm wrongnah

>>835484916>whataboutismYou might want to learn what that term means.

>>835485105cop out. figures.

>>835485076where is nancy pelosi in donkey form?

>>835485042you didn't post your stupid deflecting faggotry againbetter

>>835479802>>835479890 >>835484342Not really true.Though facts don't matter, eh?

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>>835478602If you are aware of thee world and still have any doubt on that question, I'm not going to waste my time on you. Go vote for him and fuck off.

>>835485124I know exactly what it means, which is why I pointed out your use


>>835479874>as apposed to afirmative action telling you who to hire and fire based solely off the color of skin?

>>835478602he's not racist enough


>>835485264So you're not racist? You believe in full social diversity so we don't need AA?

>>835478602yesI offer deez nutz as evidence, don't slobber them all in once place op

>>835484558Gee, I wonder if that's actually something Trump said???

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>>835485280we don't post winkies herelurk more

>>835484643peak TDS

>>835484311BUTERRY MAILS

>>835484570We're not shitting, faggot, we're voting.

>>835485077Yes. And you have put it directly alongside a fake quote.Meaning the people with whom youre trying to convince will see the fake one and go "pff fake news" and totally and completely dismiss the quote you out in the text comment. Thats the point im trying to make.


>>835485351how is he wrong though?there's literally one Republican who's only half-spoken out against Trump and that's Romney. They all cover for his crimes.


>>835485351what about the other quote in the comment?

>>835485377>we're votingfor a stupid racist asshole lol

>>8354849112 in the head would have been better

>>835485399of course you do. johnny edgelord>pic related

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>>835485477why does it matter, you were already caught in a lie

>>835485467stop posting winkies newfag

>>835478602Humans were a mistake


>>835484630Yah, I know I've heard some bad things about that pol pot guy, but I'd really just love to sit down and have a cup of tea, really get to meet the fellow, so that I may form an opinion about him.

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>>835485719some of them are good people

>>835485804that is truly the most embarrassing picture outside of the ones where trump is on the toilet we haven't seen yet

What happened to OP? Did he get bored with trolling his own stupid faggot thread?

Since there are no sources of Trump being a racist, he cannot be deemed to be a racist....

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>>835485804I just don't get this picture. I fucking hate mcdicks, but I also know it gets worse the longer you wait.There's no way that many burgers can be made, let alone transported, without getting weird / cold.Meanwhile they could have had the Whitehouse cooks prep some real, fresh, burgers and saved money at the same time.

>>835485951Oh I’m here, just watching you morons run your mouths without giving empirical evidence and proof to your claims.

>>835485981>Since there are no sources of Trump being a racist guess you havent read Cohen's book? >inb4logicallfallacy

>>835480134Typical radical lefty. Believe and agree with everything I say, or you're a racist and we'll come "peacefully protest" your home...

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>>835485813I see what you're trying to do, but you've actually just said >some murdering dictator communists are good peopleWhich is the party claiming communism isn't bad?

>>835485981>no sources of Trump being a

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>>835485545>why does it matter,misdirection cope. try again.

>>835486145The war was to preserve the union.So that is the north, using violence to get what they want.

>>835486095Believing a book from the fiction section....

>>835483896You’re the pedo honestly, I just see a dad and his daughter.

>>835486071you moronswe're not trumpers tho>empiricallearn a new word today or something faggot lol

>>835478602>Do you think Trump is a racist?All libtards: Yes>Why or why not?All libtards: Because of the color of his skin

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>>835486192I actually was mocking the idiot you think needs to be re-elected>democrats don't condemn communismyes they do trumpshit

>>835486421>I just see a dad and his daughter.>im running out of copelol. What non-incestual Dad says things like this??

>>835486493You proved his point, mouth-breather.


>>835478602>posting political nigger shit on Holla Forums instead of Holla Forums and you want intellectuals talking in here you are a fucking nigger dont waste 4chan time we're all superior to you.

>>835486644no, you just don't understand the history of religion and the real teachings of the bibble, retard

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>>835486644I don't even click on their stupid faggot bullshit and I let them know as much. It's fun enraging them.

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>>835486730Killing people who don't believe your comparative mythology?

>mexican rapists>locking up mexican babies>"China virus" every presser>etcFor his base, it's a feature, not a bug.

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>>835486744>It's fun enraging them.Should talk to someone user.Taking pleasure in others misery is a mental defect.

>>835486145>hurr durr comparing a war to spoiled children rioting over what someone tells them happened

>>835486794yes, lest you be killed or overrun yourselvesbut it's only okay when a brown muslim does it amirite

>>835486811trumpers deserve it tho

>>835486811>Taking pleasure in others misery is a mental defect.thats pretty much the basis of support for tRump.

>>835486899Islamophobia is a form of white racism. Thanks for reminding us of another example of Trump's shortcomings as a human being.

I think that alot of incompetent people are enabled to cause the defactorization of the potential u.s. profits into measly scraps aimed at further capitalist dependency on consumer products, implying that products are freely availiable when they are not just because you have spare change you stole out of someone's already ransacked company, the same company that probably packages chicken wings.

>>835486899Your religion is stupid though. You need to be overrun.

>>835487071>blah blah blah brown men of peace good white peepo bad>>835487179I'm not religious, I only recognize the need for it for a stable nation, that or racial homogeny

>>835481380Prove it. You really think if there was any evidence that this happened it wouldn't be exploited by every candidate he went up against?

>>835487265>I'm not religious>I just suck christfag cock>christfags are stableLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

>>835484911What was the alternative?Don't shoot him at all? Let him get in the vehicle and get a knife that he can use on an officer or other bystanders or even potentially the kids in the back of the vehicle?Or just let him drive off, and potentially putting himself, the kids in the vehicle and unrelated innocent bystanders in danger? Possibly get away and re-offend?Would you *not* blame police for failing to apprehend a criminal when they had the chance, if that criminal went on to commit more crime?Or do you mean police should only have shot him once? Considering the taser was completely worthless, I have my doubts that 1 or 2 bullets would have slowed him down much. Should they have shot him 2-3 times then? There is still no promise he wouldn't be a danger.You need to understand that an guns are designed to kill people so it doesn't matter if it's one bullet or 12, an officer who has opened fire has decided that your life isn't worth putting anyone elses at risk. If you survive any shooting, regardless of who pulls the trigger or the number of bullets, then consider yourself lucky.

>>835487265Muslims obey the law in the US user.Fat white trumpshits are the ones calling for violence.

>>835479454Wakes up every morning hating himself


>>835484770Hmmm, polling started to come out that the riots where actually helping trump. Riots seemed to die out afterwards after going on for a month. Nothing to see here . Keep moving.

When Herr Donald says,"We is the Master Race!"We say HEIL (THBLPT), HEIL (THBLPT),Right in Herr Donald's face!Not to love Herr Donald Is the greatest grace!So we HEIL (THBLPT), HEIL (THBLPT),Right in Herr Donald's face!

>>835487590LOL all this wordshit to "justify" letting a criminal run loose. And you wonder why the democrats are bleeding support like Jacob Blake was bleeding out when he decided it was a good idea to ignore officers and hop in a car.

>>835487281You dumb motherfucker. Anyone with even a shred of morality wouldn't be caught being photographed with Epstein, let alone wishing his accomplices well. You are a waste of oxygen trumpshit,

>>835484911Yes. They should be reprimanded for being poor shots, he lived. Pull a gun on a cop, get killed. Once the shooting started, they go into fight mode. They needed to neutralize the threat or they, their buddies or innocent bystanders aren't going home that night.

>>835487699>LOL shooting a nigger in the back>LOL >LOL>let's do it again mommy >LOLbrainlet