Police rekt thread

Police rekt thread

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>>835476187fuck the cops. Die pig


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>>835476493Kek. Dat colooogne

>>835476187This is why all cops deserve to be genocided


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>>835476187there's entire youtube channels dedicated to this.

>>835476735Good for that slow moving old fuck! Meet the pavement, grandpa!

>>835476298You'll get over it, pantywaist lol

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>>835477676Well that wasn't very nice.


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>>835477472Looked like the red car drove him into the yellow one. You can see it was still on the wrong side of the divide when it got to the traffic circle.It sure took off in a hurry.

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>>835476735> moving slow on purposeget the fuck outta here


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>>835478371Did he think he was on fire? His response to that was weird as fuck

>>835477007>mcdonalds t-shirtlole

>>835478526The hell? I thought europeans liked their cops

>>835477676When you don't think shit through.

>>835476241So this is the power of the mighty 9mm...

>>835478371It's like he's a GTA civilian and his AI got confused

>>835478526I prefer these videos of cops getting rekt. Cops are a bunch of entitled bullies

>>835476727t. nigger

>>835477882did they get fired?


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Soo.. Nobody has anything else new? Anywhere else to get good gore and rekt instead of having to watch this boring shit for the 5th week in a row?

>>835477747If that dude had been a nigger, we'd still be fucking hearing about it on the news every night.

>>835477304That spray lowered their IQ to 5

>>835476464watermark>>835476187no watermarkwhy?cause people ONLY care when it's a black person.

>>835476735Fucking lesbians cops acting tough on a Boomer.


>>835479080it's usa you dumb nigger

>>835477747This one's sad to watch with audio, poor fatty if only he didn't try to pull up his pants

>>835477007Going after the hamburglar

This thread reminds me of essay tranny's youtube video on justice today.

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>>835479080no. the victim was white, so this obviously never happened.


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>>835477747he went to scratch his ass, bad move

>>835479613that video is fucking rancid

>>835479613honestly thought he'd do the joyous celebration with his sidearm and it go off accidentally. Am disappoint.

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>>835477747Worse thing is that cop is on ptsd extra pension for life. Fat guy should have just laid on the floor with his fingers interlocked above his head crying until the cop grew some balls and cuffed him. Fuck the faggot bitch that reported him.

>>835478140I'm going out to buy cigs, im passing near a dumpster where a dpg and her puppies live. The dog is agressive at my gf when she takes the trash out. Today is the day, guys. I'm filming how i'll hit the dog with a crowbar.


>>835480179I hope it tears your throat out, faggot.

>>835476810panty-waste, you moron

>>835480179Make video dude.Normally i love dogs, but dumb nigger dogs that get agressive out of nowhere need to die

>>835476298Guess what. George Floyd has been sober for 3 months now! Its a new record!

>>835479613Bro look at that badass rifle tho

>>835480179>dog and her puppiesno wonder she gets aggressivecall animal control you retard

>>835477882>>835478140Makes me hate the sycophants so much

>>835477304>Running into the doorkek

>>835478325Americans are total fags acting hard inside vehicles

>>835480104Someone should smoke that cop like how Damon went out at the end of The Departed.

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>>835480854What, yurofag?

>>835479909Never nurse police who do this to a doctor, we feel no pity on these cowards.They have no remorse in what they doing.

>>835479095Not so tough with his skull caved in, is he?

>>835480943I'm American just not one of these pussies that acts agro from inside a steel cage but is a fat manlet when he gets out.

>>835479613who caresif he can use them correctly when he needs to I couldn't care less if he is gay or not

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>>835482641>When you invite Tyrone to watch the game, and you forgot the [nigger food].

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>>835482641And they think theyre human?

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>>835478526>>835478807>>835479014Don't be fool. it's pic related.

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>>835480604kek no you are the moron friend. It's pantywaist you complete retard. Look something up for once in your miserable life.

>>835480179maybe call animal control instead of being a fucking psycho

>>835480980This. As a doctor I make sure to never treat any cops these days. Its illegal but I can always use administrative matters as an excuse

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>>835476241Only 3 shots. Not bad

>>835479080nope, white victim, black police, zero media report, no firing.


>>835476187That Gimp had it coming


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>>835482457hate crime

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>>835477304kek - that nigger running into the wall

>>835483057surprised they didn't cuff him

>>835482641How are those niggers in such a nice place?

>>835482969Wow guess what? Niggers nig who would have thought?

>>835477747Get on the ground! Interlock your legs with your arms and crawl towards me. Dont move your fucking pinkie! Now,You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around. Simon didn't say! *shots fired*

>>835483057he did that so nonchalantly that it took me a few seconds to figure out that he killed himself

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>>835479095Meh broke noses bleed a LOT my brother broke his playing basketball took an elbow and there was a pool of blood.


>>835482641That's a level-5 chimpout right there.

>>835482776That's hot.

>>835479133Think of how easy that would be to happen. All it takes is the wrong cop and the wrong idiot; and we have to know Russia, China, and Iran are looking twenty four hours a day for that video. And the rioters know that when they see that video they can go out and will not be alone. It will happen and when it does you won't just hear about it on the news. You might hear about it in your drive way.

>>835483057Feel sad for his dog.


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>>835478599I know there's a phenomena where fire can be invisible. Maybe he was actually on fire?

>>835482641Remember - these are YOUR EQUALS

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>>835479120Oh no i don't get to see more people dying woe is me

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>>835483057who was this?

>>835483417That Mother Fucking Nigger died from a Fentanyl overdose. He's a Dumb Fucking Nigger, not a Hero


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>>835477007That's a well made door for fucks sake

>>835483464No wonder ghettos look like shit


>>835482641No self control. No ability to abstract. Must have a low IQ and deficient prefrontal cortical function.

>>835483606Is it a wonder why even niggers won't fuck nigger women

>>835483606The new mario 64 remake looks weird

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>>835477882You guys get all indignant but imagine this guy ran over a bunch of innocent bystanders in a highspeed chase and shot your buddy dead. You got him but now he's talking shit to you at the hospital. What would you do?


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>>835477304Audible keks.

>>835481094and Skoda is totally sold in the US....

>>835482389It's like Die Hard 4, but instead of launching your car at a fighter jet, you're launching it at some traffic camera


>>835482457headlines tomorrow: dogs are racist

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>>835483732fuck his cute asshole

>>835480801I don't think you understand what that word means.

>>835477007this raid brought to you by mcdonald's


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>>835482457even the dogs know...

>>835480854The fuck are you even talking about? That car seemed oblivious and if anything it was a European driving because they tried to go on the left hand side.

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>>835483606Grade a weave tho

>>835482457Sit on the curb smelling like a pile of garbage and what do you expect?

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>>835483606 How badly do you think she deserved that


>>835476187Putting up his hands was resistance so he deserves it.

>>835483464what the fuck iss this nigger bitch even doing?!?!?!

>>835476735fucking old retard got what he asked for


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>>835482776The fuck is on that burner and why are niggers always bumping and grinding on one another? Superior whites don't do that shit.

>>835483732Become a criminal like him and disrespect my elitist position in society?

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>>835484223got the same responce on a rekt thread 2 days back.tf man?


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SÄPO van with exif tags. X-post from Hacker Quarterly coming up.BOOGALOOGALOO, ICONA FOUND YOU!

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>>835480854The signs on the buildings indicate this happened in the Czech Republic

>>835477882full video next time fagbestgore.com/police-brutality/drug-dealer-new-jersey-police-assault-suicidal-man-hospital-bed/

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>>835483241 Welfare. They don't pay for the apartment and get all the furniture and TVs from rent-to-own

>>835483241either they were invited, or they [applies shades] broke in. >YYYYEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

>>835482641ya all replies because no white guy ever got violent about sports, at least he's fucking his own shit up. White guys fuck other people's shit up when their team WINS fucking morons

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>>835478526>Props to the guy trying his hardest to pat out the fire


>>835483417there are also 2 other cops on his back

>>835483750Once upon a time, there was a faggot named (You). His eyes had cocks in tgem, so he couldn't see the things he was asking for. The end...?

>>835483057What fucking cop wears flip flops??

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>>835476552Real life GTAing

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>>835483750Some pussy who got fired and his girlfriend left him

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>>835484012Story behind this shit? Niggers stole? Nigger trying to help his other chimp? Need more info thanks

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>>835484900Is this actually a nerve gas attack?

>>835484907lmao you're retarded


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>>835483840Don't stand in pinch points dumb nigger

>>835484490The fuck are you even saying?It's like words are english, but your sentences are not.Are you negro?

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>>835484022Ah, wasn't paying attention. I should say people act like pussies inside steel cages, I hate when betas try to alpha people from their car

>>835484112I love watching police dogs attack those animals

>>835485222the fuck

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>>835485572seems like it to me after googling the shit jesus christ


>>835485558Based anti thot action.

>>835476298Die nigger

>>835485854need related information. >did the house burn down completely >did anyone get hurt>what did it look like after

>>835483732It's called self control. If the guy had really killed his coworkers or something and restrained himself that would be admirable but punching a guy in a hospital bed is always a bad look


>>835485854>learning cooking and fire safety from Rich Evans



>>835486029yesI hope so crispy

>>835476727Genocide the niggers and 80% of our country's problems disappear overnight. Blue and white lives matter. Black and brown lives don't matter.

>>835482964That's alright I'm sure if anything happens to you or your family the cops won't show up due to "administrative matters"

>>835478807I'm pretty sure those are the invasive parasites know as sand niggers

>>835485739what did erykah badu do to lizzo?

>>835484223Ain't that america? You and me. Ain't that america? Something to see yeah. Oh but ain't that america? The land of the free and little pink houses for you and me


>>835485006>he was being put into the passenger-backseat during arrest, door open and awaiting its prisoner>somehow, ends up on the front-driversideif that doesn't scream 'resisted arrest', iono what does.

>>835476187Humans were a mistake

>>835485663takes one to know one, chump

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>>835478526>fake rektNo one notice the wire bundle hanging out the back of the cop car? This was filmed for a UK police drama lol

>>835484777Checked. Isn't welfare like one grand a month though? I don't think it's that much

>>835486317no animals don´t destroy thair livingspace these are Black Cancer it destroy until nothing is Left

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>>835478526Take your fucking time on that fire. And I'll just stand here and not do anything.

>>835479732Found the nigger.

>>835485726He's saying it's an unmarked police vehicle belonging to the swedish police intelligence departmen and that he has exif data from it. Just looked it up - the vehicle is owned by some sandnigger living in Kista, Sweden.

>>835482457Based doggeh.

>>835482641And people wonder why Africa is a shit hole.

>>835486153Do you know how many niggers are in the police you ape

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>>835478807this isnt real. in the video you can hear the director say "action" and other directory shit

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>>835483417I can't wait for the biopic of this based hero.

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>>835484223Though that is kinda hot for a negress.


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>>835485842Gass leak

>>835483606Holy shit! A negress with real hair?!?

>>835476674at least everyone instantly stopped fighting and rushed to help him. this is what the police should be known for, helping people who get hurt while being arrested, not killing them

>>835477007he had to keep out the mctards somehow

>>835485692Exactly. If niggers co-operated with the cops, they wouldn't get themselves fucking killed for chickenshit reasons.

>>835477304i hope that old man's okay. good for the cop not shooting him. this is how 80% of police confrontations should go: start with incapacitating and non-lethal methods and not instantly pulling out a gun


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>>835477676>walks into a police station with a knife and tries to stab a cop right in front of six othersdumbasses

>>835478325people who do hit-and-runs like that deserve a bullet to the spine so they'll never be able to drive again. that's the most cowardly bullshit thing to do

>>835486935Nice demonstration

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>>835486965Yet another dumb nigger resisting a cop, attacking him and getting shot as a result. FFS.

>>835486965did that really start because of jaywalking?

>>835479376I can't understand how Daniel Shaver isn't facing life in prison. the dude was crying and pleading for his life, clearly not posing any threat, and fucking Daniel put a fucking magazine into his skull. makes me want to find his address and slice his throat

>>835487483because Shaver feared for his life, obviously ;)

>>835486226I'm sure they do more harm than good if they showed up in the first place, the real issue lays in the government itself.

>>835480179>a dumpster where a dog and her puppies live>dumpster>dog and her puppiesyou stupid fucking retard, she's a stray who's probably been treated like shit her whole life. no wonder she wants to protect her children. call animal control so they can rescue them, don't be a fucking sociopath.

>>835486987"Muhammad! What is up, my brother?"


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>>835482389don't text and drive or you'll end up like this retard

>>835481405how the hell do you miss that

>>835486987>gotta keep these wives in line, amirite

Cops are the reason im communist. They don't deserve the badge.

>>83548264190% sure this is staged

>>835478807The hell i thought America was a state and European people are not all in one like usa its like many countries together with each different culture, your small brain is not capable of understanding that other countries exists. Eu is a fucking mistake if you ask me and each country should be freed from this EU shit fuck.

>>835487436Incidentally, a large part of the Nick DiPaolo show is him going full Cumia on the niggers resisting the cops, getting killed, then being deified by so-called 'nigger culture', as with the criminal nigger Floyd.

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>>835482816someone call animal control on her dumbass

>>835478526i pretty sure this is fake. i think it was for some British cop drama on the BBC