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>>835474712beavis & butthead, a cartoon from the 1990's

>>835476116no i mean the gif dude i fucking know who the fuck Beavis and Butthead are been watching them since i was eight

>>835476787You want the exact episode where he smashes his hands against the keyboard to type 'nigger' on the computer?

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>>835476837no i want to know where was it, which site did you find that specific Gif lol

>>835476995What if he were to say 4chan. I think youre covering up the fact that you think that was an actual episode

>>835477400>I think youre covering up the fact that you think that was an actual episodeno you brain dead fucking mouth breather i don't, you seriously can not be that fucking stupid to actually think that someone would ever believe that was in the episode. I know exactly which episode that is from Season 5 Episode 8 where they skipped school and find themselves working in a real estate office.

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>>835476995Considering what it is, i'm going to say it came from 9gag.

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>>835477767>that is from Season 5 Episode 8yeesh

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>>835478942Strangely hot, anyone got sauce?

>>835478942poor girl, how does she drink water?

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>>835479824solid hit or glass jaw?

>>835479917looks like a solid hit to me, fat dudes usually have some power and the nig was caught off guard

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>>835480457Single best post I've seen in an YLYL thread and first time I lose.

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>>835479917Nerve gas

>>835480457>not wanting a free pretzelwhat a fag

>>835479878Lol before anyone asks, it’s from the sopranos you sick fucks

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>>835481320>Not watching the whole videoWhat a fag

>>835480826god i wish that were me

>>835477767Damn user. Its a good thing you didnt waste great digits you were close. But take a breather and calm down

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>>835477767Holy shit demanding where OC comes from while at the source. This kid just doesn't have high expectations for Chan anons. Nigger 50% of all memes start here

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>>835478760How cute. A Loli that can take a mouthful

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>>835482120I love this new women movement!

>>835477767u mad

>>835478942It's call the Trump Sip.

>>835482120>2010wimmins rites we are stronk and independen>2020twerk twerk twerk niggers are great legalize rape

>>835481896Ill never know the bliss of being a potato

>>835481446you want to bite a guy's dick off?

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Probably the worst YLYL thread in the history of this board. Absolute garbage.

>>835482120>Imagine the smellI literally said that when me and my gf saw this and she didn't respond kek

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>>835479917That's a solid hit. Look at how little his elbow moves, while he twists his torso.

>>835479878Alpha as fuck

>>835479917Dude had a solid hit. He followed through and twisted his hips.


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>>835482120> why can't I find a good husbandI'm so glad I never got married and got a vasectomy. Women have always been worthless whores. But these days there isn't even shame in it.

>>835481054I would've sank that air raft before they got close enough.

>>835482917Thief was probably broke again 2 days later.

>>835482415kekbut also they are like the NPC meme all dancing twerking when there are like 500 dance styles because other styles are not mainstream

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>>835481433>can't into jokesWhat a fag

>>835481069Thot Patrol.


>>835482954This is the poor people principle. They have no idea how to generate and keep wealth. So giving them money is pointless. What do you bet she spent her Trump dollars on overpriced chink clothes and newports.

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>>835482508Any link to that video...


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>>835483173says right there zoophilia .tv retard.

>>835483223But what were the socioeconomic and culture pressures that MADE them feel like they had to use their child as a battering ram?

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>>835478942I'm guessing this is a blackmail videoFucking got her

>>835483315western policies are clearly the reason why a parent chooses to weaponise their children

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>>835483227I can read, i want the video not the site, you utter mongoloid

>>835483095Props to the treadmill company. That bitch is built right.

>>835480773Fuck off

>>8354745591. Astor2. Collin3. Bundy4. Du Pont5. Freeman6. Kennedy7. Onassis8. Lee9. Raynold10. Rothschild11. Rockerfeller12. Russel13. Van Duyn>>835482957

>>835483438I also can read. I'm saying why would anyone hunt down a random horsefucking video for you?

>>835481896Are they retarded? They aren't social distancing during Covid. It looks like a Trump rally.

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>>835483438>i wantnobody gives a shit

>>835479662Do you know what animal is the original?

>>835483884>Wants to find the originalIt's a seal.

>>835483155Libs love making fun of the disabled

>>835482394>tdsseek help

>>835483939sea lion

>>835483670>tdsseek help

>>835479662>striped pantiesThats my fetish


>>835482120is this a promo for that cuties movie?


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>>835482823I need context. Why was shlomo beating that negress?

>>835482823Seriously what the fuck is happening here?

>>835484306 pretty hard to be more of a faggot than the guy that vapes his own cum

>>835483155>all that shoop to show how intolerant you are I voted for Obama twice, but I'm really leaning towards Drumpf after all this bullshit the MSM and BLM are on about.

>>835482925congrats on your virginity then?i mean, not all women are horrible skanks, but way to let one small sample group force you to keep your dick and your genes out of the game. the future wins that hand.

>>835482120We defeated the wrong enemy-Patton

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>>835482120I felt a disturbance in the Force.As if a million fathers cried out in terror..and then were silenced.

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>>835484716Please don't make this another political thread.Leftists come here to piss you off and you let them. They want to ruin your fun.

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>>835483095At least they're trying. Maybe leave mom's basement and try it yourself you fat fuck.

>>835482438I imagine it's not as good as you think it is, and it's a world of extremes. I've never seen someone as happy as a retard, but I've also never seen someone as angry as one. Your fire truck loses a wheel, and because you lack the power to process that it can be replaced, it feels worse than your own family dying.

>>835482984>What a fagWhat a fag

>>835478760hello mr.fbi guy, this is hot.


>>835481054Good thing there's no audio. Nothing ruins a humorous clip like following it with the idiotic music from that terribly irritating show.

>>835483021Swan was injured and they were trying to put it out of its misery.Super fucked up that they filmed it though.

>>835485065Curb your enthusiasms theme is awesome, it's like the reverse benny hill.Why do you hate fun?

>>835483884some kind of sea dog

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>>835484909your grammar screams fat boy

>>835485205Yakety Sax is awesome. The tune in in question is just fucking lame. Curb is pure garbage.

>>835485262He is right tho. Better than getting paid by dudes online to stuff cake in their face. But tbf I bet that room smells pretty disgusting. Temperature probably rose by 40 degrees when they all walked in.


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>>835479856That was mean spirited.

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>>835485378>The tune in in question is just fucking lame.It unironically is supposed to be.

>>835480773Not again

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Big pee time

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>>835481069Me on the left

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Attached: You Wouldnt Get It .jpg (608x545, 60.2K)

Attached: Jojo Doge vs peepee poopooman.jpg (700x700, 157.67K)

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>>835482120ugh I hate this shit.I don't get why they want to act this way.It's disgusting.

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>>835474653fucking kek

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>>835480707What is this an advert for?

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>>835478862I has literally been 20 years since I last saw that!

>>835482823Wtf I love jews now

>>835484909I used to think this too. Then I realized that they're only doing this for attention on social media. Immediately after this, they went back to a horrible life style and never got on those machines again.

>>835484749that image

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>>835482508I forgot what was going on in this pic. Can anyone refresh my memory?

>>835479824That's what you need to do when dealing with niggers. You can tell the nigger is going to go for a sucker punch on how he tenses up his fists. Striking first will always lead to your victory since niggers can't actually fight


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>>835484851>you let themnah, I ain't even mad... they'll create their own destinies, and they'll be just as worthless as they are now.

>>835484016Which is incredibly ironic.

>>835484972if I wanted my own comeback, I would've asked your mom

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>>835476995You sound like a stupid faggot

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>>835477767No, that gif DID NOT HAPPEN ON THE SHOW. Dumbass, they wouldn't write nigger on cable TV and you're such a brainlet that you belong on reddit. Go back.


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>>835486207Sposed to say "If you want my comeback you'll have to scrape it off your mom's teeth"

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>>835486124In ten years all women from 14 upwards will look like that.

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>>835474559Humans were a mistake

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>>835486294Is this a pic of your bedroom?

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>>835481896thats sums up 4chins pretty well

>>835481896>filenameStop lying, there are no women on 4chan.

>>835480826sauce pls

>>835480773I hope your next shits a hedgehog

>>835486279your mom doesn't have teeth tho, better bjs

>>835483155Imagine being so butthurt about politics you go through so much effort to photoshop a retard

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>>835486478"Femanon here. Need somebody to judge my butthole pics. Not b8"

>>8354858855 gum

>>835486536dear god that pic is older than you

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Beyond the familiar online world that most of us inhabit—a world of Google, Facebook, and Twitter—lies a vast and often hidden network of sites, communities, and cultures where freedom is pushed to its limits, and where people can be anyone, or do anything, they want. This is the world of Bitcoin, 4chan, and Silk Road, of radicalism, crime, and pornography. This is the Dark Net.

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>>835486508Imagine being so buttburt by it that you’re literally forced to respond

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>>835486510>permabanned from all jobs and social media

>>835480707asian girls make the best school shooters

>>835482120I don't know what it is, but this is the quickest way a girl can kill a boner. I just start thinking of baboons and it goes right down.

>>835486637as old as this?

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>>835486662Exactly they share unfunny shit like this to ruin your good time. Just ignore it.


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>>835486687you aint seen nothing yet

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Attached: Antifa tank.png (500x501, 142.23K)

Attached: 1338474041762.jpg (1586x755, 159.04K)

Attached: Tranny bee.jpg (1024x862, 83.19K)

>>835486710I meant it was a 4chan classic

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>>835483670>Don't call it kungflu!>Just wear the mask!>Ignore the revised 6%>W-wait Nancy you forgot your mask! You said it was super dangerous!>This must be trumps fault, nighttime funny man said "orange man bad lolol"

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>>835476837It was called Temporary Insanity. I think they got kicked off the bus in front of an office building and just walked in. Pretty sure David Spade was in that one.

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>>835484456Gotta beat the golem into submission

I hope they don't find the bodies because my search history is incriminating as fuck

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>>835486939Brought to you by butthurt

>>835474653I don't understand. What is the joke?

>>835486797ah fair enough

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>>835487049>Everything I disagree with is butthurt.

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>>835487060Of course if you go back too far things get a bit worrying

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>>835487102Nah it just wasn't funny bro. I even agree with the sentiment. Just wasn't funny and makes you sound like a virgin pussy.

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>>835487193pretty sure i went to high school w that guy.

>>835487193I often wondered

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>>835484909Someone always says this. Then I have to respond with "what kind of stupid lazy glutton lets themself get so fat"

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>>835476787So you’ve been watching it for a year?

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>>835487333Hey we've all done something irresponsible. Kind of like when you got your dog pregnant because no woman would ever fuck you.

>>835487333They say these 2 did porn but i cant bring myself to look for it

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>>835480773fuk u

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>>835478760I love the look on her face when she lets her breath out. So sexy.

>>835486779LOST HARD! Thankyou.

>>835487133A swell bunch of jugalos


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>>835485691This is what you actually are

>>835486371Lost to this. Fucking hell!

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>>835487708Yeah we had diversity then

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