You have 10 SECONDS to prove you are NOT an AMERICAN

You have 10 SECONDS to prove you are NOT an AMERICAN.

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>>835474193Domne ce imi plac mici sa mor io

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Jeg hader amerikanere.

>>835474193Fuck your 10 seconds ill take all the time I want.Im an American.

>>835474193oi cunt what you doin tonight come over for a couple of buckets got some got smoko

>>835474193That's not bacon, that's strips of fat, this is bacon

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>>835474599>>>835474193 (OP)Fat > meat

It's called a "lift" not "elevator."

בייקון זה טעים

>>835474193I've never cooked bacon on a BBQ, it just doesn't belong on one

I shit in the street 3 times yesterday

I can spell colour properly

>>835474193i don't assume abnormality is worth protesting for or against.

>>835474193i can walk outside without running into rioting blacks or catching a disease

I went to the hospital for an operation on my lower back after a slipped disk caused sciatica. I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, I was there for three days in my own room, I was operated on under general anesthetic, kept in for a day after the operation to make sure everything was okay - then told I could go home.I don't need medical insurance and the entire ambulance, hospital stay and operation cost me a grand total of...............Nothing at all

>>835474193Toro tortilla, esa panceta tiene buena pinta

Pinches gringos jotos hahshahaYou guys have a triple flawed voting system that encourages only two parties to represent the country at all times, whilst also having a moronic "hairspray stays within a closed room and does not go into the atmosphere" president gutting the mail system to lower voting participation ILLEGALLY xdFucking gringos man, you guys used to be the leading force in science and technology, but now you're getting outclassed by everyone in the EU and fucking China.

>>835474193I bought a 'solvent trap' off aliexpress, and it runs really great as a silencer on my 9mm pistol

I'm 1.81m tall


>>835474193I don't think citizens should own guns, and I'm not afraid of my government.

>>835475185left wing american detected


>>835475225Nope. I also don't pay for healthcare.

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I took a ride in an ambulance to go to the hospitalIt was freeThe hospital and the Ambulance ride

Alright boys, got them. Now line em up

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>>835474193I like my foreskin.

>>835475225Besides, left-wing Americans are terrified of their government right now. Incompetent broken nepotistic fascist wanna-bes are fucking the place up horribly.

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>>835474193Jeg har lært min kildekritik.

Que pasa papá ?

One meter is 100cm

>>835474193I don't have freedom or guns

>>835475756>meterFOOKIN YANK DETECTED

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>>835474895>cost me a grand total of...............>Nothing at alldoesn't understand being taxed for a service he might use

>>835475839>doesn't understand being taxed for a service he might useYou mean like the American Military

>>835474193I dont politicize public health measures like wearing a mask, because I'm able to think for the greater good of society

>>835474193I don’t clap after I eat

I welcome muslim (((refugees))) and I don't blame all members of islam for the actions a few commit but all believe and spread

I let Americans live rent free inside my head.

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I count starting with my thumb, not my pointer finger.


>>835474491fpbpAcum am pofta de mici, fmm

We've never been to the moon

>>835474533Samma här

>>835475922Living in pity is a very small, very cramped and uncomfortable flat.

Я pyccкий.

>>835474193>187cm >80kg

>>835474193I am giant cuck and i have to ask rich politicians if i am allowed to own a gun

>>835474193my shithole aint have jew population.



>>835474533Ja tak, første verden er her ved os, ikke over atlanten.

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>>835475922Small America head detected

>>835476420Fuck off hillbilly

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>>835474193good day cunt. Shall we place another shrimp on the grill?

So many mongrel cunt Aussies.

>>835476803All descendants of convicts.

I will never ever lack for the basic necessities in life, be it food, housing, or access to health services should i get sick.

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>>835475839Kinda like insurance, except for the profit-taking part.

>>835476803U mad cunt?

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My sister and my aunt are two separate people

I believe the Earth is spherical and vaccines are beneficial to my health.

No one knows or cares who runs for office in my country

>>835476908Nah cunt. It was meant as a term of endearment.

>>835474193Leikkaa tukkas ja mee töihi vitun rotta.

i don't shower

>>835474193I use the word cunt nearly every sentence.

>>835476984*sheathes VB*

>>835474193fuck off cunt.

>>835476908Another Posh bloke from cumanella I assume?Too much walking off in the thunder box eh?Noif

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I have never eaten bacon in my lifeIt's not I don't want to, just seems unhealthy so not my first choice

>>835475382Also my taxes are 55%

I broke my arm and I didn’t go to the hospital with my wallet.

>>835474491bag pula in gura ta adu-mi si mie

I have a foreskin, It's not mine and it's a little dried out but I have one

>>835477044fuck oath

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I don't own a gun.

>>835474193There r no riots in my country

>>835474193brasil HUEHUEHUE HUR DURFortunately, I'm not black.On the other side, here I am, living in this roody poo country.

>>835474734O mein pajeet

>>835474193I smell funny

La tierra no es plana, las vacunas no dan autismo, el covid no es una conspiración, estoy hablando español

>>835477289confirmed british

I have a kettle in my house

>>835474193Had some sort of seizure. Did a cat scan, MRI, EEG, seen by several doctors, paid only for the EEG.

>>835474193I can call blacks niggers and everyone supports me

>>835474193Non sono americano e non mangio bacon con solo grasso dentro

>>835477177I shall call you wristy Mcpencil dick

>>835477507>pays for medical treatment



>>835476118>>835476582Yes, European flats are extremely tiny. Have you guys thought of living in something other than a stone coffin?

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>>835474193I weigh 70kg

>>835477713Could have done it all completely free, but I wanted to avoid state hospitals as much as possible and longer queues.

Kikes tongue my anus.

>>835474193Why are Americans so prideful? Do they confuse fat with wealth?

Love how obsessed the rest of the world is about the US

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>>835474193This queue is too long, think I'll use a different one.

More than half the people in this thread can be arrested just for being on 4 chan hahaa. I think I'll report this thread to the boobies or whatever you faggots call your cops and see how many of you go to prison for 15 years

>>835474610No.Fat is necessary yes.But crispy fat is just pork rinds.And before you all wanna argue, a gift for you all: air fryers make the best damn bacon, very quickly. No matter how crispy or chewy or fatty you like it. Air fryers will make gangster bacon that looks like it was cooked in an oven, in like 5 minutes.I literally did not eat bacon(don't like chewy stuff myself and I can't cook it the way I like without basically deep frying it in its own fat...)I was a sausage>bacon man until this air fryer thing changed my world.

Was ist denn hier los?

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>>835474728I do it if I'm cooking burgers on the grill and want bacon to go on them. Tends to cause flare ups because bacon drips so much fat.


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>>835474491I'm not retarded.


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>>835474193I am an American, bub. And I'll tell ya what: I'm PROUD to be an American. Yes, you heard me right, I'm PROUD of the fact that I was born and live in the greatest nation on earth. Furthermore, I am PROUD that we have the greatest leader in the history of mankind, Mr. Donald John Trump who is making this wonderful nation even greater even as I type this. You better hope he doesn't see your anti-American posts, bub, or your shithole country just might be the next one on his list. Be warned.


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>>835475839>implying taxes and point of service charges are in any way comparableHow it got paid for doesn't matter. Point is, it's paid for.

I spell colour with a "u"

>>835474193i dont murder people for petty crimes

>>835474193I would by showing you my IQ test, but i dont have it saved on my computer.Pic is the average american soy male.

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My teeth are fucked beyond belief

>>835481430High iq means you’re good at pattern recognition and identification. Good job. Even though you probably don’t have a high iq

>>835481620I do, and my country's average IQ is higher than yours to begin with.


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>>835481815Is that a raw egg yolk in the middle?

>>835474601xiaomi masterrace

>>835474193I love our autobahns without any Speed-Limit

>>835481864no it is peach

>>835474193Heil Hitler


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>>835478034Your attempt at a comeback notwithstanding, europe isn't a country.

>>835481959American detected - you never could get past your WWII nostalgia.

>>835478034Like the other guy said, europe isn't a country. Now shut the fuck up because you are literally to stupid to argue.

>>835474193Ich komme nicht aus den USA

>>835474193You call that bacon? Now this is bacon.

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>>835482121He's a yank, he doesn't know how to carry a conversation nor how to discuss. He lives in the tiny pity part of the worlds consciousness.

i walked outside without my bulletproof vest, and i came back ok

>>835474193di ako kano

>>835476625This, electric kettle is too complicated tech for a shart, never seen one that can use it.


>>835474193Why would I go and do something retarded like that.Also are you implying grilling/smoking bacon isn't american af?

Our judicial system does not kill people

>>835474193i view bacon as a food, not a condiment

I dont get this joke (seriously whats funny ?)

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>>835481892Ayy. Impressed so far.

>>835474193i'm fluorescent white and i could go on the streets and scream ''NIGGERS'' and black people would just go''WHERE!? dont you fucking let niggers in this neighborhood!''

it's gettin shart in hereso fart in all the mart

>>835475335Yes you do. You are paying it either in depressed wages because your employer is passing it, or you have a giant chunk taken out of your salary every month.You are paying for it.

>>835474193Hard to do since I'm strongfat and speak English.Height: 174cmWeight: 134kg

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America son dos continentes de 35 naciones. Op es un maricón.

Eu só falo inglês enquanto estou por aqui porque os chans na minha língua são uma merda completa. Além disso, não posso postar imagens porque meu povo só faz merda e acabaram dando range ban nos ip's daqui por "abuso".

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>>835483370We know, we know, but they seemingly don't.

>>835474193I'm not genetically prone to violence

>>835483207Rather have my depressed wages than become homeless and bankrupt because of an accident or sickness.

>>835474193I can't stand temperatures above about 20 celsius. Way too hot for comfort.

>>835474895Too dumb to realize you pay for it every fucking day

>>835484488Stupid Americunt too dumb to realize if everyone pays a part of it all the time, nobody has to pay out of pocket at the time they need service.

>>835474193I have a BMI of 21.1

>>835474193I don't think that having both early stage dementia and a personality disorder makes someone the perfect candidate to lead a country.

>>835474193cyкa блять

>>835484774To be fair, his taxes go to support the very, very rich, not healthcare, education and social medicine.

>>835476881Are you aware that in nearly every single country, the government uses the public health money as slush funds?>US use Social Security to pay for most new laws>UK/Jap scrape away taxes that "go to the NHS" to pay off the debt that nearly half of these hospitals incur from operating without charging for most operations>China's mixed bag of public and private healthcare is garbage for anyone who doesn't pay a premium as the public healthcare is usually used for infrastructure projects *cough cough*>Germany/Holland/ScandinaviaOnly places where your statement is true.

I won't die from a gunshot wound and when I do die, it won't leave my family bankrupt or homeless.

>>835474193Americans never grill Bacon unless it's on foil retard

>>835474193Ik heb een goede zorgverzekering

Oi m80, looks ok just missing a bit of baked beans and salad cream. Righto poofta

>>835486928This is real isn't it

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>>835487307Tell me more

>>835487351pretty good tbh 100% Angus beef is the key them scotchlanders really know cattle

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>>835475225He said not afraid of gov. Cant be american unless richfag. and tbh what rich fag actually comes here? Be real y'all.

>>835487537actually looks good. mcdicks really needs to get some new shit on their menu here

>>835487652while i have your attention any thoughts on this ? >>835482958

>>835474193Going to the doctor, brb.