Best offensive/racist black memes


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It's not ok to be racist on this Christian site. Please go away.

>>835472039Ugly = Jew = you Humans of all race and nations will purge you out.

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>>835472039Fuck niggers

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>>835472039Fuck jannies

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Have some old ass OC I made years ago.>>835472040>It's not ok to be racist on this Christian site. Please go away.Is this the new equivalent of the Leaf Pasta?If not then;The Bible,God,and Jesus are very clear about not intermixing races,religions,and 100% all for having borders to keep those groups separate.

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My personal favourite

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>>835472047you were the one who made this? almost an honor to see you, i laughed my ass off when i saw this the first time a coupol of years ago


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>>835472052It was during a thread like this.A few of us made templates to go along with the "Sheeeeiiiit" nigger meme when Michael Brown got blasted.Have the OC template,and the old cartoon is based the template off of.

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>>835472045>>835472047>>835472049>>835472051>>835472053>>835472055>>835472057MY FUCKING SIDE!

>>835472061But how could I forget you! Kek!

>>835472040Based Ruskie. We are believers in God and Jesus Christ on this board.

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>>835472064>Based Ruskie.That's not a Ruskie,you dumb fucking mutt.That's the flag of the Netherlands.It's people like you that make the rest of us Americans look stupid.

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>>835472067>he doesn't know

>>835472068Possibly right.I only know of calling the Dutch "Colgate" or "Toothpaste" because of their flag,like we do with Chile calling it Texas or the Swiss "Med-Pack";I've been here when /new/ turned into Holla Forums.Too early in the morning for this shit!I just want to post nigger memes,user.

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My personal favorite.

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>>835472039Just made this

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>>835472073he behaved like a child

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>>835472075Is it suppose to imply that they are at a zoo or something?

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>>835472039Poor niggers. They shouldn't get hate for being born a different skin color. That is not ok.

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>>835472041Says the jew.

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>>835472314this never goes irrelevant

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>>835472055>>835472083>>835472095>>835472096>>835472097>>835472101what?? I thought over 2MB files were not able to be posted in here

>>835472045And it's even funnier that it is able to be used with redneck speech also.

>>835472051Then ask yourself why the majority of the gun deaths are mostly caused by white Americans.>inb4 the per capita excuse

>>83547268813 50


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>>835472045fucking KEK

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>>835472047>OC I made years agoYou did this? I remember this during the Zimmerman trial, so good and true.

>>835472780Mass Shooting murders have been from White people, mostly usually because they are upset at their families.And out of all the cases in 2020, the majority have been republican voters well ouch.

>>835472042I'm 29 and my dick looks like the Chinese dudes


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>>835473157doesnt change the fact that nogs are violent by nature

>>835473198Time to become a tranny, fren

>>835472088>born a different skin colorYeah that’s not why.

>>835473223Doesn't change the fact that Americans are paranoid, ignorant and get angry easily over words and will use a gun because they are cowardly to use fists.There fixed it for you.

>>835472048Way to much for a nigress*

>>835472039these were funny sometimes>>835472043this isn't even meant to be funny>>835472041this is stupid

>>835472597They arent

>>835473219good one>>835472597it's because it was moved from >>>Holla Forums276060645files over 2MB should be postable on Holla Forums, it's fucking retarded that it's not allowed. Holla Forums isn't even the most used board.

>>835473282sure thats true, but whites, asians etc dont chimp out like nogs

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>>835472070If only this was real I would support her

>>835472091I'm incredibly racistEverybody I know knows how racist I amHaving this guy at my funeral would be a total mind fuck

>>835473124Did you know breast feeding and bottle feeding can make the same comparison?Bottle fed babies are retarded growing upNot defending niggersJust a random fact

>>835473865interdasting, that explains why i'm retarded then

>>835473241At 29?I thought about it when I was 22 but decided it was too lateMy cousin has been taking tranny pills for a year nowHe still looks and sounds like a bigger man than I amHe grows a full beard in a week, has to shave daily 4 foot wide Hercules shoulders6'5 tallSize 14.5 shoesWorks at a saw mill working machines and moving heavy blocks of woodSpeaks in an obvious man imitating woman voiceWears leggings that are so tight his leg hair sticks through themPainted nailsLong flowing hairBig man's faceHonestly after 18 it's too lateYou have to do it pre puberty

>>835472048And a Negro from any era remains a sub-par IQ sub-human destined for extinction.

>>835474017Sorry man. Maybe you can find a Chad that likes to dominate smalldicked lads like you

>>835472039White people be like...Behold the superiour race

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>>835475600Negroes are more suited for manual labour, I give you that.

>>835472081Truth revealed. he dress shirt and tie indicate the Negro is headed for a court room trial.


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>>835475751imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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>>835473124The Negro sub-species has proven over the centuries that they are sub-human and a branch of human evolution destined for eventual extinction. Nature wants the superior species to win out. Find even one 2nd- or 1est-world country created by Negroes. There are none. The best those barbarian filth can create is a 3rd-world country that would eventually destroy itself without outside non-Negro assistance.


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>>835472040Niggers aren’t people stop being brainwashed by them they want the same thing white supremacists do just for niggers

>>835472054Nah you gotta be diligent, non American blacks are usually fine unless Brazilian


>>835472088They don’t, at least from anyone with a brain. I hate nigger culture, but nigger does not equal black person

>>835475600Can’t find a real photo of an ugly white (and when he does they’ll be British)

>>835473628Oh my god, you’re a genius user. Then get a black writer to write a false autobiographical work about how you pretended to be racist to better learn about racism in white cultures to help black people. Get a fake lifetime achievement award made. Good god user, you’ve struck gold

>>835473420evolution my ass.

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>>835472820Jesus bro, this ain’t it. I hate niggers but he was not one

>>835472101First dude is straight up cute who skips like that

>>835473052fuck you, jay z's a billionare and muh idol

>>835472098Thought she was gonna poop. I wish so badly she had just pooped

>>835477334I bet she did. Imagine the smell.

>>835472041>Humans of all race and nations will purge you outdunno about that one, champ. I am not even while yet I hate niggers


>>835477429I’ll pass

>>835472047This is wrong, because black people don't own buisnesses

>>835472079Should have used aunt jimama as a reaction

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>>835478385Yeah, white women often use black men as sex toys due to how easy it is and how they don’t need to feel guilty for not considering them at all. Pretty smart of white women tbh, when it comes down to it they always marry white. I had a female nigger sex slave for a while, their pussies have no texture but it’s fine while you wait around for a white girl

>>835478385t. Seething nigger

>>835478496>Yeah, white women often use black men as sex toys due to how easy it is and how they don’t need to feel guilty for not considering them at all. Pretty smart of white women tbh, when it comes down to it they always marry white. I had a female nigger sex slave for a while, their pussies have no texture but it’s fine while you wait around for a white girlU MAD WHITE BOY ?

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>>835478496Holy shitCope

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>>835473420Yeah like that guy in Vegas on a shooting spree, like that kid who was upset with his mother and shot kids in a school. Or that guy who walked into a cinema playing a Batman movie. And the upset NF guy who drove down a protestor. Or the countless others who always can't take criticism and immediately turn towards violence and threats.Also I am white.But yeah us Whites are really chill right?

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>>835473282You can go to jail for being mean on the internet. Be careful


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>>835475751Look the Japanese/ Korean are getting away with it, why are we not getting away with it?

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>>83547876113% of the population does 50% of the crime not 100%


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>>835478569funny thing is black porn stars consider "BBC" to be an offensive term

>>835480186Is it just me or is it silly that some one would come spray paint emojis and anarchy symbols everywhere?I get looting, but the tagging seems fake. I don't buy it. This is either inflated damage by the owners or provocateurs.

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>>835480291We'd all do it if we could.

Where's the home ownership meme?

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>>835472039Why? You're stupid.

>>835479483This shut him up.

>>835480433you'd know that because you want black dick up your throbbing ass

>>835472642you are so fucking pathetic and out of the joke i had to let you know

>>835480563>a stormfag meme with one white guy faggot


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>>835480678Do you print out and shove it up your ass until it's bloody?

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>>835480662>a stormfag meme with one white guy>with one white guy>obviously didn't look at picSo if facts conflict with your narrative you ignore them and claim "fake news", just like Trump

>>835472091they used to do this in the ancient world..

>>835480727your a really stupid butthurt faggot

>>835480789truth hurt?

>>835480846>factsthat you're so assmad that white kids shoot up schools that you have to dig way up your ass for a stupid stormfag meme so we can laugh at you?

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>>835480876I would imagine the sharp corners tearing into your anal membranes would, but you're clearly a masochist.

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>>835480913So you have no coherent thought to add to defend the severely factually challenged claim that mass shootings are the domain of whites.

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>>835480325Man, this is wholesome as fuck. I wish all niggers were like this... Imagine it, imagine if they were just like human beings that shared the same experiences. IDK man, this one seems wholesome and good for them man.... The very very few who are functioning members of society but still somehow share a hint of resemblance/similarity to the average person.

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>>835481016>racism is coherent thoughthaha no stormfag

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>>835481071Do you print that off, wrap it around a dowel rod and literally ram it up your ass?

>>835481120Again, ignore the false supposition you put forth.

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>>835481172not the same user genius>durr niggers vilent wites gudyou'll never admit your side is out to kill people

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>>835481016mass shootings are mostly fake staged operationsepstein was Israel's number one nigger in americajews try to create fake events like movies to create sentiment in society, don't let some poor jew tell you otherwiseepstein was helping create terrorist events like mass shootings to make guns illegal for everyone but rich jews who can afford private securityniggers, indians, faggots and jews like to create fake news

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>>835481286tinfoil alert

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>>835480494You underestimate the negroe’s lack of logic

>>835481414why post the same picture twice?

>>835481274Most of the time a product will be kept in a keeper is because the POS/Inventory management automatically detected a significant amount of shrink (typically stolen product but sometimes just lost/damaged) for a given product, so corporate sends an automated report of what should/shouldn't be shelved with a keeper. This looks like someone did it as a joke but it could honestly be real.

>>835480867not at all, my fellow planet inhabitant.

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>>835481527I see what you did there

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>>835472097> A + B = B + A

>>835472101I was like why are they not being shot. And I realized they are fighting people who are probably doing the same thing.

>>835477231cuck detected

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>>835472067Trolling is a art

>>835476609can't find anything about it, source?


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>>835480678Current high score is a white guy.

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>>835480291i can lick my own dick and i can't bend any close to it


>>835480949Proof that opportunity costs are factored into the microeconomics of profit maximization.

>>835479973So much explained in 3 pics

>>835481152when confronted by an uncomfortable truth deny and scream louder


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>>835473414/b/ is the biggest board and has the most traffic. How do you like the site so far?


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>>835472688Nah, not my state>California's population: 39% of state residents are Latino, 37% are white, 15% are Asian American, 6% are African American, 3% are multiracial, and fewer than 1%We average about 2 gang related homicides a day, mostly spics and niggers (but niggers still edge everyone out despite the lower population) so the memes are pretty accurate. White bois going crazy is once in a blue moon sorta thing... it might be different where you're from but honestly it just sounds like you're talking with your hurt feelings

>>835480867You're *>ye that other user is sure stupid

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i hate niggers so much.

>>835472039Humans were a mistake

>>835473044I find that blacks have zero understanding nor respect for the process. They don't understand how laws get passed or why decorum matters.

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>>835477331>Jay z is a millionaireBecause niggers will say any rap is good even if it's some mumble rap

>>835482480Of course. Getting a high score takes planning and intelligence. Niggers can do a lot of damage, but usually get put down before their score gets too high.

>>835487132This nigger got a high

>>835472101What part of Portland is this?