You have 10 seconds to name something better than a full english breakfast

you have 10 seconds to name something better than a full english breakfast.

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2 full english breakfasts

This literally tastes better.

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greek gyros

>>835471450Muc moofen

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>>835471450Not enough refugee cum for it to be considered a “FULL English breakfast.”

>>835471450Having 2 homeless men shit on your face? That looks horrible

Has black pudding and hash browns, not English. Idiot.

>>835471450Hambooger and fry

>>835471450I hope that meats halal OP. If it isn't halal it can't be considered an English breakfast.

>>835471450Looks good

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>>835472239mac and cheesepilled!

>>835471572Blames austerity on the refugees. Doesn't realise the tories are fucking you over and using bogeyman immigrants as a distraction. Faggot


>>835472279fuck yes

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>>835471572>>835471842Israeli spamkikes detected

>>835471450A full Scottish Breakfast :)

>>835471450you have 10 sec to name something worse

>>835471450Chugging a gallon of semen

>>835471450Fuck those mushrooms look delicious

>>835471450That is a lunchBreakfast should be an apple and nothing elseYour body only needs natural sugars to wake up not a bunch of protein and fatIn fact, you shouldn't be eating 3 meals a day, more like 6 or 8Save the protein for when you will need it, mid dayUnless you are a body builder, then you should probably be eating bigger meals than this tiny plate


>>835472239The Mac and Cheese makes me irrationally angry

your mothers fat cow pussy.


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>>835472897Not bad, just needs baked beans and salad cream!

>>835471450>Bread and butterEnglish breakfast is fucking disgusting, no wonder that island monkeys are so incompetent

>>835471450moist vagina

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>>835471450Actually I like my eggs scrambled, but other than that, that's a proper English brekky.


For me, it's the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McChicken sauce packets and the staff is so friendly and more than willing to oblige.One time I asked for McChicken sauce packets and they gave me three. I said, "Wow, three for free!" and the nice friendly McDonald's worker laughed and said, "I'm going to call you 3-for-free!".Now the staff greets me with "hey it's 3-for-free!" and ALWAYS give me three packets. It's such a fun and cool atmosphere at my local McDonald's restaurant, I go there at least 3 times a week for lunch and a large iced coffee with milk instead of cream, 1-2 times for breakfast on the weekend, and maybe once for dinner when I'm in a rush but want a great meal that is affordable, fast, and can match my daily nutritional needs.I even dip my fries in McChicken sauce, it's delicious! What a great restaurant.

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>>835472897Based and balkanpilled. Travnički ili Banjalučki?

Mexican chorizo with eggs. raw jalapeno , lettuce, tomatoes on the side.maybe a bit of sour cream. And tortillas of course, preferably corn. Can substitute slightly smaller than cm2 diced potatoes for the eggs as well.

>>835474395Fuck .forgot the refried beans

>>835472362Wots tha reel problem then guvna

>>835474395exactly.I would also like to mention a good Juevos Rancheros.

>>835474395Oh, and flour tortillas with the chorizo and egg


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>>835474454* Potatoes


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>>835474448>Juevos Rancheros.

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>>835474459I'm sure that is tasty but it looks like shit. Just saying. :)


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>>835472897Is that a shitload of chopped onion?


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>>835471450any breakfast without baked beans, and whatever that hockey puck is


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>>835474603>hockey puckI think that is a tasty blood pudding/blood sausage.


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>>835474662>blood puddingsorry, black pudding, and it is made of blood sausage.


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>>835474673fucking poor man's breakfast. You need to start making more money to afford better ingredients. lol

>>835474725chicken looks fucking amazing.


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>>835474496>peppers on your huevosWtf.

>>835474760Looks like shit baked chicken.

>>835471450Japanese food


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>>835474448>>835474496suck my webbos


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>>835471450it dont look bad, but..why beans, and why is the sausage black or what is that..


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Fucking two fat chicks at the same time.


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Penis Smegma


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>>835474424Austerity. Strangulation of the working class, and fast disappearing middle class. Funneling outrage of above classes to scapegoat groups so they don't revolt and instead attack other struggling demographics.

>>835475340last one.

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>>835474565Google ćevapi


>>835474459it needs more beans

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>>835475346Oh so close but no. Everything that happens now is a result of the destruction of the pension system in the 60s and 70s. The DWP budget is so big not because of refugees and scroungers, it's the pensions. They got the math spectacularly wrong.


>>835475456Lol faggot I am extremely rich. Just been observing the rising rate of europoors and looking for possible answers than muh immigrants.

>>835475525Blame Margaret Thatcher the milk snatcher

What's the black sausage thing? I've always wanted to try it. Can I get them in canada?

>>835476785Sliced nigger dick, quite uncommon.

>>835471450>hash brown>no tomato

A continental breakfast... and a vigorous hand job by the bed and breakfast host's wife.

>>835471450The spanish inquisition

>>835471450>be british>have shit-tier cuisine>live in denial>insist this pile of sodium, fat, and trash is somehow "good" let alone god-tier>think that if you post this meme enough, the rest of the world will play along.please go away, nigel. your food and thread are terrible. starving kids in ethiopia eat better food.

Donald Trump

>>835471450literally anything.


>>835471450Sautéed log of shit

>>835471450Sand; with vinegar because it improves the flavor of English food.

>>835477355actually kek'dandy sixx's classic food network recipe.

>>835474978this looks nice


>>835471450>english>not halal

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>>835471565Hey. That's a sausage and egg McMuffin. The bacon ones suck. And all hail then bacon mcgriddle. Haven't been to mcds in years, but when I did allow junk food: I would only stop at mcds for sausage and egg w/cheese mcmuffins, maybe a hashbrown, and fucking bacon mcgriddles(the sausage mcgriddles are bullshit) I miss those syrupy fuckers. Oh well, the only junk I allow is superior in n out now..

>>835472724what an enraging and obviously fallacious post, I really should reply in anger

playing with my balls

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>>835471450If I ate this every day I'd already be dead

>>835476976Post your weight please old bean.

>>835471450That looks revolting

>>835471450A full English shared with your trap gf

>>835471620"Black pudding" yeah you'd like that wouldnt you faggot

>>835472362Oi guv. Fanks for da input. Good on ya. Are you even allowed to be here?

>>835480749that would be better honestly

>>835471450mac n cheese nigga

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>>835471450Bircher muesli and a slice of a reubli-torte for breakfast Mango-habanero boneless chicken-wings from wingstop Japanese katsu curryI mean I could keep going but these are the first few things my mind went to in 10 seconds.

>>835471450Anal warts

>>835471450a full American breakfast

>>835471450That without mushrooms and black pudding

>>835471572you know black puddings are from lancashire right you know in the north of england

>>835474459Well played mate, still think it needs a bit of bubble on it to make it just right

>>835471450my dick in your ass

>>835475191>british flag on everythingThats how you know you live in a North Korea tier state

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>>835482821Please don't be American. I don't think I could survive that level of irony.

Jok with golden mountain, fresh bbq pork.

>>835471450Dennys lumber jack slam

>>835472433so sheep semen?

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>>835471450I've never had a proper English breakfast. They're pretty hard to come by here in Nashville.

>>835471450American breakfastToast, nice scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and a nice cup of OJFrench breakfast is good tooCroissant, eggs, etc

>>835474205Wow! Thats amazing. But hey apparently McDonald's fucking delivers now!! Did you even fucking know that shit dawg?!?! Were you even goddamn aware that their breakfast fucking chicken biscuit is cunt kicking delicious with some fucking jelly? I shit you fucking not ! You just unwrap that massive faggot, then lovingly spread open those fresh, hot biscuits and glorp in a shit ton of grape or strawberry goodness, then close that bitch tittied asshole back up and chow the fuck on down to Flavor Town! You get that southern fried chicken orgasm goodness, that hot flaky biscuity comfort and sweet sweet jelly! Its like you're about to jack yourself off quick and dry - just to clear out the pipes before bed - but then your crush appears and insists on lubing you up and stroking you to completion before rimming Ronald McDonald personally just to bring you this ambrosia of the fucking Gods herself! This delectable yard of dick sandwich is so butt fucking delicious i want to smash my fucking face on a pile of pissed and shit on broken glass and used heroin needles over and over and over until the angels fly out of my head to cleanse the fucking world!

>>835474496where's the ranchero

>>835483802>UK BBQcool story bro

>>835484838>French breakfast>cigarette and a cup of black coffee with a sense of creeping existential ennui


>>835471450Turkish breakfast is the GOAT. Well traveled american reporting.


>>835472930>beans and salad cream

>>835484838All it needs is baked beans and salad cream

>>835485180Looks ok. Missing the beans and salad cream

>>835484684No beans or salad cream?

>>835471450>you have 10 seconds to name something better than a full english breakfast.There is nothing better than an English breakfast, fren, and you know it, I know it and others know it even if they refuse to admit it.

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>>835481915What about the bit of baked beans and salad cream?

>>835482867Looks ok. Needs more beans and I dont see anybsalad cream.

>>835471450ive never been a fan of baked beans but the rest looks pretty tasty.

>>835481167what's the deal with her eyes?

>>835486746Just squeeze some out of your mother.

>>835486843Oi? You wot? Full english brekky wiff da beans mash and salad cream! Wot are you on about guv bruv?