What's your excuse for not having sex with a cute trap in 2020?

What's your excuse for not having sex with a cute trap in 2020?

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>>835470120I live in czech, there are no cute traps.

>>835470120Can't find any in finland

>>835470120I’m not gay

>>835470175same, no passable trap in my area...

>>835470120There's usually a penis in the way

>>835470120I'm not mentally challenged like you faggot

>>835470120cute traps aren't real

>>835470120Because I'm not gay

>>835470280You need to step outside of your own box and observe the world more.

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>>835470330As a straight man obviously I'm attracted to feminine features.But unfortunately penis doesn't into penis

>>835470120because I'm not a massive faggot like you.

>>835470388>Penis doesn't into penisBased retard. What do you think the butthole is for?

>>835470494I'm not putting my trust in whether some lazy tranny has douched or notEven gay men get bored of having to douche and settle for oral 90% of the time

>>835470120Because I’m not a faggot and I don’t want aids

I cant find a cute one willing to meet up in southern California ): jlucky714

Ive fucked one back in 2016.Was pretty good.

>>835470120I ain't a fucking queer that's why...

Probably because I have regular sex with an actual woman.

As a rule I don't fuck the mentally impaired

Its gay

I only fuck pussy?

>>835470120Can't find any. I totally would and would love them and introduce them to my family and all. But northwest florida is just full of old dudes crossdressingI've checked them all. Grindr. Tinder. OkCupid. Rip.....

>>835470120I am a trap but I'm not a dyke. I'm not sexually attracted to things feminine. I'm sexually attracted to things masculine.

I live in a very liberal city and all the ones I can find on Grindr are in very high demand. Their requirements for a man seem to be on par with an actual woman. Add to that they seem to be across the board: extremely sensitive, bipolar, and narcissistic. Easier to go for a twinky boy

>>835470120honestly i wouldnt fuck a trap but i would totally fuck a ladyboy given the chance

>>835471539Post bobs and feminine peen

>>835470120The fantasy of it is fucking hot to me, but when I think of it becoming reality, I lose all interest

>>835470175>Literally thousands of hot czech girls>still crave boipucci

fucked this one before quarantinewhat do u think

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>>835470330Right, she's an absolutely gorgeous trap, but most traps look like men still.

not a faggot

>>835472352Nice, really cute.


>>835472444yep i would give his prostate a tickle

>>835470120My excuse? In a committed monogamous relationship.Have done in the past, tho. Was with a M2F for about a year before she had to move for work. We traded blowies and handies, but mine was the only butthole that got penetrated.

>>835470120Because I am a trap and I'm not attracted to other traps.

>>835472809Are you a passable trap?

The year is 2025. Following the defeat of the Peoples Republic of China in the Sino-Nato war of 2022, President for Life, Donald Trump takes to stage for his third term inauguration."I fight the best wars, and i win the best wars because i am not a loser. Would a winner ever bet China? Forget about it. They started the virus and i cured it. They started the war and I ended it.Great book, best book "The Art of the Deal", well they are writing a new book for me "The art of War Reparations". See Chinas got too many people, beautiful people. And we're going to get them to work for us, America, the Winners.Every American man is to recieve one Chinese young supple chinky eyed female as war reparation, do what them what you may, maids, wives, walk-in fuck closet, bukkake trophy. God Bless America."What Trump didn't know though was 50% of these war servants would be ladyboys. China didn't have enough women to send. Be it due to one-child policy, rumours these were cowards and political enemies that the PROC blaimed the outcome of the war on.America fucked them all the same.

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>>835472809Lets see

>>835472850My sides

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>>835472444oh yeah here

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>>835472147Czech girls aren't all that hot dude.

>>835472809That's funny, every trans girl on grindr in my area only like other trans. And they definitely don't like body hair.

>>835472978Not bad at all. I know its a bit weird, but hands are important to me. And those are some petite, pretty, girly hands. Keep posting.


>>835472978Did you suck his penis?

>>835470120Cause I did a Bobbit on the last one in 2019 and she didn't appreciate it.



>>835472835I'm stealth as we like to call it>>835472900Well no, I don't post myself anywhere public anymore>>835473167See, I've never understood that and hairy is fine so long as the persons hygiene is good

>>835470120My city (portland) is on fire and they are beating traps,trans,bi,gays that are seen downtown where all the "freindly" clubs are.

>>835473192i only have what he sent me..>>835473314nah :// but he like practically jumped on me to suck mine>>835473403

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>>835470120I'm too ugly and shy to date a trap :(

>>835473633What about kik?

Because its one step away from fucking your standard issue guy. Heres a pic of trappychan, though.

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Any traps in melbourne wanna let me tap that?

>>835470120Too busy having sex with twinks

Any traps on London want some chad dick?

>>835473734You know very few of them actually lurk here, right?

no traps in poland>tfw

>>835473707What about it?

>>835470120I really want a femboy or a cute trap to fuck but I don't believe theres anyone out there for me thats super cute ;(

>>835473734But we're in lockdown ya numpty.

>>835470120Im not a closet faggot.

>>835473797I do

>>835472419> she

>>835473785Not much of a trap but I might be interested

>>835470120Finding one.

>>835473863Oh don't get your panties in a bunch snowflake

>>8354701201. I don’t know any2. I don’t like random hook ups

>>835470330Only problem is lack of them, im all for trying to impregnate one

>>835472352That ass must of been TIGHT

>>835470120I'm just not into dicks. I also won't fuck anyone with facial hair for similar reasons (it's just a turn off)

>>835470120I’m not a fag

>>835472978Who's that hottie?

>>835470120Don't know where to meet one.

>>835474644fred durst

>>835474810Are you an idiot?

>>835470120Trying to be the cute trap is a good excuse?

Once you find one ...never let it go

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>>835473797I don't lol where would 1 find a trap? also can't do anything anyway cause of restrictions but for future reference

>>835470120Fucked one in 2017 .... meh They look 1000% better in pics

>>835470120I’m not a faggot.

Already dating a reverse trap

>>835470120I don't fuck menIm not gayI don't fuck mentally ill people.

>>835470120They don't want "fetishists", whatever the fuck that means.

>>835470120Nobody wants to fuck me, and I don't blame them.

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You know you want to...

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do traps like having their dicks sucked?

I am not familiar with cute traps that are willing to have sex with me. also anal sex fucks up our life source chakra

cause it's a man, stop being poisoned

>>835470120Social surrounding wouldn't accept. Also I don't know how to meet any.

>>835470120Because none of them wear stripper heels (my fetish). If they did, I'd fuck one in a heartbeat.

>>835473667Wow. Wish I could fuck one like her once in my life

>>835473720that fucking disgusting face

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>>835475781What about sucking dick? Also bad chakra?

>>835470120i dont want aids

>>835470223this shoulda been the first reply, fucking slacker

>>835470120I'm not gay nor do I want to get aids. also not a psycho

>>835470120I'm an ugly fat bastard, of course


The fantasy never meets up to the reality. I've been into traps since 2014 and met a few when I lived in London. Never wanted to fuck ANY of them. Either because A.) They weren't feminine enough and just kinda looked androgynous. B.) They were quite frankly insane with no degree of self awareness and very easilly offended. C.) They had shriveled inactive penises from the HRT.Quite frankly fellow Btards we just have to accept that traps we see in porn aren't the same as real trans women and the ones in these pictures are so rare that it becomes highly unlikely that any of us would manage to get that far with them. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

>>835470120i just can't find a cute trap with a big dick, otherwise i would have done it

>>835477817those are not trap then

>>835470120We dont havevtraps in Ohio

>>835470120im sorry, im not faggot:(

>>835470120no cute traps in my country. only old fat guys trying to get their asses rammed in.


I'm not gay

cus im not a faggot please join the 40% retard

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>>835477817It's true they are the epitome of wanting to be a victim. They get offended by anything and everything. Shit tier personalities for the most part

>>835470120i literally don't know any traps, cute or otherwise

Most transgender girls here come from really poor backgrounds, they live in favelas, escort, prostitute themselves, are in drugs and have thug boyfriends who would probably mug you after your hour is finished. It's too much of a risk.

>>835470120Don't like 'em

His dick is probably bigger than mine

>>835470120I can't find any

>>835470120cant find one

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>>835470120>What's your excuse for not having sex with a cute trap in 2020?Easy.1. First, the obvious. Covid. This really is not a great time for casual encounters, especially if you regularly interact with an elderly family member. It's not worth the risk of bringing bat flu back and killing them.2. "Cute trap". You know and I know that cute traps are astonishingly rare. It's one thing to abuse angles, lighting, and photoshop to appear feminine on a social media post. It's an entirely different thing to hide your hairy forearms, adam's apple, and dude voice in person.3. Even assuming you meet a unicorn, win the lottery, and meet the hottest trap in existence and you've recently had an accident that disables your sense of smell so you can't catch a whiff of his jock-strap stinky nuts when his panties come off. Ok, so now you have this hot trap, no what? Drama, that's what.Traps, in their pursuit to emulate females, ramp that emulation up to 11. Unfortunately, most traps' interaction with the opposite sex is limited to girls that wouldn't call them back in junior high and anime. As such, their female larping consists of acting completely vapid, stupid to the point of mental retardation, and veering between wildly and insanely promiscuous to extreme bitchiness and cuntiness.That's how they think females act so that's how they will act. in summary:With traps you get all of the negatives of a woman (cuntiness, mood swings, inability to perform basic math) with none of the positives since they don't have a fucking pussy or tits.At that point all you're doing is fucking a skinny lisping faggot who stole his mom's underwear, and i'm not sure about you but that isn't terribly exotic. It's just obnoxious and boring. It's not like its hard to find a dude ass to stick my dick in, if i wanted that then i certainly don't need the goldshire-tier female larping along with it.

>>835470596>I'm not gay>I have 100% confidence I know what gay men do

>>835470120cant find any...if i had the opportunity i wouldwheres the best place ti find one? grindr?

>>835470120they dont exist, why do you think they all use filters and crop their manface out of their pics?

>>835480505End your life, incel.

>>835480505you've never seen a trap in your life, right?

>>835480505such wisdom

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>>835480739Don't samefag. It's pathetic.


>>835480890See >>835480780

>>835480505>september>still believing there is a pandemic

big booty trap herekik segabay

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>>835470120Traps are mentally ill trannies and look ugly in person

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I'm fat and ugly and most traps are more shitty and shallow than real women. But mostly because they're fucked up in the head and I rather go for a real woman at that point.



>>835482419I have no way of knowing your specific situation, user, but i'd caution you from taking internet memes seriously.At least where I live it's still going strong and my elderly aunt passed away from it just last month.It's true that its going to hit old people and already-sick people more than anyone else, but that doesn't mean you should go out and be a faggot and help it spread.This should be common sense but look where you are, you're politicizing a pandemic in a thread about dudes who steal their sisters clothes and use instagram filters to look cute.

>>835470120Because traps look awful without a good combination of lightning, makeup, angle and photoshop.

being straight

>>835482609fuck, i can see like half of those things applying to me

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>>835470175None where I live

>>835480505pretty telling how the faggots get butt devastated from reading the truth

>>835470120- they're usually insane - rare, demand outstrips supply - im lazy

>>835470120no excuses, ive done it8/10 fully recommend

>>835480505>pandemicdo your best to kill off old people and their leaching ways, not only did they fuck up the entire country and hence-force the entire western world, but the boomers and gen x would have given zero shits about infecting their old grandparents. We're talking about the generation that started black Friday.

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There are no cute traps in Poland. Just the filthiest crossdressers

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not finding one

I sm so sex starved that i would consider strongly if only i could meet one.

Passing is so rare that it's more of a myth than real. And the retards saying they've been with actual passing traps here are just telling you they have low standards.Fucking a crossdresser? Very easy, just don't give them your real info as they are headcases.Actual PASSING traps? Extremely fucking rare. You'd unironically have better odds of pulling an equally hot female and with the benefit of a fraction of the mental illness.


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>>835470732Then you haven’t met me

>>835485473yes, i can post femmy dudes with makeup and beneficial angles/lighting too. That doesn't mean he's going to look like anything but a faggot in a dress in person.nothing wrong with a faggot in a dress but you horrible nerds need to stop tricking yourselves. You're letting the meme overcome your life like you do with so many other things. Your perception of reality is skewed and the echo chamber chat rooms you jack off in are not helping you.

Can't find any near NC into bbcKikRoncon404

>>835472352That you're posting pictures of yourself.

>>835472352Any poop smell?

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can say that ive done the dirty with a cute little trap a couple times. best blow job ive ever had

>>835485675>Any poop smell?Any gay dude can tell you, it's not that hard to clean out their ass and douche and smell nice.The issue is more about anything spontaneous or any action that isn't scheduled to the minute. Diet and living a healthy life can help, but if you've ever interacted with crossdressers, you know they are not healthy and drug use and mental illness are rampant.Scheduled ass fuck? Probably fine.Spontaneous ass fuck? I hope you like chili cone carne all over your dick.Faggots will dispute this but they know its true.>but i keep my asshole ready to go at all times?really? just like that time you drank 12 beers out with friends and stopped by in&out. i'm sure the inside of your colon was extremely sexy at 4am.lying faggots.

>>835485850Eh I thought like you but realities a bit different, the colon is weird as long as you aren't being fucked by 7 inches + you can get fucked for a couplehours hard and have no poo anywhere despite not cleaning. I think it realises it's not a time to poop and keeps it round a corner further up.

>>835485993you're not wrong, yeah.i guess i was meaning more the hard partying types, which young traps/trannies/crossdressers do tend to be. I know that can be a generalization but i think most would agree with me.You really can't live that kind of lifestyle AND keep your anus clear.Also i think most bottoms would agree that a lot of tops are just too nice to say anything but you do get mucus and shit sludge ony our dick once in awhile.The anus doesn't lubricate itself like a pussy but it does a little bit, and that substance can be sticky as fuck.

>>835483114look, I'm a 6 foot 2 chad that lived their whole life denying they want fucking kneesocks. I have a 10/10 hot wife and this may totally fuck my life, but I'd rather do this now then wake up being 50 and it's too late, just a boomer in a dress. I had a totally 10/10 trad life and it's still worth it to try and have it all and risk losing everything rather than be a beta bitch. Don't be part of the 40%.

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