Drawthread: let's make more again edition

Drawthread: let's make more again edition

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might as well bump

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I’ll be away for a bit but here’s a bump as well

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>>835449396bumpin' u twice

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/req cute traps

>>835449234sam, could I request this hooded raccoon as a femboy?

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Current thread folks>>835442464

>>835449625>wojak thread

>>835449690actually you're right.yeah let's make this the thread.

>>835449234Hi sam,Sick johnny bravo hair


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>>835449396Requesting her showing her chubby tummy

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>>835450152well... I regret everything.but i'm kinda grateful, so thanks

>>835450246damn, ice cold trolledi gotchu hold tight

Requesting a blob face Blue Power like in the left

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>>835449788dam u really got me

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>>835449690>>835449724>>835449788>>835450246>>835450330Dude, you traveled all the way to the freaking tip of japan just to say " Oh wow this is good." ?

I want a rabbit to piss on a frog.Bonus points for the frog's expressions.



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>>835450437Sam, what did you think of the trinket x sam pic?

>>835450996Hot. reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.Now have the frog slide a firecracker into your urethra.

>>835450996Requestin him jacking off

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>>835450201Here, I hadn’t erased her yet so I changed it a bit!

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>>835451147>>>835450238u better be still lurkin' in this thread

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>>835451589lol thanks

requesting jasmine from deltora quest as a cheerleader!

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>>835451036I think they are great and I like'em yes>>835451088>woops misread that one

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>>835452156This still works. Just jam the firecracker up the frog's butt and we're fine.

>>835451445cute! CUTE!!

>>835452156requesting a twink femboy fox


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>>835452363I can't wait for this load to blow....

>>835452324have a repost bunny instead

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>>835452517>>835451445draw her doing something cute, idk I think she’s just adorable.

>>835451589why sammy-kund-do you like me?

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>>835450246If you're still around

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>>835452882yes, i'm still around and very grateful for this, Do you have a site like twitter, discord or at least a name? i'd like to thank you there

>>835452959I appreciate this, but I remain anonymous

>>835453041I understand, thanks a lot, I really like this delivery

>>835452862nice boner.


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/r/ him wearing cute undies and looking ashamed at the viewer

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>>835453150haha what the fuck

>>835452751here is ur weak-bladder chubby gf>>835452838Yes.>>835453089heheheheh boner xdddddddd

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>>835453441I don’t like piss, but I feel something for this. What sort of spell have you cast on this photograph here, Sam?

>>835453441haha... >/////

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>>835453532Greater Awaken Piss Fetish

>>835453532hahah user likes pee~user likes pee~~>>835453703better scramble like an egg before u get folded like an omelet nig- ayyo

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>>835454127>slams lidpoggurth

>>835453953Piss fetish awakening may be legal in Cyrodiil, but few will openly admit to practicing it now that the Mages Guild has banned it... Not only has Piss fetish awakening been banned in the Mages Guild, but the Guild won't deal with anyone who openly uses it.


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>>835454623can we get some kekw's in the chat bois

>>835454623no warframe?WeirdChamp

>>835454842kekw>>835455016where my dirty mirage mains at?

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>>835455306Mirage kuva brammastraight no brim

>>835455016draw the zoologist from terraria in her furry form

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>>835455540oh silly user I'm no drawfag

>>835455934oh my bad


Requesting a lewd of this birdMaybe just showing his butt or something

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>>835456322if you are still taking requests, could you draw him please? just looking chill or cool

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>>835456322thanks, site?


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What image/s can you see in this mass ofscribbles if any.

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>>835460696an eyethe omega symbola facea sword

>>835460696saw this figure.farmer with hat reaching down to plating a seed

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good eve

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>>835462858>3 amgood morm

>>83546287612 am over here

>>835462911ah good morn was corregt then

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>>835462858god damn you and the cbt guy are fucking annoying.are you gonna shit this one up to because of what he did to your threads?

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>>835463031>are you gonna shit this one up to because of what he did to your threads?why would i do that? it wasn't even him spamming my thread yesterday.

Requesting Harvey Beaks and Piri Piri (concentially) fucking in the bushes

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>>835463031both are annoying assholes

Requesting this guy fucking a generic human female plz. Big tiddies long hair, you know the deal

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>>835463178It's a retarded one-up spree where one says they won't do what the other says while doing exactly what they say.

>>835463289i've never had an encounter with cbtnigger until yesterday. i don't know what you're talking about.

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>>835463289yup full sperging, i just want some good reqs and a decent thread

>>835463140Didn't someone already draw this?

>>835463682Yeah, but it wasn't concentual


Requsting this dormaus girl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eaten alive by a large, man-eating snake.>She's ridin' the snakes dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her>The snake coils up around her legs, its mouth open ready to swallow her head first>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach>A two-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out

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I'm so glad that cbtnigger is keeping the retards in the other thread occupied so they don't shit this one up.

>>835463871Sorry, spellcheck wasn't working for some reason

>>835464759That's funny you say that cause like I said in the other thread he uses others to derail threads.If you interact with him in any way, a cbt image gets posted.This is just something I've picked up from watching his posts.

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idk if youre still up user, but heres ur delivery. i tried to go for the "goofy look" which i know what ur talking about, but its actually harder than i thought.

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Requesting him impregnating a milf

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requesting furry version of this

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lame thred

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>>835465922Hot>>835465968Nice meme

Looked around. Little to nothing of cute and funny nature to be found.

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Requesting this demon being fucked on all fours

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>>835466048hey it's cute avatar guy

>>835466346You must be mistaken.I can't bend earth, fire, water, and air.

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Requesting my cute lugia trying to hide his boner, dunno if it was done, I went to sleep and last thread died

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>>835466737NoIt's about time you learned that you are in fact, the avatar

>>835465922>>835465968Taking requests?

>>835467158Yes. Go ahead.

>>835465922Draw my smol fox?

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>>835465981yeh i know>>835467158no

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Ah, well. If anyone wants to, here's the ref. Thanks either way.

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oh well, maybe another hour

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ttorrr scribble 144

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Requesting the left woman getting bred by the man in the right half

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Requesting Sylvia Marpole and Roxanne scissoring

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>>835467261>>835467651Anything Mario related for the 35th Aniversary

>>835468461that actually sounds hot

It's gotten so quiet.

>>835468882You are not wrong, I have been working a lot and when I'm not the threads seem to be getting more and more spammed, I will be taking requests in a few hours got some irl shit to do first.

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>>835469125Good luck, and god speed! I'll be lurking.

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>>835467719For your consideration: >>835463891

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>>835467896For your consideration: >>835463891

Attached: 2.png (722x1000, 389.59K)

>>835469125For your consideration: >>835463891

Attached: 3.jpg (1158x1637, 197.97K)

>>835469270For your consideration: >>835463891

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>>835466762>"MY" Lugia

>>835469304Looks intense.

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>>835469686Ignore vorenigger he's a massive tumor

>>835469719Ahh, alright. Didn't know this was a repeat thing.

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>>835469601Well, it was a request I got from another drawthread a while ago, so it could be considered an OC of some sort?


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Delivery for doomergirl user

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>>835470880OR here. It looks like shit.


Requesting Roxanne and Stacey posing like in the reference, making a pussy sandwich for Max to fuck

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>>835470880Glad to see you again, friend

/R/ draw this in The Owl House style

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Requesting Jimmy and Beatrice kissing. But he's also lifting her skirt and groping her butt under the panties

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>>835470511Fucking stellar coloring rider. Gotta love some nicely rendered abs. Is thread alive at all or am i too late for a visit.

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Requesting Obstagoon sucking cock & balls at the same time while softly squishing the base of his groin with it's claws.

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Requesting any creature in this position getting his nuts squeezed by a machine/hydraulic arm.It can be any creature you want but here are a few suggestions: An anthro bird, a dragon, an outsneaked kobold

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requesting this cumflated Lopunny shitting out all the cum in her onto user's dick

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/r/ peaches drawn in the pose on the bottom right, preferably while wearing the clothing on the top right alongside her beret

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/r/ Miss Molotov doing a maniacal evil villain laugh as mind control helmet wearing anons draw images of her.

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>>835470880Still doing requests?

>>835473377>>>/trash/32588131>>>/trash/32596802ingrate furfag

>>835474013Kill yourself

>>835473900>lurking in furfag threadsself hating furfags are just as bad as regular furfaga

>>835470880OR here! This is fucking legitBest delivery ever! It's getting saved forever. Thank you so much!!

>>835467651Do you have any more ball fondling/squeezing doodles?

>>835469261Haha you've been requesting since January and haven't gotten your fappable delivery yet! That's what you get for being an obnoxious faggot

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>>835448520Requesting the girl on the left, wearing the shirt on the right, rubbing her pregnant belly with a smug smile.

Attached: request1.png (1562x1254, 1.18M)

>>835474628Of course the woman looks jewish

>>835474013>>835474294Begone, bot

>>835474805Yes, all good Jewish moms make sure their boys are snipped.

>>835474557no i dont>>835472232ey thankx

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requesting loli liru getting her cunny fucked

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Oh hi mark, time to do some day old requestsyoutube.com/watch?v=fJ9rUzIMcZQ

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>>835477518This for today please? >>835471111

>>835477518>>835473007sorry if this ain't your thing

>>835477686sorry but pass>>835477765I'd do it but I'm not taking nsfw for now

>>835477883>I'd do it but I'm not taking nsfw for nowthat's fine, hope you have fun drawing either way

>>835477883So maybe something with Rox and Stacey but SFW?

requesting any one of the girls from My Next life as a Villainess! Flashing their chest, getting groped, gawked at- anything lewd! maybe even jyust somethin cute!

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Attached: rider.png (656x2606, 598.65K)

fuck I lost interest on those requestsoh well I'll do them later I guessI'll colour some T donation then

>>835478252Why don't you draw my requests anymore sempai?


Attached: fukk.gif (400x559, 345.48K)

okay i am now free to draw ,how is everyone ?

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>>835479877Hi new canvas, wanna try drawing roger s huxley from star ocean?


>>835480021aww he's a little cutie , i'm on it!

>>835480286:) yay

>>835479877Please >>835471111

requesting loli kanna getting fucked, or shaking her hips

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>>835479877Requesting a waifu with Billie Eilish hair

Attached: 1598040035901m.jpg (1024x768, 62.06K)

>>835480348Beg more honeycocksucker


>>835478252take the shirt off u feggit

>>835479877Please >>835471285And if not why

i'll take any sfw request.

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>>835481374cute cheerleader usalia?

Attached: __usalia_disgaea_and_1_more_drawn_by_sai_bankoru__8798b9ff8976370a047f927525f4ddfa.png (2896x2384, 1.65M)

>>835481374>>835479877requesting your oc jumping into each other

>>835481464sure why not? give me an moment.

>>835481510cool, thank you!

Salutations, any quick colouring requests?

Attached: _Psi gives pleasant dreams_.png (1000x1280, 429.15K)

>>835482086I'd love to see you color this halloween Kanna picuse a fall-related color sceme and make her orange instead of green, etc

Attached: pumpkin.png (491x798, 93.2K)

>>835482086you could try coloring this? i dont have a colored drawing yet, but her hair is black/dark and her main shirt is orange, but go nuts otherwise

Attached: Fenrin.png (731x1171, 41.3K)

Requesting facial cum edit

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Attached: file.png (1280x852, 370.15K)


Attached: New canvas0934.jpg (1105x1325, 833.87K)

>>835483049nigga straight up did a free comission


>>835483081>implying it’s worth any money

>>835483135personaly id pay at least 25 bucks for that

>>835483192dm the one true child rapist on discord

>>835483192I wouldn’t pay more than a dollar

>>835483387That’s pushing it honestly


Attached: blackmuffet.png (1090x1301, 233.47K)

Requesting Shirley Sunshine drawn completely naked, while teasingly using her umbrella to cover up her body. Kinda like the image on the top but without being able to see through the umbrella.

Attached: 1BEEC536-95E4-4869-81B3-ED0A864C2E91.jpg (1738x1682, 525.77K)


>>835483544hi taihow are you?

>>835483049i have now gotten 4 extremely cute vidya boy drawings from you. i feel very privileged!



Attached: wwwwwe.png (1201x997, 136.04K)

>>835480418this is my OC her name is Tai please enjoy her

Attached: New canvas0935.jpg (1280x1526, 765.2K)

>>835483544if you're taking request:requesting a man punching a punching bag (one of the big ones)>hard mode: there's another man behind said punching bag about to hit it (the punching bag)if you're not:hello

>>835483811im oktook a benadryl this morning and now im drowsy :(

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Requesting: one of those generic pedo/slobs you see on hentai shit. Gleefully rubbing his dick against oskar's back, while oskar is sobbing pls?

Attached: 43543564.png (1181x416, 420.86K)

requesting him getting groped in his maid outfit

Attached: 1598959431465.png (1072x749, 21.77K)

>>835484582oh, do you have allergies? sad

>>835485120something like this? i tried to copy your style of oskar

Attached: vamp18.png (848x918, 134.84K)


Attached: _🍁🍂_.png (491x798, 234.79K)

>>835485613Holy fuck that's AMAZING! thank you so much!

>>835485519Yes, please continue!

>>835485519that's better then the idea i had

Attached: New canvas0936.jpg (812x1219, 1.11M)

>>835486108Your lining is kinda bad

>>835485613Damn seig you’re getting pretty good, did you color that fox the other day?

anyone still taking requests?

>>835486239Every single part of his art is bad

>>835486286I was trying to be nice but yeahThat's terrible work. He should watch some tutorials on youtube

requesting literally anything with my dragon girl!

Attached: dragon lol.png (735x768, 185.38K)

>>835486108Two deliveries? Im very happy today!

Attached: 1592424098497.png (335x428, 276.97K)

>>835484575>>835485254yeah, it sucks. allergic to my own pets :(

Attached: boxerbois.png (1132x1074, 297.68K)


>>835477518show us your lil ears

>>835486370>youtube.com/watch?v=DvZO5UKFOpMyeah, he should watch this one

Hii!!!How are you all today?? ^^>>835486658whoa, allergy to your pets? kinda sad

Attached: dokuro.png (1191x1684, 492.65K)


>>835486108Dont feel bad nc. I went through like 4 different poses and angles before settling on that


Requesting Itobe giving a titfuck as two other guys cum on her tits

Attached: itb.jpg (1080x1533, 465.76K)


>>835486413here is your OC user enjoy .>>835486858doing good , just fucked a twink named ako what you up to ?

Attached: New canvas0937.jpg (697x731, 232.52K)

>>835487344thank you very much!

>>835486581Is this from the movie? The character designs from the movie seem to much cuter than the tv show. Why dont you use more movie screen shots as refs?

>>835486902the best waifu ever>>835487142oh sorry i'm taking request>>835487344not much, I realized that I had never drawn my waifu and today I dedicated a drawing to her ^^