Do Americans really?

Do Americans really?

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>>835401163really what?

>>835401163They measure their sinkholes with 6 or 7 washing machines, what can you expect from them?

People that regularly eat fast food/fast casual deserve to be fleeced anyway. It's mostly just the millennials/zoomers who live in cities and never learned how to cook, and so they just eat out/doordash everything, and then complain about being "poor" (read: middle class and bad with money).

>>835401163Five Guys burgers are awesome, but they're a once-in -a-while treat, for me anyways, because of that price-tag

>>835401205Pay €17 for a burger and chips

>>835401163Do Americans really what? Pay for their food?

>>835401163Two, maybe three times a year...sure.

>>835401628It's 14 euros and change, learn to read receipts: the total was $17.12, not $20.

>>835401628yeah 5 Guys is one of the more expensive burger joints, outside the weird gourmet bohemian places with grassfed beef and communal seating.


>>835401497Your post makes me mad because it’s right. I am a millennial who grew up poor and had to learn to cook. My past several girlfriends have all not known how to cook, let alone clean(which it’s not my fav thing to do either). There’s no survivability anymore.

>>835401163Five Guys is overpriced and overrated OP.

restaurants absolutely rape customers

>>835401163Nah where I'm from a whole fast food meal like that is $7-$8. Not sure why that's so much.

>>835401628Mcdonalds here for a double burger fry and a soda, its around $11. 5 guys is better quality, but your right, its getting fucking expensive here. There is this Italian restaurant called Olive garden. Not a nice place, not a dump, middle of the road sit down place. Two people spaghetti sodas, and maybe a salad is over $35For spaghetti thats what $2 a box, $5 for a can of sauce. Dont really go anymore.

>>835401823The person handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill to pay for their 17 dollar burger meal. Phoenix must be a rich person zone though, cause I've never seen Five Guys costing that much. Most I've ever paid was maybe 8 dollars.

Imagine paying 2 fiddy for a regular soda lmfao

>>835401628Americans don't use that bullshit monopoly money.

Just got 5 guys in my country. The burgers are flavourful, but are soggy trash. The fries are good though.

>>835401886Lies. A double is 2.50, fries and a drink are a dollar each.

Do Americans have money? Yeah.Catch up.>not being able to spend 15 dollars on a mealAnd to think Europe makes fun of us...I heard you niggers don't even have air conditioningPlease tell me more about americans tho

>>835401163The reason I don’t like five guys is because one time I got it and it was stinky.

>>835401939>burgers are flavourful>are soggy trashWhich is it?

>>835401886Sit down place here is going to cost you $30-$40 for two people.How about you in your country. About how much for a middle range sit down place for two people. Burger place, pizza place? Large pepperoni here is $14-$17

>>835401939btw a cheeseburgers, regular fries and regular coke was like 24.50 USD

>>835402020taste good but texture of diarrhoea

I make $92/hour. I can afford a $9 hamburger

>>835401951I didnt mean the dollar menu you mook. : )Double quarter, medium fry, medium drink. Large sides is $12-$13 ish. I should know, I get the same thing every time.

>>8354011635 Guys is good, just a bit overpriced for what it is.Freddy's on the other hand...

>>83540211992 pesos isn't much, juan

>>835402119Sucking dick in bus station bathrooms really pays that well?

>>835402020Strangly enough, he is right. Both are correct.Gordon Ramsay said it best, its the fats that give food flavor. 5 guys are flavorfull but greasy as all fuck. You cant get take out there, when you get it home, its a mess. You have to eat it there, unless you want to eat a burger with a fork. If they were cheaper, I wouldn't go anywhere else. They are better than Mcdonalds and most other places.

>>835401914Phoenix is average but there are people who commute there from rich person zones like Scottsdale

>>835402316No, and I actually do that for a living

>>835401823The price was $17.12. They don't make $17.12 dollar bills, so the person obviously paid with a $20, and got $2.88 in change. It's literally right there on the receipt. Do eurofags have weird receipts or something?

>>835401163Fuck yeah, dog! That being said, I rarely eat out because of the price tag. But once in a while doesn't hurt

>>835401245I'm american. I measure mine with children I've shot from local public schools.

For twenty bucks I could bbq up some mean burgers for four people that would put that shit to shame.

>>835401628Did anyone mention the exchange rate? 17 pounds is not equal to 17 dollars

>>835401628Five guys is grossly overpriced, they don't offer combo meals, everything is a la carte. The food is pretty good, but it's twice as much for a meal there than at other places that are marginally worse. Not worth, unless you have never been there and just want to try it.

>>835401163Yeah I’ve been to London and you niggers charge $25 for some greasy fish and fries that I could get here for $8.


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>>8354011635 guys is expensive you stupid fucking faggot, you should see the prices in canada

>>835401163No, no. They don't actually do it that way. They call the order in, have it Ubered over and add that charge to the already massive bill for the food. --- So that they can east cold fast food burgers, soggy fries and watered down icemelt soda drinks. The final bill for a "meal" like this often tops 50 buack when all is said and done.

That's like $4 more than a Wendy's meal and 3 times the taste.

>>835401628What >>835401768 said.It's Five Guys, it's one of the best fast food joints in the country. You REALLY get what you pay for.Also, their standard burger size is 2 patties, so $9 for a quality fast food burger that size is a pretty good deal IMOThe other $8 on OP's receipt comes from the fries (a large paper bag filled with 'em), a fountain drink, and Arizona's sales taxIf any of you reading this end up at a Five Guys for the first time in the near future and don't want a 2-patty burger, they do 1 patty burgers too; they're on their menu as "Little Burgers." Also the fries are normally super salty, so if that's a problem, ask for light salt

>>835402618he's evidently calculating it from the $20 the person paid, rather than the $17.12 total ($20 US is 17 euros).

>>835401628Have you ever actually eaten at Five Guys?

>>835402488>It's 14 euros and change, learn to read receipts: the total was $17.12, not $20.pretty sure this guy is just retarded and after he read the guy in >>835402488 talking about 17 dollars, he forgot about it a few moments later and thought he read 20 dollars. but this way of thought is so absurd, that it caused major confusion to all other readers.

>>835402072What country?

>>835401886Nigger where you buying your groceries at? fucking nome alaska????? $.99 for a pound of spaghetti and $1.79 for a jar of premium tomato & basil sauce here at my local grocery store. I hope they at least use some of that spaghetti sauce as lube when rape your rectum as payment...

>>835401163Nations>Checkers>Fuddruckers>any major fast food chain>In n' Out>Five GuysCome the fuck at me bros

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>>835402299this motherfucker right here..lolz....kek.

>>835403078Checkers is literally only good for their fries


>>835402488And where does it say any different here >>835401628What was the point of >>835401764


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Bro. My country, is ignorant. We fight over color. And thats not the fucking issue. We let the Tech Companies take all our data, and sell annual subscriptions for the data sets for about 10k USD to businesses to build charts and graphs to feed us BULLSHIT MEDIA WE EAT BULLSHIT FOODWE DONT MAKE OUR OWN SHIT NO MOREKNOW HOW MANY SICK WE HAVEBro. In the 90's, when Rule 1 applied. And I lost the game, when I thought of the game. When I logged into the internet, and I looked over that silk road in awe but never made purchase. Boy. I wouldnt have thought that smartphones would be our countries downfall. Since anyone can surf now. Haaaaa. OH YOU KNOW THE INTERNETS NOW. WHERE ALL THE BRIDGES GO? CAUSE BOY YALL TROLLING THESE DAYS. Hows the rest of the world doing yall

If I had the “three for free” mcdonalds story I would post it here

>>835403246Ooo. Shiney.

>>835401628>it's 4am in england>implying you aren't a larping americancringe

>>835403147I'm sorry I genuinely don't even know what you're having trouble with at this point. I'm going to stop replying because I'm 95% sure I'm being trolled.

>>835403375I mean isn't using this website in the AM and ruining your sleeping schedule pretty much a standard around here?

You can make your own burger for much cheaper. Americans are so inept and lazy lol