Cool historical photos threadBonus points if from 80s/90s cos of aesthetic

Cool historical photos threadBonus points if from 80s/90s cos of aesthetic

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This one's pretty historic. World changing even.

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>>835399779Also, bonus points for image descriptionPrevious image: Anti-Communist protesters, Moscow CoupThis image: Russo-Georgian War

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Mercenaries in the Congo

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Pripyat before the Chernobyl disaster

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Waco siege

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LA riots aftermath

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British soldiers, 1st Gulf War

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Falkland War

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Iran-Iraq War

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Iranian Hostage Crisis

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1st Chechen War

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Romanian Revolution

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Toyota War

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Northern Ireland

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>>835400153That was that one converted troop ship that got bombed by San Carlos, right? I don't think it was one of the ships that got missiled.

Russians in Afghanistan

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>>835400339I think so


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Tiannmen SquareOP here. Dump complete for now. Gonna go to Tesco’s. May post more when I’m back

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Yakuza from the 70s

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Norman Schwarzkopf during the Gulf War. The guys in the background are his Delta Force bodyguards.

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>>835400278wtf. did it break out during a soccer match?

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>>835399860No one will give a fuck after the election.Go to google trends and search 'black lives matter'. Same shit different election.

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>>835401423If we're doing old ads now

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Soon to be making a comeback in NYC as it dissolves into a Crime Ridden Shithole

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>>835401738Escape from New York

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>>835401812>when you get Rickrolled looking at a list.

>>835401641What is this from? It's clearly not real from the post-it note with the 555- phone number.

>>83539977999% of these photos are war related. Apparently all the historical photos are based on war. humans just can't get enough of it. How are we suppose to go to mars without killing eachother? Eventually we'll go to war with Mars because humans.

>>835399910the most manly men of all men.that vid of one of those french dude running down a dirt road unloading a big ass belt gun into ramdom buildings. all the while being shot at from like 15 feet away by 10 people

>>835401555WHOA! Dual cassettes!

>>835402279free will can only be stopped by death.tragic, but its true. as long as we have freewill, we will murder and rape and steal, and destroy. but at the same time that give us a chance to save, love, give, and build.what a bunch of funny monkeys we are

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>>835401532In Canada these were called "Wonderful Waterfull". I had three different ones.

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>>835402923N eedA notherS evenA stronauts

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