Are you in favor of reparations for slavery?

Are you in favor of reparations for slavery?

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>>835399467I'm in favor of re-enslaving them.

Fake. For the side that projects daily about "fake news" you guys should not make fake news.

>>835399467Yes, now pay up


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>>835399588Which ironically, is precisely what this will do.

>>835399467Show me a person affected by it. Now, let’s talk native Americans. They have absolute current proof.

>>835399467>reparationsYES.Seriously. We really need to get this shit behind us so we can build a modern society.

>>835399713Just because it’s dumb doesn’t mean it’s fake. Enjoy paying taxes for this shit if they win.

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>>835400091>Enjoy paying taxesI would if it goes to reperations for white atrocitiesWhite men will pay one way or another

>>835399982What does a “modern society” look like? Giving people that cry the loudest money for something that happened well before any of them were born?

>>835399467I’m in favor , show me one of them still alive and we should definitely correct it.

>>835399467I want my slaves back, my ancestors were slave owners, they paid good money for their property only for the state to declare they don't own them anymore.

>>835400154>paying for something you had no hand in doing. Makes perfect sense.

>>835400195>a “modern society”Will be inclusive and equal for everyone.No more racism or gender inequality.Most whites will be forced to give their possesions to former oppressed peoples.It will be fair

>>835400294Whites have been living off of exploited blacks for a hundred years.It's time to pay back with interest.Whites are responsible.

>>835399467/POL/ Holla Forums Holla Forums kill yourself sooooooooon!

>>835399467sure. line up everyone that was a slave and they can make mad bank

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>>835399467Sure, we should immediately dig up all the dead slaves and slave owners and take the valuables buried with the owners and bury it with the slaves. Mission accomplished.

>>835400458>>835400509You can start off. Give all your shit away to niggers. I’ll keep mine because fuck em, they never did shit for me.

>>835399467I will emigrate the day that this shit happens.

>>835400691>they never did shit for meAnd they never will.You already did plenty to oppress minorities.Don't worry kid. It will be your time to pay soon.

>>835399467seeing as how most of those that suffered actual slavery are dead, who will the money be paid too actually? this shit doesnt make sense. If they want to hold a race responsibly for the actions of an old and dead generation + the individuals who actually held slaves, I want them to pay us for the actions of their race. Lets see who ends up paying more. I am sure its the race that is lowest on the totem pole but makes up a majority of the crimes.also fuck off with the justice system is racist and thats why it is so high. The fucking jogger community pushed to have tougher drug laws to combat how their shit communities were becoming worse. They asked for it and got what they wanted.

>>835400509I've never had a nigger do a god damned thing that benefited me. Fuck all niggers.

We've been paying for slavery ever since it ended.

ITT: buttraging frogposters

>>835400836And yet, you still oppressed them.Why don't you switch places with a person of color?/You can live in the ghetto and they can live in your trailer.Your time is coming

>>835400874>since it ended.Slavery never ended.It will soon enough tho

>>835399467What about black slavers? Do they pay or collect? What about the Africans who sold their own people to the white man? Do they have to pay as well? It's all or nothing fuckers. Can't wait to see niggers trying to sue Africa and demand reparations for their part in all this.

>>835399467Idgaf, test

>>835400509>It's time to pay back with interest.Decades of free food, housing, clothing, education and affirmative action. Nonexistent debt paid. Fuck off, niggers.

>>835399467in the case where wealth was stripped of a community. the case of slavery. noI've heard talk of reparations for the community of Oklahoma that was stripped of wealth during a riot and there are living members of the once "black wall street"Reparations should be paid in the for of infrastructure and resource and education funds not a check to whoever claims to have a mammy.

>>835400917Niggle me this. Exactly how have I oppressed anyone?

>>835399467No. It would have people that never owned slaves making payments to people that never were. Or in cases like mine, people that helped abolish slavery being punished for something our ancestors didn't participate in and actively fought against. I'm not making payments for services not rendered.

>>835400810I literally did nothing to them. Unless you want to play at some pseudo religious original sin shit that makes people guilty for being born. Fuck them, I owe them nothing.

>>835400917>Your time is comingAnd so is yours.

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>>835401013>free food, housing, clothing, education and affirmative actionThat's just the beginning.We deserve your housing and half of your cash.Then we can talk about withholding from your paychecks.The debt might be paid by 2085

>>835399467I'm in favor of sending them back

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>>835401153>howBy exploiting minorities.Taking good jobs.Taking good education.Taking good neighborhoods.Putting us in prison.You live in a system that exploited minorities.You do nothing to stop it.You are the problem.

>>835400458How is that fair? Why should I pay for the things my ancestors did? Are you going to go around the world and do the same thing to every culture that did(and the many who sitll do) have slaves? Because it will end with everyone just passing around there belongings in a bigass circle.

>>835401258as long as you go back first.

>>835401200>I owe them nothing.You can think whatever you want.It will be taken from you.Deal with it.

Yes, the reperations should be a first class, one way ticket to whatever African country they want

>>835401237>niggers acting like divorced women I kekd

>>835401316People of color have a lot of opportunities, and there is a lot being done to help them. Affirmative action has worked exactly as intended. If people like you dont go about screaching like maniacle banshee's about reparations and putting back progress, we will reach proportional representation in 20 years. What more can you ask?

>>835401215You talk like a big boy in your mom's home in lilly white neighborhood.Come to Portland and talk your shit.Get on the bus whitey.

>>835401347I'm good with that.

>>835399467Yes. Blacks should pay us back.

>>835401322>I pay for the thingsI pay because of my color so you will pay because of your family's past.

>>835399982It should already be behind us. If you make the payments now it will never be enough. I'll support reparations if the following conditions apply.1. Black people are no longer allowed to blame institutional racism for anything. 2. All scholarships become merit based3. Every family gets a check once, and is no longer allowed to make further demands so long as their ancestral line exists. Failure to abide by this rule turns the payment into a high interest loan with %100000 interest. 4. If I am to be financially responsible for the crimes committed by people with my skin tone, then the rule applies universally. Black people take financial responsibility for the damage done by every BLM riot. 5. Families must have slave ancestors. People that didn't get here until 1975 can fuck off. If these conditions are met, then I will agree to reparations.

I'm in favor of giving the african americans their own state. send them all there and let them control it as their own space. like with the indians. but if they leave BLAM

>>835399467At this point black people owe white people money.

>>835401400We act like exploited victims who aren't going to take it any more.

>>835399982>implying reparations would make a huge impact on black behavior and entitlement

>>835401459It’s called Detroit

>>835401408>What more can you ask?Back pay for 100+ years of oppression.

>>835400917If blacks have it so bad, then why do 100% of biracial people identify as black?

>>835399467Yeah, because 40 acres and a mule worked so well

>>835401352>it will be takenThat’s called theft and niggers are already doing that. You’re just hoping somebody else will do it for you because you’re too much of a fag to enforce something like that.

Niggers are the worst

>>835401441Thats stupid. Your color also gets you scholarships and easier hiring in well paid positions if you so choose to seek them. Your not entitled to my things. My taxes already go to help you live a better life. Thats fine. Im ok with that.

>>835401448We don't negotiate for reparationsThe damage is doneWhites need to pay the debt

What about afterward? Will you STFU?

>>835401522Fee shit white boi

>>835401441My family were abolitionists. You're welcome. I owe you nothing.

>>835401522Because whites classify them as black

>>835401514They should have all gotten the rope. Niggers have been nothing but a social ill ever since.

>>835401499>implying that I give a fuck about your opinion on the matter

>>835399467Free helicopter rides

>>835401544>That’s called theftWhat the fuck do you call putting someone in chains and making them your property for their entire life?If that ain't entitlement then I don't know what is.

>>835401567>easier hiring in well paid positionskek

>>835399467I'm willing to hear a plan. Who's going to make this plan, and how will they gain acceptance of this plan from the recipients? Will there be a vote from all black people? Will representatives be elected?

>>835401605>were abolitionistswell they failedso pay up and abolish racism

>>835399467I'm in favor of reparation with two conditions.1. Anyone receiving reparations has no white DNA.2. Only the descendants of slave-holders will be paying reparations.

>>835399467No slaves are still alive, so no

>>835401614>a social ill ever since.white men put chains on them and brought them to America by force

>>835401632>Implying you're not bend over spreading your ass cheeks open at this very moment

>>835399467I totally support reparations for any currently living enslaved "people"

>>835401714Bro its true in tech at least. They are big on hiring POC's beyond proportional representation. If your of color, you can get a scholarship easy from any number of institutions that exclusively grant scholarships to POC's, get a 2 year degree, and step right into a 60-70k a year job. It took me years to get up to that income, but whatever. The opportunities are there. People just need to take them and quit bitching.

>>835399467Yes, slavery was a grave mistake, and the only more serious mistake was freeing them and giving them rights. Blacks absolutely owe reparations for their disproportionate levels of violence, incarceration, welfare use, and general niggatry.

>>835399467I would support generously funding schools, community centers, jobs programs, funding to start businesses in poor areas, but not handing out a check to people just because they're black.

Heh. Sure! Just produce a document proving patrilinear descent from an actual slave, and I'll cut the damn check from my own account!

>>835401686Seeing as how I didn’t do that then I don’t have to answer for it. Seeing as how the Arabs and Africans were the ones that slapped them in chains to begin with why don’t you go demand reparations from them?

>>835401796>just be white and you'll be fine

>people actually think they are paying for reparationsYou poor fags aren't paying shit. It's not like they are going to say "ok every white person pays an extra 10k in taxes this year".

>>835401773>a social ill ever since.white men purchased chained slaves from jewish slave markets after they were transported from africa by jewish sailers who purchased them from african tribals who thought that selling their rapists and murderers was a good way to deal with them

>>835401965White men bought my ancestors so white men going to pay me back

>>835402032Nice spinNow pay up

>>835401986How does saying to take advantage of the innumerable scholarship funds available specifically for POC's and then go to school with that, and get a good job at a tech firm that specifically is looking to hire POC's equate to "Just be white and you'll be fine" Are you saying that going to school and getting a job is for white people? Because its not, its for everyone.

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>>835401485Yes you all act like victims constantly. Recently a whale of a nig was fired at my job for her production numbers being to low and they compared her to a white man that started 3 weeks after her she said it was racist because how could a black woman compete with a white man.Literally if you fucks don't even think you're equal to us why should we lol

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>>835402078Ain't no college degree gonna stop a white cop from pulling you over while driving black.Seriously user. You live in a different reality.

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>>835401773Cool now go back if its so bad here faggot. Or just keep crying and doing nothing with your life.


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>>835399467been waiting for this post.Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger

>>835402074Nice dismissal of fact.No pay for you.


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>>835402050Fuck you and your ancestors. Even if you got that money you’d be right back in the shit after you blew it all on Popeye’s and Jordans. You deserve nothing.

Earn what you're given like the rest of us and shut the fuck up


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>>835402167I dont disagree that we need police reform. Getting rid of the National Fraternal Order of Policemen would be a big step towards that. But outside of that there are a lot of cultural institutions built, and being built since the civil rights movement to work towards making things right. And things have gotten a lot better since then. Progress doesnt happen over night man.

>>835402167Maybe be calm and obey the commands instead of chimping out like every dumb nigger that gets killed by the pigs. You ever notice how in every video they're running or resisting or trying to walk away and get into their car after repeated commands to stop. Fuck you and your victim mentality.

>>835402128You are very lucky to know the one black person who represents every black person in America.Congratulations

I deserve reparations for my suffering before these niggers because I'm a better person than these niggers and I've dealt with worse than any nigger more righteous than myself so fuck this shit if I'm not getting mine



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>>835402209>its so bad hereIt's fucking great until a cop decides to execute you for being black

>>835402310You're so lucky to know the one white person that represents every white person in america. Kek.

>>835402310>the one blacks personKek, whatever you say.


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>>835402296>be calm and obey>with handcuffs on>with 3 cops standing on you>begging to just fucking breatheyeah.....

>>835402359Its literally never that its because you retards always do dumb shit. Just fucking sit there with your hand on the wheel and caution lights on until he tells you to do otherwise.

>>835401741Eat a dick commie. You want racism to end? Since we're talking race, let's go over a few ways black people create racists. 1. Stop committing the overwhelming majority of crime in this country. How the fuck do you guys even manage to commit 50% of violent crimes? Jesus, take some collective anger management courses. Fuck2. Stop lionizing criminals. Jacob Blake was subhuman scum. The only crime the cops committed was failing to kill him. They should've shot him 1000 times. 3. Speaking of BLM, stop lying about what happens in these interactions with police. 99% of the time, the black guy dug his own grave. 4. Stop blaming white people for your problems. Take some goddamned responsibility. 5. Stop pretending police brutality is a racial issue. It isn't. 6. Stop burning down cities when some thug gets justice. You want to protest fine, but keep businesses out of it. 7. If you want to abolish the police, don't act shocked when citizens go vigilante. Rittenhouse was the monster you created. Racism is barely an issue anymore, but you worthless fucks keep forcing it to be one.

>>835402260>Progress doesnt happen over night man.Ya but you kinda lose hope after 150 years

>>835402481Because one guy on meth is the total amount of niggers resisting.

>>835402050And black and Arab men sold them.

>>835402481He was out of his mind on drugs. They even let him out of the back of the car but he just couldn't fucking sit still and had to sperg out. Did you even watch the videos or do you just want to be outraged?

>>835401316By exploiting minorities.Taking good jobs.Taking good education.Taking good neighborhoods.Putting us in prison.If you lazy cocksuckers were willing to work and would take advantage of the educational opportunities offered you would have a good job.Education is free. If you stupid fuckers would actually go to school instead of hanging out on the corner dealing dope and playing with your dicks you'd have an education.If you monkey motherfuckers would take the education offered you so you could get a good job and live in a good neighborhood.Don't do shit to go to prison for and you won't go to prison. That's so simple a nigger can understand it. Wait, maybe not.

>>835402569Their "kangz" sold their own people lol. But no one likes to mention that for some reason its like all races are shitty and have shitty people or something

>>835402489I live in a different world than your white privileged

>>835402545Just work towards progress. Engaging in hostility sets progress back. You have to keep it in perspective. Yeah shit sucked for like, 100 of those 150 years, and still isn't quite right. But look how much better things have gotten in the past 50 years. The Civil rights movement was a huge step forward, establishing the rights legally. Now you need to keep working to engage people culturally. Thats the last door, the culture change. Getting pissed wont make that happen, it will only widen the gulf. Do good, work hard and improve the community around you. Push for the reform, if you dont want to move up the Political ladder, aim for the corporate ladder. Make change from within to make change from without.

>>835401412Fuck Portland. Those liberal faggots deserve everything they get.

>>835399467I am in favor of reparations being paid proportionately to the communities affected by the systematic oppression of blacks. Not the individuals themselves.

>>835399467sure my irish immigrant family was brought over as slaves.....but wait this is about pandering to no.

>>835402653? so why are you here LMAO

>>835401412Be careful what you wish for. Look what happened the last time a white boy came to town with his gun.

>>835402622You obviously have not done your research.


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>>835402653notice how he argues the whole time and "doesn't have ID"? Just comply and get over it. Cops are faggots to everyone not exclusively blacks.

>>835399467So people who never owned slaves giving reparations to people who never were slaves? Makes perfect sense.

>>835401686>What the fuck do you call putting someone in chains and making them your property for their entire life?Well, since I didn't do that and you didn't have it done to you, I owe niggers nothing. So suck my dick.

what we need is a sexual revolution before the incel uprising (and before I get 2 old)

>>835399467Didn't her dad remind her that thier family owned slaves?

>>835402946This. Im white as fuck and a cop literally stopped me while i was playing pokemon go, and said I looked suspicious

>>835399467Not many people are alive today when slavery was happening in the US so, no.

>>835403144Not any at all.

>>835403087reminds me of the kid who brings his gameboy to work and plays fuckin mortal kombat finger banging the thing while were all chilling eating lunch. oblivious

>>835402074Nice spinNow stfu nigger

>>835399467Sure, lets give every living former slave some orange cool drink and KFC.

>>835402537Well said!

>>835403259We could give every living former slave 10billion dollars. Good thing there's none left lol.

>>835402653>I live in a different world than your white privileged assIf only that were true, I'd be a lot happier. May I suggest Venus or Mercury.

>>835402834Sure I have. I've watched you worthless monkeys all my life. You "people" are hopeless.

>give niggers a shit ton of money>like>as much as we can>as fast as we can>one or two lump payments>stock market crashes because sheep>dump all my money in market>niggers immediately spend every cent>because niggers>wait for first nigger to bitch on twitter about being broke again>cash out>buy foreclosed nigger properties>pennies on the dollar>set for lifeFuck yeah I'm in favor.

>>835399467i really dont care,people voting for donald trump are to poor to give them reperations to begin withwithout the uneducated,poor and white.he'd never have had a chance to begin with

>>835399467Fuck no. Niggers owe whites money for all the crimes they commit and shit they steal and cities they run into the ground just living there being a nigger.

I'm not American But I'm what you would classify as blackMy country experienced slavery And I just gotta say that I absolutely despise African-American community, they bitch about everything and are never willing to work for or contribute towards anythingReparations?Based on what I've seen so far that 12 Trillion dollars could get rid of half your debt and help get China off your assesWhite privilege?Minority groups are the most privileged set of people in the world rnEveryone changing everything just for themFucking up well put together systemsBecause what?Someone's feelings got hurt?Those African Americans truly are fucking useless

After the reparations destroy the American economy and turn us into a 3rd world country, who's going to pay reparations to our progeny for the generational pain said US policy causes them?

>>835401013No one dime will be paid to Africans

>>835399467As long as the descendants of African warlords that sold them are held accountable too