Ancient meme thread, miss old Holla Forums

Ancient meme thread, miss old Holla Forums

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an hero

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I have been trying to find 2007-2008 4chan screenshots now for a few days now and only have 20 or so. Can someone give me some?

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>>835399975I wonder if his brother ever got to stick some would-be house robber through with his mighty katana kawaii desu.

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>>835399981Don't ever forget, Blue skidoo, we can too.

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rarely see epic hair guy referenced in these threads.

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>>835399592reminder that she is free now

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I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook - OFFICIAL PRINCESS OF Holla Forums

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oof, this one makes me feel old

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>>835400157>.gif>400x400oh, my...

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>>835401139I'm crying, send help.

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hey heard u liek teh mudkipz rofl

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I'm gonna have to leave for now for like 30 minutes, don't let the thread die when I am gone.

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>>835401988So far sir this has been quite the good dump of ancients. Here's that bump of reminisce.

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ITT: new fags.You’re all new faggot scum if you don’t remember watching this on dial

>>835402509I don't remember what you posted, but I do remember using dial-up to download the Ally McBeal Ooga-Chaka "Dancing Baby", and also taking like 2 hours to download literally 10 seconds of the video for Marilyn Manson's song "Tourniquet".And I also remember AOL "Punters", and giving my parents Gateway PC cancer with how many I downloaded and tried using. Does anybody even remember Punters?

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The internet is a series of tubes invented by Al Gore and is srs business u guise

But who was phone?

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>>835400261I remember when oldfags raged because of this meme. Now I'm the oldfag. And I didn't get a say

>>835403146For a fellow oldfag from the greatest generation.

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>>835399386>Its a meme you dip!

>>835399478did anyone find out the actual motive?


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>>835403146Bro I still hate the kewlface from the cancer waves. Remember when the fucking blockposting was nonstop for months on end.

>>835403437old skool meme, i like it

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>>835403437nice feet

ok i'm back, will continue dumping the rest of my folder

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>>835403437SAUCE NOW

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>>835404209the social network guy?

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Dude, you’re getting a dell!

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now will be dumping all of my computer guys

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>>835400176Good Ole pepps

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>>835404665>>835404680>>835404704Does anyone have the one where he's hiding behind the chair with the thought bubble that says "Gif..."

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>>835402727It’s still a mystery

>>835400261This is new old garbage meme

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>>835399861what a faggot

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>>835401386Carey Mulligan gave me a reason to fap in this movie. She's got a super nice ass.

>>835399739fukn kek, my sides got some work from this, thanks user

>>835401496Fuck off!

>>835404798Bump. Guy with "Gif" thought bubble!