Trap/Sissy/CD thread

Trap/Sissy/CD thread

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>>835398508mmmmmm more please

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my pathetic little clitty needs to be punished

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need caged cuties

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A trap I´m talkin with,I really want to fuck him, any recomendations or advices?

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>>835399082Hi, you have a nice figure.

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>>835398816>any recomendations or advices?burner phone, hotel room, condoms, lube, snacks

>>835399082hii cutie ;)


>>835398816start small talk and such, read the room, if you at any point see that things get tense or quiet, go for it, full speed

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>>835399309>>835399472Of course, what do traps like to eat?>>835399561Like if sudenly I don´t have anything else to say,should I just pound away?

>>835399818Kek forgot pic

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>>835399818>what do traps like to eat?stupid question user

>>835399933they love dick and cum obviously, duh...

>>835399907>>835399933Ok correction,what do traps like to eat BESIDES DICK?

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>>835400062What I really want to know is how shoul I act,say or do to make her feel good

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>>835398508Do /k/ommando bois really?

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>>835399818>>835398816just treat them like a normal human being. Don't be weird, or too awkward. Again, treat them like you would your friend.

18/yo, kik is klane64new to this

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>>835400122>>835400292Of course,thanks for de advice.Hope one day I can come back and tell you all how it wentLast pic

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>>835400207when I said K girls, I meant like Jesnot ...

>>835400437hope it works out, I'll give you a chance if anything ;*

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>>835400545Ho ho girl! you sure know how to motivate a man,thanks

>>835400545kinda would loose on purpose

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>>835399818not pund away, but do not let the awaward silences ruin it, go for the kiss if the chemistry and the ambient is right

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>>835400827That sounds awesome,hope he likes to kiss,haven´t asked him yet lol

>>835398508foreskin on traps is disgusting

>>835400348fucking shave your hairy man ass faggot.

>>835400959you have a mouth, fix it

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oc,what do you think?

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>>835401521Beautiful more please

>>835401542There is literally nothing feminine here, I don't know why you'd post in this thread



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>>835401647>>835401724Very pretty, oc?

>>835401944ricky ortiz fgc

>>835398715post your fuckhole




>>835402756Rachel, not sure if there was a last name

>>835401542Shave and put some socks onPeople will love you

>>835400240>>835400504I've got moar

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>>835403435look, I'm going in slow and steady.Not going for the ammo belt, just those hips.


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>>835403496And that's it, I said I had more but not a lot.

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>>835398718Is this ok?

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Hi b

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>>835403496Actually turns out I was wrong, got a few more I forgot to put into my folder.

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This>>835403545Was in reply to:>>835403577

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Now that's the last of them.

>>835403858idk what you mean :c

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