G/furTo suffer is to be alive

G/furTo suffer is to be alive

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>>835398555Its been decided, both you and shorty are going to get naked for Snarf.

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>>835398555six shots ohh wow foxy is drunk~>>835398609neverrrr!~although i havent had a good dicken in a while... was saving my rear for when im ready to explode when im toying my rear :3

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>>835398609im already naked though....>>835398691foxy is nice and tipsy and lost his pants. among other things...

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>>835398739hehe well if you cant find your pantsnot reason to wear mines!now to tease my foxy~

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>>835398825welp i got shorty naked!mission success!

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>>835398936indeed u did but im cold now!snuggleeee me

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>>835399104my weird cutie fox that only has 48 pillows~why dont u invite me into that warm warm pillow fort

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>>835398691Nope, Foxy has spoken. You both are getting naked.

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>>835399289the door to the fort is always open for my shorty pup!!

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>>835399405too bad~me and foxy are in pillow fort townpopulation 2 :)>>835399459yay now lets close it with my 1 pillow and we can hide from snarfhe'll never suspect us to be in thos cozy warm place

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>>835399495careful snarf will dive in for our butts!you know nothing stops him from grabbing butts!

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>>835399651then we'll bribe him with foood!~i think a meat lovers pizza might be good bribe food :)

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>>835399898pizza is always good bribe food!but he might want some cake....

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>>835399898I made chicken fajitas.

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>>835400259are they good?

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>>835400718yay!good food to go with lewdness!

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>>835400254lets see if it works~>>835400259snarffff would u let me have foxy's rear for some meat lovers pizza~>>835400718now try some of my home made meat lovers pizza u'll love it!~all for foxy's butt :3

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>>835401084You can have Foxy's butt, but I'm taking yours.>>835401101Hey Luc.

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>>835401195HelloI put too much water in the sloppy joe mix and I had to boil it all out.

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>>835401372hi hi cuddles!come be snuggly and lewd!>>835401101hiya luc!>>835401195wait no i want shorty's butt!

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>>835401293Ouch, that's annoying.

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>>835401482At least it tasted alright>>835401461Hello

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>>835401461on my waaay

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>>835401513sorry to hear about your sloppy joe.how are you doing other than that though?>>835401558yay!!how ya doing tonight cutie?>>835401613hiya yuuki!

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>>835401667Doing okayLooking at getting a new monitor. 144 Hz or something like that.

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>>835401667Heya Foxy. How's things?

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>>835401694oooo nice~i can't wait to get a second monitor rather than using my tv as it.>>835401708foxy is a bit tipsy...

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>>835401749I have my TV mounted above my monitor for any games I want to play from my consoles.Too bad my desk cant support something larger then about 25 inches. I would get a 27 inch monitor for 1440p but I only have a 1070ti

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>>835401667i'm okay, just chillin before bedhow u

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>>835401749I wouldn't mind having a few drinks. I'm not sure if I can though. I had my problem tooth pulled earlier and I don't think I'm supposed to drink booze for a little bit.

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>>835401805my tv is mainly there for watching vids and such.use it to look at lewd stuff as well while playing games.I got a 27 inch monitor and im so happy i got it.gonna be getting a new desk here soon as well.>>835401820foxy is a bit tipsy and still going no fap.slowly moving stuff downstairs>>835401824probably not sadly.

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>>835402069Doesnt help my desk is from like 1995.I could fit a 27 inch if I removed the top and side

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>>835402196ah.but hey if it work it works!

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>>835402069Yeah. Hopefuly in a day or two it'll be alright. Going up north with family for the weekend and I'd like to be able to have some drinks if I can

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>>835402069gonna be big lewdy foxy soon then

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>>835402367i hope so to!have some fun letting loose.>>835402436very!since monday no fap and now im already super needy.

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>>835402639i wanna tease you but i'll be nice

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>>835402639Foxy, bring me Shorty's butt.

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>>835402994noooo!~well i am pent up....wait nooo!~this is foxy's butt!

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>>835403182Nope, it belongs to Snarf now. You'll have to find a replacement butt.

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>>835402900you may do as you wish~since i've been home been nothing but lewd things all day lol!>>835402994wait no my butt!you may look but no touch!

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This is a longshot but there was this furry painting I saw and forgot to save. I don't remember much about it aside from the furry figure being muscular and he was abseiling/rappellingIt was very well illustrated so I'd like to find it again He may have been a tiger

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>>835401805>>835402196got sauce for these? Cant find em

>>835403893I'm the sauce. I mean I commission them

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>>835404091Some crazy shit, but that is not the same one. Like, is rock climbing a popular theme? The one I was looking for was a frontal shot.


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>>835404116You still need to bring a replacement butt.>>835404147Welp, that's the one I have.

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Serious question: If you guys had the power to time travel, would you want to go back to the past or forward to the future? Or would you choose not to use your powers at all?


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>>835404213>Welp, that's the one I have.Thanks anyway, I do enjoy that one you posted.Just going to keep looking through e621 for the other

>>835404213wait noooo!~not my butt i need it to squat>>835404238your mine

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>>835404365all mine!foxy is gonna hop off the thread now.goodnight!

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>>835404412goodnight foxy!

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