I am voting for Donald Trump and there is absolutely NOTHING that will change my mind...

I am voting for Donald Trump and there is absolutely NOTHING that will change my mind, short of him endorsing the far left.He could literally shoot somebody on 5th Avenue, and I would still vote for him.I think the democrats and the far left are the most dangerous group of people to ever exist, and present a clear existential threat to our nation, to democracy, and to the west in general.I will vote for anybody who opposes them, and right now it's Trump. No amount of propaganda or hit pieces from faggy California journalists or smear campaigns will change my mind.

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Same. I will never vote Democrat again.

>>835397682Who cares dipshit

i would only vote democrat if they openly go against riots and antifa

Cool story bro

Daily reminder 4chan leans left and center left. Only pol and spam/shills with shit bait try to pretend to be Trumplicans. Get over it. Stop with history revisionism before said events even happen..

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>>835397850>antifalmao. Gullible one.

>>835397682Go back to Holla Forums faggot>>835397862This. Fuck stormfags

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>>835397850Nah, fuck that. They've lost me forever. They'll come out and condemn them publicly to get votes and they'll secretly funnel money to them and bail them out of jail when they get arrested.

>>835397682> I will never change my mind no matter whatThank you for your honesty.


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>>835397682The west writ large has been left of American dems for half a century, they're doing fineFuck back to Holla Forums stormfags

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>>835397682I'm voting trump just because gun control

>absolutely NOTHING that will change my mind, short of him endorsing the far left.So you're admitting that you've drank the bleach and are fine with it. 'kay.>2+2=3!!!>OMG so many faggot snowflakes!!!>I'm fine supporting a criminal.>grayons don't taste like colors!>far left exemplifies ALL the left.>I NEED to justify voting for DJT.

>TrumpniggerGet the FUCK out of my site you israeli worshipping MIGAnigger

>>835397682You're so brave user. Choosing to support the President of the USA. True revolutionary. Salute.A glimpse of what awaits you in Valhalla for your bravery.

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>>835397862>left of centerEvery political thread damn newer goes to max with people arguing back and forth. The lefties here are the porn tourists that haven’t left and the autists collecting neet bux.

>>835397682I dont mind that you are voting for this guy or the other, what i mind is that nothing could change your mind...A vote without thinking is basically the same as a monarchy...

People say democrats do all this bad stuff wheres the proof? Legislation articles passed by left politicians linked? Nope. Just baseless claims. Trump wants to be president so bad bro hes spending all his money on this propaganda trying to demonize the left. If the left really wanted to destroy America don't you think they would have when Obama was president for 8 years? Go fuck yourself shill, orange man bad and I'll be voting for the boy Biden at least he doesn't engage in these disgusting tactics and brainwashing.

>>835397682>Voting for someone without even a second thought>Openly admits to endorsing someone if they murdered someonePeople like you shouldnt be able to vote. You are exactly part of whats wrong with america.

>>835398394Fuck Tiimmy I hate that little faggot. Theres a reason nobody will let him spew his shit rhetoric on their actual TV news stations. Little faggot changes his mind on a dime all the time and never takes a side.


>>835399418You just have to do two seconds of research. Maybe one day you’ll wise up and realize that blindly following a political party is what suckers do.

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>>835397682I'll be voting for Biden just because I love that reaction pic of him with the caption "You were supposed to defeat Malarkey. Not post it" in the style of Obi wan Kenobi

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>>835399640This one. Always makes me laugh.

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>>835397862I also lean left and, fuck the democrats, i don't wanna vote Republicans, we need a new liberal party, or drive all the establishment out of the dem party

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>>835397682Cool story. Still voting Biden.

>>835397682I commend you good sir. Have faith.

>>835399530hes making good money and has a new place to work, and people want to work for him and has connections that are not bad, why go to a tv when u can go onto the web , yea tv news has too but podcasts are on the rise and twich youtube Fblive helped big time

>>835399614Still doesnt post proof go fuck yourself in your ass with your face

>>835399947Oh so it’s a case of you just won’t accept proof when it’s given. Good luck in life, hope you grow out of this soon.

>>835397682>no amount of propaganda or hit pieces from faggy California journalists or smear campaigns will change my mind.look man, NY, chicago, seattle and portland have faggy journalists too, you can't put all of that blame on Cali. We gave you Reagan! remember the good times.

>>835399947you wouldn't notice the proof if it fucked your throat and marched in a pride parade


Good doggo

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>>835399530Ya fuck people that can change their mind with new information! People need to echo what nbc says! Fuck people who think for themselves!!!!

>>835400201Epic. Some reddit gold coming your way my good sir.

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This is America, you are allowed to be stupid and wrong that's what freedom is all about

Ok Jew.

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>>835397682>He could literally shoot somebody on 5th Avenue, and I would still vote for him.depends on who's getting shot. if it's an antifa terrorist, good, necessary. if it's somehow a proud boy, civil war starts.

Niggers gonna nig

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>>835400142Proof is all over the place. Posted all over 4chan daily. Literally posted proof of the vp candidate backing the riots. Your response is “nuh uh not proof!” It’s not a matter of proof not being available it’s a matter of you rationalizing bad behavior because you are so deeply invested. Stop being a pathetic fag and look into this shit. Start questioning things before you believe them and stop acting like you have something to say when you don’t even know why you believe what you do.

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>>835401085haha funny picture make person i dont like look bad lol

>>835397682holy shit you're fuckin dumb

>>835397682When President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, he blamed rain for the last-minute decision, saying that “the helicopter couldn’t fly” and that the Secret Service wouldn’t drive him there. Neither claim was true.Trump rejected the idea of the visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain, and because he did not believe it important to honor American war dead, according to four people with firsthand knowledge of the discussion that day. In a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” In a separate conversation on the same trip, Trump referred to the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood as “suckers” for getting killed.

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Good post Boris. Expect check in mail.

>>835397862>4chan, the website, is hivemind where everyone one on it leans towards a certain political stance Retard

>>835397862No-one’s fooled by you shill.I was born into the chan, you were merely paid to shill in it.

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itt: underage b& fags argue politics as if they actually understand.Go back to sniffing glue, you fuck knuckles.

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>>835397862So you’re saying that a board culture of left/centre-left ideas attracted White Supremacists and Nazis?Interesting.

>>835397682it amazes me how retarded you are. you and your family deserve to be castrated and dragged through the streets. You people are worse than trump. you're the reason he can exist.

>>835397682>I think Kek>the democrats and the far left are the most dangerous group of people to ever existOf course you do, Ivan.

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>>835397842>>835397852>>835397862>>835397870>>835397918>>835397943>>835398046>>835398074>>835398079>>835398166>>835398212>>835398428>>835398453>>835398966>>835399019>>835399140>>835399418>>835399530>>835399479>>835399664>>835399738>>835399787>>835399947>>835400377>>835400401>>835400426>>835400975>>835401085>>835401274>>835401369>>835401376>>835402548>>835402725>>835402739Hoes mad.

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>>835402883Ivan's trying the best he can.Doesn't want to lose this pussy.

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>>835397682keep in mind that this is all happening under Donald Trump's watch.

>>835402883>I-i-im not m-m-mad you are!

>>835397682Fuck the internets a weird place

>>835402682> Champion

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AOC for LIfetime President. We give her the White House until she quits or dies.

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>>835397682Voting Trump, better than constant liberal riots.

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>>835403137>All the rioters are leftists>Vote for the Left>???>Profit

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>>835397682fuck off tard

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>>835397862you are really stupid. kys.

>>835403218looks like Ivan is fueling arguments for idiot conservatives.

>>835403218How about dies?

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>>835397682Thanks bruh. Call me Daddy.

We need President Alexandria.

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Imagine believing that the US has a left lol

>>835397682That's because Trump's target audience are those with an IQ between 0 and 10 and the mentally retarded...

Just vote Democrat, ok? That's all we're asking of you. VOTE DEMOCRAT.

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>>835403167Yeah, that spicaroo can clean the toilet for the rest of her life...not that she's qualified

>>835397682I like fire

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>>835402883The sweet irony that the girl in this gif openly voted against Trump. Vote for who you like, but for the love of fuck please educate yourself on anything before speaking about it. Bunch of armchair politicians on this board

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God I love this woman.

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>>835403238Seeing as how Trump is already president, how would re-electing him fix the rioting?

>>835403384communism? No thx

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>>835403349She needs to moderate a bit and be a little older. Worth seriously looking into for 2032 or 2036

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>>835403358>Imagine believing that the US has a left lolit's all relative.

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>>835403275"No body drives into a city with torches and molotov because they hate someone else's business that much. That's some bullshit. No one has ever thought, 'Oh, it's my solemn right to pick up a flamethrower and destroy that small business.' The do it because they're hoping to make other submit." Fixed it for you.

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>>835403167posting this while the literal president has stated that he wants to contest leaving the white house if he loses the election. The physical definition of a Demagogue

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>>835403218What's this "we"shit ? Also, her primary interest are not the wellbeing if the people, but personal wealth. At least the Republicans are honest in this regard

>>835403546>Not understanding Due Process.kek.

>>835403549We need a more permanent solution to America's cancerous conservative tumors. The threat posed by Dickless Donny and his Eternal Faggot cult cannot be ignored any longer. This is no game. Democracy itself is threatened under a Trump rule. The unfortunate news, however, is that we are Anonymous, and we intend to act.

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>>835403253I have some deepfake webms to expand your wank collection with .. got kik ?

>>835397682Thats nice, sweaty.

>>835403275I wonder if the poster is a leftist who thinks this is an argument that Kyle was a cold blooded killer, or a right winger pointing out the hilarious leftist claim that no one would risk their lives to defend the safety and freedom of others.

>>835403012B-b-b-but! He's the Law and Order candidate! How can this be happening, must be Fake News.

The rightwing is so mediocre. Delusional. Weak. They literally have no message. We hate everyone, we want a wall, we want guns and more guns, and a wall and guns.

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>>835403238Token blax.

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>>835403451are you a fat neck bearded cuck boy?

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Super sleazy Trump at work.

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>>835403846sorry, Chang, but you keep tryin', some day you'll be in the right sights.

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>>835397682thisCommunists only know how to destroy.

>>835397682>He could literally shoot somebody on 5th Avenue, and I would still vote for him.The absolute state of the right.sad days for America...

>>835397682Please, do.

>>835404031both sides have those people right now, there are people who would Vote for Biden if he fisted a black guy in public and then cut his dick off and hung him, the people are more divided then ever because of all the agenda pushing and specific data pushing, we probably need a civil war or split the country in two.

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>>835397938I mean Trump could kill 200,000 Americans and set the military on his own people and I would vot... oh um I mean he could be a pedo... Um he could... Is there anything he hasn't done that is horrible, but still look at them democrats... Imagine how bad america would be if we voted them in

Look fam. What are the rules of the internet? Im a Felon. I havent voted ever since I was 18. Because my vote, doesnt matter. Instead of us hitting these issues correctly. Fuck politics. Fuck red and blue. Ive seen the streets, I am literate, I am user, I am the internet, I am not always right, but I dont chase the fights where im wrong. Three issues. Education. Literacy. Free Market. Anyone can miss me on the rest, its cool. Im cool. Is trump doing better than others. Yes. My wife is 1st of her family from mexico to be a citizen. When that Trump said build that, he never meant it! He was gonna run Independent. But he knew those conservatives would bite.I got a picture for what holds us back.

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>>835403458He's playing nice until election.Then: Insurrection Act invoked.

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>>835397682Go for it dude, no one will stop you

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Fuck everything else yall. Fuck the sins they commit. Im darker than all them. I've done worse than all of them. BUT HOW DARE BIG BROTHER, LOSE TO BIG TECH, AND THEY THINK THEY CAN FUNNEL THIS BULLSHIT TO ME AND IM NOT GONNA REVERSE ENGINEER EVERY PHOTO, EVERY WORD, AND PROVE ITS ALL SHOPPED.

>>835397682So why are you yelling it to the world then?What do we care for who you vote?

>>835403817Wakanda response is that?

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>>835403458whats funny is,if obama or hillary were still president.would you complain about republicans rioting?this is why america is a shit hole>>835403466>the privileged turd thinks disagreeing with his political view makes him a communistwelcome to america,the dumbest country on earth.enjoy the same left wing shit with donald you would get with any other fat white liberal


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>>835397682that's why there's an electoral college - your vote doesn't matter

>>835402634Basically this

>>835403817>>835403403>>835403318>>835403296Find out what? that 90% of these nignogs have shitty trigger discipline and will end up shooting half of their own people in a skirmish? Can't wait champ, come fuck around and find out with the real militias. These apes will get BTFO in seconds.

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>>835397682>short of him endorsing the far left.so i guess his life long democrat family means nothing.typical for the people who voted for him,they arent the smartest bunch of people

>>835403012>keep in mind the top 25 cities on fire are all run by dems who have refused federal aid in dispersing the niggers


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>>835397682I'm voting opposite of whoever the Jewish media tells me to vote for.

>>835404906Calling OP a downie is an insult to downies worldwide

>>835397682would you take trump's dick if he asked you to spread em wide goatse style???

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