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>>835397564don't see much of yuri

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>>835398150what movie?


bumping for interest

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I didnt know I was into this. I am conflicted by my horniness.

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Why the fuck is shota x milf INFECTED with mom x son pairing? I want to see female pedophiles, not incest YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT SEPARATE THE INCEST FROM THE SHOTA X MILF GENRE I HATE YOU.

>>835399252Pretty much anything I have involving milf and shot is either mom or aunt incest.

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>>835399252>MILF>Mother I'd Like to Fuck>MotherI mean... it's right there user

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>>835399431It's cool if that's what you're into I just thought I'd vent. I'm sure it's popular since it's so prevalent in the genre.>>835399489It could be ANYBODY's mom, user.If only I could be a small boy being forced into sex by a bigger woman *sigh*.

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>>835399725I too wish to be forced into sex by a mommy while I am a lil boy. I guess that explains why I like women who are taller then me.

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Cool, nice thread bros.I'm the user with the wife who likes doing /ss/ roleplaying. We're at a point where we do some kind of mom-son roleplay once a week and just me whispering "Mom" into her ear makes her shiver. I can share stories if anyone is interested, as usual.

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>>835399922giv stori

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>>835399725Its cool, the rest of my shota collection is mostly delinquent girls/bad bitches. But I too wish there was more stuff of middle aged women kidnapping and turning shotas into sex toys.

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>>835400021God this is so fucking hot.

>>835399852so truei see a taller woman and i want her to step on me

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>>835400060Last time we did it was Monday, I think. We were 69ing and we did a new bit where she was having me explore her pussy and telling me what everything I was touching was, and when I got to her opening itself she says "That's mommy's vagina. That's where your penis goes when you have sex. When you get a little older we can have sex together, does that sound like fun?" I almost blew right then and there. She also says "Anytime you want you can come into Mommy's room and you can reach under my night gown and touch me wherever you want baby." We've done this roleplay dozens of times and it always works and gets her insanely wet each time. Like her pussy is a faucet.

"Like this, Miss Zelda?"

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post footjobs

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Can't have a shota thread without this caption

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Does anyone have any webm of gifs?

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>>835400770The only other one I got is more hilarious than sexy.

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>>835400060Another story is that she loves when I shave my junk super smooth and concentrate on non-sexy stuff when she's going down on me so she has a smaller cock to play with. She loves saying stuff like "there's my sweet boycock" and told me that the younger I looked, the hornier she got.

>>835400916Can we see it? I could use a laugh after the day I had


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>>835401103Kek thanks user

>>835401149You're welcome. I like Ada's smile at the end, like she's saying 'it may not be ideal, but at least you're getting your cherry popped!'

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This thread could really use some quality content too anons.

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com in mom

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>>835401923>when you help the woman who has been like a second mom to you become a mother

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>>835402057More Dark skin mommies plz

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>>835399922Still on for a little while longer tonight if anyone else is interested in my mommywife /ss/ stories or anything.

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>>835397882What the fuck is this art style?