Loli bread is the only bread for me

Loli bread is the only bread for me

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>ywn fuck a bread loli

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>>835393066no unteralterbach 2, artist is missingwhy god

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Why does this gif give me mild anxiety but also the hardest boner

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Never use a messy recipe

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The cake will end up crazy

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>>835393308it's like they're attracting your attention and distracting you, which can be mildly ominous, since you should be distracted already by the sex.

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But if you do the cookin by the book

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Then you'll have a cake

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>>835393426That and I think it's the prolonged eye contact and in sync clapping... It's weirdly unnerving but it only made it hotter somehow.

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I want to hold hands and cuddle with Koma-chan.

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>ywn be a cute loli again to tease a pervy older man into becoming your boyfriend and be taken back to his home to do pervy things togetherwhy live?

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>>835393308This is rare footage from a pedo conversion camp.

>>835393639Bro don't do me like that this isn't a feels thread

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>>835393639Being the older person in the scenario is pretty fun too.

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>>835393419wuddup aganehow long have you been training your current Tulpa? :3

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>>835393878Since earlier this year. I discovered Tulpamancy in roughly December then took a couple months to make the decision. Quarantine hit and it seemed like the best possible time to start... So I'd say about 7 or so months. It took me about a month or so to have contact though.I'm busy at the moment so I can't have a discussion this thread. But I wish you and your Tulpa the best.

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>>835393878>>835393989Please stop I can only cringe so much.

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>>835393878>current Tulpa>current

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>>835394192>>835393957>>835394228>Get 4chan X>Filter the word "Tulpa">Stop samefagging>Fap to lolis

I hate summerfags

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>>835394251>Implying I dont have 4chan X>Implying Im samefagging.

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Thanks to the lolibro that was posting Myne last thread

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>>835394305>He doesn't know how to filter>He also doesn't know how to act differently in his posts to hide his samefaggotryWhat a faggot


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>>835394052Roll good sir

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>>835394251>filter tulpaHow would I make fun of you?>samefaggingKEK!>fap to lolisYou don't decide when and to what I fap.

>>835394978>plebbit spacingI don't give a shit about the Tulpas. I'm just here for lolis and your autism levels are breaking the bank faggot.

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NO touch!!!!!

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>>835395083gets me diamonds every time. legendary gif

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>>835395059Oh mai, we have a salty little boi here. Please,do go on.

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>>835395290>he think's he's the trolldumbass

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>>835392819Finally some straight hentai....Even though it's loli but we gotta make do..


>>835396270heres your (you)

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desu desu desu desu desu desu >>835394368desu desu desu desu

>>835392819I about ejaculate without touching myself every time I see this picture.

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>>835396716my fap material can't be this cute!

This site barely works anymore. I just posted like 7 pictures, and not one of them is actually here.

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>>835396993I'm not experiencing this issue nor have I heard anyone else mention so.

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>>835394251>>>835394228>>835394192>>835393957>>835393878wtf is a tulpa? Some autistic imaginary friend i'm guessing?

>>835397245The links provided give you all the information you need. Boiled down, you can consider it a sentient next level imaginary friend. Despite what the trolls will say as they crawl out of the woodwork, it's different from schizophrenia.

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>>835397300>sentient>imaginaryCan't be both user...


>>835397300Also i'm not reading that when I can have someone explain it without me wasting a bunch of time.

>>835397300Is it not frowned upon to post this stuff in front of normies? I don't go around discussing fotamecus

>>835397378It's a study in dual thinking. A Tulpa knows no more than you do, but can think for itself. You'd be surprised at how much a Tulpa can think for itself.>>835397410The videos in the playlist provided are all only a few minutes long and properly convey everything you need to know. The community link is for those interested in extensive information. It would be easier for everyone if you just took perhaps 20 minutes of your time to learn about it.>>835397435Depends on who you ask. I see no issue with spreading information about it. I provide the links so people may educate themselves if they choose to. If not, they are more than welcome to filter it and never hear about it again.

>>835397378but user, you are both of those things.

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>>835397435>normiesyou mean people that aren't autistic?

I love simple shit like this. kyo-yan is awesome.

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>>835397671mmmmm, tasty. any more like this?

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>>835397435lmao just googled fotamecus. You actually believe that nonsense? Fuck are so many retards born



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>>835396143lmao seethe nigger

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>>835396143This must be the character select from your average roguelike.

>>835397352this is the only thing that made me smile today. if you can my good sir please more

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>>835398206>my good siroh no

>>835398227I want a loli to sit on my lap and read erodoujins out loud as I do the exact same things in the doujin to her as she squirms and struggles to read more and more...


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>>835398278This is the exact same thought that just passed through my mind.

>>835398227You know you've got a problem when you recognize most of the artists instantly.

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>>835394007Ah, shownoid no mako. Classic

>>835396218Perfect age

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>>835393639Sometimes I wonder if I was a loli, how long would it take for me to find a pedo boyfriend (without going online)

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>>835398693I wonder that too... Finding a pedo to fool around with? That'd be easy. But a boyfriend...

>>835398634>That go proDoes an image from that angle exist?

>>835394120>ywn be a dutch merchant sailing to edo period japan to purchase one of their fine loli sluts

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You might see a few originals here since I like to take pictures and make them a little bit better, respecting the original work of course.

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>>835396993You must be doing something retardedly because I have literally never had this problem on 4chan.

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>>835398960You been lurking for a fucking hour waiting for the best opportunity to post spam?

>>835399068FBI-chan is always lurking

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Wickr shoujo009. Because Kik isn’t encrypted

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>>835399108me on the left ;_;

>>835398751well, you could always trick one into fooling with you, and doing some "you're mine now, if you cheat i'll report you to the cops" thing

>>835399204how did the cum make it to her face... the dress is in the way...

>>835399266But that wouldn't really be a good relationship... You need a mutually loving boyfriend that won't dump you after X age.

>>835399279loli is involved, so normal physics do not apply?

Artists: Do you want something cute, or something lewd?Pedos: Yes.

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>>835399374Cute + lewd is the essence of loli. Lolis can be either or both.

I love cooming to this shit so much

>>835398892broo i love you


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>>835396205In case you nerds want a link to the sauce the creator posts clips to need to buy full versions of their work if yoh want the longer clips.

As for my contribution to the thread

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>>835400901P.S. To you filthy lolicons later wondering where the lewds are.You need a Pixiv account to see R-18 Posts

>>835397245>>835397300Speaking as an experienced self-programmer, it uses the same mechanisms as schizophrenia and is functionally identical to it. You talk to nothing until you hear it start to talk back. That's the fundamental principle.

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>>835401248It has similar properties, but Tulpamancy and Schizophrenia are two separate things. It's simply the truth of the matter.

More lolis enjoying a good dicking

Anyone got a source for the ballerina dressing room picture from the last thread?

>>835401388And yetboth are still a mental illness.

>>835401388You think it's different because it makes you happy instead of frightened. If you drop acid, it doesn't matter if you have a good trip or a bad trip, it's just LSD fucking with your brain.

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>>835401709if you want to think in program terms, i'd say it's emulation vs malware

>>835401709schizophrenia is characterized by psychosis. tulpas are, at worst, persistent hallucinations. psychosis is much, much worse.

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>>835394782>oniichan, my head feels weird. It's so warm and fuzzy.

>>835401388You are retarded as fuck.

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>>835401854Schizophrenia is categorized by negative and positive symptoms like loss of emotion, depressed speech, lack of desire to do things, and visual/auditory hallucinations, catatonic, and incomprehensible speach respectively

>>835401854A dream and a nightmare are functionally the same thing. We just have a special name for the bad kind.

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>>835401709Tulpamancy does bring me joy, however I do not say there is a difference because of a personal bias. It simply is a different thing. user >>835401854 put it well here. Yes, Tulpamancy is perhaps a form of self hypnosis. You train your mind to attain a Tulpa. You cannot control an acid trip, but you can control a Tulpa.>>835401525You can completely control the entire Tulpamancy process. You can stop it or continue at any pace you so desire. With a mental illness, there is not nearly the same amount of control.>>835402612And this is exactly what Tulpamancy is not. If you must, Tulpamancy can be seen as self induced hallucinations, but these hallucinations are one you have full control over and can stop whenever you so desire. With schizophrenia, you cannot.

>>835394052roll for cute loli

>>835402633sure, but schizophrenia and hallucinations (or tulpas) are not functionally the same thing. I've experienced tulpamancy and I've experienced drug-induced psychosis. they are fundamentally different (even if the psychosis were somehow positive, it would be fundamentally different).

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>>835402993also hawt

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Worst loli threads in a while. All that tulpa talking is retarded and boring as fuck. Im outta here.

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>>835403206nigga filter the word tulpa and its fine.


bump 93901

>>835393400....not.... loli

>>835403450nigga what >>835393379

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westen loli > eastern

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>>835403963Actually disgusting,


>>835394052rollerino, give me that little slut

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>>835404016>>835404035you jelly

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>>835404136That pic is decentThese?>>835404014>>835403963>>835403989Disgusting.

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>>835404169>>835404191silence chink slave

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can someone explain why lolis make me so hard?

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>>835404219You just have zero tastes in art

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>>835403963I agree. They have more diverse styles

>>835404219Dude, you're just objectively wrong.

>>835404229i posted the wrong image kek

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>>835404294How does it feel to have the wrong opinion?

new thread>>835404368>>835404368>>835404368

>>835394052Rollerino!Where are these from?