I'm addicted to gore and even I have to say this is one of the worst I've ever seen./Gore thread

I'm addicted to gore and even I have to say this is one of the worst I've ever seen./Gore thread

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>>835392619Happen to know what he said on the phone or who he was talking to?

>>835392619I'm not squeamish but I can't just look at gore, but this didn't do much for me. Maybe it was his attitude or because it wasn't in 720p but this didn't bother me too much.

>>835392677It's even more sad when you know the story. He was on Facebook live while all of his friends and family were trying to call him because he said he was going to kill himself.hoodsite.com/facebook-live-suicide-video-man-shoots-himself-head-shotgun/

>>835392619I’ve seen a bunch of gore, and it wasn’t the dude blowing his face off that got me, but thinking about the poor dog. Damn near shed a tear.

>>835392677He said "so that's how it is?" to who I'm assuming is his ex and then he looks at the camera and said "I guess thats it" and boom goes the dynamite.

>>835392619Poor fella, he allowed an instant of despair to rob him of his future years

>>835392619Biden lost one vote

>>835392619really? This isn't even that bad compared to some cartel videos floating out there.

>>835392619What, you've never seen a face removal ceremony?

>>835392619>alright then

>>835392619Newfag as fuck if that's the worst. I'm over gore now I don't like to look at it, when I was younger and curious though I've seen a lot worse than a guy shooting himself.>>835392770What a piece of shit subjecting his family and friends to such horrific trauma like that. They will have to live with that forever.

>>835392619How could a Glock do such damage?

>>835392996Seriously, a sadistic narcissist until the end

>>835392770Yeah sad for the family. Face-off guy is a weak cowardly faggot.

killing yourself to get back at someone is the ultimate bitch move

>>835392724thanks for your TED talk

>>835393085you subhuman nigger thats not a glock its a shotgun

>>835393119>caring what other people think

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Imagine if was a tranny and not some beardo? Holy shit I would put it on slomo repeat.

>>835393208such a cool guy who doesn't afraid of anyones feelings

>>835392827He simply had enough. I can completely understand it. Im only coasting on momentum myself. I think alot of us wouldnt give a shit less if we died tonight. Japanese government got a wake the fuck up call a few months ago. They did a survey asking the Japanese people what was the oldest they wanted to reach. The overwhelming answer was 30. Freaked them the fuck out. Absolutely no one wanted to live past 35 or 40 at all. Cant say I blame them. Japan sucks. Only thing they have going for them is the sex industry

stayed positive til the end ripp

>>835392619Seems pretty basic

>>835392996>What a piece of shit subjecting his family and friends to such horrific trauma like that. They will have to live with that forever.And so you fuck him over and making him live the rest of his life in dispair and misery because "Fuck him and what he wants." lets cry over his family who prob doesn't give a shit anyway.

>>835392619There are videos that are much worse than this one, user.

>>835393705He could at least have the decency to turn the live stream off is what I'm saying.

Worst gore affecting me was a bull slicing open a horse then it was running around with it's insides falling out and a similar one with crocodile and zebra.

>>835393552Low test or mentally ill maybe. Healthy normal people have a will to survive and push through no matter what you're going through, natural selection and all

>>835393845Guy shit on baby isn't even gore and that did it for me.

>>835392619I FEEL SORRY FOR THAT LITTLE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>835393358> Meanwhile in another 4chan thread: AT&T GIRL SHOULD DIE.

>>835393845Worst gore for me is 1 man 1 jar, he sits on a jar and pops in his butt and then he spends a lot of the video pulling shards out of his bum hole.

It didn't bother me even a little. Kids and pets do. Nothing else.

>>835393918me too :(

>>835394027> THE POOP PUPPERINO! Time to back

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>>835393705dipshit detected

video sucked, and shit quality.. wanna see gore? check out Mexican, Brazilian, Colombian cartel torture and execution videos, now thats gore

>>835392619If only he could see his face...oh wait

>>835392619It’s not even that bad.

>>835392619You ever been taken to Funky Town?

>>835392619yeah i was like woa when i saw it yesterday.

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>>835393867Not really. Some of us have just realized the game is rigged. No mater what you do or how hard you work you cant get ahead. Your just running in a rat wheel. So honestly why the hell try? Its just beating your head pointlessly against the wall with no gain.

>>835392785Lol I didn't go as far as nearly shedding a tear for the dog but it was definitely the most upsetting part of the video hey. His selfishness shows no bounds

>>835393867You're wrong. The invisible people died early all the time and were never factored in to life expectancy. We're back to the 18th century. The pauper's graves will overflow once more. Will to live is not reconcilable with mandatory digital tracking and fees.

>>835393758That fact that he didn't is evidence that his family probably deserved it.

>>835392827I wouldn't call livestreaming the whole thing with a shotgun ready to rock next to his chair an 'instant of despair'

>>835392619anyones got the video with audio?

>>835394136Oh BULLSHIT. Those are all the fucking same. This suicide video is quality shit. We get the build it. We get a story. He plays fucking epic music that sounds like the Oscars is playing him off right when he pulls the trigger. It's GOOD. Cartel videos are all the same> Me llamo Pedro, vivo en Puebla y mierda como eso.> HACK HACK HACK with a machete.> Head comes offcool beans, seen one ya seen em all.

>>835394154Gonna have to agree with you on this one user. Funky town is just worse for me.

>>835393206you can't employ everywhere the "you subhuman [beast of your choice]" piece. it doesn't work like that. try to be more intelligent next time

>>8353930853/10 revealed one newfag and you get another one for makin me smirk

>>835393206>you subhuman nigger thats not a glock its a shotgunmaybe it's a Glock shotgun, ever think of that? Huh? Huh?

>>835393085It's a shotgun.

>>835393909fuckin hell I dodged that thumbnail for ages I was way too scared to watch it lol

>>835392619I wonder what a dead mans pee tastes like?

>>835392823Anyone who gives that much power to a woman is out of their mind. So glad I survived those years myself. Now I can only be defined by God

>>835392785yeah, the most upsetting thing about this is the backstory and the dog. The commie blowing his head off though? Nah, fuck that. I've seen worse. If this is the worst you've seen, then try to watch some mexicants gutting some dude and eating his intestines. Try watching that video of a pitbull eating some dude's dick off. Fuck you pussy. I won't say it was pleasant to watch but it's far from being the worst gore ever.

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>>835393085Ok now you get a 4/10 for unearthing another newfag

>>835393845here ya go. sweet dreams.

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>>835394737Fucking hell I need a cigarette. That's totally evil and gave me the sads

>>835394737>>835394813also nowhere near the worst gore ever try again

>>835394645I gotta disagree, I put this up there with the best. Camera angle was perfect. He stayed in frame the whole time. Funny music playing when he pulls the trigger. You get the sad dog part. Cops come in so you know those fuckers were ready to kneel on his neck if he didn't off himself anyway. And he stays in the chair the whole time while the blood drips and pools. Also the way he just fucking pulls the trigger. Based.

>>835394737Not clicking.

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>>835392619for me it's the blood just POURING onto the floor for minutes on end. Sounds like a leak durring a hurricane

>>835392619I wonder how many normies were traumatized from seeing this live, who've never seen something like that before

Did Pat Contri stop doing his NES podcast?

>>835392619It didn't phase meI might be too far gone

Miki eres maricón

>>835393845I have the zebra one too and tried posting it but fucking Holla Forums has a 2mb webm limit.

>>835394932meh, 9/11 already caused a generation of sociopaths

>>835394027Have you seen the webm of the little chinese girl getting fried by a down electric power line? She was just walking around, playing like kids do, and in an attempt to balance her self, she grabs onto this power line and is instantly dead. It's not gory though but it's just really sad.

>>835394027I guess this is now a gore thread.

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>>8353950679/11 wasn't full of in your face gore

>>835394645>yeah, the most upsetting thing about this is the backstory and the dog.Anyone give a quicky of the back story?

>>835395072the webm is too large but here's the bestgore linkbestgore.com/electrocution/little-girl-accidental-electrocute-nobody-notice-until-unconscious-cctv/

>>835395120of course he's a nigger. I mean of course. I didn't think anybody would be this retarded, but what do you know, it's a fucking nigger. every fucking time, it's a dumbass nigger

>>835392619one of the tamest i've ever seen. he probably lived for a bit after the shot too

>>835395217watch the hoodsite link. he gives you the story before he blows his own head off.he's mad cause he got fired. his girlfriend broke up wiht him and he lost his house. and a buddy who's watching on stream wouldn't hire him. his family and friends are constantly phoning him throughout the video, even AFTER he kills himself

>>835395166it normalized death for a lot of young kids. At a young age seeing people falling from burning skyscrapers will re-wire some major instincts

>>835395274That's what i think. The body is incredibly resilient. If the brain stem is intact, he probably died from bleeding out.

>>835394737The thing that does give me some happiness is that horses are expensive as fuck. Assholes torturing a bull for shits and giggles just got a massive bill. Went from, Im una fuck sum shit up, to Dam, there goes $9,000 +

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>>835395120an old classic

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>>835395400The way the blood pours out of his nose with so much pressure is what gets me. The body is crazy

>>835394318Hate to ruin it for you but the music was his phone ringing

>>835394962>>835394962how abpout this one.a little girl in similar condition to the guy in OP.

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>>835395340I can confirm this. was born in 96 and I was watching it on TV with my mom. I had no idea what was going on, my mom had no idea what was going on and was scared, and I basically just mentally prepared myself in case this were to happen to me. Preparing for mass murder takes its toll on a 5 year old's brain

>>835395340Nah, I stand by what Ive said above. With internet and instant access to info, the pointlessness of the rat race is just obvious now. People know its rigged and you really cant get ahead. They cant hide that "Work hard and put the co. first and you'll get ahead." is just complete BS. Its obvious now.

>>835393705I feel like a few sick fucks have sent his suicide video to his relatives, just to fuck with them.

>>835394196That's the lie depression tells you. There's plenty to live for, if your brain chemistry isn't out of whack.

>>835395551little kid beheaded in mexicoOPEN BORDERS YALL!

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>>835395591i kind of understand now why so many of you zoomers are full of hatred

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>>835392619>worst I've ever seenwhat are you, 12?

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>>835395682Im in washington moved from socal. Build yhe fucking wall

>>835395870you fucking piece of shit...almost... almost...

>>835395729shut up faggot

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>>835396115Nice tits.

another bull attack

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>>835394196gotta realize there's a lot of rats running on the same wheel.you either gotta run harder than the rest, or think harder. if you are capable of neither, i got bad news for ya.

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>>835396152this is pretty tame tbh, I was expecting a horn in the spine or something

Lol don’t feel bad some whiny Jew who blows his head off because he can’t get what he wants.


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>>835392619that response time is ridiculous, did somebody call the cops beforehand?

>>835396152WTF was he doing? Zone out in a fucking bull run, you're going to have a bad time.

>>835396284obviously. he was on facebook streaming and saying he was going to kill himself. the full video itself is 6 minutes long but who knows how long the stream actually lasted.

>>835396186This is useless and false. This is an engineered situation. By validating the situation, likely because you're near the midpoint of the pack, you guarantee that the speed of the treadmill will be increased, and your kids, if you have them, will go flying off the end. You're talking to yourself. Post address, I'll come fuck your kid while watch if you like, just so you know what's coming?

>>835395307What a bitch. Glad he's outta the gene pool feel bad for his fam n frens tho

>>835396324Yeah... you're just showing how unbalanced you are. Get help, get meds.

>>835395120that's natural selection at at that point

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>>835396324Get back on your meds schizo


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>>835395395Please kill yourself next

>>835396421I asked for an address, friend. We should get together for good times.

it was the sound of his head contents seeping on to the floor that got me

>>835392996>What a piece of shit subjecting his family and friends to such horrific trauma like that.If you had any fucking clue what its like to be living with so much mental torment that a shot gun blast to your head seems like the ultimate release, this is the last fucking thing that would ever come out of your mouth.

>>835394279>evidence>probablychose one

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>>835396586I know exactly what that's like. And it's still a bitch move to do that in front of family.

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>>835396667welp, I won't be sleeping tonight.

>>835396522deadly twister 3

>>835396667No, you have no idea what its like. Otherwise you wouldn't have said it.

>>835396802fuck off faggot.

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>>835396586Except now all that mental torment is placed on everyone that cared for him you selfish fuck.Only thing that stopped me from pulling the trigger was the thought of my dad finding my corpse. Now I'm back in college with an amazing gf. Only reason you should kill yourself is if literally nobody cares about you. Otherwise you're a weak little bitch.

>>835395340But death IS normal. If anything, children are kept way too far from the reality of life ; maybe they'd fare better as adults if they didn't grow up thinking they'll be athletes, movie stars or princesses only to face a slow and painful disillusionment.Death has been removed from society. Even most adults have never seen death ; it almost only happens in hospitals now.

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>>835393085The glock is a piece of fine engineering and craftsmanship. I once blew up a whole tank with one.

This makes me sad. It also makes me think of something, if you were at the end of your rope and decided to check out in a spectacularly gory way, would the thought that b/tards would screenshot your death and mock you for long after you'd rotted away make you more, or less likely to do it?

>>835396186The game is rigged. And you should realize running faster only makes the wheel turn faster.

>>835392619Are you new to gore you fucking soy faggotif you have compassion watching this fucking loser you most certainly don't like gore

>>835393552Fuck that man. If you get that low it's time to go live the hobo life and leave all that shit behind you.

>>835397099I'd say more. Validates the reason you're there in the first place. You don't reach that point unless it really hits home that you're utterly alone, in a place that's become more and more punitive for any misstep. Dude was what, mid 30's? What was he going to do? Learn to code? End up working on a fucking SaaS app when he's 39 for 112k a year that buys less and less all the time? That's best case scenario. More likely he takes something awful like a boot camp course and ends up in 85k hell commuting into Boston every day. Your "b-b-b-buh maybe it gets better?" copes are empty and malignant. You're deluding yourself.

>>835396863Guess what ? If you didn't pull the trigger, it's either that you were braver, or that you hurt less. That you can't imagine people could hurt more than you did speaks only of your self-centeredness.Whiny faggot.

>>835396115Don't be an asshole, put her head back on so she can get up and go home.

>>835397323We're not alone. We are children of source, and it is waiting to get in us.

>>835396905Look at the pure fat spilling out of her ass.

>>835396522do the twist

>>835397407Asscheek implant, looks like.

>>835397398That doesn't really help, but it does sound nice. You're probably a good dude.

>>835392785Fuck that garbage dog and it's splattered owner.

>>835397407that's an ass implant.

>>835396863How about killing yourself somewhere else than in your dad's home ? It must have been so awful, poor thing - so awful you didn't even have a plan. We were all teenagers once. Sad dramatic kid who grows up judging others for their weakness. You're a joke.

>>835396905is that an ass implant popped out ? AHHAAHHAHAHAHAAHA stupid fucking bitch even in death she looks like a moron

>>835396586That nigga looked like he had his own living space, a stable job that pays pretty well, a doggo in a FUCKING APARTMENT, and he thought his life was so much shit that he shotgunned himself?I'm no where near suicidal but this faggot wasn't close to being 35 years old needing to stay at home in a shitty, run down home trying to dig his way out of poverty while caring for an aging mother that bitches and moans 24/7 because that's the only family he has.Weak cunts are weak cunts. No sympathy from me if people suicide.

>>835394563Lol retard

>>835392785that dog stone cold feasted

>>835397099I've always had a soft spot for the classic scheme of jumping off a tall building with a guitar string around the neck and hands glued to the head. But I think if I had the gusto to go for such a grand plan, I'd be doing something other than an hero. I'll probably die through exit bag while camping in the wild. Take the silent way out.

>>835397593>How about killing yourself somewhere else than in your dad's home ?Depends if he's responsible for you being suicidal. If he drove you too it I'd say it's perfectly reasonable to force him to pay the clean up costs. It's also a tactic that would work well for people wanting to fuck over people who buy your house out from under you via tax sales or foreclosures. (Though in that case, I'd probably just go ahead and kill myself by burning the house down around me.)

>>835397827I'd take as many assholes with me as I could, personally. Might as well do your bit to make the world a better place on your way out of it.

>>835397099Checked. Not much to see if it's a Heaven's Gate type exit, since more drama than that is unseemly from the ouset.

>>835397906Meh, the house is likely insured and immolation is a painful death.>>835397969That's tempting as well. I have an inner pact not to kill myself until I'm certain the decision is irrevocable, and if it is, you're right, might as well get some mileage out of the last days. I guess that's how terrorists are made.

>>835394813>That's totally evilIt's the way of nature, my friend. Happens all the time, it's neither good nor evil. It's just the way it is.

>>835396324>>835397168I never said it wasn't engineered. actually, pretty much any human concept is "engineered". run harder to just survive.think harder to be successfulbe the rigger nigger to nigger nigger the nigger rigger.

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>>835395400Hey man, nice shot.

>>835395682what the actual fuck

>>835395217he was a commie reddit incel loser that went to cosplay cons. watched anime and hentai. probably had a waifu. typical degenerate

>>835394737Holy fuck man!

>>835396283Fuck, at that point just finish it off.

>>835395395lol. poorfags assuming we care about pissing away half of their yearly wages.You are not alone in being happy, just not for the same reasons.

>>835393867not in Japan bro

>>835397969I dont think you can find a guitar string long enough for that many people.

>>835396115Is she okay tho?

>>835398730Yeah, the pussy is still intact.

Just saying OP ur definitely not addicted into gore if this has any effect on u lol

>>835398690Maybe a string of guitar strings ? Would be hard to get everyone to jump on the same beat. The key is not to fret.

>>835392770some piece of shit is commenting this lol

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>>835397362>That you can't imagine people could hurt more than you did speaks only of your self-centeredness.>Whiny faggot.I'm not invalidating your pain nor am I turning this into a pissing contest over who's more emo (p.s. my cuts were not for attention). Pain is subjective, only a brainlet would argue this.

>>835397593Not looking for pity just making a point.1/10 troll harder.

>>835398477Ehh, my rage is spent anyway, so if you're going to be reasonable, I will be too. I'm tired.

>>835398864I'm not talking about myself - you might have noticed I'm alive still. But if pain is subjective, then for some people the thought of family won't be enough to make it. That doesn't make them weaker little bitches than yourself.


>>835392619Aww. Lonely kitty now.

>>835395307lmao that’s it? imagine if this mf had some real problems

>>835397739he is right though. one of the biggest red pills is the first time you realize that women experience literally no disconnect between saying X when it feels good to say X, and completely betraying and contradicting X five seconds later when it feels good to do that. women like to "try on" male-centric morals and virtues like children playing dress-up, but they don't actually know what it means to set up a virtue as an objective principle for oneself and then resist the temptation to break it in future moments when it stops being convenient and pleasant.so if you ask a woman what kind of guy she values, she will blab on and on for hours about how noble she is and how she sees through superficiality and only wants sweet genuine men and etc., etc., etc. then five seconds later she'll completely contradict everything she said. the key thing to understand about women is that they don't perceive any difference here. from a man's perspective, you are thinking "but she said 'i only do X' and two seconds later she did 'non-X'?" this is because the fundamental modality of male consciousness is erecting principles and trying to follow them - even if you're a shitty man, it just means you're shitty and weak at erecting principles, not that the FUNDAMENTAL modality of principle-erection is absent. a woman's fundamental modality is "doing what i feel like." to a woman, that behavior is completely consistent: in the first instance, she did what she felt like. then she did what she felt like again. only a man perceives that the CONTENT of the actions was contradictory, i.e., would be contradictory if performed by a man. but for a woman whose primary stream of consciousness is "what do i want to do right now? :) perhaps i'll wear a ribbon in my hair tomorrow, tra lala!," no such contradiction occurred, or indeed is even possible.

>>835395400budd dwyer suicide is the most normie gore video out there. It was one of the first I saw as a teen. Sort of like a rite of passage. Opening up the pandoras box of disgusting and traumatizing shit there is to see on the internet.

>>835395120Bronze trophy "no show" awarded.

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>>835399943lol retard

>>835395870Got me

>>835399943Women are retarded children. I said this in middle school to classmates and family members, people saw me as immature and naive. I said this to people in highschool, people saw me as angry and confused. I say this to people now as a 23 year old and people see me as sexist and stupid and an incel. Maybe when I'm fucking 80 and actually 'smart' I will realize that women are equal and I am sexist. Women are retarded children. You're confused by women? you're hurt by women? You are "so and so" by women? it's because you do not understand this. The more you treat women like they are just other people, the more you will suffer. Honesty is for men and men alone. Evolution is a fucking bitch.

>>835399949It’s the perfect gore vid. It’s the most popular out there. Enough blood, a crowd, and a pic speech to be shocking and depressing. While also being tame and forgettable enough not to be traumatizing. It is a rite of passage. Any normie who can’t handle watching Bud Dwyer isn’t going to handle anything else. Very few normies move on from step one of internet gore: Bud Dwyer.

>>835399943>Now I can only be defined by God

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>>835393085have lenses being brought to your shithole of a country

>>835399949I have seen so much shit, so much stuff I have read countless times as being the big scare regarding gore stuff and it has never done anything for me. nothing ever isn't just psychical stuff happening, stop being afraid

>>835396905how did she die?

>>835400406physical **

>>835392827he doesnt have a future tho, like from context, not only was he getting cucked, but he lost job and was about to lose housewhich is probably why gf left him. I was only sad for the poor doggo he was with

>>835393845For me the shovel dog does it

>>835400406wtf are you on about?

>>835400444looks like a fall.

>>835395067>what is the civil war>what is ww1>what is WW2faggot milenials think a terrorist attack by Israel is the worst thing to ever happen

>>835400302People call you an incel because YOU ARE an incel.This is the retarded logic of someone who either only knows stupid women (there's plenty, I'll give you that, but there's also plenty of stupid men) or who has no social skills and ability to engage, connect and create empathy with the opposite sex (or anyone for that matter).

>>835400697I think you misspelled islam.

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>>835398859Looks like he was just looking out for his fellow man.

>>835401121Don't pinch your nose when you sneeze.

>>835392619I didn't care until I saw the pet. Fuck that guy.

>>835392619Its worst when they botch it.

>>835400656landed on her ass?

>>835396586I live with depression, and killing yourself in front of your friends and family is something only a piece of shit garbage piece of shit would think of.

>>835401361hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa... holy fuck.... lol irl

>>835398690It would snap trust me

>>835400444Probably one of those degenerate transvestites now called "transexuals" jumping of a building. 41% suicide rate. Plus the silicone implant on the ass gives it away.

>>835395551>>835395551>>835395551>>835395551WHAT THE FUCK, IS SHE ALIVE?????? She does not have a brain, yet near the end you see her mouth like gasp open. Wtf is going on here?

>>835401637I wanna say it's just reflexes but even I'm not sure.

>>835401121ya i hate sour candy too

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>>835401637>>835401684Yeah, of course she's not alive. At least not in the way we understand being "alive". Some of her organs might still be active and all muscles distend and react for a while after you die. Spasms and shit. I don't even understand why they are rushing anywhere. Must be in shock.

>>835401984they can still save the shit in her body to be deposited still warm onto the street with a lucky transplant

>>835400746different user, but I became voluntarily celibate for many of the same reasons that user lists. I tried to treat women like they are just other people, but over the years, I realize they tend to be very dishonest. No matter what they say, they will do whatever they want at the time (or at least work toward it). Maybe there are a few good women out there, but the only women I've seen be honest and true to their man are ones that had a lot more to lose by messing around (and even some of those are suspect). I fooled around a lot when I was younger, before I settled down and married. I tried to get right with God and do as the Bible says. I thought I found a nice holy-roller to marry, but she turned out to be worse than many of the other bad girls I dated. I guess I should have learned back when I saw married women trying to get with me in the past. I figured they were the odd ones out, and most aren't like that. Maybe women weren't as bad in previous generations, when they were held accountable for their actions. Now, they can get whatever they want out of the next sap that comes along. Fuck that! I won't be the next sap, but I will still stay true to my morals.

>>835400697I saw muslims dancing in the streets and cheering on 9-11.

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>>835402378someone's gonna be making a curry tonight

Truck of peace just went by.

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>>835392619It’s only gore when it happens to people that matter.

>>835392619>white Male privilege

>>835393935have u seen the MILKERS ON HERRRRR

>>835402378well goddamn...also, when did Holla Forums become full of fags who can't handle gore? I remember years ago, it's all you dudes did was spam gore.

>>835395120its the conservatives fault he ran into the blades

i have a pee peea little willy wonkait comes out of my pantswhen i wanna make it harderyes i have a ding a linga little tiny mana lumpy chubby moundi touch it all i canoh have you seen my weenismy weenis mr peeit's a lovely shape yesit's round and soft for me


beneath my belly button holeunder the pubbick pubesmy dippy slippy dickums dinkmakes smega for its lubea cheesy white banana disha messy yellow gluepeeks my peenis pungus panglepeeking out at you

>>835397822lmao people worried about the dog the fucking thing came out of the bedroom to lick up his blood and brains immediately

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a veiny veiny mushroom headodorous and limpa fine fresh dangle dungle sticka pannis poonus blimplong and oval blimpy boysticky submarinelet me grease that trolley polelet me grease my peenpubbick hair around the holearound the bag of ballspubbick hair keeps out the coldfor spermy mr smalls

>>835392619nope, did NOT like that

lmao a gore coomer. Get addicted to something reasonable like smack or something

>>835394837agreed it's up there, it's just not uncomfortable in terms of gore. Personally, gore is at its worst when it involves a slow painful death. The face skinning cartel vid, the beating heart being ripped out, the original hammer video. Those are all really uncomfortable. This was just a really good suicide vid. I honestly think it may take the top spot for all the reasons you said.

>>835392619I feel worse for his cat in the background.

>>835398354That isn't nature that was some evil men torturing animals for their own amusement.

>>835398859>christfag christposting under a suicide vid

>>835395682RECORD SCRATCHFREEZE FRAMEYep, this is me. I bet you're wonderin'...

>>835392619I just feel bad for his pet. Not him. Only faggots commit suicide. But his pet, I truly feel for

>>835402905>>835402932>>835402956>>835402996thankyou for this masterpiece user

>>835395120I witnessed and afghani do this while I was deployed on their side of the base. We had to watch them to make sure they dont go green on blue and the faggit did the exact thing while I watched....the. a few days later i watched a nigga fuck a donkey with a special stool. Lol deployments

>>835395400Back during Myspace my brothers Noise Band used this as their "sounds like"gif....I miss those days

>>835392619I wanna know what he said at the end...And whether the cat/little dog ate him

>>835396723This is what done it for me. This is hell on earth shit.A father decapitated his toddler son in his car with a chainsaw then turned it on himself.It was a final fuck you to his wife I believe.I couldn't think straight for days.

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>be me>have 3 close buddies over>shooting shit>we all around my computer, something to do with starting a clothing brand>website needs an image for a quote>they open file explorer using website>pic related pops up>everyone laughs it off with "didn't know this was your kink" jokes what do I do Holla Forums? this was a few hours ago and everyone's left by now

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>>835403772copy OP

>>835403772nothing needs to be done. why would you ask?

>>835399943Who hurt you?

>>835392619The pitbull eating some dude's crotch was the only thing that made me feel some kind of way.

>>835403264So when this happens in nature a bunch of faggots make a big circle and cheer them on?

>>835393705He didn't say he shouldn't have killed himseld, you dumb nigger.

>>835399943The most based man who ever lived.

>>835400612He's high, typical dope thinking he's saying something intelligent when really all that's happening is pure retard

>>835397407>>835397450>>835397535>>835397604That's the pancre-ass.

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>>835404467P.S and I actually understand what he's trying to say as I've been around too many doped up fuckwits to not know how to decode their asinine ramblings

>>835400514wouldn't be a very good Mount and Blade player

>>835396569yeah, that was.... what's the word I'm looking for?.... unsettling...

>>835400444Taco Bell and Tequila overload.Her butt-hole couldn't take it.

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>>835402506you can thank angela merkel, kikes and leftist politics for thees deaths.

>>835392619Yeah I know. The quality of the camera recording this was total dogshit. Can't even see the brain matter.

>>835403473what's a special stool? Is it a tool especially for fucking donkeys or is it for people who are special?

>>835403619"Hey guys, I guess that's it"then he puts the shotgun under his chin and off goes his head.no memeing. that's literally what he said. wathc the hoodsite link video. it has the full thing with sound.

>>835403714post it. I've never seen that one.

>>835393758seriously? that's the whole point. he was being a selfish fag

>>835396640In what universe does evidence = certainty?I could have some evidence of something without it actually proving anything definitively.

>>835404797>killing yourself>selfishi fucking hate altruists so much

>>835404776oh shit, I posted the pic of it. I forgot I had it. I was just posting shit by looking at the thumbnail. But I thought you were referring to a video. Is there a video of it?

>>835395551crisis actor

>>835394737Hey it got a whole lap in. 1 lap.


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>>835404916here's the BLM nigger that shot the cops in dallas

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