>99% recovery rate>6% morality rate without underlying conditions>Children don't die of corona virus>Lel mask doesn't...

>99% recovery rate>6% morality rate without underlying conditions>Children don't die of corona virus>Lel mask doesn't even workWE HAVE TO FOLLOW THE SCIENCE

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>>835391745mortality is 0.1%. The 6% are those that died in the US without at least two underlying comorbidities.


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>>835391891look at the CDC data smart guy.

>>835391891Serious question, are you retarded?

>>835391745Or use common sense and realise that the more it infects, the more '1%' becomes.

I tested positive and beat the thing and I’ve got an autoimmune disease, on immunosuppressants. Just seems like luck of the draw if you die from it

>>835391980The vast majority of these people would've died soon anyway. It makes no sense to force shutdowns when 99% of the population is not going to die. If anything it's people like you that lack common sense

I remember aids had deniers for quite some time till a young celebrity died. Was hope people would be smarter this time and not wait for it too happen.

>>835391838>mortality is 0.1%4months in Spain-

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>>835391745>WE HAVE TO FOLLOW THE SCIENCEWe have to follow Sweden.

>>835392803We can't because the democrats and their sheep followers are afraid of the sniffys

>>835392984Dear democrats and their sheep followers here: herd immunity is science. Human race survived spanish flu in 1918 because of it.

>>835393245Don't forget also, since teachers are such pussies they're going to strike when the schools finally do reopen. They want remote learning to stay permanent.

>>835393245I don't think you quite understand herd immunity, we don't even know how long the antibodies last yet. Also you need to slow it for herd immunity to click in at 60-80% instead of the 90% you'd get if you just let it roam free. Also don't use sheeple in comments it just makes you look like a retarded redneck lol.

>>835393688And how does that change the fact that the vast majority dont die and this pandemic is a fucking joke?

>>835393822It doesn't. He's a fag bitch. I've been EVERYWHERE without mask since January. They are all subhuman

>6% morality rate without underlying conditionswould be relevant if 90% of americans weren't obese

>>835394000The only reason I wear one is because I have to in order to shop. Besides that I never wear one when I'm walking in the street or driving in my car. The people who do that shit are literal fucking NPCs especially the ones with masks on driving around alone. If I lived in the south I would never wear it.>>835394072Then why hasn't it been a problem so far? Careful, you may have to actually think for once

>>835394072did that little comment make you feel like more of a man?

>>835391745Put on your mask and try to blow out a candle you absolute pathetic excuse for a human. Also, if you’re ok with it, can I remove a section of your skull and stroke your smooth brain with my fingers? Always wanted to know what a true life smooth brain feels like.

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>>835394072and it is not a 6% mortality rate. that number is 6% of the deaths had no preexisting comorbid conditions.The death rate is less than 1%.

>>835394321Okay so if masks are the holy grail, why are schools staying closed? Why do we have to social distance and put capacity limits on everything? Besides rioting of course, your team's natural past time.>>835394336Exactly, it makes no sense how people are still falling for this retarded joke of a "pandemic"

>>835394191Yeah I wear one now because my leaf city made it finable bylaw, and nobody will serve me.

>>835394336>less than 1%.>>835392717

>>835394472You ever told a child to put a mask on? You think they will magically stop picking their asses and noses because someone tells them too?

30% of recovered college athletes have heart inflammation (myocartitis). Have fun going to the cardiologist.

>>835394507what is you point? In the US - CDC data is showing overall death rate as less than 1%. Anyone can go to the website it and read it.

>>835391745>sciencehuh? since when did the party of bible thumpers care about science? has donnie bone spurs turned the country that far left

>>835394600citation please.

>>835394500California is doing the same thing it's ridiculous. So they're gonna fine people for not wearing face diapers, but niggers can go out and loot a fucking foot locker and get away with it. >>835394543Oh boo fucking hoo, you have to deal with kids not wearing a fucking mask. How about they quit and get a real fucking job then if they're so worried about it? But I get it, they're going to use this bitch ass "pandemic" to keep schools closed permanently. It's obvious that this is where they're going with this.

>>835391745Why trust science when your feelings are so much more satisfying.

>>835394873That's true, we should "listen to the science" as long as it doesn't hurt our feelings

>>835394744>citation please.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/bigten/2020/09/03/big-ten-athletes-covid-had-myocarditis-symptoms-one-third-cases/5704234002/In the article, some cardiologists believe it may be too early to say this is anything concrete, but it's still throwing a monkey wrench into a billion-dollar Big Ten sports program. Those athletes are not only super fit, but under the watch of sports doctors with way more scrutiny than the average person. So, it's just another reason the normal guy should be trying to avoid Covid, and not flexing on it with FB statistics.

>>835395316Question, is this disease permanent? Are these people going to die?

>>835395516Its usually not permanent, but in cases of normal people, it can be fatal. The athletes will probably be fine. Your dad, or your fat-ass chain-smoking brother, maybe not.

>>835395601>Its usually not permanentOkay great, so it's time to reopen. Enough with this crybaby bullshit. No more excuses.

>>835391745>morality KekOP is a faggot

>>835391745>WE HAVE TO FOLLOW THE SCIENCEComing from the party that tells us men can be women? Kek, no thanks, I'm not trusting any "science" they try to push.

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>>835395948>no u

>>835395660I don't think you're looking at how the stats play out. This is the causation of comorbidity, and if 30% of people have myocarditis after recovering from quarantine at home, you're looking at about 1.5 million people with enlarged hearts, undiagnosed. This is why they're gasping when climbing stairs. I completely agree we should re-open stuff, but it's stupid not to be pragmatic. My area is rising again, and it's all because of the fucking colleges and could've been avoided. Colleges would've been perfectly fine now if states would've locked down when they were encouraged earlier. And people like you, the hold-outs, have been obstinate the whole time, so the current situation is all from ignorant assholes (yes, including the protesters) refusing to comply with experts advice in long-known virology protocols.

>>835396017Science is apolitical.

>>835396276The earth doesn't stop spinning because of the fucking flu, faggot. It's time to reopen. You can stay your bitch ass home if you're so worried about it. The rest of us are moving on.

>>835396330Science is supposed to be* apolitical.

>>835391745Are you stupid op?You understand that this is saying that it is updating to reflect the people that had no other comorbidities that contributed to the reason that COVID basically overran their entire immune response which ultimately lead to their death, right? This is not saying that the people with comorbidities did not have COVID, in fact it is saying that it is likely had those people with the comorbidities NOT contracted COVID they would likely still be alive and dealing with those comorbid conditions.

Do you really think the whole world is conspiring? Like, think about it for a second.

>>835396466It is time to re-open, I agree with you. I said that. I also said things are fucked because you were stuck in the same moronic obstinate position six months ago. I want you to go back to work. I'm sick of niggers like you being on the dole. We had the opportunity to fix this, and you fucked it up, so now I want you back in the factory so my stocks continue to rise, and out in the economy spending your paycheck on stuff, and paying your landlord what you fucking owe.

>>835396780>You understand that this is saying that it is updating to reflect the people that had no other comorbidities that contributed to the reason that COVID basically overran their entire immune response which ultimately lead to their death, right?How do you know that wouldn't happen with the flu? Because Lord Fauci told you to be scared of muh rona? >>835396871Except it's not the whole world, it's just the left and their overlords that are still pushing this bullshit


>>835396484In this case, virology is a known science. If you're referring to trannys, stop being a fag. Suck trap dicks, or don't. I don't fucking care.

>>835397158>I want to reopen>As I cry like a little bitch about itYou sir, should unironically KYS

>>835397273I'm not crying. I said people need to be pragmatic. Observe social distance, don't go into packed crowds and laugh like retards into peoples faces in bars. Not because I care if you die, but the bartender shouldn't die for working his job. The cash register girl shouldn't die because she has to stand there for eight hours while you dipshits run around getting limes to squirt into your beer in your dorm.

Ugh, anyone believing this covid bullshit I just see as pure untermensch,

>>835397779What's stopping those people from wearing a goddamn mask? Give me a break with this bullshit. The vast majority who catch this are fine. These restrictions are pure bullshit at this point. If you don't see it by now you never will.

>>835397949>The vast majority who catch this are fineyeah sure but 200k people still died just in the usa just because of it

>>835398216>but 200k people still diedAnd 94% had underlying conditions. So again, what is your point?

>>835392229> We're all gonna die eventually, reject medicine, not worth losing some bucks over some lifes

>>835398303Do you have a job?

>>835393822A pandemic isn’t gauged on the deaths it caused. No one is saying it’s the new bubonic plague, the hysteria is over it being a completely new strain that is highly viral. You should also learn how to look at the data...the CONCLUSIVE cases point toward a 4% death rate. Conclusive cases are key because the overall number is just positive cases, not people who’ve had the full 2 weeks. God you’re retarded.

>>835398295Not the same user, but the point is those 200k wouldn't have died of underlying condition if they didn't catch the virus? Do you know what underlying condition is? It's not someone in deathbed awaiting for his death tomorrow, it's people who live with minor diseases like diabetes or some other non-lethal shit in most of the cases.

>>835398549What a crook of shit. You faggots have been acting like this bullshit virus was the new plague, and now that it turned out to be bullshit you move the goalposts everyday. Get the fuck outta here. >the CONCLUSIVE cases point toward a 4% death rateBull fucking shit. It's not even 1% and that's WITH the inflated numbers

>>835398444A student still, but I do have family that works and know how important it is to keep the money flowing. Just remarking the stupidity of saying "not worth saving his life, he's alredy 60"

>>835398677>but the point is those 200k wouldn't have died of underlying condition if they didn't catch the virus?Based off what, Lord Fauci saying so? Would they have died if they caught the flu? Where is your lord on that? But sure, let's stay closed forever, just for fags like you. We'll wear masks all day everyday, stand in front of the TV and pray everytime Lord Biden and Lord Fauci comes on screen. Is that what you want?

>>835398804>A student stillSo then maybe you should shut the fuck up while grown ass men are talking. Do you wanna give that a shot kiddo?

>>835391745I wish more people were like you. All of america's enemies are basically waiting for you guys to crash and burn and if enough people are as retarded as you, it could happen.

>>835394472Because sick people and old people exist and just letting them die off to avoid a minor annoyance like a mask is bad leadership. They’re literally harmless. Not asking you to put a certain brand mask on or making you implant a microchip, it’s a simple mask. Why is this so hard for you knuckledragging faggots to understand? You don’t feel like a retard politicizing a mask every time they’re brought up? It reeks of CNN/Fox type brainwashing.

>>835398677i'd agree with such a reasoning but western lives are so expensive... This isnt some racial point, but our systems spend so much investment money on the average citizen, even dying 4 years early is a measurable economic loss.

>>835392363Nobody with any brains gives a fuck about celebrities pissboy.

>>835396017That’s not how science works. It isn’t left or right. It is conclusive and indiscriminate. The fact you believe otherwise is a tell, mongoloid.

>>835398879So why stop there? Let's ban cars that go faster than 55 MPH while we're at it. After all, we need to "save lives" right? In fact, let's ban alcohol, fast food, cigarettes, knives, guns, hammers, heavy machinery. Anything else I'm missing? Because clearly people like you want anything that can kill someone to be banned. >>835398927But user, we have to follow the science!!!!! One death is too many!!!!Now if you will excuse me, I will be on my way home in my 2020 V8 Ford Mustang. I've only had 12 shots of pure Vodka, but hey, at least I don't have the bat flu amirite :)

>>835394500Poor poopsie, nobody will serve you? Stay home with mommy.>>835396330

>>835397949>What's stopping those people from wearing a goddamn mask?Nothing, except ignorance. In case you haven't noticed, it is very shat-upon in many circles. And the Covid doesn't discriminate. So, when these fat-bellied trucker fucks catch it and spread it, then go die or get hooked to Oxygen the rest of their lives, thats their fault. And by the way, comorbidity only means the person had other illness, they would've lived except they got Covid and it killed their already-weakened ass. Most people have something wrong with them, or eventually will. It just happens to be now, in their timeline. Their death was unnecessary, and they often could've prevented it themselves by listening to advice about temporarily avoiding social activities. But all that is irrelevant, and I want all of you back to work delivering refrigerators or whatever you do. Its pretty funny if the roles were reversed, so many right-wingers would be screaming bloody murder if the Dems pushed them to go back to work in a pandemic. But I'm an Indy, and my position never changed at all. You all who fucked this up, you had your chance, now go back to the salt mines as winter approaches, and get my economy rolling. I don't want to hear one word from Republicucks when people start dropping in droves, the winter flu season is absolutely gonna make it worse, so get your shots (although I know you won't).


>>835399066We should ban access to 4chan, it is clearly detrimental to mental health.

>>835398827I'm actually fucking amazed at all those implications.I'm not even from usa, I honestly don't give a fuck about your elections, and if I did I wouldn't support biden because he's a barely functional old geezeer, and potential pedophile.I haven't even mentioned shit about closing or opening stuff.All that I did was mention that in statistics, underlying conditions do not mean what you seem to believe it means.Now please kindly take your fucking histrionic personality and personal accusations back into your asshole

>>835391745the flu is .1 percent just so you know6 percent is a big fucking number

>>835396330No dickhead, science is paid for by special interest, you are fucking clueless arent you?

>>835399115>NothingGreat, so we can reopen. I didn't need to read anything past this. So glad we agree.

>>835391745>THE SCIENCE>To create over 80% unemployment to non-white population>To create riots>To create justification for harsh measures>To create new laws to restore peace>To create stronger police to enforce the peace>To create mega prisons to house non-whites>To create bright future

>>835399137>I'm not even from usaOh cool, so I don't have to care what you say. Thanks for saving me the time reading your bullshit.

>>8353991396 percent of 1 percent you fucking moron

>>835391745>>6% morality rate without underlying conditions45% of Americans have underlying conditions.

>>835398870Rest easy, it's already happening.Retarded Republicans are destroying America to pad their own wallets.The Chinese are so happy to see Trump win a second term.

>>835398853Why would I when some "adult grown men" are so illiterate they recurr to attacking the person to defend their argument?

>>835391967Why yes, my good man, I am. How kind of you to notice. Now pardon me, it is time for Wapner.

>>835398699>America is the only countryYour country accounts for an entire quarter of those dead from the virus. Most everyone else had a decent response and have been able to mitigate it regardless of them being less rich or resourceful than Burgerland with some nations even having vaccines already. Your rhetoric is why you still have to deal with the exact situation you’re complaining about.

>>835399189>Global pandemic>Not gonna read anything from anyone outside my countryI see. Makes sense with most of your reasoning

>>835394248yeah, making comments like that makes me feel like a big man

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>>835399245>Retarded Nigger Lives Matter are destroying America to pad their own walletsThere you go, I fixed your shit>>835399258Well of course you're in favor of the lockdown. You're that smelly lard ass that sits in the back of the classroom that stares at Stacy's tits the whole time. Makes sense you would prefer staying home.

>>835391745Underlying conditions like Diabetes, Heart disease, Obesity, and Asthma....Things that people normally would live decades with, but suddenly they are dying.

>>835399147How they spin science is determined by special interests. Facts are facts. Science determines facts. Drop a ball and it falls to the earth, thats science. Covid is transmittable, that is scientific fact. There are many hard-liners who reject this. They are spinning it as much as the people who say "we're all gonna die!". Science is the study and determination of facts, spin is political. Understand, dumbfuck?

>>835399322>with some nations even having vaccines alreadyNice, you should take it. Be the first one in fact. Let us know how much better you are than America when all your teeth fall out in 2 months.And the only reason we have to deal with this bullshit is because the democrats and the media have overblown this ridiculous "pandemic". They are dragging this out purposely. But given that you're some peasant living in assfuck nowhere, you wouldn't know that.>>835399367>Not gonna read anything from anyone outside my countryThat's right, anything else you need help with?

>>835394191>he says as breathing into a cloth makes him hyperventilateAnyone who doesn't wear a mask is a literal NPC without an item menu.

>>835399066Cars have safety laws and regulations for that exact reason. Same with alcohol, food, firearms, tools, and heavy machinery. All regulated for safety measures. No one is proposing a “ban” of any kind so your post isn’t even logically consistent. If you speed, you get a ticket. Cars come with numerous safety features because of their dangerous nature. Christ.

>>835399449>Things that people normally would live decades with>Average age of death over 75 or moreSure kid

>>835399245The Chinese??!!?? At least the "Russian collusion" lie had a grain of believablity about it.

>>835393431It should stay permanent That's been one of the dreams of sci-fi since the 60'sThe infrastructure was luckily already in place and ready to go We're passed the yellow bus days

>>835399149>I didn't need to read anything past this.Glad you didn't. Your kind loves to be soaked in ignorance. Don't care. Back to the salt mines and earn daddy some money, bitch.

>>835399513What is your point? When do the restrictions and lock downs end, when there are zero cases? Do you want people to stay locked away forever, or only until we have a democrat president again?>>835399552>Glad you didn'tAre you? Because you seem pretty triggered

>>835399545>We're passed the yellow bus daysoh it shows

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>>835398879Cry a little more

>>835399122Your insult isn’t even clever. Do you think a grown adult is going to be deterred from wearing a mask because some faggot who whines about stores not letting him in on 4chan calls them a diaper? Isn’t it a school night, kid?

>>835399387I can't see stacy's tits from my home you retardOn a more serious note, again attacking the person instead of the argument. Plus this time also making up the stuff you're attacking with.Pure fully grown brainpower.Since you're going to just make up the shit you're calling me at least make it interesting. Say I'm a jew from a masonic elitist group trying to ruin america so my goys can buy it from you and turn it into New Israel and posting in 4chan covid fear propaganda is the only way to do it, or something like that, imagination is the limit buddy.

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>>835391745190,000 people have died in the usa and you don't care?

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>>83539887942% of all COVID-19 deaths are taking place in facilities that house 0.62% of the U.S. population. Let that sink in

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>>835399066>Let's ban cars that go faster than 55 MPH while we're at it.Why not just get rid of the minimum driving age and learner's requirements, plus traffic lights and road symbols? If everyone is responsible for their own safety, then the same should apply when it comes to driving.

>>835399503No, everything is clear now, like I said it's consistent with how a smooth brain works

>>835399682How am I making shit up? We all know you do it, and you have been caught multiple times. It makes perfect sense why you want to stay home. They don't want you there. You can't stop staring.Also since you're not smart enough to figure it out by now, you don't have an actual argument. It's just more of muh pandemic I'm scared of the cuff, horseshit.


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>>835399611>Are you? Because you seem pretty triggeredNope, totally fine. This is just a discussion, and is irrelevant. But how you conduct yourself IRL has consequences. And because you refuse to read things, because of some warped allegiance to a political ideology, makes you more likely to die, and that makes me happy. It also makes you more easily manipulable to work in dangerous conditions, which is good for the economy. Win-win.

>>835391745>>835391960>durrr 6%>durrr underlying conditions>durrr accidents listed as covid 19 deathcdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm?fbclid=IwAR3xvPBE9Q6NXcwqMIGtg439k100XtMfvy-9YBimKZMOSSRpCwiitPLS3vs#ComorbiditiesTABLE 3these 'underlying conditions' are results of the virus attacking the body. You're 6% argument would be like me saying only 6% of people really die from car accidents because 94% die from having the body torn to pieces. Also note 'Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and other adverse events' Makes you think about the incidents of people dying and being listed as a 'covid 19' death. Maybe, just maybe, it's the fact that these are just statistics being gathered to study the disease. Who fucking knows? maybe covid 19 impairs driving ability? That's the point of the fucking CDC, let them do their fucking job. Can't speak for the absolute obsession of the media with numbers but they certainly make clear the fact that shit's not 'all good'.

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>>835399798Why aren't there restrictions and lockdowns everytime someone dies from a car accident? Why no bans on alcohol from a fatal DUI? Why the double standard?

>>835392081You're racist


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>>835399853>That's the point of the fucking CDC, let them do their fucking jobThey did, and they found that this virus is fucking bullshit. But now suddenly you don't want to believe it.

>>835392717>US is handling the corona response the worst>here's an example of a country with a worse mortality ratepick one. It was 0.3% in the US last time I checked. and that's counting all 185,000 which clearly we should not.

>>835394472>social distance new buzzword

>>835391745Yeah it’s like 99.99956% survivable

>>835399895>Why aren't there restrictions and lockdowns everytime someone dies from a car accident?There are driving restrictions.>Why no bans on alcohol from a fatal DUI?There's a minimum drinking age and driving while intoxicated is against the law.

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>>835399513When you start showing a consistent downward trend of new cases, dipshit. No other countries are facing whatever it is you lot are afraid of regardless of having listened to the science on preventative measures. No martial law, no permanent school closure, nothing. If any one side is keeping things an issue, it would be the ones fighting against the science. And my country has a fantastic gdp relative to our economy and we aren’t worried about masks being propagandized.

>>835392081I got it and basically had sleep apnea for 3 days. That’s about it

>>835399929covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#casesDo me a favor and tell me the number of deaths listed?

>>835399928Come on man , you know the thing

>>835399632You’re literally on this thread ignoring any factual information and crying about the mean democrats making you wear a mask :’(


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>>835399807Not so fast mister, are you not sure I'm a faggot and I'm looking at chad's bulge?And this is getting tedious since it seems you're kind of uncapable of reading, but I'm not even against reopening at this point, it's pretty much needed right now.My only argument is that it's idiotic to think that it's useless to try and save 50-60 year old peoples lives.Given the circumstances I know it's a rough situation and it's either putting people at risk or a pretty much assured death of the countrie's economy.But that doesn't make "lol they were gonna die anyways sooner or later" a good argument

>>835399991Which you could argue doesn't work since people are still dying. Yet we don't have governors and democrats demanding more restrictions when people die from both of those. So why is corona virus different? Because the president isn't a fucking democrat?


>>835399895Uhhh what? The guidelines are preventative measures, just like speed limit and DUI law. When someone breaks them, they are ticketed or arrested and punished. Your examples are utter shit because you’re retarded

>>835400187So how about this, we'll make the punishments similar to the driving consequences. Wear a mask in a public establishment or get arrested, just like if you get a DUI. Fair?

>>835391745>>99% recovery rate>>6% morality rate without underlying conditions>>Children don't die of corona virus>>Lel mask doesn't even workAlright nigger, get this. If there was no quarantine/masks and everyone did what they wanted, so that everyone got infected, a 6% mortality rate out of 7.6b people (2018 numbers) means that 456,000,000 people would die from covid. You niggerfaggot.Sage

>>835391745The numbers would be higher if people weren't wearing masks and taking other precautions.It's like saying we don't need electrical codes since the number of electrical fires decreased over the years.


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>>835400273not driving stops you from getting a duibut wearing a mask doesnt protect you from the china virus

>>835400187No you couldn’t, because the point is to prevent as much as possible within reason. There is no way to prevent every single vehicular fatality short of actually banning travel in them. The difference is, you guys are skyrocketing in Corona cases. Your preventative measures are failing specifically because of people like you. No one fights for the ability to drive drunk because they know it’s stupid and dangerous. For some reason, you faggot conservatives advocate for your government to expose you to danger rather than prevent what they can. That’s why you’ve run your now shithole country into the ground and even pajeets are laughing at you.

>>835391745/POL/ Holla Forums Holla Forums please die in a fiiiiiiiire!

>>835400273Except that will never happen and you know it. You're missing the point though. All of these ridiculous lockdowns and restrictions are being justified by "surges" and "deaths", so why isn't this same logic applied to car accidents or DUIs? I don't see a single person demanding we ban alcohol, even for a few weeks, when someone dies from a DUI. But granny dies from corona virus we have to do another lockdown. Of course they leave out the part where she had 10 underlying conditions.

>>835399490Wish Americans understood this. Can’t wait to leave this country, on my way out. American can burn for all I care.

>>835400496>The difference is, you guys are skyrocketing in Corona casesNo the fuck it isn't. And nobody gives a single fuck about this bullshit virus except for leftists and pussies like you. Most of America isn't even locked down it's mostly the Northeast and West Coast. The rest of America is open for business.

>>835400600>Can’t wait to leave this countryHave fun in Africa, faggot

>>835400442>not driving stops you from getting a duiSure, and not going out would stop you from getting arrested for not wearing a mask.>but wearing a mask doesnt protect you from the china virusAnd driving sober doesn't mean I won't be killed by a drunk driver.

>>835392081This nigga got AIDS!

>>835400442DUI arrests are designed to protect the other drivers, not you. So it does make sense to enforce mask regulations with a fine.

>>835400546Because we have something more strict in place to deal with drunk drivers. We punish them legally and limit or take away their ability to drive. There IS restrictions and bans on automobiles, dumb shit.

>>835400546>I don't see a single person demanding we ban alcohol, even for a few weeks, when someone dies from a DUI.Because there's already restrictions that exist, whereas people are arguing there should be no restrictions to prevent deaths from SARS-CoV-2.


>>835400672>So it does make sense to enforce mask regulations with a fine.No it doesn't. You're gonna fine somebody for walking on a fucking sidewalk without a mask by themselves, but they can go join a fucking protest with thousands of people shoulder to shoulder, half of whom don't wear masks. Do you people even understand how ridiculous you sound?>>835400696>Because we have something more strict in place to deal with drunk drivers.And people die anyway so obviously it's not enough. Where are the calls from your team to ban alcohol? I thought one death was too many?

>>835400625>Most of America isn’t even locked down>So I’m complaining and crying about nothing Sage

>>835391745Sheep will fly if you cut their nuts off! We have to follow the science!

>>835400625The North East is fine. The mid-west and south are the ones getting their comeuppance right now, for refusing to comply with virology.

>>835400767None of it should be locked down, that's the point. And maybe you missed the part where we have people running for president who want to shut down everything and force mask mandates, no matter what the fuck the current situation is at the moment. Let me guess they didn't tell you that in assfuck nowhere land.

>>835398549The problem is that conclusive cases means known cases. There are cases out there that are asymptomatic or low level which are never brought to the attention of the medical stat gatherers. There's also suspected cases that recuperate without confirmation. Such cases are known to exist, drive the effective mortality rate down, and are only calculable based on educated guesses.Add to that the number, somewhere between 6 and 100%, of mortalities where mortality was primarily due to the virus vs something else. We know it's at least 6% but we don't know how much higher it is than that. That affects actual mortality too and is basically unknown at this point.

6% is fucking huge you brainlet. That would be almost 4 million deaths.

>>835400766If you drink you are only harming yourself as long as you aren't operating a car or other equipment. If you don't wear a mask you are harming others. It's the same logic dipshit. As a society we put laws into place when your actions harm others.

>>835400849The south has been open since May and all the shit you faggots were crying about up to this point hasn't happened. Where are all the people dying in the streets? Where are the hopistals being flooded with grannys and trannys and tooth fairys and all this other shit you were crying about? It's almost like this whole thing turned out to be bullshit and instead of admitting you were wrong, you faggots instead double down on your stupdity. With Lord Fauci doing the media circuit, preaching this hur dur wear your face diaper and stay home like a fucking pussy.

>>835400766People can be by themselves. They can't walk into a grocery store because "muh rights!". Those same stores, I'll remind you, the same people were saying has rights over their customer service policy. Now they don't. Because they're hypocrites.

>>835400417No there is no way you can say with any certainty that wearing masks had any affect whatsoever because there is no "no mask" comparison. Your electric code analogy doesn't fit at all. With electric codes you can show over x number of years without codes there was a certain average number of electric fires per year and after codes for y number of years the average number of electric fires was significantly lower. Mind you this isn't absolute proof that electric codes was the primary factor since electric fires may have been reduced by some other variable. But it is at least evidence consistent with the hypothesis. There is no such comparison for masks. There isn't even really comparable ways to compare across countries thanks to differences in demographics, differences in comorbidity and differences in social events. ,

>>835400898>6% is fucking huge you brainlet. That would be almost 4 million deaths.It's not 6% of the population.It's not 6% of cases.it's 6% of the 0.4-4% (depending on source) of cases who die while positive for COVID, which are definitely absolutely for sure dying because of covid with no other possible primary cause.

>>835401035You have to remember, even those numbers are cooked>Man dies of car accident>Tests positive for COVID>Count him as COVID death

>>835401016You can look at countries or states with low or high mask usage and see there doesn't seem to be any correlation on infection, which kinda proves they don't make a difference (or else obviously high usage countries/states would have less cases than low usage ones)

>>835401180You forgot this.

Attached: 1595344507801.png (914x1221, 650.59K)

>>835400995Florida is on fire, Arizona is on fire, and Iowa is just now revising their lock-down policy. Oh, look who is NOT racking up 2000+ cases per day...

Attached: covid snip 9-3-20.png (1618x1134, 91.83K)

>>8354008986% of the 180k deaths, so like 9k people... (out of the millions who had it)

>>835401224Yup, I wouldn't be surprised if the actual deaths of COVID alone is half that number

Attached: 1586279534575.jpg (700x720, 75.64K)

>>835401016Are you fucking retarded? Texas and Florida cases were skyrocketing until they mandated mask wearing. Now they are going dramatically down.Stop being a little bitch. Just wear a fucking mask until there is a vaccine... just in case it is helping lowering the cases. It hurts no one to do that.

>>835401223That's just a bullshit fucking trump fact. Countries with high mask usage have a much lower infection rate across the board.

>>835401180The number of excess deaths compared to the average rate is about 180k. The number of COVID-19 deaths is about 180k. Even if some deaths are being unfairly attributed to COVID-19, others are being missed, so they average out. If the numbers were being cooked, you wouldn't see a rise in all-cause mortality.

>>835401277>Florida is on fire, Arizona is on fireYeah, from the fucking heat maybe. They haven't had any problems with COVID deaths this entire time. This has not been anywhere close to the doomsday pandemic you retards were saying it would be. Why are you so desperate to hold on to this bullshit lie? You want Biden to win that badly? For what?

>>835401224What would she even know? She's just another blind supporter who got thrown into a role she doesn't belong in.

>>835401368If masks work then why is California still seeing a huge surge in cases? And try to answer without bringing up Trump this time

>>835401370>Admits Covid deaths are unfairly attributed>Defends by saying others are being missed>It averages outJust stop. If you are openly admitting that lying is ok, then you can just end yourself. The unfairly attributed far outweigh the ones missed.

>>835400186Getting tired of waiting for a reply. Will check on it tomorrow morning if you decide to just acknowledge the message, or make up some other shit about my life, that part was even fun.

>>835401180>You have to remember, even those numbers are cooked> Car accident covid deathWell.. sort of. This figure was done after trying to filter for other causes of death, that's the point. In that case death would be something like > covid> massive trauma from car accident> heart attack(or whatever)so it should have been counted as one of the other 94% of cases, in this calculation.Obviously, in some cases this won't apply, and in others it'll have been misfiled, it probably balances out.

>>835401528Now kill yourself.

Attached: retard.jpg (1200x720, 144.37K)

>>835401435>Doesn't know who Dr. Brix is.>"Just another blind supporter"The White House has appointed world-renowned global health official and physician Ambassador Deborah Birx to the Office of the Vice President to aid in the whole of government response to COVID-19 as the Coronavirus Response Coordinator.Also, She started under Obama, just gonna point that out there for the rest of the left tards on this board.

>>835401223Masks, lockdown, and social distancing all go hand-in-hand. My state got it handled, and the ones doing the best are the most sparsely populated OR the ones with a willingness to comply with social orders. Oregon is doing very well, a Western state in proximity to CA, but statistically behaving very differently to states where people are protesting so much. Go figure.

>>835391745The fact of the matter is that the medical infrastructure in countries practicing late-stage capitalism are inadequate to the task of treating any pandemic.All the sound and fury have had to do with the fear our elites have of having their paltry hospitals overloaded with morbidity.

>>835401356Every area hit by a virus is going to see a rapid jump followed by a leveling off and then a decrease. There is nothing that suggests masks had any influence on this pattern other than your wishful thinking. Nice little propaganda shill aren't you? I'm sure you'll be demanding everyone take the vaccine as well? A vaccine that was rushed through development by an industry that regularly sells people toxins as medicine when they actually have to go through the regular development process. A vaccine that is only required to show a 50% efficacy.

>>835401677"She specializes in HIV/AIDS immunology, vaccine research and global health"The only reason she is in this position now, is because of blind faith towards trump. There is no fucking reason why someone with no background in virology or pandemic response should be in charge of this task force. This is like taking someone who knows HTML and telling them to write the AI for a self driving car.

>>835392363HIV was never proven to cause AIDS. Bob Gallo bullshitted America. Fauci and he got very rich of AIDS.

>>835400876Hey guy, those mandates and shut downs are already a thing. States govern themselves. Biden couldn’t do anything outside of a federal mandate which would piss EVERYONE off across the board.

>>835401677Poor Dr Birx, we hardly knew her.

Attached: covid birx.jpg (1200x627, 97.71K)

>>835401810>Vaccine research>Global healthYup, sure don't need any of that. Its not like we have Doc. Faucci on it as well. Oh no, we don't need any Vaccine research, get her out of there.


>>835402005Reagan did the same thing with a flu vaccine. Killed a whole lot of people with it, too.MAGA!

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>>835401397You can look up the numbers yourself. Florida is 3rd and AZ is 7th in total cases. Florida is 3rd in daily deaths. AZ is lacking in that regard, maybe because it's dry, people have historically gone there when they have lung problems. But their population is densely located, and trending upward - probably because of colleges starting again.

>>835401603That was weeks ago junior. We're talking about today.

When we find ourselves in times of Covid, Donny Dumpy's on TV braying his words of wisdom, "Let it bleed!"Let it bleed.

Attached: covid mass grave.jpg (960x898, 95.81K)

youtu.be/wy3frBacd2kJust in case any of you faggots want to know where Fauci comes from. A Bush creation. Pic not really rated.

Attached: 1598660925106.jpg (768x544, 47.17K)

>>835402130How are you this fucking stupid? It takes 1-2 weeks to get the results of the test.

>>835391745Yeah. Corona restrictions are starting to feel ridiculous. Looking at the statistics of deaths, recovery and spread... the Swedish model looks like the best one. Keep everything open as usual, but promote reasonable physical distancing and personal hygiene. Stay at home if you feel ill, and if you're old and have underlying conditions. Apart from that: Just enjoy life as normal.

>>835394600already debunked user: try harder

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>>835401370>The number of excess deaths compared to the average rate is about 180k. The number of COVID-19 deaths is about 180kThis is an extremely broad generalization to make (even assuming your stats are correct). There are many changed conditions that can affect the numbers in both directions here.Do you actually have the stats for the 180k numbers btw? Just curious to see them in full context (not doubting that the numbers are out ther)

>>835401548>The unfairly attributed far outweigh the ones missed.It's the other way around.

>>835401677>>Doesn't know who Dr. Brix is.> DERE YOU GO, DEBORAH BRIX, HOW YOU RIKE DAT, YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKER!

>>835402163So far obama nigger has a higher death count with swine flu. Which he didn't even talk about untill it spread for 6 months

>>835391745Go kill yourself fucking qtard

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>>835402435cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm1,850,449 deaths from all causes111% of expected deaths183,378 excess deaths171,787 COVID-19 deaths176,121 pneumonia deathsPneumonia deaths is another interesting number. Most years average around 50k-60k: lung.org/getmedia/98f088b5-3fd7-4c43-a490-ba8f4747bd4d/pi-trend-report.pdf.pdf

>>83540262735% of excess deaths were not from covid. And 94% of covid deaths are pretty much just guessing that covid them

Attached: 1557275015070.jpg (746x772, 54.85K)

>>835402349Its not "debunked", you conveniently leave out the study showed 15% and he was incorrect, but not wrong. Try dropping a source, not a screenshot nobody can RTFA themselves, user. You'll seem less like a shill.

>>835402708>35% of excess deaths were not from covid.Huh? Where do you get 35% from these numbers?183,378 excess deaths171,787 COVID-19 deaths>And 94% of covid deaths are pretty much just guessing that covid themSo the 120k excess pneumonia deaths is just a huge coincidence?

>>835402708So 94% of people that went to the hospital had complications related to their health at least 3 months before they caught Covid-19? For example they were obese and caught Covid-19?

>>835402627What is the expected deaths number based on? What model?

>>835402627>cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htmCool, thanks!

>>835402713I can think of one now long dead demonrat that switched sides at the last second on the senate floor because he was a crypto demonrat.

>>835402939>What model?It's based on averages from previous years. A fluctuation of 10k to 20k may be expected. Almost two hundred thousand is not, nor a tripling of pneumonia deaths.

>>835402862Some people have chronic pneumonia or asthma. You can get pneumonia pretty easily and be otherwise healthy. And a lot of deaths were happening in the spring, when people were cooped up all winter and still kicking it. Its gonna happen again this winter.

>>835391745Are you really too retarded to understand how high a 6% mortality rate is? Kill yourself, you're doing nothing but being a shitty dis-informant.

>>835402713Honestly, Trump being an amateur politician, it took a few years before he really got the hang of it. He didn't fire the people he should have after taking office and made some bad hiring choices elsewhere too. Normally new presidents that are professional politicians have everything lined up ready to go in the first few days/weeks/months.By the time he really got going, it was too late.

>>835391745If it is a 6% mortality rate without underlying conditions then it's about what they said it was back in the beginning. Actually a bit higher, maybe double. So I am not sure why the Trumptards keep posting 6% Durr hurr de durrIt's fucking double what they originally thought it was and that's for people WITHOUT comorbidities. Fucking brick for brains. looool

>>835391745Children do die from it retard.

>>835391745Spanish flu is estimated at 2.5% morality by the CDC (likely underestimated, but still), and managed to kill off roughly 50 million people just over 100 years ago. 6% is terrifying if Covid has a similar infection rate (which it seems to so far).

>>835403155No retard the mortality rate isnt 6% 6% of all deaths listed as corona are actually corona.Why did heart attacks and strokes go away at the same time xorona virus deaths peaked?

>>835391745Theres some skit comedy or w/e where its like doomsday and the dad is a preppet so they ride it out in the bunker, but then it turns out to be nothing on radio but family is getting along so well in bunker that dad decides to pretend the apocalypse happened and they have to stay in the bunker until eventually they figure it out.Family Guy, simpsons something like that.

>>835403281the flu in 2018 was at 10% and no one gave a fuck

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Attached: 1504389423231.jpg (465x583, 96.99K)

>>835402005Vaccine is being rushed because that was the latest goal post set by the dems to reopen society/economy they shut down over overblown Covid reaction. And that still doesn't change the fact that its your ilk that will demanding everyone take it. You can see Faucci and others already prepping the propaganda on that one. The accusations of being an anti-vaxxer if you don't want the covid vaccine are already being made.But since you've done nothing but scream and shout insults your argument must be more valid, right?

>>835403093That can't be right. You don't just average previous years... Stop talking out of your ass

>>835402229This. The rational response rather than the politicized response. Not the first time democrats have politicized a health crisis. Except when they politicized AIDs they were arguing the other direction when it came to restrictions.

>>835403175>If it is a 6% mortality rate without underlying conditions then it's about what they said it was back in the beginningIt's 6% of the 0.01%, but good job making yourself look like an idiot

>>835403514Trump is trying to rush it so it's done before the election to try to boost his numbers. Why are red states like Texas and Florida putting restrictions on people if this is all for show?Just kill yourself already.

>>835403514This whole virus shit doesnt matter if your a shitskin minority. I see them walking around everywhere without masks and having gatherings inside their mosques, temples and resturaunts. But when it comes to white people its 100% mandatory you wear a mask like a good BDSM cuck. Then you cannot gather if you are white or face 25k fine. Also you cant open a business if youre white. Literally everyone snitching on "spreaders" are all butthurt shitlibs that hate white people so they seek any possible way to gain control on them. They dont snitch out shitskins however nor the police/government ever prosecute minorities because we all know every single police department is all liberal faggots who agree with the marxist narrative that>white people be racist

>>835403703>Trump is trying to rush it so it's done before the election to try to boost his numbersLmao so now you retards are going to be anti-vaccine? It's like you want to fucking lose this election

>>835403708Minorities are dying at a higher rate, so they're hurting themselves by not wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines.

>>835403708It's pointless to try to get them to do anything. White people know better and are held to a higher standard.

>>835403281No Zika is terrifying because a mosquito bite can result in your normal, healthy baby becoming a retarded mutant. Unless you're immune compromised, Covid is nothing. Covid can be dealt with by not interacting with people when sick.

>>835403757I'll take it if it was properly tested. I'll let you trump cucks be the guinea pigs.

>>835403774>No Zika is terrifying because a mosquito bite can result in your normal, healthy baby becoming a retarded mutant.Is that what happened to you?

>>835403900You're gonna be the guinea pig, retard. Unless you're one of those faggots who lives in a red state but loves to bitch about "those rednecks" all day.

>>835403708>>835403764If you read state and local mandates some have protesting as an exemption. I find it interesting that I have yet to see a single mainstream source mention a single positive Covid test coming from a protest or statue destruction when the media so gleefully points out every covid case resulting from whites gathering. You'll notice the mainstream has temporarily dropped mentioning Covid hits blacks harder now that they're pushing for continued BLM protesting..

>>835403514>the latest goal post set by the demsYou fucking useless moron.

>>835394836I wouldn't mock cry if I was you. You're complaining about wearing a mask, which requires such little effort. Only the fattest, dumbest hicks don't want to wear masks. You can't be this dumb, it's not scientifically possible.

>>835391745>>99% recovery rate...not counting the part where almost all victims get long-term (permanent ?) heart, lung and/or brain damage.

>>835403982You'll suck Trump's cock, but you won't take his vaccine? What type of a bitch are you? I'll take it as long as he has no influence on when it's ready to be distributed. If he was somehow forcing the CDC to approve it early, I'm not taking it.

>>835397227>it's just the left and their overlords that are still pushing this bullshitso why are you still wearing a mask? just rebel, mr. badasss


Attached: not-lupus.jpg (1920x1200, 156.82K)

>>835404120You mean the shit that never happens? But let me guess, you have a crystal ball that lets you see into the future>>835404165>I'll take itWe know you will, because your overlords command it. You will eat that hot shit on a plate, because you were told to do so. You're good at following orders.


Attached: mdha.jpg (1286x670, 163.99K)

>>835398853You're too dumb to be anything close to an adult. IF you are, and that's a mighty big if, you should neck yourself. You're a poor excuse for a man. You're a poor excuse for a worm. In equal amounts.

>>835403951Its nice to see the people who are filled with such blind rage and hate be so concerned about my health. By your thinking all the democrats should be arguing free choice on masks because all the ant-maskers would killing each other off faster. All you "fear Covid" people could hide in your homes for a month and let the world go back to business and according to you we'd all be dead. But of course the reality is you're terrified that nothing more happens and nobody would notice you're gone

>>835403590>That can't be right. You don't just average previous years... Stop talking out of your assYes you do."Percent of expected deaths is the number of deaths for all causes for this week in 2020 compared to the average number across the same week in 2017–2019."

>>835402583You're so cute.

Attached: 1577871941798.jpg (720x763, 63.65K)

>>835404210I'll take it because I know 4 people who got it and very sick and 1 person who died from it. Yes, I'll take a properly tested vaccination to prevent getting it.


Attached: 1488429770391.jpg (600x673, 57.67K)

>>835402583>So far obama nigger has a higher death count with swine flu.Source? Flu and pneumonia deaths in 2009 and 2010 were typical of other years in the USA.

>>835404354>I'll take itYes, you already told us that. Get on your knees. Your Lord and Savior, King Biden is going to make a speech soon.

>>835404272We aren't concerned about your health, we all hope you die. We are concerned about people like you spreading it to others because you're fucking retarded.

>>835404317So that doesn't account for change in population or any demographic changes? The morality rate has been increasing since 2009.

>>835404420Yes, I'll vote for the guy with early dementia before I'd ever vote for someone who wears spray tan every fucking day.

>>835404440>We hope you die>Wear your face diaperYou see how that doesn't hold up, right?

>>835404598>I'll vote for the guy with early dementia before I'd ever vote for someone who wears spray tan every fucking day.You're retarded, I understand. Btw you're not voting for King Biden, you're voting for Queen Harris. I'm sorry you lack the brain cells to figure that out on your own, so I had to tell you. You should blame your whore mother for not putting down the Hennessy while she was carrying you.

>>835404605The face diaper doesn't protect you, it protects us from you. Same reason why doctors wear them during surgery. You are so fucking retarded.

>>835404712>The face diaper doesn't protect you, it protects us from youSure, so you can wear one all you like and stay home like a scared little bitch. Everyone else will on go with life, as usual. Is there a problem with that? Why does King Biden and Queen Harris need a mask mandate?