Drawthread: Crunchy Penis Syndrome Edition

Drawthread: Crunchy Penis Syndrome Edition

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>>835391661Crunchy munchy

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>>835391704lmao yeah crunchy penis time

>>835391728no its a crunchy penis

Requesting a raptor girl with sunglasses

>>835391731Who is she?

/r/ fuzzball drawn in the pose on the bottom

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>>835391870idk it was a req----------anywayOne req so i can finally fuck off and play vidya?

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make it teeth

>>835391964David Pumpkins and his stand the Spooky Scary Skeletons?

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real thread>>835391546>>835391546>>835391546

>>835391964Cuck a girl by diddling her boy

>>835392025wrong. crunchy penis time.

1- sorry for never finihsing this, if ur around post a ref and i can finish now cuz im feeling way better2- might be taking requests but who knows

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>>835392025Here we see dante throwing a fit because he didn't get his way.Expect cope/seethe/obsessed spam.

>>835391661Requesting shortstack sexytime.

>>835392499yes, give me good shortstacks and i will sketch

/r/ her in a vinyl/leather dominatrix outfit

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>>835392025Can you attention whore your furry cringe somewhere else

Dante has been diagnosed with Crunchy Penis Syndrome.Adjust your deliveries to him accordingly.

Requesting her getting filled up with dick/cum/whatever so much her belt is deformed/snapped

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>>835392511throwing hat in

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>>835392171How about Shin Godzilla splitting into two?

Slut her up

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>>835392020working on it>>835392032nah

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>>835392778holy shitthank you!

fuck you this is the real thread>>835391546>>835391546>>835391546>>835391546>>835391546

>>835392900>thanks for bumping my thread

>>835392778I’ll get you to draw it one day, until then have a good one

/r/ peaches drawn in the pose on the bottom right bonus points if she’s wearing her beret alongside the clothing on the top right

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>>835392900>fuck you this is the real threadIs that why the cbt guy is in there and not here?Haha what a real thread you have.

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>>835392993>even cbt guy is saying that thread is worthless lmao

>>835393042>>835392993im only there because dante is a fucking retard trying to wrest some control even though he basically does nothing

>>835392715i tried drawing her from behind, not too great feel free to rerequest or whatever>>835392772sorry i am literally terrible with anyhting less than human

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hello thread any req?

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>>835393757maybe a continuation of the image you posted? or a titfuck from it?barring that, maybe otama giving user head

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I gave this a shot for you guys.

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>>835393757Requesting the right pic but with Meicoomon.

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>>835393894and you were saying you wouldn't do goodthis looks awesome

>>835393905over here >>835391546

>>835394030nah dante that shit is dead

Requesting Timmy and AJ. standing on chairs and having sex with these women.

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heyo , should we music ?

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>>835393757Was wondering if you could give this one a shot? >>835392524

>>835393757Hilda giving a POV deepthroat with cum oozing.

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>>835394163over here >>835391546

>>835392800>sorry user i got tired i hope this humble offering will suffice>>835392942maybe yeajust right now im not feeling gay lewds>>835393894awwshiet nicethank you famnice and cute!-----anyway im gon fuck off now see ya

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>>835393757Pic related fucked full nelson please

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>>835394167Funny, I was about to post some. Been feeling down lately.youtu.be/S3pteHVvV8Q

>>835393579Why would I rerequest? You did well. If you could clean it up a bit with just a couple fixes it'd be more than great. Even if you don't want to, thank you.

/r/ rosey drawn in the pose in the middle. whether she is naked, wearing underwear or fully clothed is up to you.

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>>835394367SEND ME the fixes and i might

>>835393894wtf she’s hot

I'm baaaack boiiisa nice request out there? preferably safe

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>>835394505what's the real thread? :/

>>835394657that one because it was created first

>>835394640One of these please

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>>835394429biggen the chest and make the body shorter and itd be perfect shortstack content

>>835393757Requesting Tatsumaki fucked on the tip of her toes by Saitama hard.

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>>835394640Requesting a Brethren Moon to have spaghetti for dinner.

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Please give girl Fry lineart and coloring

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>>835394768maybe not SUPER biggened, but

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>>835392993cbt guy?

>>835394939Fantastic stuff, Drawfriend. You've got our thanks!

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>>835395055im glad to give you somehtin worthwhile! thanks for ur patience

>>835394939This is great and exactly what I meant. Thank you!>>835395055Wait who are you

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Requesting Obstagoon sucking on cock & balls at the same time while softly squeezing the base of his groin.

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/r/ metalhead cow anthro playing double-necked guitar

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>>835394730full anthro or like in their toy design?if you design I already have something fun in mind>>835394930lol okay

>>835395113Just someone who knows the character, saw your earlier request that never got filled and I'm going to get it done for you so stay tuned

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Requesting any creature in this position (not human) getting his nuts squeezed by a machine/hydraulic arm.

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>>835393894can I request her bending over in the playboy outfit showing her fat ass and pillowy thighs? open to anyone not just the same artist

>>835395240>full anthro or like in their toy design?if you design I already have something fun in mindI don't mind whatever.

Requesting this Tatsumaki being fucked hard by a shota and/or giving a footjob to one. (Also an anchor for person who was doing it)

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Requesting Ava Ire with big tits, embarrassingly holding them up for the viewer

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>>835395225That doesn't seem like an anthro that's just a monster girl

>>835393811imma do this one

Requesting a catboy in this position, posing, and dress.

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>>835392715>>835394939MADE FOR BLACK COCK. do a version getting blacked

>>835393757Pic related being a tease with a hand job.

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>>835394640Is that motherfucking Anton Chiguhr watching furrys have sex?

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>>835395702No fuck off.

>>835395702honestly, agreed

Is Kranny here?

>>835395304>Rawrrrr!!hope you like it>>835395482so anthro>>835395776so you do see him

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>>835396129yeah ^^

>>835394657this one because dante is a retard and we shouldn't give retards thread control.

>>835394939damn this is nice, any socials?

>>835396439You should post all of your older deliveries to your Twitter too! Can I request something for you to put on your Twitter? Don't want to be greedy

Requesting anything with

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>>835396392Requesting a follow up where Anton is aiming his big silenced shotgun at them. Friendo

can i get a girl who looks dead inside and has a giant messy ponytail

>>835394780from the another thread ^^>>835396563yeah np

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>>835396616>>835396392My god can you do this but have her be a squirrel or something?

>>835396542oh yeah i go by trueoculus on pretty much everything,

>>835396701Would you do: >>835395692

Please can you draw Gittarackur? I always thought Illumi looked cooler this way. Thanks

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>>835396818>>835396701Oops sorry, forgot to tag you

>>835396701why did you abandon my thread kranny ;_;

>>835396856crunchy penis is clearly supieror

>>835396856eat shit and die dante

>>835394640requesting him but just chilling please

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>>835395251Thank you strange shark person


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>>835396856oh sorry this seems more active :(>>835396844oka ^^>>835396817oka

>>835397220Who is the victim?

>>835397243Stay here kranny!

>>835395364a sketch is all you get

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requesting her just chilling

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>>835397243Great, thanks!

>>835394930Nom.>>835396605that sound shilarious but this setup is in skyrim so it wouldn't be the same, passing on that one>>835396765sure>>835397220oh hi mark>>835397243we got candy, bubblegum and taffyI GOT WATER ON MY FUCKING GLOVE AAAAAAAAAI'll be back after this thing dries

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Can i request this girl from Akairiot's generator?

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>>835397964Water + Glove = BAD

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>>835393811welp i suck more now

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>>835397964What about Anton's silenced Steel Longsword

I want Calvin and Hobbes girl to step on me. This is not a request this is a cry for help.


>>835397292a talking frog wizardhis forest is burning>>835397964hi

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>>835396817^^>>835397964bubblegum??????? nice

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>>835398758but why :(

Requesting him jacking off his big uncut dick

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>>835398983isn't the owner heavily against nsfw of this character?

>>835399081>isn't the owner heavily against nsfw of this character?

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>>835398805Thank you!

>>835398705>>835399053thanks lads i really need to practice more

>>835399153>wojaklol i get it now.

pee pee

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>>835399380Poo poo now please draw a cutie pie

>>835399380You are the worst drawfag after Dante

>>835399543thats not dante you dingus

>>835399586Read it again you fucking moron

>>835393757>>835398495SavedFucking glorious

>>835399380NC, would you draw Tai's wolf twink in your style? Ideally also saying something lewd, but can be SFW.

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>>835392672Character name?

>>835394939shit this is nice

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>>835397220>>835398758I'm always happy when you come around?

>>835399726lmao thank you, i wasnt too sure but with more than 2 praises im now willing to say its good, thank u!!

>>835399543 new canvas is a pretty solid artist though

>>835399750That was supposed to be a . not a ?


>>835397725still taking requests btw, >>835399380honestly, huge fan of new canvas im love u

Go back to trash faggots.

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>>835399869pick one>samefag>shit taste + retarded

>>835397964Thank you for the delivery!

>>835399543But >>835397725 isn’t far behind, neither is >>835398495

>>835400017yup i suck and i know it

>>835398968the adventure got too cuteso i burned down his house and the forest and i started punching the frog wizard until i was covered in his blood>>835399750>>835399873ohreally

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/r/ pic related, tied down to a sybian and cumming her brains out, her pussy juices squirting out and leaking along the sides of it.

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>>835399945New canvas is a decent artist who does very fast and loose sketches. if you're an artist you should be able to tell he knows what he's doing underneath the messy lines. Id like to see pieces he spends more time on

>>835400170Pain packer! Rising sun! BURNT BY THE SUN

>>835400204lol every drawfag here does fast loose sketches, new canvas just does them shittily because he cant draw. he spends too much time on all his scribbles as they all look like polished turds, pieces he would spend a lot of time on would look like shit but maybe with less scribble lines

If you're taking requests:Draw Yotsuba wearing an MF DOOM mask, if you haven't already done so beforePlease and thank you. God bless

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Salutations, any quick colouring requests?

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>>835400315beggars cant be choosers my friend

>>835400170I genuinely do.

>>835400332fuckin, are there any lewds of psi?

>>835400170did you draw this?

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Attached: Gittarackur.png (1191x1684, 422.69K)

>>835400332you could try n color this?

Attached: 1599092591938.jpg (1858x1744, 239.18K)

>>835400320I remember you from years ago, sup MFDOOM?

>>835400499colours and thanks no matter whatalso

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>>835400393is that the same girl?and yeah he drew that.

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>>835400516I'm not MF DOOM the rapper, you goober. I'm just the guy that asks for the same request every now and then lolDoing good, though. You?

>>835400017>>835393894Is pretty bad too but he’s tolerable.

hii thread

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>>835400413Thank you he looks amazing! I'd let him stick that in my skull. Thank you, goodnight Kranny

>>835400563I know...I saw you HERE years ago goober. AM GOOT, THANK

>>835391661you niggers never actually draw anything in these threads

>>835400320gimme a secccc tryin dis out agaen

>>835400332Requesting colors

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>>835400773They're air drawped in, we're in famine.

>>835400413If you're still taking requests, could you try >>835393905 ?

>>835399684is just a draft okay?

Attached: New canvas0932.jpg (1062x1548, 1.22M)

>>835400383No, why..?>>835400499Will do>>835400809Colouring ref?

Attached: _Sitting and thinking_.png (768x768, 69.23K)

>>835400383just wait until he requests some

>>835400223kerchow>>835400361idkim happy i make you happy>>835400393>>835400534hahayeah

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>>835400897>Colouring ref? imgur M3ANIX5

IZ ME, NewCanvas™, here to draw foir the PEN15 club

Attached: canvas is a bitch.png (960x960, 521.09K)

>>835401024some kinda personal vendetta against the guy?

>>835400867Looks cool, thanks

>>835401024It’s convincing because it looks like dogshit, very clever

>>835400897idk i figured there would be since there were beta lewds

>>835400936Can I ask about the elyssia req?>>835401024Ako what the fuck lol

>>835400854oh yeah just waitme a minute i'm doing this >>835395225 ^^

Requesting this dragon smashing army jeeps.

Attached: Dating_woes_in_the_furry_universe.png (613x613, 103.17K)


>>835395271I tried, I don’t know how to connect her torso with the perspective, so it could be just anyone’s ass. Sorry!

Attached: A7991B42-2364-4B09-9942-079E5B361DCB.jpg (1875x3130, 1.1M)

>>835400320>>835400800okie dokes

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>>835394939requesting dat ass pumped up

Attached: muh.jpg (1125x1096, 119.84K)

>>835401600Much appreciated, brother. Looks good as hell!

>>835401424Did you do it?How have you been btw?

>>835396765this took an embarrassingly long time>>835398758doing fine I hope?>>835398805the one that never goes bad>>835398964no worries>>835396981eh, sorry but passing on that onenot feeling it

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Requsting this dormaus girl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eaten alive by a large, man-eating snake.>She's ridin' the snakes dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her>The snake coils up around her legs, its mouth open ready to swallow her head first>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach>A two-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out

Attached: dormouse00.jpg (850x1410, 252.34K)


Attached: 80373357_p0.png (640x842, 482.66K)

>>835401674Surrre thang! Glad ya liekd it d00d~!

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Attached: dormouse02.jpg (1200x1650, 464.83K)


Attached: 1582758748473.png (992x1403, 850.3K)


Attached: dormouse05.jpg (2000x2500, 1023.31K)

>>835401813its a lot of scribbles and lines stillim still playing with the pose and the angle>>835401819imyeah

>>835401063naw man i love NewCanvas, hes a cool fag>>835401098ha ha poopoo draw, funny goblin boy>>835401170dont you like the shota?

Attached: stupid stone.jpg (3508x3508, 349.39K)

>>835401915is this the real skanks


Attached: metalica_cow.png (1191x1684, 626.2K)

>>835397725Oh well i'll take a sketch. It's surely cute enough to keep. Thank you user

>>835401819/r/ing doyle interacting with someone who's entire life was destroyed by the skooma he made

>>835402205i love you too ako

Attached: New canvas0933.jpg (1275x1856, 437.81K)

>>835402388im glad you like it, sorry theres not more.


>>835402462this one might take some timeI'll cose workshop with it

But it's 23:22:40

sup nerds?

Attached: Untitled-1.png (800x800, 91.67K)

>>835402735Run with me Trinket, if not youll be eliminated

Attached: falling.jpg (1600x1200, 103.17K)

>>835402780you're trying extra hard to circlejerk today huh

I’m gonna take some requests when I get home to try to expand my art abilities(tm). Quality not insured!

Attached: E895C1CE-E1CF-48DE-AC7B-D33FABD07EFB.jpg (1411x2547, 1.07M)

>>835402169What have you been up to lately?

>>835402909draw that girl showing her arse

>>835402247deeeeeepends~ whoooo be askinnn???

Attached: Skankychan.png (778x565, 19.15K)

>>835402961oh shit its dat boi>>835402780>I haven't actully played the game yet.

Attached: Untitled-1.png (800x800, 106.06K)


>>835402387Thanks a bunch!


Attached: cutie.png (1191x1684, 332.16K)

>>835402205fuck you


>>835394931I love futurama. I watched the whole thing more than 10 times.

Attached: ayy3cobra.png (919x1491, 239.95K)

>>835403312That is so adorable! Thanks kranny!


requesting her but semi-nude

Attached: horny.jpg (1440x1360, 153.97K)


Attached: Untitled-1.png (800x800, 140.24K)

>>835403019ayyyyyyyyyy wadddupppp treeeeeeeenkit

Attached: Skankychan.png (778x565, 31.33K)

>>835402961I'm gonna cry if i don't find out.

Attached: these aren't uwu feelings.jpg (700x394, 208.54K)

>>835403638Thanks!! Really nice foreskin btw

>>835403634>kidrat cop straight shota when?

/r/ more porn of him please, but remove the batman logo

Attached: chub.png (1548x2000, 404.23K)

>>835403019hmmm I look a little the same

Attached: fall.png (595x839, 90.46K)

>>835403773die, asshole

>>835403554fuck you, hypocrite

>>835403638Mark my words in a couple days someone will ask me to draw this guy using this pic as reference.

>>835403674Fien fien, fret nawt me luv~ Fore eeet is i!! The skanks~

Attached: Skankychan.png (777x777, 180.61K)

>>835403668you know...trying to not go crazy...slowly failing...

Attached: Untitled-1.png (800x800, 124.56K)

>>835403977I've been hurt before.

Attached: cry.png (420x420, 148.42K)

>>835400499>>>835400908I will never ask for lewds of Psi>>835401117I've used Psi less than I've used Beta and people don't really hit on him

Attached: _gooey 💋_.png (1858x1744, 1.12M)

>>835404307spot on, thank you!

>>835403554Thank you so much! Looks perfect!

>>835403980Oh! That doesn't sound gud.... You should try having a good wenk! goin crazy with lust is better than crazy craze!!>>835404051whomst hurt you my precious reaction cat based user~?

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>>835402909>one request lole

>>835403634post the original

Attached: 1598480792262.jpg (720x960, 131.56K)

>>835404460>goin crazy with lust is better than crazy craze!!true. its been a dry spell.

>>835403634Seconded if she's wearing everything but pants or panties.

>>835403634requesting her pregnant

any WIP of this? if your still in the progress of coloring this thats fine im just curious

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