Hey Holla Forums whats your method for growing Psilocybin mushroom...

Hey Holla Forums whats your method for growing Psilocybin mushroom? Also what are some reliable stores I can buy spores/syringes?

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>>835390941Never grown them but from my understanding it is rather difficult to grow them indoors/in a controlled environment as certain species grow on the decaying roots of grass in acidic soil (liberty caps). You might have some luck growing them in a suitable field, or just some other species altogether.

>>835392103>never grown themIt shows. As long as you keep everything sterile it’s very easy to grow them and there are a million places to read about it. Reddit and Shroomery are good places to start.

>>835390941I'm actually in the spawn stage of my first ever grow. We'll see how it goes. There are countless great videos on YouTube with step by step easy instructions. It's truly not very difficult at least to get started. I'm sure mastery is tough but the basics are simple. Sterility is key from everything I read. Reddit also a great resource.

Its easy, just buy a growbox

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>>835390941Dude just fucking google it dont ask anyone here it's dangerous

>>835392103>never grown them but i’ll spout off about it anyway

>>835392912I want the thoughts of Holla Forums. I trust Holla Forums

I bought mine from Ralph’s spores. Built a poor mans pod. Basically an automated humidity dome. Shroomery has all the good info. It’s actually pretty simple. As long as you don’t fuck yo the inoculation they are easy. What else do you want to know

>>835393133>i trust Holla Forums>mfw

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>>835390941>eat mushrooms>go into forest>shit>cover shit in dirt>wait>eat more mushrooms >return to dirt covered shit>shit on dirt covered shit>cover in dirt>repeat>wait>profit

>>835393345what species of magic mushroom yields the highest?is there any real benefits buying a grow box vs building your own? Whats a good site I can buy spores from?This would be my first grow ever so i apologies for being stupid

I use to grow golden teachers indoors on horse poop. Was easy grown in plastic tub. Now I find cow shit with them growing on it. take off shrooms so not illegal bring home to yard and let them grow there. Profit

>>835393789I grow golden teachers. It’s a common cubensis strain. I buy them from Ralph’s spores. There are lots of good places to buy them from.

>>835394213Same fag Just build your own box. No need to buy some premade shit. All the materials are readily available from amazon or Home Depot.

>>835393789Just get yourself a plastic tub with a clear lid. Basic monotub seems the easiest. Try to spend as little money as possible on the setup as possible. It's not rocket science no need for an Apollo budget. I bought from Premium Spores. Came highly recommended to me. Most spore places I've found won't take debit cards but premium spires has a 15% discount for bitcoin which I use regularly anyway so worked out great for me. They also have cash options. I'm going Koh Samui Super Strain for the first time. Heard they're easy to grow and quite contaminate resistant. We'll see. The old standbys are golden teachers and b+. Penis envy will bring a higher premium but they're a pain to grow from what I can tell.

>>835393789the highest is the magic mushroom paddo, it has twice as much as the highest.

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>>835393789Just build your own, its very easy. You would have to be retarded to pay for a kit.

look into leddit's uncle bens forum.for educational purposes only.

>>835392103Don’t listen this retard. Grew shrooms just for fun last year for the first time indoors with 4 monogrow setups. Every step of the process went smoothly And was honestly easy as fuck. I grew the PES Hawaiian strain. Don’t get nervous, every shrooms forum you go to everybody acts like it’s an art form That takes years to master and goes through retarded lengths to sterilize everything like it’s an operating room which does more harm than good. These people have nothing going for them in their lives and need to feel like they have knowledge nobody else has. Before you even order the supplies I would recommend just watching YouTube vids and browsing shroomery stores. Getting familiar with what contaminates look like on shrooms is the most important thing you can do. Just educate yourself, if you can’t do this on your own don’t bother. Even though it’s easy you wanna make sure you’re knowledgeable going into it bc there WILL be 30 different times throughout the process you will freak out over something harmless (OMG why are there yellows stains!?) etc, and end up fucking things up trying to fix something you didn’t need to fix in the first place.

How is keeping everything sterile doing more harm than good?

>>835395196>nothing going for them in their livesm8 you're on Holla Forums....

>>835392103Don’t listen to this guy. Growing is very easy, pic related

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dont grow them on decaying wood, youll make them paralyzing

>>835395196This guy grows. When I was reading all the forums they made it seem like you needed a whole sterile laboratory to grow, I did things my own way and it worked out fine. Granted you need to be somewhat sterile but you don’t need to go over the top. I would suggest starting with what’s called a “PFtek”, it’s simple and doesn’t require a pressure cooker. The pftek won’t produce a ton of Shrooms but it will give you enough knowledge to step into a monotub and start pressure cooking and if you mess up it won’t be too much of a loss.

>>835392855Nice penis envy Holla Forumsro

What do y'all use for substrate? Can I just get a bag of manure and some spores in a tub?

>>835396501No, that’s not how it works and honestly I wouldn’t start off with any strains that require manure. Manure strains are expert mode, they produce much smaller/less fruit and they contam much easier.

>>835396633Give me like a simple list of what I need if I want to forgo ordering a kit. This be the kit magicmushroomkit.ca/Mega-You-Grow-Monster-Magic-Mushroom-Spawn-Kit-p25.html

>>835392855How much do you get from your yield after you dry them?


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>>835396756That kit is shit and robbery.I don’t feel like writing a list. Goto shroomery.org and do your homework

>>835396962PE6. Penis envy crossed with Texans.

>>835390941Dude. Use Bing. Look it up on there and you'll find the proper forums with how to do it. Also if you live in canada you can just purchase a grow kit. I will say number one thing is go with a pre mixed substrate cultire rather than mixing it yourself because that's where most folk fuck up

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>>835395949God damn. That’s one hell of a shroom

>>835396756You can get all that put together for like 50 bucks. You just need:Spawn bags (3lbs) ($6/lb) Spores ($20 for 1 syringe is plenty to start)A large plastic tub ($15)Substrate (5lb $23)Casing (optional 2lb $12)Thats it. Everything else is an add on or can be made yourself even cheaper in the future if you continue the hobby.

>>835397056What would that sucker be dry? How many trips is that?

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>>835397260If I remember correctly it was around 80 grams wet so about 8 grams dry. I usually eat 3.5 grams so about 2 trips

>>835395018This, doing it right now and it's super effective and brain dead easy. Cheap as hell too


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>>835390941If you dont want to commit a ton of time and stuff PF tek is a good entry level growing option. However, I would just go straight to a monotub. You just need to pick a grain for your spawn jars. I normally use wild bird seed or yellow popcorn. Rye berry is common too. Dont listen to these idiots telling you to buy grow boxes or pre-mixed substrate, etc. Just use coco-coir and vermiculite 50/50 as your substrate. As you progress you can use manure or other soil enrichment, but this is not needed, although it does help increase yield. Make sure to use a casing layer no matter what you do. Some people say this isnt that important or only really needed for penis envy, etc. But trust me this is one big thing that does help. Spores can be gotten from spore works, spore depot or reliable spores. Reliable spores does cashapp. Spore works you can call in and give CC or mail in cash, etc. Spore works has alot of exotic strains too and fast shipping. Anyways, if you plan on continuing to grow, transition to agar over a multi spore syringe quickly. But if you are just growing a few times or something whatever.

>>835390941I shit in my backyard

i know all about this subject. mycelium pad is the way to go, less stress, they grow straight up. sanitation. use a blue christmas light for light source, blast them 8 hrs a day

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>>835392103Nah it's p fuckin easy, like others said just make sure it's a sterile environment when you inoculate and they'll be fine

>>835397157I just have no idea where to buy it in Canada without coming across sites selling grow kits.

>>835397007I shall do that. Thanks user

>>835397157Also thank you.

>>835394434Balance well doggo.

>>835392912oh yeah dude so dangerous. The DEA is just sitting here waiting to rip your door off for talking about mushrooms. Literally the lowest priority they have

>>835393789What species? I think you mean strain. They are all P cubes. Something like B+ or golden teachers has always yielded the most for me, when properly cared for. Although, I've neglected both and still had quite good results.

>>835400333Despite trips, he might had been referring to the fact that Holla Forums used to be full of aggressive assholes that would melt your pipes or make you inhale amonia for the sake of a joke.

>>835390941Best method for easiest grow is pf tek. Cept instead of a shotgun fruiting chamber the more modern thing to do is called a shoebox. Its super easy super simple and if your a pretty clean person with the ability to follow simple directions you will succeed. Once you have learned about brown rice flower cakes moving on to agar and grains or wbs is the next step.

>>835392103Not that hard, esp if you get a premade kit you add water too. Main thing is having a good space to leave it and wearing gloves etc to avoid contamination. Other than that they are pretty easy :)>>835390941as above OP. I just buy the kits from places in amsterdam, in the bag, just add water and leave for a while (just spraying it in the meantime with water). they are easy as fuck, as long as you have the right conditions and look after them. and you get so much more worth from growing tham buying (costs like 50 pounds for 7g for me to buy, but you can get a kit with 2149081249081249 x more yield for half the price). and if you store them properly they last forever! so i'd deffo grow them if you can.

>>835392855Literally the stupidest thing you and worst piece of advice ive seen in a while. If you are to stupid or lazy to even do PF tek then you dont deserve to have mushrooms to begin with. I dont understand why you would buy a grow box when it is so simple to do yourself. Really the only thing you need to order is spores and everything else can typically be obtained locally.

Its a myth that they need any form of light. A blue light has been shown to stop pin aborting but a Christmas tree light won't do that cause its not 65k lumins which is sunlight. Get a 65k lumin bulk and use a blue transparent shade

>>835400637agreed which there are kits that are successful most fail

>>835392912>>835393133mushrooms has got to be the least dangerous thing to talk about other than weed, especially if you're a noob just asking about personal growing lol. it's a big drug volume wise per gram and value there's no point anyone wasting time because it's worth fuck all compared to how much coke or heroin etc you could package in the same size. it's literally just not worth the cost of hunting it down unless it's a major seller lol. retard

Buy this. Follow the steps. Can't fail.

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>>835390941also last comment haha, zamnesia or wholecellium are good places to buy if they ship to. wholecellium used to be the mvp but i had a few bad kits in a row (they did refund me but still) so i used zamnesia and it was perfect. either of those are great if they ship to you. i wouldn't use any others without proper research incase it's a scam :)

>>835400511Lol you suggest that someone moves from PF tek straight to agar? How about start with PF tek, then move to monotub and then once they understand the process a little better isolating genetics and agar could be discussed. and why do you say grains and or WBS. That is a grain? I feel like you have no idea what you are talking about.

>>835400637are you saying the general kits (bags etc) are retarded? because if so you are an absolute retard, they aren't even expensive and if you are a rookie they are perfect. if you jump straight into doing it from scratch you are bound to fuck it up. as long as you aren't buying them from a dealer then you aren't really doing much wrong

I use the Uncle Ben tek. >Get your bags of uncle Ben's microwavable brown rice (or suitable off brand knockoff)>inoculate with 1cc of spores of choice (currenly doing AA+ and Golden teacher) 1 syringe does about 10 bags of rice> hello mycelium, open up bags, bust em up into suitable substrate, ie saturated coconut fiber, etc tub>sit patiently > harvest, dry and ingest >punch God right in the fucking face

>>835400724I could even begin to put myself in the mindset of buying a grow box. I mean if you are going to do that just buy dried mushrooms from someone. Because half the reason I grow them is for the hobby and fun of it. It just doesn't make sense to do that.

>>835400743Laundry basket of shrooms. My type of laundry day.

>>835400890I said the grow kits moron, which sense you dont know the difference would be an all inclusive kit that you would just put to fruiting conditions. Apparently you have trouble reading. No, whatever if you want to buy sterilized grain or substrate for your first grow I understand that. Although, it is still stupid as fuck. People just do that because they bitch about pressure cooking.

>>835400893I have heard and seen people do that, although I have no myself.

>>835400893Any pictures?

>>835400893I've done this method a fuckload, from PFtek back in the day, except I used the little pint jars and made sand castles in an aquarium.

>>835400966The first time I made wine I used a kit. It's a great way to learn the basics. Same thing with lots of hobbies. Don't shit on it.

>>835400676Well in all reality yes its a myth. They do not photosynthesize, but are photosensitive and grow towards the direction of the light as they would in the wild. Doing this in lab conditions just helps to control your grow a little better; however, yes they will grow in darkness as well.

>>835401057Yeah! He shows you how to do it with a straw and pasteurized manure mix. This guy is the best they come. So much fun

>>835400893Ooooh, that actually sounds brilliantly easy. The rice is already cooked and sterile! I've got oyster mushroom spores, gonna try that next!

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>>835401186I will continue to shit on it and most people would do the same. Either buy dried mushrooms or do something simple like PF tek. Its literally so easy it basically could be called a kit. If you cant mange PF tek you honestly should prepare for the big sleep. And again its a lazy as way to get into a hobby. The difference between wine or beer is you dont need any specialized equipment. Literally a spoor syringe and a trip to town and youre good. You are the type of person that buys a pre built PC and justifies it with your wine stories.

>>835401404No, I buy a pre built pc because I don't give a fuck. Not every hobby has to involve diving in headfirst with a desire to become an expert. That is literally one of the diagnostic criteria for autism. Get yourself checked out.

>>835401178Sorry, none on my device, otherwise would share. Quick Google of uncle ben mycelium gets you tonnes though


>>835401660lol a pre built. Imagine actually doing that. I was honestly joking, but wow I guess you are that stupid that you cant put together a few screws and wires. Pathetic

>>835393345bruh poor man's pod in 2020 wtf you doin just grain to monotub

>>835403595Right exactly what I was thinking.